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  • 5 location

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Do not book these apartments!

Reviewed 4th September 2015

"Please read if you are considering booking this place. Booked here in January as looked great & had pretty good reviews. As our holiday approached we started to see reviews about overbooking which I now assume is done deliberately by the Beach Star management. It clearly happens too often to be an accident & I assume is their way to let out an apartment which they would not otherwise be able to fill & certainly not for the price we paid. We were a bit worried about these reviews, but as we had to pay the full amount up front with this hotel there was little left to do but keep our fingers crossed. We are pretty easy going and most of the reviews said you were only placed elsewhere for a couple of days. Upon arrival our bags were placed in a scruffy looking truck as had been described in other reviews so we knew what was coming. We promised to take a look at this other apartment before deciding if we wanted to stay there. What we found was a long walk along the front, then down a long not surfaced track, to an isolated, badly lit, very insecure, ant infested ground floor apartment. No air con, no view, no WI-fi, no safe! We were also told that this wouldn't be for just a day or two but for the entire ten days. Obviously we said no! Our bags went back in the truck & off we trundled back to the Beach Star. The English 'manager' Elaine was a complete waste of space & after a chat with the owner (Quite possibly her partner) could only offer us free breakfast every day to try to appease us. While my kids got to watch their mother burst into tears at the bar in front of all the other holiday makers, I rang Travel Republic for advice. Which was....... nowhere else available so better accept a substandard holiday to the one we had booked. The free breakfast lasted for exactly one day before it was downgraded to a 'Continental' ie. 2 slices of toast, jam & butter. We walked away from the table in disgust & never spent a penny at the Beach Star again. The safe is located in the bar of the Beach Star so if we wanted money while at the apartment there was a 10 to 15 minute round trip to get it. Even though we didn't 'kick off' & make a massive fuss in front of everyone, we felt very uncomfortable around the hotel for the rest of our stay & most of the staff struggled to look us in the eye. The track to the apartment does not lead anywhere else so I found it particularly worrying when vehicles came down it late at night, saw me watching, then turned round & drove away. There was also a man, possibly a friend of the owner who wandered about some nights, at about midnight. I assume he was staying in the apartment above but not sure. If you are lucky enough to stay where you actually book, it is very nice but I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere. "

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  • Travel date: 4th September 2015
  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Hotel was very dark, room smelt musty ba...

Reviewed 14th August 2008

"Hotel was very dark, room smelt musty bathroom very small and not very pleasant, we had two rooms booked and the second room had very thick cobwebs hanging from the light fitting, dead insects inside the wardrobe and dead spiders and insects in the shower. no- one to greet us or show us the rooms, breakfast consisted of two slices cold hard toast and jam with a mug of tea or we could have purchased an english breakfast at €3.80 No aircon and patio doors opened onto waste land, not very pretty. The staff mailnly Lauren was extremely nice. we eventually moved hotels which was the sister hotel of the beach star, alot nicer, cleaner and brighter."

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  • Travel date: 14th August 2008

Beach Star Hotel is in a perfect locatio...

Reviewed 18th August 2007

"Beach Star Hotel is in a perfect location in the quieter part of Sidari, but just a 5 minute stroll from the hustle and bustle of the resort. This means you can have a restful nights sleep and not be woken by the thumping music played on the main strip. The hotel is fairly basic but typical Greek accommodation which is spotlessly clean. The pool which is directly opposite on the beach is very good with plenty of sun loungers and parasols; this area is immaculate. Breakfast consists of two rounds of toast, coffee, orange, but full cooked breakfast can be purchased if required. Staff are very friendly, as is Vasillis the owner. Our room was fairly small but adequate as we didn’t plan on throwing any dinner parties; the linen was changed several times as were the towels. All in all a very good base in Sidari and perhaps one of the gems of the resort as it is only 100 yds from the oldest taverna in the resort. El Greco has lovely views towards Albania but is not in a rural location like many others are. I have no hesitation in recommending this hotel for families or quieter singles. "

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  • Travel date: 18th August 2007

An inexpensive hotel so you can't compla...

Reviewed 18th July 2007

"An inexpensive hotel so you can't complain too much.....but advertised air con doesn't exist, tough luck if you have booked a balcony and you don't get one. Sheets not big enough to fit the bed and a shower suitable only for very thin people. Breakfast is a cup of coffee/tea, small glass of orange juice and 2 slices of toast....unless you want to pay above the odds for your full English. On the plus side, the pool is great, no need for early start to bag your place with a towel. The staff are friendly, particularly Andreas.....they should double his pay, and the Wednesday night Greek dancing night is a hoot. Throw in great weather and the beach 30 yards away, great restaurants all around and the place is very quiet away from the bars...then it was a great holiday anyway."

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  • Travel date: 18th July 2007

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