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The pictorial port of Hydra island in saronic gulf in Greece
The pictorial port of Hydra island in saronic gulf in Greece.
These islands lie just off the coast of Athens, in the Aegean Sea. The main islands that make up this group are: Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses. Aegina is the closest island to Athens and attracts a lot of Greek tourists looking to for a break from hectic city life, especially during the summer. The island of Poros is also a short ferry ride from the mainland and is distinguished from the other islands in the group in that much of the island is covered in lush green vegetation. Hydra is a relatively small island and one on which motorcars have been banned, leaving much of the transportation to be carried out by donkeys. With much of its traditional way of life still maintained the island of Hydra is popular with holidaymakers seeking a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Spetses Island, like Hydra, has maintained a great deal of its original Greek character and with its close proximity to the Peloponnese many visitors take part in day trips over to the peninsula.

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