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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
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  • 4 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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Not 5 star but good

Reviewed Wed 2nd of July 2014

"The good:

Staff are all very friendly and nice.
Food is fresh although a bit repetitive.
Nice pool area.
Beach a 3 minute walk from the hotel.
Excellent Chinese restaurant which all inclusive can try for one night for free.
Beach bar and sun loungers which isn't mentioned on the website.

The Bad:

No entertainment to speak of. There is an animation team who are all very nice but not professional at all. For proper entertainment you are required to pay extra
If all inclusive drinks are very poor quality.
The rooms on the website are not what you get. No amazing views to speak of, certainly not panoramic, pillows are terrible.
Limited number of sun loungers on both the beach and at the hotel.

I booked my holiday in February and asked for a sea view on a top floor. This was confirmed. On arrival I was given a bottom level room with a view of the stairs. The rooms are cleaned daily but not the floors so a bit of beach sand all over. Fresh towels given daily although I did have to ask a few times for more than one towel as there were 2 of us in my room.
On the website it states satellite TV. If you expect English you will be disappointed. There is one English channel and that a news channel and the reception is not great.
Also in my booking details I as told I could help myself to anything in the mini bar on the first night. There was one bottle of water in it.

Overall though a good hotel. The reason I don't think it is 5-star is that there are bit and pieces that need painting, and a bit of maintenance required but by no means hinders the hotel at all.
All the staff were friendly and helpful and accommodating.
Shower rooms are exactly as they look on the website which was great.
Food was basically the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, with the exception of maybe one meat dish changing. However everything was fresh and well presented.
Not much to do in terms of entertainment as there really isn't any, but if you are going for a relaxing beach holiday this is definitely the place to go."

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  • Travel date: Tue 1st of July 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

A good 3 star maybe

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"25th May - 8th June
A bit of a wow factor when first walking through the main entrance but after that you soon realise it is not 5 star delux when you have to carry your bags to the room. It is not child or disability friendly given the hotels design and position.
This is the first season but already the cracks are appearing (literaly) so watch your footing, the childrens playground and the Chinese restaurant were not finished, the Greek restaurant did not operate BUT the Italian restaurant was very good right up to the second week when the chef left! The main restaurant was good, if repetative but the food needed labeling. There is not enough space to walk around the pool without tripping over people and restocking the pool bar requires the handyman to take barrels of beer this way as well. Not to mention any other tradesman who happens to arrive, we enjoyed the spectical of a plumber complete with 3 sections of copper pipe, a plumbers mate and tools walking back and forth (a rare sight in UK). The mini bar is restocked maybe, we were constantly asking for drinking water. Running out of tonic(both bars) tea bags (poolbar) and other "international" drinks (like brandy). No entertainment, the one night we fancied paying for a drink after midnight the main bar had shut. The beach front bar is not part of the deal so expect to pay for drinks.
Having said all of that, compared to the price paid, it was functional, the staff were doing their best to compensate and did really great job, with a smile. Like most holidays its the people that make a good one and we met a lot of people and had a lot of fun so from that prospective it was good. This is a classic example of you get what you pay for!!

J & S - Portsmouth"

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  • Travel date: Sat 28th of June 2008

Think 4 Star and you wont be dissappointed...

Reviewed Fri 18th of January 2013

"Greek Staff were lovely...they must be why the 5 stars were awarded (exception was a non Greek staff member...)?!
From prior reviews there are clearly changes to the drinks which are no longer branded, but still ok. The letdown is cocktails...using bottles of 'cocktail mix' and cheap carton juices...Sorry guys, if you claim 5 stars then please re-think this.
Food buffet was mostly ok, (cold chips for breakfast though??!!)if repetative, again, think 3-4 star and its just about ok. Strangely on the Friday a large number of suited conference delegates arrived and suddenly the watered down juice was replaced by fresh and the food you can do it when you choose ??
The Italian meal night was poor but we understand Chef was ill so this may of been a one off. Waiter was professional, so helpful.
Foyer is great, smart and not over bearing.
Room was a high point, clean and contemporary, mini bar restocked on alternate days. Side view over sea was good, but try to get floor 2 or higher, some of the lower rooms looked too close to Pool edge or bar if you want any privacy or peace.
Gym had 4 CV macines and 2 basic weight apparatus, half of which were out of order....dont go here if you want good fitness gear.
As noted by many there are a lot of steps...not good for young kids or those with mobility problems...on flip side the elevation means views are good.
Pool is fine, but will get crowded in high season as avge size.
Beach nearby is ok but wont be winning any awards, but if you have transport there are options along the coast.
Chania/Hania is a 10Euro taxi drive, lovely old town with some great restaurants in the back alleys...try Semiramis or any nearby...superb.
If going to Heraklion you have a long transfer...try to get a taxi rather than coach... the airport taxi's all appear to be new Mercedes...very nice too.
Overall, think 4 Star and consider eating out in evening rather than all inc.
Get a good deal and you will be fine...This Hotel could very easily improve further with time and some thought about owners/mgmt supporting their very good reception/bar/restaurant/maid staff with a little more quality back up."

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  • Travel date: Wed 18th of June 2008

Don't expect what is promised

Reviewed Thu 17th of January 2013

"We stayed at this hotel at the end of May 08 and found our experience to be very poor.

The hotel looks luxurious but has been built as quickly as possible to get guests in although don't look too closley.

There were not too many positive points to make about this hotel except the staff who are working as hard as they can in contrast with the extremly poor management.

The room was clean as you would expect being a new hotel, the shower was flash but no instructions to work it!

Reception was just a joke, they were unhelpful, approachable and had a could not careless attitudue. (particulary Carla)

Health and Safety would have a field day here, there were no fire
evacuations directions in the room, and as previously mentioned by another reviewer the steps down to the pool were very dangerous and then they watered them to make them worse,and the childs playground was held up with bits of wood and scaffold poles.

The so called mini bar consisted of 1 tin of bear, coke, lemonade and 1 small bottle of water between 3 of us all week. It got to the point that you felt that drinking water was being rationed as the week went on and like the other reviewer we also found the drinks WERE NOT branded as promised, again if you were lucky enough to get your tipple on any given day. There was supposed to be a selection of three different types of red white and rose wines this was not the case only one low quality of each. A member of staff brought a bottle of gin from their own pocket for the guests, because they did not want to have to tell the guests there was not any gin. What a sham.

We had heard of serveral cases of D&Vomitting one at first hand who was hospitalised (hope you are well now T) which lowered our confidence in eating there during the last 3 days, although there were only unlabelled scraps left by The resurant was clearly understaffed, most mealtimes we had to clear our own table and would be halfway through our meal before getting any drinks.

The gym had five machines of which only one was working and no supervision ,no lifeguard avaliable during course of our stay, the pool table has balls missing and the air hockey did not work, these were the only facilities for kids.

The safe was the biggest joke with having to put your room number in as the security code, which in our case did not work and they gave us a key!!

If it was not for the staff i(managment and reception not included) this hotel may not survive, one staff member in particular, Sofia remained efficient and with a smile on her face whilst under great stress.

What a shame the weather was beautiful and we were lucky enough to have a good view, but unfortunatly we felt we were in Fawlty Towers.

This hotel has potential, but needs professional help.
Please re-rate this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sat 14th of June 2008

Loved it, what great staff

Reviewed Tue 15th of January 2013

"We stayed at the Galini early May, it was quiet, and not to full occupacy, but the staff were fabulous, the food good and the drinks all named and free flowing.

For the price we paid, you cant wish for more. Sure if you have trouble with mobility it can be tricky but I think if you use the lifts its not too bad.

Would definately suggest you hire a car, the guy at the bottom of the drive, Renee is one of the cheapest and really reliable. There are lots of lovely beaches and places to explore but I also here the buses arent bad if your on a budget.

If your looking for a good hotel thats run well with friendly helpful staff this is a good choice! Enjoy"

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of June 2008

never judge a book by its cover

Reviewed Mon 14th of January 2013

"I was so excited to go to a five star all inclusive holiday. On arrival I felt the hotel was quiet luxurious. The staff are extremely hard working and the hotel very clean. The reception staff were the only people who were unhelpful.

A party of 3 people in 2 rooms we had requested to be next door to each other. This was not given and when one member of the party had a room next door to them free we asked to be moved. They said that someone was booked into that room later that day but the room remained empty for 3 days.

The guests at the hotel are multi national and young and old. Unfortunately the music from the bar by reception kept me awake till 0230 and the noise from the pool bar kept the other member of the party awake.

Building work is still going on, granted not extremely noisy but its annoying when your trying to relax and you can here drilling.

The fridges in the rooms were never restocked

The safety deposit boxes in the rooms did not work (even if they did the number codes were the same as the room numbers)

The 5 star all inclusive rating did not include bottles of water, only glasses of bottled water. When its 37 degrees you really need to drink. It was not relaxing having to constantly get up and down for a glass of water. We ended up going to the local shops for bottles of water.

Not suitable for anyone with mobility problems stairs all over the hotel and the stairs by the pool occasionally have water flowing down them, not safety concious!

6 peole in the hotel (that we knew of) came down with D and V. A member of our party ended up in hospital with bacterial gastroenteritis."

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  • Travel date: Sat 7th of June 2008

Great to look at - just don't stay there!

Reviewed Wed 16th of January 2013

"When you first whalk in to the Galini Deluxe it's hard not to be impressed. It's clean, bright and modern. As you look to the right you'll see a bar full of designer leather sofas and low level tables.

You might have difficulty finding your room though, because there are no porters to help you (in a 5 star hotel?!?) and no signs, and if you're as unlucky as we were, the receptionist sent us to the wrong side of the hotel - there were no room numbers in any of the corridors.

The rooms themselves are nice, but having been relatively impressed so far, it's all about to go downhill.

The staff in the hotel are (almost) all, nice helpful and friendly - but there are only half as many as there should be. It's hard to be annoyed with them because they work so hard to give you a good holiday even though they themselves are working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, and they just can't give you the levels of service that you think that you've paid for.

I've never stayed in a hotel before where every single guest complained - mainly about the same things!

No matter whether they come from, the UK, Germany or even Estonia - no-one was happy.

The food isn't great, but what makes it worse is that nothing is labelled, so you have to guess what you're getting. The bar is supposed to stock imported draft beers and premium international spirits, but in reality you get local brands - if you can get a drink at all.

After a few days you learn to go to the bar and rather than say "Can I please have a..." you say "What do you have?".

In a two week stay, we had 8 days with no brandy in the hotel, three days with no gin, and when we did get gin there was no tonic, and I really struggle with the notion of a Greek hotel that doesn't have Ouzo, and offers you Sambuca instead!

Part of the Galini's "Ultra All Inclusive" package is entertainment three times a week - I saw none in two weeks; the highlight was the Eurovision Song Contest...

Although we didn't have children with us, there were a lot of children in the hotel, and it's lucky for them that they can entertain themselves easily, because other thana pool and a small soft play area, there is nothing for them to do and no form of animation team to look after them.

There is a plastic slide and climbing frame near the lift down to the ground, but it's stood on blocks of wood and small scaffolding tubes and it goes down to exposed uneven concrete. I never saw I child near it, and I'm not surprised - I wouldn't let one close to it either.

After over a week of tolerating some truly lousy service without complaint, I finally lost it one evening when a group of 8 or 10 men and women in their mid twenties were getting very rowdy after drinking SEVEN bottles of whisky.

As they were getting too loud in the bar/reception area, I decided to ask the man on night reception duty if he would mind asking them to please be a little quieter and to consider other guests.

The reply was that if I didn't like the noise I should go to bed! When I asked to see the Manager (Adonis), I was told that he was the man stood at the side of me, listening to me being to to go to bed - and he seemed to think that that was a reasonable solution.

I really can go on for an awful lot longer about the Galini - it was the most dissapointing place I've ever stayed at. The sad thing is that all of the problems can be laid at the door of the Management.

The staff were nice and as accommodating as they could be - within the restaints that an employee has. The hotel looks great - there are a few loose bits and peices, but you get than anywhere.

The real problem is that they promise things and don't deliver; premium drinks, entertainment, the Greek taverna is still being built, the A La Carte Italian restauraunt levies a charge when you're supposed to have one free visit per stay - all things that can be fixed, but even with hundreds of complaints in the two weeks that we there, nothing was done.

My overriding impression is that they've miscalculated their prices, and that they're selling the accommodation too cheaply, so they've decided to cut expenses by saving on staff, drinks and food.

The truth is that I would rather have paid more and got what I was told to expect, so for now my best advice to you would be - stay somewhere else!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 6th of June 2008

Teething trouble

Reviewed Mon 21st of January 2013

"We did not book the Galini Deluxe but were given an all-in deal with the hotel to compensate for a huge mistake that our tour operator made by booking us into a hotel that is not yet open/ We had a wonderful time but we always have a wonderful time :-) If you would like a really comprehensive review of the hotel (it's six pages which is why I am not posting it on Tripadvisor), send me an email and I'll send it to you."

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  • Travel date: Sun 25th of May 2008

Bargain for a brand new hotel.....

Reviewed Sat 19th of January 2013

"We travelled to the Gallini deluxe from Manchester, England.

First and most important point, do not fly into Heraklion Airport, the transfer takes 1hr 30 mins to 2hrs dependant on taxi driver. Not ideal after a long flight.

If you look around you can get flights into Chania, the local airport (roughly 15-20 mins away) for £175 per person with Monarch Airlines. I used airflights dot com to book flights these for my parents when I got back so that site may be worth a look.

The hotel opened for business in March and when we arrived in May there was 30% occupancy.

Due to the hotel being brand new and there being so little people around some of the facilities were not available which was understandable. Although we did not feel aggrieved as we paid a mere £195 per person all inclusive for the hotel element of our package holiday (booked through Fleetway travel over the phone).

We do know that some of the guests from the UK, Finland and Holland paid significantly more than that, up to £900 per person. In its current infancy a stay at this hotel is not worth that much money, may'be in 6 months but not now.

The rooms are exactly as the photos here and are very modern and include a power shower with massage adaptor, high speed jets and radio. We had a his and hers dressing robes and slippers, fruit bowl, two bottles of red wine and a fully stocked mini fridge on arrival, if you don't have this just ask the staff are very helpful. Rooms are spotless and brand new and cleaned daily.

All the drinks are named brands for example heineken and amstel lager, Gordons Gin, Absolute Vodka, disaronno etc We were on all inclusive which is served until 12:00pm after which time there is a surcharge. Although if you ask for a couple before this time they will give you them.

The view from most of the rooms is outstanding as the hotel is up a hill (500m from beach). The view from the restaurant, pool area and terrace is excellent.

People with limited mobility should consider that the hotel is on a steep hill and there are alot of steps around. There are lifts but using them takes you on a less direct route from the hotel to the road and beach.

The staff and the guests made the stay for us. Adonis the manager, Joseph the night time supervisor, Carlo the Chef in the Italian restaurant, Stelios, Sophia (what a personality), Maria, Vladimir (the handyman) were friendly and helpful as were the two receptionists. Be friendly with them and they will reciprocate. We had a few niggles which we brought to their attention and were sorted.

The safe code is set to your room number, if you ask they will set it to your own code.

The food was of a good quality although slightly repetitive, when more guests arrive in June or July I'm sure there will be more choice. The a la carte Italian restaurant was excellent and you may eat there for one night during your stay. Carlo the chef is full of personality and his stories are hilarious, we became good friends.

By Mid June the brand new Chinese Restaurant will be open (email the hotel to confirm this) which is on the top of the hotel. The views from this restaurant are oustanding.

All in all we rated this hotel as excellent because we paid very little and it is still available for a bargain price, the location in between Chania and Platanias is good, the rooms truly are deluxe, the drinks are branded, food is good and staff are friendly.

If you are the sort of person who pays very little and expects everything to be spot on, avoid this hotel (in fact just stay at home, its safer there).

Hope this review is of some help."

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of May 2008

Loved the hospitality by the owner himself!

Reviewed Mon 14th of January 2013

"I was there for easter holidays and I was amazed by the hospitality of the hotel. As soon as we arrived (it was about 16:00) all restaurants were closed when we met the owner Mr Marakas who offered to talk to the main restaurant so we can eat something! But the big surprise came the easter day. We were eating alone and Mr. Marakas asked us to join him to his table with his family! It was really something we did not expect.

The food was fantastic and everything was new and well working (btw the hotel is brand new, just opened at 2007).

I recomment this hotel to anyone who is travelling to Chania. Agia Galini is just 10 minutes away from the town center (by car)."

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of May 2008

Not a 5 star property

Reviewed Sun 20th of January 2013

"After having studied the photos on and the hotel website the expectations was high. But this is not a 5 star property. No porter but a nice receptionist. The Junior suite was nice with fruit and a small redwine upon arrival. The safe was closed and we had to ask them to open it twice. The minbar did not work during our stay. We stayed on all inclusive. We had to ask them to fill the minibar.

The occupancy was very low. Theire second week of the season.

At breakfast they were very nice, but it was not possible to order omelett. We had to go and get coffee and tea. The juice was no juice.

At lunch and dinner there was a buffet in the restaurant. In the all inclusive papers we could read that you could also have lunch and dinner at Greek Taverna beside the pool for free. But the fact was that you had to order the day before and that you had to pay your meal. The Italian and the Gourmet restaurant was the same restaurant as the buffet restaurant. In all inclusive one Italian meal was included. But that was only Saturday Monday and wednesday and you needed a reservation from the day before.

The food in the restaurant was nice.

"The Spa" department was not in use. W tried to order pedicure but that was not possible. We saw no shops or hairdresser.

The Childrens Play room was beside the Gym and the Biljard and Airhockey was outside. But the airhockey did not work during our stay. We told them twice but nothing happend.

The poolarea was nice. there almost no staff on duty at the poolbar the first day. There was a very nice lady called Sophie working there. Excellent service. Made very good Milk shake. She also worked in the hotel in the evening.

There was a nice small village within 5 minutes walk. Chania is a nice place. 10 Euros by taxi.

At Galini Beach the 3star property on the beach you could use the sun beds for free. It was nice there.

The last day they let us keep the room for free. We really appriciated that. Hopefully this stay would have been much better later in the season. There was only a few guests here during this days. During these days the all inclusive was not as promised, but still Ok."

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of May 2008

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