MarBella Corfu Hotel

Agios Ioannis Peristeron, Agios Ioannis Peristeron 490 84 Greece
5 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 2.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

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We all expect different things from our holidays!


"The 5 stars are stretching it a bit. We wanted a good quiet hotel, well away from the drunken English hooligans, and that's exactly what we got. (If you don't understand, go to Kavos, at the southern tip of the island. You'll soon see the difference!) The room was a good size, with great views off to the north. It was cleaned well every day. The food was OK if only lukewarm at times, but the people who complained about long lines were probably there in the height of the season. Staff seemed friendly enough to us at all times. I must agree with a previous reviewer who recommends buying what you need at the store at the bottom of the hill. Much cheaper. Also, rent your car from the place at the bottom of the hill, 35 Euros for the day, instead of 75 at the hotel. The beach was fine, water was clean and clear, and warm enough. Nowhere to walk to though unless you wish to walk along the road (and take your life in your hands!) The entertainment team seemed to be suffering from end of season fatigue, very jaded. But I would be happy to stay there again if I go to Corfu again, no problem."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 9th of October 2004

Lovely Hotel


"My boyfriend and I stayed at the Marbella in early September and found it to be a lovely hotel. The staff we encountered were all very friendly, both in the restaurant and elsewhere.

I would agree that the food provided in the hotel may not be to a five star standard in the UK, but had a good selection every night and catered for most people. The restaurant was fine, except I would reccomend that you don't eat breakfast outside.. they have a bit of a wasp problem that can be quite irritating when you're trying to eat!

The pool area and private beach were lovely, it was always possible to get a lounger by the beach and the sea was very clear and great to swim in.
The shops at the bottom of the hill are best to get all your bits and pieces as it is an awful lot cheaper than the hotel shop and the staff are very friendly.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone wanting a good quality relaxing holiday. We got our holiday as a last minute deal and was worth every penny. Except I will never book my holiday with Imperial travel again.. what a shambles. They took our money as soon as we booked, but on the day before we travelled had no recollection of our booking, they were very rude, very unhelpful and made the start of our holiday very stressful."

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of October 2004

Great Holiday - but not a five star hotel


"We had a fatastic holiday. The hotel Marbella has an ideal location away from the 'Party Central' end of the island (Kavos) where you'll find all the drunk teens. (go down there late lads!).

The hotel is clean and tidy. The pool is small for a supposedly 5 star hotel. However I didn't mind the salt water too much. Fresh water showers are available once you get out.

The Entertainment team (Animation) were great. Really welcomed us and made us feel at home. The evening performances were varied and of a good standard. When things did go wrong it just added to the comedy value for us. Take it all with a pinch of salt and you can't help but enjoy the shows.

The room was clean and large with a good sea view. (However we did meet some guests who weren't as lucky as us).

The staff could be moody and in the resteraunt service was bad at times. The food was a little pot luck, depending on the night you picked to eat in rather than venturing out to some fantastic local Tavernas.

I wouldn't go back to this hotel - but we had great fun met some great new friends from the Entertainment team, and the younger guests of all nationalities.

If you're approaching the age where you may be becoming a coffin dodger then I wouldn't bother the hill to the hotel is very steep. The service will especially not be welcomed.

If you're a little younger want a cheap holiday in very pleasant surroundings and can laugh a little when things don't always go right you'll have a great time. Oh yes, buy your wine at the supermarket at the bottom of the hill. The bars are very expensive.

Ciao - T. Soprano"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 2nd of October 2004

Some nice bits, but generally far from a 5 Star standard hotel


"The Marbella is a nice hotel, with some really nice public rooms and is in a good quiet location… BUT the hotel is far from the standard of a 5 Star hotel, and we were disappointed. The rooms in the hotel were not very expensive though, so I guess you get what you pay for!

The main restaurant is terrible (We ate there 2 times and gave up on it). The service is what you’d get in a McDonalds. The restaurant is large, but still cramped and very noisy. The selection of food is very poor. In 4/5 Star hotels where I’ve stayed and had buffet meals in the past the choice has been endless, and with chefs calving meats etc, here there are just 2 rows of glass bowls under heaters, and not a chef in sight. If you manage to find someone to take your order for wine with your meal, don’t expect it to arrive for a long time (After our dinner in our case). This is the first 5 Star hotel restaurant I’ve been to with paper table clothes and napkins!

The Entertainment is like what I imagine it to be like at Butlins. Night after night the same staff would do the same routines miming along to different musicals.

We had a sea view room in the main building, and it was ok, very big, but dark and old fashioned, and lacking normal 5 Star luxuries.

We did complain while we were there, and the Management did try hard to please.

Compared to the rest of Corfu standards though the Marbella is very good"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 30th of September 2004

Not what we expected


"The hotel itself was beautiful with some nice touches. We found it to be clean and tidy and particularly enjoyed the beach area (be it artificial) and the staff working at the bar there. If I was to rate it I would only put it as a 3 star hotel as some things let it down. The buffet food could sometimes be particularly average, you had to wait for bar service and if you got a smile from one of the staff in the restaurant or bar you were lucky. Perhaps we was spoilt last year where we stayed at a 4 star hotel in Sorrento Italy (Hotel De La Ville), where we could not fault a thing."

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  • Travel date: Tue 28th of September 2004



"My boyfriend and I stayed at the Marbella Hotel this September. We had one of the best holidays ever. The hotel was fantastic. The beach was lovely and clear and very well maintained. The pool was great. I dont understand why people are moaning that it is salt water, you can hardly tell the difference, except the fact that it wasnt full of chemicals. The dinners were great and the atmosphere was lively with lots to do. I thought the entertainment staff were great. It was a lovely and peaceful place and I would love to go back. For the price of the hotel it was better than anyone could expect and anyone who moans about it, is rather snobby in my opinion!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of September 2004

Don't !!


"This hotel is terrible and was very disappointing because it does not correspond with the 5* at the entrance of the hotel. It is no more than a 3* hotel! Especially the poor quality and variety of food at the buffet is disappointing. Staff is absolutely not friendly when we were there in September 2004!
Guests outside the restaurant queuing for a table are one thing, but much worse are the lines of guests waiting near the buffet (starters) because there is only 1 bowl of tomatoes, 1 bowl of green salad, 1 bowl of cucumber and some others salads. (Food runs out quickly when you have 400 rooms and it takes often several minutes to replenish) With so many people it felt like a henhouse.
The restaurant looks like a cantina, although outside at the terrace it is better with nice view.
Friendly service at the dinner table? There is no service! It often takes 20 minutes to get your drinks and even longer when you want to sign your bill. I wonder if the restaurant staff have studied for their job….
The services are indeed unfriendly, staffs never smiles and give you the feeling you are not welcome!
We arrived at 11:00 hr but the room was not ready at 13:30 hr. When we told the lady at the reception we booked a luxury room in the main building she snarled (!) at me that the hotel was fully booked.
It took 3 days before we got what we had paid for. Room 224 was oke, but pretty dark inside. The second floor is not cosy, the whole hotel is not cosy. There is a lift, but the hotel is not suitable for people with walking problems.
Just the cleaning lady’s are friendly and do their job right, the room and rest of the hotel seems clean, apart of the restaurant where you cannot put your bag on the ground, yak….
The animation in the evening try their best but it is again a bit poor….
Good things? The beach (artificial) is clean and big enough with nice platforms and deck chairs. There are no mattresses available for the free sun beds. There is also a small bar/restaurant with every day the same music.
The swimming pool seems good with one nice platform.
You can play tennis, football and basketball. Next to the hotel is a very cheap supermarket and the owners are very helpful. The path from the main road to the hotel is very steep.
Don’t expect to much, if you see it as a 3* maximum, perhaps you will like it. Unfortunately the prices are 5*. I’ll never ever go back."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of September 2004

Loved the wooden sun deck on the beach, BUT...


"Having visited the Olympics on the first week of my Greece Trip, I also in advanced booked a one week stay half board in this oh so recommended hotel in Corfu.
To start with the good thing, the ater is pristine and a sheer dream! The wooden deck on the hotel beach great as well and fantastic to relax.
Apart of that, this hotel flops completely. The service, being it the unfriendly never smiling staff or the real low quality food of the buffet (NEVER in your life drink the juices of the breakfast buffet!!!) does not correspond at all to this huge amount of money that you need to pay. The rooms are dark, gloomy and again the attitude of the staff makes you feel unwelcomed from the very beginning.Like in Athens, they obviously wanted to squueze the money out of any tourist, I only wonder what Corfu had to do with the Olympics.
All in all, the Olympics were ok, though no passion or emotions were displayed and if, only negative ones. I hope that the Greeks will get this in return by their tourists in the next years. Be it in Athens, or be it at "lovely" Marbella Corfu.
PS: Has anyone of the owners ever been to Marbella, Spain. Obviously not, because then they would understand all about service, quality and hospitality. But...hey, that is Andalusia in Spain, I forgot! Will be there next year again, I hope!
Cheers from Down Under!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 1st of September 2004



"We were impressed by the public areas of this hotel, very modern and well maintained. The buffet dinners were mostly good with a variety of food.

There were hundreds of wasps at the time of our visit which made eating lunch by the pool not particularly enjoyable. Funnily enough on our visits to other parts of the island we did not encounter wasps!

Our main gripe would be the staff, it all seemed a little bit too much trouble for some of them, the reception staff in particular - not the sort of welcome we have come to expect on a greek island and not from this supposed class of hotel.

Salt water pool - most unpleasant and one of our children stopped going in the pool as she hated it - salt water pools seem to be quite common over there.

Overall we have found other greek islands more welcoming and friendly and wouldn't return to Corfu and certainly not to the Marbella - it is advertised as 5 star but the service and welcome are far lower."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 1st of September 2004

Pretentious five-star mass tourism ghetto


"Ever been to a 5* hotel? What would you expect for 160 euro/per double? In Corfu, we are not talking London or Paris. Would you mind any degree of hospitality and smile, and not just the notice inside the elevator – when in Greece do as Greeks do. If Marbella Corfu stands for the whole Greece, I am sorry for it.

Arrival: unlit lobby, a hotel personnel telling you to hurry for the buffet before the restaurant closes, no welcome or anything. Restaurant working until 21:30? Go out and check when locals themselves go out to have dinner – not before 21:30 for sure.

Dinner: the buffet food is stale; salmon comes still frozen with melting ice, salads rarely differ from day to day. And since many guests come to have food not before 21:00 – line of people waiting for the free table.

Breakfast: Come to breakfast at 9:45, and wait for 20 minutes to get a table with hoards of wasps. If you are a “late sleeper” (written in the same elevator), be prepared to pay additional money for the cereal or you’ll be left without any breakfast at all.

Dress-code: “Everyone is advised to wear trousers for the buffet dinner. However please prepare your luggage and clothes in advance. Whether you’ll be allowed for the dinner or not, strictly depends on the subjective point of view of the waiters, and trousers do not play a great role.

Room-service: There was not one time they brought us something we ordered. Anyhow it always came with the French fries. Whatever (healthy Greek cuisine!) If you tell them to bring what you’ve actually ordered, the long face of room service becomes even longer, and the long debate starts (was not the word “debate” invented in Greece?)

Evening programme: same “live” music playing at the bar (and heard in all the rooms) every evening. So you’ve got a good chance to remember some songs which otherwise you’d never listen to in your life, all sung with the Greek-Harlem accent.

Internet cafe – 3 euro/20 minutes. I managed to open aol account in 15 minutes, the last 5 minutes were gone when I was in the process of checking the first email.

Superior room – yes, it is a big room with the tiny bathroom. But if you think that additional space is also furnished – hm… Bad luck. Television – all the channels except one Greek have a bad reception. Big terrace is shared. And if your neighboroughs have kids (very likely), then be sure to mark your territory in advance, I am not speaking of privacy of any degree.

Last day when we were leaving I decided to check the bathroom – just out of curiosity – the bath had liquid refill, and the sink had shampoo refill. Do you wash your hands with the shampoo and hair with the soap?

Upon check-out we paid the bill around 500 euro for 10 days (non-buffet food and drinks, only, yes, wine is expensive there), and the last question of personnel was – “Did you empty your room?” (wouldn’t you expect – “Did you enjoy your stay? Or “have a nice trip home!”?).

All in all the hotel is 3* max, but don’t expect more."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 28th of August 2004



"I stayed at this hotel as part of a group of 6 adults. We chose it based on the recommendation of one them who had been just six month before and couldn't wait to return. We all had a fantastic time and were impressed with the standard of decor both internal and external , cleanliness, amenities, food, staff and service. The hotel grounds , restaurants, bars and pools are beautifully laid out making the most of the spectacular sea views. We thought that the animations team did a great job of keeping us all amused with the variety of activities they had running throughout the day and evening and their manner was so friendly, making everyone feel welcome to take part and giving us all a lot fun. I found that this was the perfect,peaceful, environment to rest and feel pampered and waited on with opportunities for social activities and fun thrown in for those who wished it. There was never a dull moment or anything lacking. My only complaint is that one week wasn't long enough! We are already planning a longer return visit for next year."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 19th of June 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness



"5 star - joke - 3 star at best and that's on a good day. Staff rude and unhelpful. Food awful, facilities poor. I can only imagine this hotel got its five star rating late 70s as things have moved on considerably since then and unfortunately this hotel has not. If you have never been to a five star hotel you might think it's ok but if you are used to five star hotels avoid this at all costs. I have seen better service in a £15 a night B&B in Blackpool who could teach this hotel a thing or two. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 15th of May 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness
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