Laganas Holidays

Part of Laganas beach, Zakynthos island, Greece
Part of Laganas beach, Zakynthos island, Greece
The biggest and busiest resort of the Greek island of Zakynthos, also called Zante, is Laganas, situated in the south of the island, and conveniently located close to the airport. Laganas may not feel like a traditional Greek town, but most of the resort’s regular visitors do not come here for its history or culture. Package holidays in Laganas are usually snapped up by carefree 20-somethings looking for a fun-filled week away in the sun. Some might say it is a tacky resort, but despite this, holidaymakers return to Laganas year after year.

The beach in Laganas is a great place to take a dip and soak up some rays, but like most other coastal tourist resorts nearby, there are no water sports available here. This is to protect the loggerhead sea turtles that migrate to the Bay of Laganas every year during the summer months to lay their eggs in the sand. A large part of the bay is a national park, and therefore heavily protected by ecologists, so activity on the surrounding water is kept to a minimum.

Holidays in Laganas generally revolve around the nightlife. It is the only Club 18-30 resort on the island, and for this reason it attracts all the young visitors to Zante. Generally speaking, this is not a suitable resort for families with small children or elderly persons, due to the raucous nature of the local evening entertainment. If you don’t plan to party the nights away, do your best to find package holiday deals which don’t land you in a hotel or apartment close to the main strip, which has over 100 bars and nightclubs for revellers to choose from. When eating out in Laganas, while the resort has lots of fast food outlets, more traditional Greek food and good quality international cuisine is also available.
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