Turtle Beach Hotel

Agios Sostis, Agios Sostis 29092 Greece
3 star hotel


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  • 2.5 room
  • 3 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 3.5 amenities
  • 3.5 food

64 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Not great!!!!


"We stayed in the hotel from the 15 to the 23rd of July 2007. The hotel is ran down it is not a 3 star by anyones standards!!!! We booked it as a All inclusive resort but had to eat out. We stayed with our children aged 3, 8 and 11. We go on holiday quite often and have stayed in quite a few 3 star hotels of which this most definately is not. It was very hot during our stay but we decided to hire fans from the local shop as we didnt want to use the air conditioning as it didnt look like it had been serviced in a long time. Upon arrival we informed the hotel that the patio doors locks were broken but nothing was done we then asked again but nothing. We ended up tieing them together ourselves. We also asked for a plug so our 3 year old daughter could have a bath but nothing!!! We managed to cover the plug hole with a flannel so she could have quick baths but upon emptying the water the drain in the centre of the bathroom would flood!!! We were warned by other guests upon arrival the the food was dreadful ( they were right) and that our best bet to have a nice meal was to go into Lagana. Lagana is a good 30 minute walk along the beach or by taxi about 8.50 euros each way. The resort of Agois sostis is very expensive breakfast for 5 of us was 42 euros yet in Lagana it was 26 euros for the same. Please just be aware we do not normally write reviews but we did not want any other families out there to book it expecting a AI hotel or 3 star accomodation. We stayed at Macadonia in Kalamaki a couple of years ago and had a great family holiday and would recommend there but not the Arkadianos in Agois sostis. Both were 3 star but worlds apart."

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  • Travel date: Mon 23rd of July 2007

What a Joke!


"When we arrived we had our doubts about this hotel. We all got settled in and realised we had paid over the odds for the hotel.The rooms were too small, mine had no air conditioning,the door didnt lock which was facing the pool area, the room was dirty when we arrived. We were a group of 14 all of which are 18 year olds. The all inclusive is not all inclusive and everything has a time limit! For example one of my mates wanted a drink of water and because it wasnt 10:30 they wudnt give him one. The food which was on alli nclusive was cold and was mainly left overs from the previous night. After day 2 we had a complaint sheet which filled an A4 piece of paper. With the complaints we made we eventually got a better food deal which allowed us to eat off the menu of the restaurant for free but were undermined by the reception staff for the rest of the holiday who were rude and stuck there noses up to us and rarely talked to us. The room cleaners came twice a week but only emptied bins, when the floor needed sweeping everyday eventually i pinched a sweeping brush and did it myself!! For 18 year olds laganas has amazing night life but I would advise stayin in a diffferent resort which is closer to the strip. I also wouldnt walk home if you are staying here as we were not told and I was mugged and kicked by greek people on the way home one morning. I would advise Resuce and Medousa as clubs to visit whilst here ."

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of July 2007

I heted it


"I am here in Hotel Arkadianos, Zakithos.
It has to be a 3 star hotel, but it is NOT!!!
The rooms are terrible. We are in a garret, and I can see the sky, because a hole is in the roof.
The rust runs down on the wall everywhere.
The bed is too small for two person, and I think it is too old and very uncomfortable, and very lumpy.
I booked this as All Inclusive, but I have to go to a restaurant every day if I want to eat something eatable.
The management say you can choose many things from the buffet.
For breakbast you can choose the following:
One type of chees, one type for cold meat, bread, butter, 2 types of jam, orange juice, instant coffe, tea. No vegatables!
For lunch you can have carrot, salad, some tomato, onion, baked potato, fried egg, beans, one kind of soup, and melon.
For diner the same for lunch, but you will have 2 kind of meat, which are uneatable.
If you would like to spend your holyday in a good place, DO NOT CHOOSE THIS "HOTEL" Try to find something else!!
And for this we paid 1.500 EUR for two person for 11 days.
I really not recommend this place to anybody.
The walls are very thin, you will heat if your neighbour is gapeing, or snore.
We just arrived on 08 of July, and stay untill 19th of July, but I wish we were home.

I will upload pictures when I got home."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 10th of July 2007

Arkadianos Hotel - a measured review


"I have just returned from a two week all-inclusive holiday on Zakynthos, staying at the Arkadianos Hotel/Apartments in Agios Sostis
from 1st-15th May 2007. I am a 37yr old Welshman living and working in Warsaw, Poland, I’m now a fan of the quiet life rather than a nightclubbing lifestyle, I occasionally read the guardian and I’d say
I was outgoing and good-natured but sometimes impatient with bad service.

I spent the first week with my girlfriend, and the second week 3 friends from the UK came out to join us.

Our travel agency was Triada, a Polish company, and the majority of our fellow guests were Poles. The rep visited the hotel once a day for an hour or so, and spoke Polish fluently and just about passable English. As far as I could see he spoke no Greek. Sometimes a different rep was at the hotel, and she spoke Polish, satisfactory English and it seemed good enough Greek. We were meant to come back on a Tuesday early morning, but a greek airport staff strike kept us there till Wednesday night. We got Tuesday night free courtesy of Triada, but had to book out at 12 or pay 10 Euro to the hotel. Our flight was at 22.30, so we needed the room. Incidentally, Because of the turtles in Laganas bay, there are NO flights in or out of Zakynthos between midnight and 6 am, so if your flight is delayed past midnight, you’re not going anywhere till morning.

The Arkadianos Hotel has an interesting if slightly ramshackle layout, not a big block impersonal type, and all that other reviewers
have said about the walls being very thin is true. Even with doors and windows closed, the noise from adjoining rooms and especially from the Wild Rose bar at night and pool area in the daytime is going
to be more than noticeable. Our room (room 222) had a little balcony large enough for a small table and two chairs and the clothes horse-thing, and overlooked the pool and beyond to the beach and sea. The location of our room was fantastic as far as the view went, and I’d recommend it specifically no problem, with a caution that being based at the front of the hotel it is close to the Wild Rose Bar and Breezers, the two bars attached to and run by the hotel. This means that if you are easily disturbed by noise, you might find it difficult to sleep easily.

As we were on an all-inclusive, we didn’t need any cooking facilities
in our room. There was a kettle and a sink and a very cold fridge. The room had comfortable twins beds and ample blankets for the time of year. Not all the lightbulbs in our room worked, but this didn’t bother us particularly. The bathroom had a shower, sink and toilet. I was satisfied with the shower as I like to get up early, but my girlfriend likes to sleep in and so she often missed the hot water, which seemed to be available from 7am-9.30am and then again for a few
hours in the early evening. To be honest as the weather was so hot, I was quite happy to have a cold shower in the afternoon anyway, as it wasn’t freezing by any means, but if you are a sensitive sort then take notice.

Three meals a day were provided. Breakfast, given between 7.30am and 9am was a little Spartan, being fresh bread (delicious), butter, strawberry jam, marmalade, slices of ham and cheese, tea, coffee and orange juice, and a selection of coke, sprite etc. I like a light breakfast so this was fine with me. Lunch, given between 12.30 and 14.30, was a selection of cold salads, around 6-8 different types, tatsiki, fresh bread and tea, coffee, and the soft drinks etc. The evening meal, available from 19.00 till 22.00, was a selection of 3 or 4 cold salads, some hot vegetables (potatoes, carrots and peas, for example) and 4 different hot meat dishes. Again, teas, coffees, juices and the lovely fresh bread featured. The meat dishes did vary over the course of the fortnight, but tended to be slightly similar in that they all seemed a bit like different types of stew. Don’t take this as too much criticism though, the sausage casserole was great and nothing was unpleasant.

All meals were self-service style, and were adequate at worst and quite tasty at their best. On only one occasion I approached the counter to find only two dishes left – this was quite late on one of the last nights – and the chef (who hovered around every day making sure the guests were happy) immediately after finding that I didn’t really fancy either of them asked me what I wanted and prepared me a meal specially. It’s little touches like this that really make an impression.

Apart from being a little repetitive (the breakfasts were identical every day and the lunches didn’t vary much), the only moan I would have with the food was that we didn’t get given mousakka once. My girlfriend felt more than I that it was too samey, and my friends seemed to like the food less still.

Only eating at the hotel of course means you’re missing out on the delightful food to be found in the restaurants close by in Agios Sostis and in Laganas, the ‘village’ next along the coast. More of Laganas later. The hotel restaurant has another section, a covered seating area a few feet away over the little road at the front and placed right next to the sea, with a great view, it’s a lovely place to take your meal.

The two bars I mentioned earlier are very much part of the Hotel. Breezers bar is basically a thatch covered round bar next to the pool, and I can’t really comment on it as we spent our bar time there at the other bar, the Wild Rose. This is also next to the pool, on the other side, and has seating areas both in the sun and covered. It has 2 pool tables, one with slightly wonky cushions, and the other had a fondness for eating the pool balls for the first week, but they’re both free and again, adequate. The condition of the pool cues could have been better unfortunately. There’s also a bubble bobble machine, which I spent far too much money on according to my girlfriend (High scores all mine all week!) and a ‘Hook’ pinball machine which needs fixing. Don’t use this because it ahs a loose screw jammed in one of the ball slots at the top end.

The all-inclusive deal included free drinks from 10am to 11pm every day. The drinks available were a local draught beer, totally fine to everyone’s taste, ouzo, vodka, gin, southern comfort, tequila, mixers
and soft drinks, and tea and coffee. There might have been other drinks included, but we didn’t ask for anything else so I cant say. Everything we did ask for was given to us. All drinks came in plastic cups, which was a bit of a shame, but again, no biggie.
During the day there was also a period when ice cream was given upon request, and some cakes and biscuits were available from the bars.
There was a selection of bottled beers as well to be had for a reasonable price, but we didn’t feel the need.

The staff at the hotel were overall good, particularly the restaurant
staff and waiters, who were all very pleasant and helpful. The cleaners who came every day were also polite and smiling, although if they arrived when we were still in bed and so were turned away, they didn’t return later. The receptionist service was a little worse
than I’d have liked (on the last day they were unable to stamp a receipt I needed as the stamp was locked in an office and the boss wasn’t there – and the information as to when she would return was obviously just ‘come back later’ stuff to get rid of me until it was too late), but nothing that would prevent me visiting again. The level of English was generally fine, and usually plenty good enough. I must make special mention of two particular barmen at the Wild Rose bar, Greg and Iotti (apologies if I’ve spelled this wrongly). Greg was extremely welcoming from the first, was chatty, courteous, pleasant and professional, and seemed to take personal care of all his customers the whole time we were there. He is in my opinion an asset to the hotel. Iotti was also a lot of fun, very friendly, good at his job and obviously a hit with the ladies, being rather handsome!

It’s the people who you meet on holiday who can make the difference between two weeks of sun, sand and boredom and an unforgettable fortnight that brings a smile to your face when you think of it, and these two staff really did a great job of making us feel at home.
The pool between the two bars is about 25 feet long, oval, and 1.5metres deep with no slope. It was very clean every day, and forms a centerpiece in front of the hotel. There are a goodly number of sunbeds around it, with palms providing shade if needed, and we spent a few happy mornings relaxing there. The children staying there seemed to like it a lot. It was a bit cold the first week, but by the second week it was great. Even warmer than the pool it seemed, however, was the sea, which is literally a few steps away from the pool/bar area at the front of the hotel, across the narrow and little-used road at the front. The beach itself is a bit odd, being only 2-3 metres from the wall to the sea, but sunbeds are placed all along for a long way, and the sea is waist high for a massive distance out into the bay.

There is a small shop located next t the hotel (it might even be the same ownership?) with a very friendly and pleasant woman working there. The shop sells food, drinks, cigarettes, etc, and some English Tabloid newspapers. Not a guardian in sight (which I admit isn’t surprising for a package deal holiday location), but if you like the Mail, the Express or the Mirror then you’ll be happy.
Venturing further afield, a little way along the front towards Laganas is the Manthos Taverna, which deserves a mention. We came to know it as the Omelette and Speedboat shop, because they serve delicious omelettes (among the meals offered in their extensive menu; I also had a very nice moussaka there on one occasion) and also hire out boats you can use to look for turtles and to visit turtle island. The owner was very nice, the food was great, and the young man who showed us how to operate the boat was again professional and friendly. The boats were 50 euro for 3 hours, with some more euro added as there were 5 of us. They had an outboard motor, came equipped with lifejackets and anchor and a sunshade roof, and we were given good instructions on how to use them and advice on where to find the turtles. I absolutely recommend hiring a boat from here. Turtle island is impressive to see and fun to get to, and I recommend approaching it round the left side, coming round behind it to find a lovely beach of sand with wonderful snorkeling options. At the far end of the beach is a little cave, leading to a great little grotto, Crocodile Cove :).

We found 2 turtles quite easily while we were out on the boat, beautiful, large, graceful creatures. Follow them slowly for a while and they come up to breathe and make great photos. Near the Manthos Taverna is a vehicle hire shop, which has scooters, cars of varying sizes and also quad bikes. The staff speak English and the prices were reasonable. My three friends hired scooters for a day, and said that they’d been able to basically see everything on the island.
To get to Laganas from the Arkadianos, just walk along the beach for about 15-20 minutes. There’s another little island on the way, connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge – on the other side of this island (its tiny) is a cool little bar with its own beach and a pier, and some fantastic snorkeling can be had here.

Continuing towards Laganas, the more touristy resort, you’ll see more restaurants and bars along Laganas beach. We visited Mambos, where an English waiter called Kevin was very pleasant, and tried the Greek Night at the restaurant Wesel, which was a bit kitsch but great fun and the food was good. Near this restaurant, up a short road away from the beach is the Red Poppy bar, where Taz the barman (owner?) does a nice line in groovy cocktails. There’s a bar called Cheers back on the beach somewhere on the way to Laganas main drag which is very cool in a jazz-lizard kind of way and a good place for a final lazy drink on your way back to Agios.

Laganas main drag in my opinion would be absolute Hell in high season. The Mile Of Tat is basically Club 18-25 Ice Bars and Parachute Clubs with signs proclaiming ‘Get Retarded at the Wackabout
Club!’ and ‘Drink Triple! See Double!! Act Single!!!’ and the like, interspersed with souvenir shops and British-style pubs. Now I’m not knocking the tacky tat on offer here, I bought a load of it (including an excellent diorama of shell creatures playing poker!), and the shop staff were always friendly and polite, but the slappers and lads trying to entice you in to every neon-lit knocking shop with promises of ‘Deal or No Deal every night! We have Sky!’ got a bit wearing.

At the top end of the main road there’s a mini-golf place and a small
bowling bar, which was fun, and we had a nice meal at the Albatross Hotel about half way along. Laganas has 4 or 5 cashpoints too, and a shop that sells Guardians :) Laganas also has the Wizard of Rock, and
all I can say about him is: if you like rock, go seek The Wizard. Having Laganas so close to Agios Sostis was actually great for our holiday. Its close enough to get to easily, and yet none of the spillover from the bars and clubs hit Agios apart from those staying there. The first two weeks in May are obviously not too busy weather, which was good.

Our fortnight in Agios sostis was an outstanding holiday, and I would
stay at the Arkadianos again. In fact, if I didn’t have to work, I could happily retire to Agios Sostis and spend my evenings in the Wild Rose bar chatting to Greg and Iotti. I don’t think the hotel is a suitable place for babies, or young children if they get bored easily. For people who want something quietish with the option of some boozy fun a 15-minute walk along the beach away, its great."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 17th of May 2007

i loved these apartments. great beaches and veiws. so fab, i will return


"this hotel was absolutely brilliant. set back from main laganas you can get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a beautiful and quiet beach whilst gazing apon turtle island. our apartment was nice and clean and the patio view was excellent. literally 2 secs off the beach! the walk onto laganas on an evening is lovely and only takes 15mins. walking off the excellent greek food is great! the boat hire man, on resort, is lovely and my partner found his sign in the sea that had been washed away in a storm so he gave us a beer and discounted boat hire! the restaurant where this boat hire is based boasts lovely food and lively greek nights (although not my cup o tea it will please people young and old). Agio sostis is lovely and ideal for families and couples who enjoy lively nights but don't enjoy being located in the thick of it. the beauty of this resort is that it is located perfectly with quiet beaches and the option of quiet or lively nights as laganas' nightclubs and tavernas are easily accessed. with keri caves and turtle island in close proximity this is a truely memorable resort and when we return it will be to get married!!! highly recommended! you'll love it!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 19th of April 2007

Good value for money


"After we found out that our planned holiday was cancelled on the departure date due to the ATOL failure of the travel agency, my boyfriend and I were pleased to find this holiday at the very, very last minute.

The accomodation was clearly 2 star, but everything worked properly and the flat was kept very clean. Our sleep was somewhat disturbed because of thin walls and loud neighbours, but thet is just something you have to accept. The beach is just 10-20 m away and even though we didn't use the pool, it looked fine.

Some cosy restaurants are located nearby, right at the waterfront.

I recommend renting a car and driving around the island.

To sum it up- I had a great time here and would recommend it to anyone on a budget."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 25th of September 2006

Not for families and people wanting a quiet holiday.


"Stay at this apartment at your peril!! If you don’t mind not sleeping then this is the place for you. If you are a family or a couple looking for a nice relaxing holiday then these apartments are NOT the place to go.

The floors and ceilings are wafer thin and when you are surrounded by 18 - 30 year olds this is not good news. You can hear them stomping from room to room, slamming down their shot glasses, slamming doors, playing music, screaming, shouting and all this at 4am. Lovely!!

Try making a complaint and the hotel receptionist is usually asleep or suddenly realises that she does not speak English (although if you say you want to pay for air conditioning she understands that!). The Rep turned up periodically and usually late and would find a big queue of people waiting to complain.

There is no playground like it states in the brochure (the rep didn’t know what we were talking about!).

The self catering is a joke. 2 rings, 1 milk pan and a corkscrew!!

The pool is full of chemicals so goggles are a must.

The hotel grounds are full of birds that make their nests on your balcony and proceed to c**p everywhere.

On the plus side the rooms are a good size and we had maid service every day. The village of Aghios Sostis is lovely but very quiet. Zante as a whole is well worth a visit and wading out to the turtles was fantastic. The buses are great, one euro will take you anywhere on the island. Just be careful which hotel you stay at.

Beware the airport!! It is one room, with one conveyor belt with all the different flights luggage on. Great fun. Make sure you have plenty of water (and patience!)."

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  • Travel date: Sun 7th of May 2006

september 2004


"We arrived on the 20th of september 2004 in the morning . After a long flight with are 4 children. The apartments where basic and dark and not a lot of room. There is nothing there for children only the pool and the kids club and the pool table. Not a very child friendly place. You had a long walk to lagnas. Would do better if there was buses we had to get 2 taxis if we wanted to go to lagnas. I woul not recommened this place if you have children. The wild rose was like a nocking shop not suttible for young kids. We got back home on the 4th of october. The only thing i miss is the weather. I would not go back again. Give me spain any day. The Shanley clan from benwell newcastle."

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of October 2004



"Booked a late deal this year and had a great holiday last month. Its basic accomodation as already said by others but since everything is close by its not a problem - Breezer Bar, Wild Rose and all the restaurants to choose from and beach close by it a great place. The apartments can be noisy at times but only because a few numbskulls let their kids stomp about and shout without any consideration which I suppose you get anywhere.
Lisa has booked for next year"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 21st of September 2004



"wE HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM HERE ON 22ND JULY.Unfortunatly i dont have many good things to say about it apart from the rooms were kept very clean & the pool was spotless,the man cleaned it every night for at least 2 hours.As a mother of 3 young boys,8,6 &21months it's very important for me to go to a family friendy resort which this place claims to be.On the 2nd morning of our holiday we took the kids to the Maestro,the appartments restraunt for breakfast,our baby was'nt coping with the heat at all which made him very grumpy & tearful,the waitress was'nt impress & told us to shut him up in a very nasty manner.It put us of eating out for the fortnight.I did complain to the rep who got the same response from her.Needless to say we did'nt get an apoligy.The island its self is very beatiful,but very boring for young kids.Apart from swimming & playing pool theres not alot else for them to do,we did go into Laganas which at night is crazy,during the day a bit better but the kiddie things dont open till6,when i say kiddie things i mean crazy golf,rock climbing,buckin bronco.beat the goalie & trampolines that's it.Would'nt recommend it to parents with young familys i.e under 12."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of July 2004

Do Not Book Through Sunmaster...Stay Away From This Dump!


"Sunmaster are happy to take your money and run, they clearly have no knowledge of the type of hotels they use. If you are stupid enough to book through Sunmaster don't bother to complain...they don't give a damn about their customers.

Arkadianos Apartments....I chose this accommodation as it was in the quiet resort of Agios Sostis. I was there to attend my friend's wedding. Agios Sostis itself is beautiful. Don't let your holiday there be ruined by staying in this place.

The accommodation was dirty, loud and the manager was unbelievably rude. I left after two nights to move to alternative accommodation.

The first issue was finding a member of staff in order to check in, this took 5 hours of waiting in reception. When a member of staff eventually showed up, they denied that they were the Turtle Beach Studios as stated in my booking. Eventually they agreed that they did used to be known as Turtle Beach Studios (Previous complaints perhaps?). They are now known as Arkandianos Studios/Apartments.

The first room I was taken to had a couple sleeping in it! The 2nd room I was then taken to was dirty and had a pair of pants (also dirty) hanging in the bathroom. Air conditioning was 7 euros extra per night which I had not been informed of.

The best was still to come..outside my bedroom window was a bar area. Despite around only ten guests being present in the bar they played extremely loud house music until 6am each morning, after this the guests played on their guitars until 7am. Again I could find no members of staff who were willing to help me with the unbelievable noise keeping me awake.

On my second morning in the hotel I eventually found the manager to speak to. I informed her of the problem with the noise in my room and requested to be moved to another room at the back of the building as I had had 1 hours sleep in two nights. Her response was unbelievable: 'You are making problems for me, I am very tired'. Clearly she had been up partying until 7am too.

She then took it upon herself to suggest that the reason I was unhappy in the hotel was that the other guests were Serbian and I was English, essentially suggesting that I was a racist! I refuted this. I explained again that I was in the quiet town of Agios Sostis for a wedding and that my friends were all stopping nearby. Despite me explaining this she offered me a room in a hotel in Laganas, the loud party town on the island half an hour away from my friends. Eventually she suggested that I come back in 6 HOURS to see if another room could be found for me!

During this time I found alternative accommodation that was clean, quiet, friendly and half the price (Nimar Studios, Agios Sostis). I was however, furious about my first two nights on the island which had ruined the first two days of my holiday. I slept for the third day of my holiday due to exhaustion. When I returned to hand over my room key to the manager and informed her that I would be leaving her response was 'okay'. I don't understand how she runs her business in this way, she could not have cared less. Strange woman.

I suggest that if you want a loud party atmosphere then make the short journey to Laganas. Arkadianos seems totally out of place in a quiet resort like Agios Sostis, which has relatively little in the way of nightlife."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of February 2012

brill holiday


"we booked this hotel, then read the reviews and thought oh my god. when we got there we was greeted by a friendly lady who shown us to are room, the room was basic but it was clean, we only use are room to shower and to sleep so didnt matter that it was basic, the food was great the bar staff was friendly they made are holiday. when i read other reviews i think they have got this hotel mixed up with somewhere else. we had an brill time and would be going there again. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 10th of July 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food
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  • julie28 by julie28

    "hiring a car and driving deep into zakynthos to see the shipwreck and the monastaries "

  • cath evans by cath evans

    "Very quiet. small beach "

  • "Don,t stay at the Arkadianos Apartments "

  • "Any where but the Arkadianos Apartments "

  • krystleb by krystleb

    "Turtle island,cruise around the island and greek night at syrtaki restaurant. "

  • avaya by avaya

    "Aperitto Restaurant- "

  • Altin by Altin

    "syrtaki restaurant on wednesdays with greek nights, turtle spotting, marathonisi (turtle) island "

  • Rabido by Rabido

    "Would go back to Zante but not the Hotel "

  • Rabido by Rabido

    "Day Boat Trip & Turtle Cruise "

  • buddy19911 by buddy19911

    "horrible place for a holiday, lovely views, but drunk people everywhere and really rude people "

  • buddy19911 by buddy19911

    "boomerang, chevys, chubby burgur "

  • Jay and Vanessa by Jay and Vanessa

    "Go find the hippy bar, follow the beach away from laganas find the rocky beach and just keep going. "

  • Jay and Vanessa by Jay and Vanessa

    "Pedalo in the sea and the "pirate cove" "

  • by

    "Turtle Island looks stunning from Agios Sostis "

  • by

    "Turtle Nesting Areas and St Nicholas Beach "

  • cat chingford london by cat chingford london

    "great views and good location "

  • cat chingford london by cat chingford london

    "most tavernas were good vaue for money "

  • karen & gary by karen & gary

    "the hotel was terrible but stay clear "

  • zoe roddy by zoe roddy

    "hire your own boat thats fantastic "

  • ajones666 by ajones666

    "Don't Go ...Stay Away! "

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  • Arkadianos Apartments
  • Arkadianos Apartments Agios Sostis
  • Arkadianos Apartments Hotel Agios Sostis

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