Rhodes Town Holidays

Rhodes town Windy beach on summer sunny day, Rhodes island, Greece.
Rhodes town Windy beach on summer sunny day, Rhodes island, Greece.
Rhodes Town is the capital of the Greek island of Rhodes and is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan resort. More upmarket than nearby Faliraki, Package holidays in Rhodes Town are ideal for couples who want to combine culture and history with days lazing in the sun. Rhodes harbour is the largest port on the island and attracts day-trippers from other Greek islands and nearby Turkish resorts during peak season.

Holidays in Rhodes Town are great for couples of all ages and the wide variety of accommodation available ensures there is something for every budget. Many of the larger hotels line the spectacular Rhodes Town beach, providing easy access for holidaymakers. The beach has all the conveniences you would expect in such a bustling resort and gets very busy in peak season.

Nightlife in the town is lively but if you want 18-30 style entertainment, you’re better off heading down the coast to Faliraki. Rhodes Town has many excellent restaurants, ranging from basic, family-run tavernas where you can eat alongside the locals to high-end establishments serving international cuisine. The harbour is lined with cafes, restaurants and bars and is the main focal point of the town.

Culture-vultures thinking of booking one of the reasonably-priced package holiday deals to Rhodes Town won’t be disappointed. The town is full of history, so you won’t need to go far to get your cultural fix. The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World stood over the harbour but was destroyed in an earthquake in 226 BC. The site of the structure is marked today by two much smaller statues. There are several museums and galleries in Rhodes Town and active sightseers will relish the opportunity to walk the city walls. Much of the walls and their integrated towers and gates are almost entirely intact, making this a fascinating journey into the past.
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