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  • 3 room
  • 2 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 2 service
  • 2 value
  • 2 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 4 location

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####at ur own rusk####

Reviewed 22nd September 2016

"Oh my god .. Absolute doss house. Faulty tower's at its finest .hotel owner is a raging angry alcoholic who has serious issues with everything and anything. Arrived at hotel at 4 am nobody around all in darkness no security of any kind . search all over the hotel grounds until finally found Mr angry who at much distaste showed me to my room. THE ROOM.spacious to be fare. Prison style shutters very worried about leaving my things here took pass port& cash with me every time I left the room defiantly worried about getting robbed ..not a safe Place.strongly advise not to bring kids here. Electric wires hanging from the ceiling holes in walls ants in the rooms and around the bar area where they put out the food in the mornings.lots of stray cats on premises that keep the lizard/large newts things out a bit but not a lot.tilling around the pool is loose and sharp edges .sunbeds old and tatty.sealant around pool blackened and moldy not nice for kids. No pool toys for kids provided. Dirt or something on bottom of pool maybe food .cleaning girls were lovely and friendly very much a credit to a hotel that is very much passed it sell by date.not a good 5 day break. "

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  • Travel date: 13th September 2016
  • 4 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

if i could give minus i would, this plac...

Reviewed 5th September 2008

"if i could give minus i would, this place is TERRIBLE. Right where to begin... im a 21 year old student so i have had my fair share of staying in dives and dodgy places but this is close to the top. We arrived at 6am! to find the place closed, locked up for the night. After scouting the place and knocking a few doors we came to decision that no body was to arrive. We phoned the "tour operator" which happend to be a transfer company who advised us to wait until 8am.. As the hotel is situated miles from the strip or well anywhere we just had to sit outside. We then noticed the windows were open and shutters were so thought sod it well go in and take a comftable seat rather than sat on the step outside. 8am eventually came were a woman who spoke basic english came and said we could not get into the room until 11am after the maids had been. So we waited...wasnt offered a drink or food i tried to ask but she didnt want to help. 9am came and the owner appeared very rude and unwelcoming, took my passport then showed us to the room for 10am. The room has NO kettle!!!! now any english person going this lenght of time without a tea is hard, the toilet was broken and leaked onto the floor. The shower was a shower tray and you have to hold the head. The hobs and fixed into the draining board and are rusty so when you cook something it heats up the whole draining board! The beds are solid (at this point i imaigne you think i am a moaning young girl but i assure you i am happier to stay in the crappy student halls rather than here and there full of damp!) As the room well the whole hotel is surronded by plants there are tons of mosqitos (which i suppose isnt the hotel owners fault but its a warning to people so be prepared!) As i mentioned earier the windows and shutters are not locked at night there is no security or anyone around and the passports are kept on a shelf behind the desk very easy to access. On a plus note the pool is immaculate!! and the staff didnt know what day we were leaving although they had our booking form we were meant to be out the room 12pm and our flight was not unitl 5am next morning but luckily they didnt even know we were meant to be leaving so we could stay in the hotel longer, so there was not much time to wait for the flight. Also the maids came twice in a week."

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  • Travel date: 5th September 2008

DONT COME HERE!!! Stayed here for 2 week...

Reviewed 1st August 2008

"DONT COME HERE!!! Stayed here for 2 weeks and zante town has a good night life. just ashame wew had 2 come home to this dirty appartments. in the 2 weeks the maids came twice. in the first 2 days!! the owner is a complete idiot to put it nicely. when we first turned up we were told by him that he hated english!! nice welcome. he lets cats and dogs room about the appartments so you have to chase them all the time and its not nice when your tryin to eat your dinner. we had 2 rooms and neither toilet flushed there is no shower curtain so the place flooded all the time. and when you dont have maids for 12 days the place starts to get damp and smelly. the owner insists on getting drunk every night and shouting loud. and when leaving he demanded extra air conditioning money (100 euros!!) for the extra room even though it hadnt been used and is impossibe as electricity switches off when opening and shutting doors but wouldnt give passports back so we had the choice of ringing the police and getting our passports back or missing our flights and having to pay more so we had to do the latter. My advice is DONT COME HERE!!"

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  • Travel date: 1st August 2008

Absolutely LOVED it there. The staff are...

Reviewed 3rd March 2008

"Absolutely LOVED it there. The staff are all friendly and so nice. The food is great and you get a pool! Life in Laganas can't get much better than this. Love you guys"

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  • Travel date: 3rd March 2008

Accommodation was spot on, very spacious...

Reviewed 1st September 2007

"Accommodation was spot on, very spacious and clean room with a large communal swimming pool. However it quite a distance from the main strip - about a 40 minute walk. I would recommend getting a taxi - very cheap, about 5 Euros. Laganas is a fantastic destination for youngsters and families, lots of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Season starts May to September, places start closing in October."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 1st September 2007

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