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Panoramic view of Skiathos Town at sunrise
Panoramic view of Skiathos Town at sunrise
Lying just off the Greek mainland in the Aegean Sea, Skiathos is a small island which makes up part of the Northern Sporades group of islands.

The island has around 65 beaches spread along its 27 miles of coastline with most of the tourist resorts concentrated in the south and east of the island. In fact, the best beach on the island is Koukounaries which is also reputed to be the best in Greece. For nightlife most visitors take a trip to Skiathos Town which offers late night bars and clubs. For those with sightseeing in mind an excursion to the Evangelistria monastery and the ruined village of Kastro are highly recommended.

Heavy rainfall in the winter months keeps the island green with lush vegetation but the summers are long and hot and very typical of the Mediterranean.

Skiathos airport lies just under 2 miles from Skiathos Town.

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