About Canadian Hotel

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • kitchenette
  • air conditioning
  • non smoking hotel
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • family rooms
  • hair dryer
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • paid wifi
  • baggage storage
  • breakfast in the room
  • car hire
  • housekeeping
  • express check in check out
  • currency exchange
  • english amenities
  • fax photocopying
  • 24 hour front desk
  • game room
  • snack bar
  • private balcony
  • german amenities
  • greek amenities
  • italian amenities
  • sun terrace
  • bicycle rental
  • paid internet
  • poolside bar
  • billiards
  • convenience store
  • karaoke
  • safe

Reviews summary

( 384 reviews)
  • 4 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 3.5 food

18 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog


Reviewed Tue 13th of November 2012

"5 of us stayed in the canadian in july 2010. first impressions were good as we arrived lstre in the afternoon to a pool with sunbeds available and clean with a friendly atmosphere. However the stay went downhill from there. The hotel was full of young clubbers just like ourselves, however the hotel seemed to have no recognition of this fact, leading to fines for being noisy when returning home and large sums of moeny when friends brought people back to the hotel.

We also found the size of the pool an issue the next day, with no sun loungers available and it being extremely overcrowded. this lead to us goin to other hotels of the day ti me as facilities where much better.

The only real brightside to the hotel was the bar. alex behind the bar made us feel at home from the first day onwards, things such as freeshots with drinks and good music provided a great atmosphere.

The poor service from the hotel staff was highlighted on the final day when we were charged for two glasses nd cuttlery that had apparently gone missing from our room. we clarified to the hotel staff that we hadnt eaten in our room, and hadnt touched these items, however with them being in possesion of our passports our hands were tied

Despite all this had a brilliant time, but that was not down to the hotel. going back to laganas next year however staying in the hotel alexander. much nicer staff and pool facilites. (would advise over canadian, any day)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 16th of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 3 Food

zante is amazing

Reviewed Wed 10th of November 2010

"First of all you will not regret going to Zante if you are on an 18-30 holiday and want to have a goooooood time! I went with 13 other girls and had an amazing time. The rooms were really nice; however keep them fairly tidy as the maid will refuse to clean if it is a mess, which mine was. The kitchen made me laugh; it is in the wardrobe hahahaa! So you won’t be cooking much in there! However the hotel bar food is basic but nice and the bar man, alex….. what a legend! Food and drinks are reasonably priced. And as for the noise…. It really wasn’t that bad. When I wanted to sleep, I could and easily. Laganas is a mad place to party and make sure you go to Cocktails and Dreams for a Bubblegum Cocktail, you’ll regret it if you don’t. And Cherry Bay is just amazing, however be careful of the gypsy children, they will steal your money, they aren’t cute don’t feel sorry for them they are brought up to do that. Also be careful when returning to the hotel, never walk off on your own, a lot of men there not to be trusted. The strip is only about a 10 minute walk from the hotel however most of the hotels are. Overall absolutely faboulous holiday and would love to go back, just be careful and stay in groups especially girls and lads don’t be too cocky.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 2nd of March 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 4 Food

18 - 30 HEAVEN

Reviewed Mon 21st of September 2009

"We booked one week self catering with Thomas Cook, we had n't been to Laganas in the last eight years and we thought this would be an ideal location, close enought to the nightlife of the strip, but quiet enough to get a good nights sleep. Laganas now is really just an 18-30 resort. The Canadian even though being away from the strip is catering for the 18-30 market. If your looking for this type of holiday book it, you wont regret it! Rooms are very modern clean and have everything you need.

If your looking for somewhere that you can have a good nights sleep forget booking here, or probably anywhere else in Laganas for that matter, the whole resort is now pretty much geared only towards the 18-30 range.The Canadian encourages people to be quieter after midnight, however they have their own poolbar that opens from midday until 3.00am the music starts when the bar opens until it closes and can be heard through out the complex.You have to talk loudly in your own apartment just to be heard over the music!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 19th of September 2009


Reviewed Tue 8th of September 2009

"me and 5 of my friends stayed at canadian studios and were dissapointed on arival, our rooms were discusting! cockroach in the fridge! we didnt cook any food in the room as we didnt want to use any of their equipment or cooker! even went and bought plastic cups to avoid drinking out their glasses. We then made some friends and went into their room and it was lovely! completely different to ours so we went and complained about our room to Zoe the receptionist but then was told half the hotel is newly refurbished and half isnt, and she wouldnt let us upgrade to the newer rooms so we was not happy! we didnt have a hairdryer in our rooms which was stated in the brochure and my friends in the rooms next foor didnt have a shower so had to use ours. Hotel pool was fine and there was plenty of sunbeds. Pool bar food was lovely and cheap and alex and antony the bar men were lovely and made some great cocktails! Club reps were useless! dont go on any of the trips especially the bar crawl, as u end up paying more for drinks than normal! the bbq night was really good at the hotel, well worth 13 euros. the hotel itself wasnt too bad just the rooms! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of September 2009

Me and my friend stayed in the hotel for...

Reviewed Wed 8th of October 2008

"Me and my friend stayed in the hotel for one week in august 2008. We were over charged for such a basic hotel. It was advertised as a 3 star hotel in the brochure. The cleaner never turned up, we had to clean the room ourselves and when she did eventually show up, she walked in just brushed the floor and thats it. The kitchen and bathroom areas were a disgrace, I was very wary of using them. I refused to use the kicthen as it was a disgrace! So we went out every night for food.
When you used the bathroom, you came out dirtier than when you went in.
The hotel is no where near the main strip as advertised, it is at least 20 mins walk!
I would not recommend this hotel, and will definately not be staying again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 8th of October 2008

Dump hole rip off

Reviewed Fri 19th of October 2012

"No pool at studios, they take a photo of next doors, and he wants 5 euro pp per day rain or shine for using his crummy one.
Your pool is 5 mins down the road at the Canadian which is free to all so is rammed everyday.
50 euros for the safe for 2 weeks, and 70 euros for the aircon which costs them on average 1 euro per day to run I found out from a resident. Room was OK although is situated above the noisiest restaraunt on island with live music, which is fine when ur out at nite, but its noisy from 9am everyday.
In general I found that people were polite enough but just wanted your money everywhere you go. Fair enough the PRs at nite, but you dont want to be man-handled into restaraunts during the day. At nite they would block your path to get you in, which kind of put you off going in as they were so desperate. Most were polite if you refused, but some were arrogant and annoyed if you didnt go in. Prices in general were a rip off everywhere, which didnt seem to make good business sense. They would rather sell 1 coke at the beach for 2.5 euros and make 2 euros profit, than sell 10 at 1 euro and make alot more. I know they need to make a living but they are just making zante a poor valued place to visit. In general OK for young groups with plenty of spending money, otherwise I would suggest boycott Zante altogether and go to Corfu instead, same crap accomodation, but restaraunts miles better and you wont be ripped off everywhere. On the subject of restaraunts, Zante has the worse Chinese and Indian (Taj Maja) probably on the planet. Ive now visited all the Greek islands, Zante is by far the worse overall, which is a shame."

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of September 2008

Don't do it!

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"I stayed at these apartments with a few friends, instead of staying in the Canadian Aparthotel (same Co) as they only have hotel rooms in the Canadian and we preferred an apartment.

The apartment was at the back of the building overlooking water/sewage tanks and a really noisy farmyard with cockerals making noise 24/7. The apartment was really dark and basic (unlike the internet pictures) the cutlery was dirty and in general the place didn't look clean. Also, the "balcony" was about 3 feet wide so you could sit on chair out there but not around the table they provide!!

We all got a rash on our faces after one night as the sheets were laundered in bleach (you could smell it off the pillowcases) and so we ended up sleeping on our beach towels, over the pillows. We waited a full 5 days for the cleaner to arrive and had to complain to the reception - which is down at the hotel.

The location is great for the beach but there are other places for the same price, that would have been a better choice. You live and learn, I suppose but I wouldn't advise this place"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of September 2008

3 Girls stayed at the hotel in August, i...

Reviewed Mon 1st of September 2008

"3 Girls stayed at the hotel in August, it was by far the best hotel in Zante!
The rooms were very clean, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful at all times.
The hotel was occupied mainly of young people which was great.
The hotel bar was great, served good food at great prices!
The bar man alex was amazing, so friendly and welcoming.
It was a truely amazing holiday, we will definately be going back again!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 1st of September 2008

best holiday so far

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"well i have been to ibiza and cran canaria twice and this is by far the best yet. The rooms were claen and plenty of space the only down side is having to pay for air con but the rooms neever got that hot and it was in the 40s when we were there. The beach is not even 5mins away. The bar was really good and alex who worked there was excellent. All the nite clubs restraunts and bars are a ten min walk away Recomend every1 to go"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 19th of August 2008

Good value hotel in a great location

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"My partner and I stayed at this hotel for 2 weeks and were pleasantly suprised. The rooms were a good size with a nice bathroom and balcony. The only problem with the rooms were that a/c cost extra, for the first week we went without and left the balcony door open but it was hard to keep flies out so for the second week we paid for the air con.

The pool area was always very crowded and wasnt very big so we never used the pool. The beach however which is only about 400 metres away and is absolutley fantastic. The hotel is also only a short walk from the main strip in Laganas.

There is a snack bar area near the pool which served reasonably priced drinks and food although there are lots of good restaurants surrounding the hotel so you are not short on choice.

All the other guests seemed to be young like us. I dont think I saw anyone over the age of about 25 and it was quite loud until 10 or 11 in the evening so would not be suitable for older guests looking for a more relaxing holiday. If you are a young couple or a group of friends looking for a good value, decent quality hotel with lots to do nearby then this hotel is for you."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 5th of July 2008

Group of 4 girls, loved this hotel and r...

Reviewed Thu 19th of June 2008

"Group of 4 girls, loved this hotel and resort. It was all brilliant. Would definately go back to hotel...
Hotel is a very lively, but can be noisey at night - with music & people going onto 4am/5am. So for some older couples/families this is not ideal,. I would say this hotel is more geared towards young people only because of the noise at night. But dont be put off, if you are further from bar/pool, it may not be as noisey!! There was a mixture of age groups when we were there and families, and its fine during day - but can be noisey at night! Depends where abouts in hotel you are. we stayed in new part and it was very modern& clean. Not good cooking facilities at all in the room we had, silly little hob, but WE didnt want to cook anyway but some poeple might, very reasonable to eat out, and lovely. can recommend the hotel for food and the Avanti restaurant near hotel, turn left then right. Very good cheap food! hotel staff all very friendly. Cost 40 euros to keep your room on if you have a late flight and its subject to availability!! So not always gauranteed. Ask early.

Greek night /BBQ is quite good, fire blowing & food. for about 13 euros at hotel. Never really had any entertainment at night in hotel, except karaoke, and there was a singer one night.

Laganas resort is lovely and the beach is beautiful.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 19th of June 2008

we had a 2 week stay,the hotel was full...

Reviewed Mon 16th of June 2008

"we had a 2 week stay,the hotel was full of young people, our room was to near to the bar so we heard everything, music, people coming and going as the holiday went on the noise got worse and went into the early hours, running past our room and as it was decking you heard every noise, people singing, shouting, and banging doors, our last couple of nights it went on until 6am, it definately is not for anyone who likes to be up and out early morning. the hotel itself is beautiful the staff are very friendly and could'nt do enough to help you, Laganas beach is beautiful, and their are lots of lovely places to eat especially tasos on the way down to the beach"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 16th of June 2008

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  • jordt by jordt

    "laganas terrific for nightlife. would advise other nearby town for familys at this time of year "

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