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Beautiful turquoise bay in Lakka. Paxos. Ionian islands of Greece
Beautiful turquoise bay in Lakka. Paxos. Ionian islands of Greece
Paxos is a small Greek island, and part of the Ionian chain of islands, and is located just off the southern tip of Corfu.

With other larger Greek Islands like Crete taking up the tourist limelight, Paxos has continued to be a small secluded haven of tranquillity for those travellers who have discovered its existence. At approximately 8 miles in length and less than half that wide, Paxos only has 3 main resort areas. The largest village on the island, Gaios, is centred around a picturesque port. Here there are many tavernas and restaurants to choose from as well as some great beaches. Lakka is the second largest village and benefits from a selection of sandy beaches with various watersport activities on offer. Loggos is the smallest of the villages on Paxos. The island has an extremely laid back ambience offering sparsely populated beaches and secluded coves making it an ideal holiday location for those seeking to relax and unwind.

Access to the island is via ferry or hydrofoil from Corfu and mainland Greece owing to the fact that Paxos does not have an airport.

July through to September weather can get very hot on the island so ideal for sunbathing but perhaps not for the more active visitors who would be best visiting in the cooler preceding months of April and May. Winter brings very few tourists due to the decline in ferries travelling to and from the island.

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