Agios Gordios Holidays

amazing view on beach in Agios Gordios on Corfu island, Greece
amazing view on beach in Agios Gordios on Corfu island, Greece
Holidays in Agios Gordios have become very popular with tourists over the years, as they flock to the resort on the Greek island of Corfu to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and relax in the sun.

Package holidays in Agios Gordios are just one factor that attracts a variety of different visitors. While the beach resort is ideal for families, there are enough activities and nightlife to appeal to younger visitors who want to burn the candle at both ends.

The sandy beach of Agios Gordios stretches for approximately 1.5 km so there is no shortage of space even in the busiest areas. With a selection of boats, including canoes and pedalos, available for hire, those who don't just want to lie on the beach can enjoy a bit more activity. For the more adventurous there is a centre for diving and various water sports available.

Although a small village Agios Gordios has plenty of amenities and a variety of accommodation to suit a range of budgets including those on package holiday deals. Location wise holidays in Agios Gordios are ideal for those looking for an idyllic central point to explore the rest of Corfu. Spectacular sea views are commonplace in this resort but it is also popular with visitors who choose to go walking around the neighbouring villages to appreciate the stunning mountains that are covered in olive trees. Walking along the cliffs is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful vistas of Corfu, and a cool mountain breeze should help to counteract the intense heat of the sun.

Agios Gordios’ many bars and restaurants serve a variety of different foods to choose from. Visitors can choose whatever they fancy eating and can even choose to dine by the sea so you don't have to stop soaking up the atmosphere for a second of your holiday.
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