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I just want to start by saying it was on...

Reviewed 13th August 2008

"I just want to start by saying it was one of my best holidays ever! So I'll try and make my review quite detailed as there isn't much info on this hotel. We arrived in Corfu close to 3am and everything went pretty smoothly getting out and to the hotel. When we got there, someone was there to great us and hand us our key. With a 2/3 star rating I wasn't expecting too much but was pleasantly surprised. It didn't look much from the road but as you walk down into the hotel, it's pretty and modern. The room was a good size and clean. We had a good sized wardrobe, decent sized bathroom with a toilet, shower/bath and wash basin. It was a little old, with the shower hose having to be held, but still clean which is really all you need. The bed was big and pretty comfy. There was a TV with bbc news and some English shows, not that you want to be watching telly when you've got gorgeous beaches to go and lay on! There was also a small fridge and a tall boy with a large mirror, handy for checking out the amazing tan! There is air-conditioning but you have to pay an extra 5 euro per day, though it's worth it and not too much of a burden on the pocket. I think the best bit about the room was definitely the balcony with the gorgeous view of the beach and Mouse Island. It had screens to provide privacy from your neighbours and a table and chairs so you could sit out and enjoy the view. The room was cleaned everyday, though I didn't take much notice as to how often the towels and sheets were changed, but they were often enough. However they came quite early (about 9/10) which meant we weren't also quite up when they came knocking, still getting use to the 2hour time difference. The breakfast was served between 8-10 each morning in their restaurant. It has all the things you need for a breakfast, a little basic but enough to get you started for the day. The staff were friendly and if they'd run out of anything they were quite happy to replenish it providing you didn't arrive just before 10. The hotel had its own little beach below, which led onto a longer strip of beach round the bend. There were lounges and shades set up and for 2euro a day you could hire one, this also came with a soft drink/coffee or water. The little bar opened at about 12 each day and you could get a range of drinks and some snack food. Like most beaches around Perama and Corfu Town, it was a shingle beach so if you're looking for white sand there isn't much around there. The water was very clear and clean and very beautiful, it was cool with not many waves. Just be careful of the sea urchins as they can hurt a bit if you happen to stand on any. Though coming from Aus, it's a small comparison to the sharks, jellyfish and dare I say stingrays swimming about! At the centre of the hotel, there is a swimming pool and bar area, which again is clean and modern and opened till about 12am each night. The transport was quite accessible, with a bus heading into Corfu Town every half hour and the same going south. You can buy bus tickets from the hotel desk and they will also provide you with places to go and timetables. Their English is good which was very helpful. You can hire bikes, scooters and quads across the road but I wasn't game enough to risk my life and just used the bus. There are 2 corner shops across the road, which have almost anything you need including tweezers to get those nasty sea urchin spikes out! There are also about 4/5 tavernas within 5 mins walk. We tried out 2 and the food and view were great. Ok so that's about it. The few down points which I would mention would be that it's on a flight path and you can clearly hear the planes from your room, but with the doors shut they're not that noticeable. Though some people might find this irritating. If you're there to party, it's probably a bit quite for that. There was a bar/club next door but it looked pretty quite when we went past. However if you're a family or romantic couple it's not a problem. Finally we were a little worried about the security, most leave their key at the front desk and you didn't have to show anything to pick it up. Maybe I'm a little jaded from living in London, but we chose to keep our key on us. Also if you have a late flight like ours, your bags are just left in the reception area again not the best but they didn't seem to think that there was any danger of anything being nicked as their desk is usually manned 24hours. On the whole, this was an amazing holiday, great value for money, clean and friendly, plenty of places to go and explore and more importantly we had gorgeous weather and I have a wicked tan! I would definitely recommend this hotel as a place to stay and can’t wait for next summer to visit again! "

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  • Travel date: 13th August 2008

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