Esperides Apartments

2 star hotel

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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4 food

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great holiday

Reviewed Mon 15th of August 2011

"Just returned from Sidari with my husband after a fabulous week. Leo and Mum were so helpful and couldn't do enough for us. The studio was basic is is the norm in Greece but of a much higher standard than I have come across before. Also very spacious and clean. The pool was fabulous and always looked as it was just filled and always crystal clear. The resort was about a 15 minute walk away but it was pleasant enough with plenty of shops and tavernas en route. If you like the beach maybe you should stay a little closer but for us it was perfect."

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of August 2011

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  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food

Sack the Maid

Reviewed Tue 29th of September 2009

"After reading reviews on other sites we prepared oursleves to have a walk to get into the main town, but this is in no way a 'stroll'. Its a good mile top the main strip taking up to half a hour. There are some bars and resturants on the way but these are more expensive and not as nice as the ones in the cntre. Its 5 euros in a taxi up and down the main road. We were disappointed with the apartments when we got there, it has alot of baron land around it and the gardens were scruffy. There wasn't a mian reception and the small bar they had was tacky looking and not very comfy, the hotel across the road is much nicer and serves better food and has a nicer setting. The pool is big but the water temp was freezing, too cold to be for too long even though it was 30-35 degrees each day, there's no music on around the pool so the place is silent through the day, no atmosphere. The pool bar shuts early so no chance of a drink before going out for dinner. The rooms are quite big and so is the balcony but the main only made the beds, she never actually did any cleaning. We had to ask for fresh towels and toilet roll, our bedding never got changed and by the end of the week our apartment floor needed a good sweep and mop. We went the first week of Sept but the temps dropped at night and it got quite chilly, all we had on the beds were thin sheets, I pulled a duvet down off the top of the wardrobe and it smelt fusty. The bathroom also had alot of mould, the whole place shook when next door had a shower which can wake you up in the morning. I'm never one to expect too much on package holidays but I wasn't impressed and wouldn't recommend this place. Sidari does have a lovely beech though."

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of September 2009

Friendly But Flawed

Reviewed Tue 21st of July 2009

"My husband & I have just returned from a 2 week holiday at the Espirides Apartments in Sidari. I agree with other reviewers that Leo & Vivi do give you a very warm welcome right from the start (and it continues to be that way throughout your stay).

The positives are the apartments are in a picturesque, setting. The rooms themselves are spacious, but could be far better designed as the bathroom was tiny and it was impossible to have a shower without soaking the entire floor area and toilet seat (no curtain or screen). There is a drainage area in the floor, but as we had no mop or brush to sweep excess water away it would stagnate. As a result the bathroom stank it was quite disgusting! The cleaner did come around daily to make-up the beds and we did get clean towels quite regularly, but she didn't seem to know what bleach was and as the hols went on the bathroom smelled worse every day. Don't leave your doors open at night, the mozzies will eat you alive!

For the location - Thomas Cook state 1km to Sidari's sandy beach; nearest shops, bars and restaurants 300m away; the resort centre and main nightlife are 1.2km away. - This is RUBBISH!! The apartments are a good 30min walk along an unlit, unpaved road which is very busy and dangerous. Drivers often hurtled down the road so fast & close to you, you thought you were going to get run over on the way out for the night. The local authorities really need to get this are paved or someone will be killed. I really don't know where Thomas Cook get these measurements from - the beach is a lot farther than 1km away as is the main nightlife.

The pool area at the apts was good, even getting up late we were always guaranteed a sunbed which is a rarity! Food was very poor (and overpriced - as were the drinks) - they really need to be more competitive. For example their English Breakfast was 6 Euro for one - down the road in the Ark Of Taste (which was a very clean, really lovely place to eat) the same sized breakfast was only 3 Euro. Food at the Espirides is very basic, I am puzzled at some reviews saying how much they enjoyed the food (although the latest review was 2008, maybe it was better then!) If plastic cheese & ham toasties with frozen 'Iceland' style chips are your idea of heaven, then you'll love it! Drinks there were predominatly 3.50 Euros - again a lot higher than Hectors Bar just a short walk down the road - they did 2.50 Euro for Vodka & mixer, 1.20 Euro for glass of wine - the main strip bars were far cheaper to drink in the the apartments. We also thought 6Euro per night for air-con was asking too much.

There was an overall feeling of the proprietors had given up trying (with the exception of being friendly) - we felt they could offer their guests so much more. There were no offers on drinks, no barbeque nights, no effort on food, they stopped serving meals at 5pm! Just opposite there apartments had internet access, kareoke, lovely restaurants and special offers on drinks. We did find out that the Esperides is up for sale - so that's maybe why!

We would highly recommend Bavias Taverna down the road on the right - absolutely gorgeous, authentic greek food and really friendly staff. We even got free carafe of wine one night and some sliced watermelon as we'd visited a couple of times. Ark of Taste is also really lovely & immaculately clean. Pizza place just further up the road on the left was good, very large portions! I'd avoid Memories & Seabreeze restaurants - neither meal was very nice, just commercial crap. Many of the bars who offer cheap cocktails seem to forget to put alcohol in them, be warned!

We booked two trips with Valueplus and can highly recommend them. Much cheaper than Thomas Cook. Greek night and trip to Paxos/Anti-paxos was amazing, truly beautiful place.

Overall they were friendly to customers at Espirides, but the food/drink prices and poor location really let it down."

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  • Travel date: Sun 19th of July 2009


Reviewed Wed 25th of March 2009

"The apartments where very nice,well done to mum and son who helped me in my worst Hoilday.
Thomas cook did not great us when we arrived,we waited 2 hours befor the coach turned up.
I got very ill 5 days into my Hols,Thomas cook did not help had to fly home 7 days into my 2 week Hols.It turned out to be a bug from there dirty water,i was ill for 11 weeks off work.

The apartment was placed on this Nightmare road with non stop nose in the middle of no where,It took over 35 mins to walk to the town,When booking with Thomas cook we did NOT ask for any of this.

Please consider my nightmare before booking with thomas cook.

If you want to be in the middel of no where on a main street far away from everything,this is the place for you.


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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of March 2009

Myself, My fiancee and 2 friends have ec...

Reviewed Sat 6th of September 2008

"Myself, My fiancee and 2 friends have ecently returned from a week long stay in Corfu, where we sayed at the Esperides Apertments, and i must say it was FANTASTIC!! we were given a warm and friendlyy welcome by the owner of the Apartments when we arrived, shown to our very spacious, and tidy room very quickly!! we then had the joy of meeting Leo, who s the son of the owner!! He is a very friendly, helpful lad!! the hotel is up a quiet road on the outskirts of Sidari but only 5mins walk away from the nearest 'Markato'. From this end of Sidari you first comeacross the taverns and cafes but as you walk down the main strip you walk past all the shops and other hotels and then you come to the Nightlife, which is great!! I highly recommend Belero bar!!

We have been to Sidari before in 2005, and stayed in the nearby Mega Idri, and we went on some fantastic, unforgetable day trips, to Aqua land, and on the boat BBQ which were both booked through the local british owned/run travel shops, which were considerably cheaper than booking through Thomas cook!! friends that we met also went on the boat trip to Albania, and the shopping trip to Corfu town which we unfortunately missed due to our boat trip!!

Money wise, i think corfu is quite reasonable place for food and drink, we had a meal at a brilliant Chinese restrauant and we all had 2 courses, and alcoholic drinks, and the bill came to less than 40Euros!! thers plenty places to eat from the Greek taverns to B.E.D, an american/Mexican/Italian restraunt on the beach, although we would recommend going greek as the Greek dancing/Fire dancing and plate smashing are unmissable!

If you havent been to Cofu before dont be put off by the view when you first leave the airport, it does look a little bit run down but once you get into the built up, tourist packed areas, Corfu is a well kept, friendly place withsomething for every1 weather thats a night on the tiles or a meal on the beach!! We loved it and i will be definatley be reurning for a 3rd time!!! Enjoy your Holiday!! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 6th of September 2008

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    "Its small and the beach is a mess. "

  • Anne-Marie48w by Anne-Marie48w

    "Bavias, Ark Of Taste, Trip to Paxos "

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