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  • 5 room
  • 4.5 pool
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  • 5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 4.5 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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Excellent Family Hotel

Reviewed Tue 10th of July 2012

"We stayed at this hotel for a week in May 2012 and I was very impressed.
We had a two bedroomed apartment booked and it was very clean. The resort its self was fantasic especially if like us you have children. There is the main pool which has a divide for the childrens part and the sports pool at the front of the complex and then the quieter pool near the beach, the snack bar is between the two. The main pool has music and entertainment (poolside games) going on throughout the day.
All of the staff where very friendly.
We didn't go on any excursions because my son was only 16mths old so we spent our days relaxing by the pool or beach.
My son was kept entertained in the childrens pool, in the water park (which is fantastic) and in the park.
There is a baby room and soft play area inside if you have little ones that need to escape the heat and both are free of charge and here there is a kettle and microwave if you need to warm bootles/food and some toys to keep the little ones amused.
We used the creche one evening and the staff and the room/facilites where great we couldn't fault it at all.
We had problems with the drainage in our apartment on one of the days and someone came to fix this within an hour.
The cleaners came round daily and also did a great job.
Overall this is a great family resort with lots to keep children entertained.
All the local restaurants cater for children and all have playhouses, slides etc to keep them entertained too.
If you have read other reviews you will have seen people mention about stray dogs. We often saw three differnt strays in the resort (but this is comman for Greece) they where very friendly and didn't bother anyone and we found them to be very well trained as when we went to stroke the dogs (I'm an animal lover) they responded well to orders. My advice is that if you are also an animal lover give them a tin of dog food on your last day (can be brought from the local supermarket as they are very thin)
I would highly recommend this hotel. "

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  • Travel date: Tue 10th of July 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

A great week and great price

Reviewed Wed 11th of May 2011

"Wife and myself just back from a great week at the Alykanas Village,we arrived in the early hours of the morning on the Glasgow flight, and were given our room by Gloria the manageress, who is a very nice lady.Our room was no.801 above the main reception and night bar,the room was perfect, and could have been used for a family room as there were 5 beds and all you would expect for self catering ( this was probally the best Greek hotel we have stayed in ). All the hotel sfaff were really nice and helpfull and Zetta and Zaki at the pool bar were were brillant and helped make the holiday.We went to the welcome meeting, but was not really very impressed with the Thomson reps, the usual trying to sell you expensive trips that are less expensive down the town,the entertaiment girls tried very hard and were always very nice and worked very hard with the kids, we did'nt think there would be so many kids there during school term. There are many good places to eat and drink in the resort and prices are quite good,try Jimmys place on the canal before Alykes wine for 1 euro a glass, perfect.The only downside to this holiday was the flight times from Glasgow, but I think this reflects on the price of the holiday,altogether well worth the money and we certainly return."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of May 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food

Fab time!

Reviewed Tue 27th of November 2012

"Myself and my partner stayed at the hotel for two weeks at the end of June this year, having booked a last minute deal online. I’d read lots of reviews, some bad and some good, but overall I was expecting a good time. I was not disappointed!!

We had a studio with a view overlooking the beachside pool, the sea and the most amazing view of Kefalonia. The room was a good size, clean and everything you need for a two week holiday. The maid came round every day apart from Sunday and was really friendly and smiley.

On the downside, the air conditioning was really expensive but I’d read that a shop down the road rents fans out and this did fine (and we experienced temperatures of over 110 degrees). Our apartment didn’t get direct sunlight so that, along with the shutters, meant that the room was always lovely and cool when we arrived back in the afternoons and evenings. I’ve read a few negative things, especially people moaning about the sun beds, but people put towels on sun beds wherever you go. I would suggest these people stop moaning and just join in, you’re on holiday, stop whinging about unimportant things!!!

The complex overall was lovely. It was clean and well maintained and felt very safe and comfortable. We spent most of our time by the pool overlooking the beach which was a really lovely, relaxing place to be. The views really are stunning.

I was a little nervous about the fact it was a Thomson Super Family hotel. I am not big on reps and not keen on lots of kids. The reps were fine and did not hassle you, in fact they were mostly friendly, just saying “Hi” as you pass by. I guess it’s the luck of the draw, but the kids staying at the hotel were generally well behaved and did not make much noise.

The resort was equally pleasing and the neighbouring resort of Alykes is only a few minutes walk away and so feels as if it’s an extension of Alykanas. Whilst a lot of the bars and restaurants cater to English tastes, the resorts didn’t feel touristy. We loved that they are not built up and are manageable size. Unlike many European resorts these days, you can take a stroll along the beach at night without being bombarded by neon lights. It was very peaceful.

We ate out in both resorts and overall the food was nice. The Olympic in Alykes was particulalry excellent. It is air conditioned (we had a heatwave while we were there so this was a BIG bonus) and the décor etc. is very much like that of an expensive restaurant back here in England, yet the food was priced the same as the more touristy places. We ate there a couple of times (it’s worth booking or you might be disappointed) and the food and wine was fantastic both times, as was the service. The Jungle Bar next door was also a great place to go, nice drinks and friendly staff. The Mill bar along the beach from the hotel was another nice place to go, great views over the bay while you sip away and nibble on some tapas!

I have to mention the Lemon Tree also. I’d heard so many good things about it but found it to be absolutely rubbish! There was a lady from the restaurant giving out flyers most nights outside the hotel and she was so rude that we almost didn’t go at all. In the end we decided to give it a go anyway. The location is great but that’s about it! There were so many insects I felt like I was in a zoo. The food was average at best and the portions not as generous as most places (despite the prices being that bit more). It was a real disappointment and the best bit was finding a lovely walk home down to the beach.

One thing not to miss is the Trainaki (the little ‘train’ that goes up into the hills). It was a really pleasant journey and the rep lady was really nice and friendly. We went on the early evening train so were more than ready for all the free wine once you reach Sprios’ tavern in the hills. Up until then we couldn’t understand why the people on the train waved so much. After a few glasses of the village wine it all became clearer. It was thoroughly good fun and great value for money.

Overall, both the hotel and the resorts were great for a relaxing, easy get away, we had a lovely time."

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  • Travel date: Mon 9th of July 2007

Lovely resort - Accomodation Good and Bad

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"Just got back yesterday from a great week away. Weather was fantastic, the rooms were neat and tidy and well equipped.

There were a few down points which I must mention, regarding the hotel complex:

*Around the pool area next to the beach, there were alot of uneven and moving tiles that were a potential hazard to kids and adults alike. It wouldn't take much to fix - yet have been left for some time like this.

*The airconditioning and safety deposit box charges are very expensive at 50 euros and 25 euros each per week. For a 4* family hotel, hidden charges like this can make a big dent into your spending money.

*Security was also lax. On arrival, we were informed that our luggage would be delivered to our room (which we thought was a nice touch). We were left waiting in our room for over an hour (as all our sun cream and summer clothes were in the cases) only to find when I walked down 2 flights of stairs that the cases had just been abandoned at the bottom of them. I did confront a holiday rep who said she would talk with someone at reception, which she did. She came back to inform me that we were told that this was what was going to happen with the cases. We weren't told of this when checking in at reception, but didn't want to let it spoil our holidays, so let it go. There seems to be little point in bringing luggage a 30sec walk to the apartment, only to leave it at the bottom of 2 flights of stairs???

* While we were there, the apartment directly underneath us on the ground floor was broken into while they were all asleep. This worried us a little as we had read on Trip Advisor that other people had experinced the same thing. Make sure you lock your front door properly and also the balcony sliding doors as there are unsavory characters about.

I have nothing but praise for the resort itself though. Great food (especially at the Apollo), lots to do like mini-golf, trips (I recommend Dionsus Trip Agent as they were reasonably priced). Beach was gorgeous - take your snorkel as there are fish to see.

I would go back to Zakynthos but wouldn't stay in the same hotel... on the surface it looks nice but there are alot of problems relating to security, general maintenance and the service you receive from somewhere that is classed as 4star."

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of June 2007

Very busy but great

Reviewed Tue 16th of October 2012

"Me and my family have recently come back from a weeks stay at the alykanas village. It was absolutely great there however here are a few points to be made and warnings.
When we arrived the room was clean and recently done out. The room was a studio and was bigger than the a double bed room. My friends room was small and with three children became quite tight.
The location was nice however the beach is small and really shingly. The three pools are clean and child friendly however BEWARE of the sharp corner on the pool near the beach as my 11 year old daughter cut here back. BEWARE OF THE DOGS IN JUNE THEY FIGHT OVER THE MALE NEAR THE POOL.
If your child would like to go to kids club then you have to pre book at 1.30 the dqay be for hand as they do not have enough kids reps to accommodate the amount of children in the hotel. Around the main pool there are a range of activites for all the family. (look out for superduperdawn)
The hotel was really good for the superfamily activites. The pool table tokens are quite expensive of 2euro. At the sanck bar yopu wait for about an hour or 2 for one toastie as they only have 2 staff.


If you have a chance go on a waterspport as they are quite cheap and really fun.
The best places to eat are
* Apollo
*The lemon tree
The best places to drink are

Overall my holiday was great. I mean i cant complain for just paying £25 for the week. My holiday came to a total of £400.

Its a really good place to be better than anywhere else.

Jordan 36"

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  • Travel date: Mon 4th of June 2007

Great Hotel

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"We (My fiance) and I holidayed here last year and to be fair I thought it was an excellant hotel. The rooms were fairly basic but had everthing including a fridge and Air Con which were essential.The hotel is built on the beach front so its literally a two minute walk, and the beach itself is quite safe as you need to walk out a fair distance before you get into deep water. At night the place is quiet but you can walk to the nearby town Alykees in about ten minutes - you can do this by either taking the road or along the beach or if you are feeling lazy there is always a horse and trap waiting at the hotel to get you to town cost about €10. Everynight when we got back from town the bar was always always open for a late night cap- all in all I could strongly reccomend the place great for couples families etc.. One bit of advice though I would not bother to take the trip to the shipwreck cove all in all it takes ages (Takes up the whole day really) and is kind of much ado about nothing at the end of it all."

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  • Travel date: Sun 25th of March 2007

Do Not Go Here

Reviewed Sun 21st of October 2012

"Where shall i start? The beginning is as good a place as any...

The holiday actually started well enough, rooms was an adequate size and was big enough. Cleanliness wasn't an issue either.

The first problem encountered was when a hen party moved into one of the rooms above us. My partner and I like to go out and have a good time ourselves but even we have the courtesy not to move furniture around at 4.30am. For three nights on the trot. Naturally, we complained on the first night but no action was taken by the hotel (wait, you'll see a theme developing if you keep reading) but it was left instead to the rep to deal with.

Still, my partner and I are a stoic pair, and were determined not to let this impact on our holiday.

We even were tolerating the numerous screaming children that populated the pool areas all day. Don't be fooled by the marketing blurb describing this as a peaceful, relaxing hotel. It's kiddy bedlam.

Anyway, we were still determined to have a good time.

Then the Welsh wedding party arrived.....

Clearly, they'd mistaken Alykanas for Laganas in the brochures (well, they do rhyme after all). You've got to question why they were allowed to bring a ghetto blaster to the pool side and subject the rest of us to their awful taste in music. Still, i'd rather listen to "From Paris To Berlin" than their bawling which seemed to last most of the day.

Even this wasn't going to get us down. We're a hardy bunch us Scots.

But then came the piece de resistance.

My girlfriend and I decided to go into Zante Town for an evening. When we got back to the apartment just after midnight, we realised to our shock that we'd been burgled!!

Naturally, my first instinct was to phone reception and get them to come to our room. Sadly, it turned out that i was being very unreasonable. You see, two other rooms had been broken into and the manager and police had saw them. THE MANAGER REFUSED TO EVEN COME AND SEE WHAT HAD HAPPENED IN OUR ROOM. This was quite unacceptable to me, so I demanded in a forthright, but not rude, fashion that she come and see what had happened.

When she came to the room, she started lecturing me and threatened to get the police on me for "shouting" on the phone. At no point did she offer any sympathy to my clearly upset girlfriend or take even the slightest responsibility for security in her hotel.

It turns out, after a visit to the police station, that rooms had been broken into only a few weeks earlier. It also turned out that you could 'double-lock' the apartment doors. Needless to say, when we checked-in to the hotel, neither of these facts were made available to us.

In short, don't go here. It's not a quiet and peaceful resort as advertised and, more importantly, management clearly don't give a damn about their guests."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of October 2006

Absolute Paradise!

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"We have been going to Zante for ten years and have always had a fantastic time. My husband and I can relax whilst our three children keep themselves happily amused. This year we tried the Alykanas Village appartments and really loved them. They were spacious, very clean with the most fabulous views we have ever had (mountains on one side and the sea on the other). This place is a definate must for families as it has three large pools and the beach is next door to it. Highly recommended!
The Gore family, Sheffield."

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of August 2006

Real Family location

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"The hotel was very clean and in a good location. Staff were friendly especially those in the bars. Snack bar fairly reasonable and good varied choice. Pools nice and no problem getting sunloungers although slightly disappointed that you have to pay for the sunloungers on the beach by the hotel as the hotel actually owns them. Hidden cost escalate though, E8 per day for aircon is steep and think this would be better if included in holiday price and E25 per week for a key for your safety deposit box (non-returnable) is daylight robbery..
Lots of fantastic places to eat in Alykanas: Apollo, Katerinas Kitchen, La Caretta Caretta, Levante, Romanza (slightly out the way but great place to watch sunset and there is free horse & carriage from outside the hotel). Greedy Greek was great and enjoyed their Greek night incidentally there was a freak storm whilst we were there and they drove us back to the hotel in their cars! You wouldn't get that in the UK! Lemon Tree was also nice, menu was not so varied but location and atmosphere was great (again free transport). La Neraida was the most beautiful place to sit and watch the sunset but found food was only average.
In Alykes there are many restuarants, we tried Relax (lovely) and ' the posh one' Olympic Grill Bar which is inside and was very disappointing - would not recommend.
We booked through My Travel and found the Welcome Meeting to be a real hard sell: Trips, Phone cards (rep claimed the phones in resort were vandalised - never saw one which didn't work), Pre-booking flights home or couldn't guarantee you would sit together - ridiculous, we didn't prebook and it was fine.
We booked all our trips through Dionisis tours just down from hotel and we went on the Turtle Trek and the Shipwreck - both were great and we paid E30 per adult & E15 per kid as a comparison the My Travel Turtle Trek alone was E34 per adult - my friend went with the My Travel one and we compared notes and there seemed little to no difference. With the shipwreck we left from Alykes harbour whereas my friend travelled to Zante town first due to pickups but people will make their own minds up.
There is not much in the way of shopping but this was definitely a family location. The scenery and sea were breathtaking and I would thoroughly recommmend the location and the resort hotel (a bath and shower is a luxury in Greece). Our kids are 7 & 9 and loved it. There is also a kids club but our kids were too busy making their own friends to go."

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  • Travel date: Fri 14th of July 2006

Excellent Resort For Young Families

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"Just returned from 2 weeks at the Alykanas Beach Village. Excellent, cleaned daily, tidy, quiet (for a family resort), and highly recommended for young families.

There are 3 pools 2 of which are no deeper than 1.3 m so are excellent for kiddies. 3rd is deeper but is separate from the main pools so no fear of little ones falling into 2m deep water. The kids club reps (despite other reviews) we really good, and there were on average 2 clubs every day (except when England were playing or there were new arrivals) and the clubs were held in an air conditioned room. They did cancel a few of the activities on the beach due to the high temperatures (see below), but otherwise our kids really enjoyed it.

We had a studio apartment which was ample big enough (2 adult & 2 kids) with 4 single beds in it. It was clean, had microwave, rings, fridge, bath/shower and balcony. Also available at extra cost is A/C (50 Euros/wk) and safety deposit box (25 Euros/wk). Somewhat pricey but A/C was essential for sleeping as temp was in the mid to high 20's at night and in the 40's during the day.

On site mini mart is pricey and 2 days before we left, they were putting up prices e.g. 500cl bottle of water went up from 35 cents to 40 cents. I guess to capitalise on high season. Local markets which are just a short distance from the resort are cheaper. Drinks are also a bit pricey and people were buying in from the markets and stocking the fridge saving approx 1.5 Euros per bottle of beer. Worth while if you drink lots.

There is a 'no towels on sunbeds' rule before 9 am with the threat that unless you are with the towels they will be taken off and given to reception.....hooray !!!. Generally this was adhered to and only in the second week did a few people get silly with guys sitting on sunbeds from 8.30 am, but depending on the day, you could usually get a sunbed somewhere around either of the pools up until about 10 am which is great.

Quite a few tavernas some with better menus than others, trips available, though the turtle trip was a bit of a con as no one saw a turtle or a dolphin.

All in all a very good, quiet 'British' resort which suited us as a family perfectly. If you want wild nights and teenage bars etc, don't go here, go to Laganas....please !"

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of July 2006

Great place

Reviewed Tue 27th of November 2012

"Just got back from the village. This is a set of self catering appartments which are really clean and tidy, and the maid service is daily. There are 3 pools, the largest of which is ideal for families with young children. There is however a fight for sunbeds and you need to be up early to secure your spot. There is a volleyball pool, pool tables and a snack bar, but not much to do during the day as the reps don't organise anything.
The village is next to the beach, where there is loads of watersports and you can walk far into the sea as it is shallow for a long way. You can walk along the beach to the next village Alikes.
There is loads of bars and restaurants around, we especially liked the Greedy Greek and the Apollo. The Flame bar does excellent cocktails for 3 euros. The taxis are a horse and carriage and they will take you from one village to the next for 5 euros. ( Yannis ) horses are well looked after and it is well worth a trip to his farm if you enjoy horse riding.
There is lots of trips available I would recommend the ship wreck cruise, but go on the half day speed boat one as you get there before all the crowds, take your snorckle as there is plenty of time to swim in the lovely clear blue sea. The water park trip is also a good day out.
A must do is the Greek Night at the Mill Bar on a Friday night. You will be fed , watered and thoroughly entertained all night.
Take plenty of spending money as Zante is not as cheap as it used to be, 20 euros for the safe deposit box and 8 euros a night for the air con if you want it.
We will definatly be going back"

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  • Travel date: Sat 10th of September 2005

Great Hotel - Alykanas Village

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"Just returned from Alykanas Village. A great hotel with all facilities you need. One minor issue. There is a snack bar but no restaurant in the evening so you do need to go into the villages of Alykanas or Alykes to eat. They are not far away and we prefer to do that anyway. The hotel has three pools and a lovely indoor pool which closes end May. It is also fronted by an excellent Beach and a warm clear sea which is very safe for children.
One issue to note if you have a baby. Although you may have booked a cot the hotel claim this is only a request and not guaranteed. Charge is 3 Euros per night. The Horse and cart rides were 5 Euros but believe price increases to 10 in Summer.

The village Tavernas are very good. In Alykanas we liked; Apollo, Matelena, Dionyssos and the Lemon Tree (which you need to access by free Horse and Cart - They will arrange a lift back to the hotel by Horse or Car)
If you walk from Alykanas to Alykes there is a Taverna midway in the countryside which we really enjoyed. (Popa something)
Recommend the Trainakis which is a motorised mini train ride. 3 hour trip for 10 Euros."

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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of June 2005

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