Marialena Village Apartments

Near Agia Paraskevi Beach Platanias, 370 02 Greece
3 star hotel


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  • 5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 food

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Not Great...


"Just back from a week in Skiathos having stayed at the Marialena Village.

Firstly, this property is not suitable for anyone with walking difficulties. It is over 0.5 mile from the main road and the complex is on a steep slope with many steps, on many levels. Even with a wheel chair you would find it difficult.

You are met at the main road by George or his son-in-law as the road to the apartments is too narrow for a coach. Initially we thought the place looked great. It's in a very peaceful spot with a wooded glade at the bottom and hills behind you. It's well looked after as are the gardens. The pool area was spotless and the loungers comfortable with new canvas umbrellas. The apartments have been recently painted outside in a nice blue. However, the apartments themselves...

They are marketed as 1-bedroom for 4.. Yes there is a bed settee for persons 3 & 4 but if the bed settee is pulled out, you wouldn't be able to get to the bathroom. If you move it to another wall then you can't get out of the main door or the french doors onto the balcony.

The bathroom whilst spacious and fully fitted with the usual plus a hairdryer (tip: flip up what looks to be a light switch under the hairdryer and it's a socket) was dank as it did not have a window or extractor. Not nice. If you left the loo roll in it, it got damp!

I eally don't mind bedding being just being changed once during a 1 week stay, but it would have been nice to have had fresh hand towels if nothing else more than once.

The "kitchen" - a mini oven with 3 rings on the top of it. Yes, there is a good sized fridge and cupboards along with cutlery and pans, but no corkscrew, bottle opener, knife save a bread knife, toaster or kettle. Oh, and bring your own tea towels; these aren't provided. Whilst all these are not pre-requisites to a good holiday, they are helpful and to be reasonably expected of 3* accomodation. The kitchen table has 2 chairs; the outside table has 4 but is tiny. The bedroom with 2 very large single beds which can be pushed together for a huge double. The room has french windows onto the balcony and was large with plenty of storage but unfortunately the bed has been put too close to the wardrobe to enable the door to be fully opened.

I understand from speaking to other guests that in other apartments bathroom access can be through the bedroom and not the kitchen and that a sliding door separates the kitchen from the bedroom.

The weather was chilly the first 4 days so the apartments were bitterly cold and felt damp. Possibly they hadn't been aired after the winter. There is air conditioning but that is only in the kitchen (and it costs €7 per day!!) which isn't much use if you want to be cool on a night, or in our case warm. In fairness, extra blankets were provided when asked for.

Many of the reviews I have read have mentioned George. Yes, the complex is family run, but at times you do feel like you are intruding at times especially when they have all sat down together for a meal. His 2 small grandsons though make enough noise of 10 children with the constant crying, whining, moaning and shrieking. If noisy children don't bother you, then fine. If they do, think again.

The pool bar did a good evening meal and not overpriced but that was about the only thing not overpriced. Drinks were expensive €3.50 for a beer but, mind you, it has such a head on it, the cans are better value. there is a weekly BBQ but at €22 each, that is alot of money and you can do better by going to a resaurant where you will likely get a meal for €22 for the two of you. Spirits are €5 (recently downpriced from €6 following guests feedback, as everywhere else on the island spirtis are €4). Service is definitely not with a smile.

I was disappointed with the holiday. George and his family leave you with the impression, rightly or wrongly, that they are there to make money out of you (which in a way, I guess they are).

Would I go again? Quite honestly no. Your money is best spent going somewhere else."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 9th of May 2009

Never go there again! Worst hosts EVER!


"We were shown to our apartment by a very grumpy, off hand and surly owner. I was not pleased with the brusque way he treated us. The air conditioning was very noisy. When we came back every evening the gardener was making such a racket mowing the lawn from 5pm to 8pm spoiling the evening. The pool area was terribly cliquey. The food was very expensive and we didn't like going in the pool after the 1st day as my daughter got a rash on her face from the dirty water. There was no supervision of the children, who ran around wildly and were not stopped by either the owner or their parents. They ran around shrieking and spraying water until dark, which I thought was far too rowdy - I had booked the apartment as somewhere quiet!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 12th of October 2008

Nicest apartents Worst hosts!


"We booked the Marialena after reading online reviews that were all positive this time last year. We were unable to book into our usual apartment complex so went ahead with the Marialena - never again!
The usual Skiathos welcome just isn't here. George appears to just want to take your money without giving anything back. The prices are extortionate and as it's over a kilometer to the road let alone the beaches etc. many of his guests were quite captive. The rep asked us if we had experienced one of Georges 'strops' which we had to say we hadn't but had been told about them by many guests. As the bar was so expensive and we were given the impression that we weren't really wanted there after we'd been out to eat (it was empty and closed at 12) we bought our own drinks and sat on the balcony. We stayed in the highest apartment which is a hell of a climb. We're in our 40's so were fine but I wouldn't recommend it for older or more infirm travellers. I would advise that you make do with a lesser quality apartment and a better atmosphere!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of September 2008

I wouldn't recommend Marialena!


"One problem with the Marialena the owner 'george' was a very rude man with no people skills what so ever. He was often rude & disrespectful to Customers & his Staff. He made an atmosphere around the pool area & made everybody feel uncomfortable.

The Restaurant & Bar at the Marialena was very,very expensive. There was also no evening entertainment at all.

The reception area is the bar which says it all really.
The rooms were not kept very clean.
The location of the Marialena is not very good as you are at the top of a dirt path in the middle of no where!!!!

I would not recommend the Marialena!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 5th of September 2008

Worst Owners in Skiathos by far


"We went to skiathos this year to get married, we got engaged their four years ago and have been back every year since to different accomodation.
We chose marialena villiage because the apartments looked large enough to cater for our disabled nephew and they did not dissapoint they were probably the best accomodation we have stayed in on skiathos.
We have waiting a few days from returning to gather our thoughts but still quite annoyed with the owner George and his son.
They were rude and quite frankly intimidating. You cannot take your own water around the pool can understand food but water is a bit much as he was charging more than the normal rate and when you have a large party like ours it made a difference, also one of the children had burnt his shoulders so we told him to leave his t-shirt on the following day.
Georges son waited until we had gone into town to shout at him to get out the pool and when asked why he told him to read the rules.
We did this and nowhere was is mentioned that you could not wear t-shirts.
On our wedding day my son who was giving me away went and asked the taxi drivers to drive up the slope so that the bridesmaids and bride did not have the long walk down (anyone who knows the apartments we were right at the top)
as the Taxi's reversed down George had gone down moved his van in front of the exit and started ranting at the taxi drivers in greek about driving up the slope, they tried to explain but he carried on ranting.
Anastasia our greek wedding coordinator also suffered his abuse she drove half way up to bring us our wedding certificate and he made one of the young girls from slovakia run to her and ask her to wait while he got there to have a rant about her driving up, needless to say Anastasia seemed to give him a few choice words and drive away from him while he was still ranting.
we hardly had hot water and when we asked the rep, she asked george his reply was that deisel had gone up and he was relying on his solar panels (not a cloud in the sky and no hot water) We had a poorly boy for two days and could have done with hot water. We had black water for a day and still no explanation for this.
We always thought owners were in the background but around 3pm every day George would arrive and the family would gather for a rather noisy meal making guests feel like they were trespassing in someones home, not just us other guests who were not members of our wedding party.
The rep personally seemed intimidated by him but did tell us that he had upset many customers this season.
Kostas who does the taxis told us he is not local but from Athens which makes us feel slightly better because we have not encountered rudeness from locals in all our years of going and can tell the family that attended that this is not the norm on the Island.
Such a shame because as we said the actual accomodation is excellent the maid works unbeleivably hard as does the gardener and slovakian girls.
Sorry if this was a bit long winded but we had to air our veiws just thank your lucky stars we waited a while before posting because this is the steamlined version"

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of August 2008

Skiathos' answer to Basil Fawlty!


"Before we went to these apartments for our holiday in Skiathos we had read a lot of positive reviews about them. Having now been we would agree with many of these comments with one major exception -THE OWNER. George.This man is in the wrong job and customer care is a concept totally alien to him.

We made the mistake of mentioning that the air conditioning from a neighbouring apartment was noisy and kept us awake on our first night. The Owner seemed to take this as a personal affront and although he eventually moved us this was done with little grace. For the rest of the holiday he mainly ignored us and when he did speak it was in a curt and abrupt tone. We hired a car whilst we were there, when the agent arrived at the apartments to do the paperwork he parked at the top of the drive. The owner made a big show of telling him not to park there –in English for my benefit! –the guy was only there 10 minutes. A few days later some Managers from Thomson visited to make an inspection, they parked their car in exactly the same spot but interestingly the owner didn’t seem to have problem with them. On the last day we had to vacate the apartments at 10.00am but our flight wasn’t until the evening. My wife asked if she could borrow a towel as all of ours were packed in our luggage. The owner made a big thing of saying NO in a loud voice in front of all the other guests –seemed to take some delight in his response! Several of the other guests commented that it was not just what he said but the way he said things.

The problem is that there are only a few apartments at the Marelena so if the owner decides he’s got it with you it is pretty obvious. He made us feel uncomfortable quite a lot of the time we were around the pool. By the way my wife and I are middle age couple who were just looking for a relaxing holiday –certainly not larger louts who trashed the place! Several of the other guests were not impressed by the owners attitude and we believe there had been other complaints about him. As I say he was in the wrong job would have been more suited to running a boot camp!

It’s a shame because the apartments are to a really good standard and the setting is nice although quite a walk to the supermarket and the taverna’s . The Tour operator Thomson were ok but they really need to do something about this man. The rep knew what this guy was like so I don’t understand why he hasn’t been tackled about this. We’d recommend Skiathos, its a nice island with great beeches. We’d go again but wouldn’t set foot in the Marelena Apartments we don’t go on holiday to be made to feel unwelcome by the owner –he’s suppose to help make the holiday go well –this guy hadn't a clue about this part of his role! Basil Fawlty springs to mind!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 11th of August 2008

A lovely holiday


"We have just returned from our first holiday in Skiathos but have stayed in Greece in the past. The Marialena village is a lovely place spacious and kept very very clean the gardens in particular are beautifully maintained. Great pool and everything in the appartment you could wish for ie hair dryer dishes comfy beds lots of hanging space great terrace/view(take a corkscrew though and buy sharp knife scissors etc)although I was surprised no welcome pack (water/ first ingredients for coffee etc)but then it's a long time since I've been abroad and maybe that doesn't happen any more?
The food was good but we found the restaurant expensive for food and also drinks (even soft drinks.) they have a bbq on the Saturday night which we went to (although myself and two children are vegetarians) my husbands a complete carnivore. They provided alternative food which was very nice, my husband said the meat was good although he had expected to choose his own not for it to be put on plate.
The Maria lena is set back up a road and quite a walk which although didn't bother me some people might find a trek to the beach."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 16th of August 2007

fantastic time!


"the marielana village is one of the best places i've ever ever been
the staff are soooo friendly and the rooms are also nice, the pool is geourgeous and the restraunt serves a delicious bbq every week. the hotel is a short walk from the beach and an even shorter walk from two nice tavernas and a mini market."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 15th of February 2007

Greece at it`s best !.


"Accomodation spotless, views from balcony to die for and an Island that has it all.
As for George we found him Truly polite and helpful.
Only fault to find was we booked 11 Nights and should have booked 14.
It is a semi rural invironment but all the better for it. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 20th of July 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

Completely and Utterly Wonderful


"We'd seen a few negative reviews before we went on holiday and we were a little worried about the warmth of the welcome we would receive when we arrived.

We had no reason to worry at all. George and his lovely family couldn't have been more welcoming and as expected the accomodation and facilities were excellent. It was our 9th trip to Greece and the Marialena Appartments were by far the best accomodation we have stayed at.

From our first meal on arrival (wonderful Moussaka made by George's Wife Maria) to our final morning George and his family did their utmost to make us feel welcome.

We were there with our 13 year old son and the in-laws were also staying in an apartment in the complex.

The apartments were clean, well furnished and comfortable.

The pool area was immaculate with more than enough sun loungers.

The food was freshly cooked by Maria and George's daughter looks after the bar. The weekly BBQ is well worth the price.

George and his family were very welcoming and George is very rightly proud of the apartments, which are nestled in the hillside and well away from the main road.

Shops and Taverna's are a short walk away

Skiathos itself is a lovely island and we would recomend hiring a 4 wheel drive to explore the less developed side of the island. Skiathos town is great for a day out and you can pick up a boat trip from the harbour (much cheaper than with a tour operator). The bus service in Skiathos is excellent as there is only one main road which goes from one end of the island to the other then back again.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of September 2009

Best accommodation on the island!


"We have both visited numerous greek islands none of which can compare to skiathos! The Marialena apartments have everything you could possibly want. George the owner was a perfect host. Pleasant, friendly and couldn’t do enough to help. Even buying us a couple of drinks throughout the holiday! The apartments themselves are spotless, cleaned every day and fresh towels every few days. Self catering facilities were also very good. The surrounding views of the village are gorgeous, with plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas around the pool. The pleasant walk to the beach takes about 15 minutes, and to the nearest shop about 5 minutes with a number of taverna’s and poolside bars along the way. The standard of food varies from place to place, however we do recommend going to georges bbq at the marialena since it was probably the best meal we had all holiday! The Pegasus was also very nice! The beaches were clean with crystal clear waters and pleasant views. The town was very busy with clubs at one end and quieter local, family run pubs, bars and tavernas at the other, really nice both of a day and night. Overall we had a fantastic holiday, 1 week isn’t long enough! Definatly revisiting the island in the future and hopefully be staying at the marialena village!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of August 2009

We decided to get married on Skiathos is...


"We decided to get married on Skiathos island as we had fallen in love with the island and the locals on all our other holidays there. Marialena seemed exactly what we where looking for as we had twenty other guests coming to see our happy occasion and the apartments looked large with seperate sleeping areas to kitchen and living which is very unusual on the island. Can we just say the accomodation is not our reason for writing this review as that did not dissapoint at all but the owners and family's attitide is.
As mentioned we have visited on many other occasions and never ecountered arrogance and rudeness before, The only time the owner or son spoke to any member of our party was to complain, our son had burnt his shoulders as weather was well into its 40's so we told him to leave his t-shirt on having read the numerous rules regarding the pool, the owners son waited till we was not around to rudely tell him to get out of the pool. another example was on our wedding day our son asked the taxis to drive up to our apartments to collect the bridesmaids and bride and son they did so glady only owner was not happy parked in the exit to complain to the taxi drivers for going to high, they even winded their windows up after angry exchange of words telling him to move, Our wedding co-ordinator Anastasia who was brilliant and again a local suffered the same abuse of this man having drove up to bring us our wedding certificate. The accomodation hardly ever had hot water after complaining to the tour operators we were informed it was because deisel had gone up and he was relying on his solar panels, unacceptable on of our guests was a poorly boy for three days and no hot water. We always thought owners where in the background only noticable if you had a problem not the case here arounc 3pm everyday the owner and family would have a noisy lunch with the two very young sovakian girls he had working for him waiting on them hand and foot. it made all our party feel uncomfortable and we all agreed we felt like we were trespassing in somebodys home, always watched the young girls having to do alot of the complaining apologising while doing so, You cannot take your own water food or drink around the pool, we had black running water on two occasions and others who were staying at the time had the same uncomfortable feeling, A sad time for us as our beatiful island was spoilt by a man and his family who was not even locals to skiathos but from the mainland. We will stick to our favorite resort Koukounaries from now on.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 12th of July 2008
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