Angela Suites Boutique Hotel

120 M. Sakadaki, Sissi, Crete 724 00 Greece
5 star hotel


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  • 2 room
  • 3 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 1 service
  • 2 dining
  • 1 amenities
  • 2 food

9 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Very clean and well cared for


"We stayed in Angela Suites in July and had a lovely week. We were in a deluxe double, which was really beautifully decorated. I would have to say the studios must be tiny though as even this room didnt feel that big. The hotel was quiet and peaceful and staff were attentive (although perhaps sometimes a little too so). The pools were lovely and the restaurant had a good choice for dinner, always including salads and local specialities. The town of Sissi was pretty although not as authentically greek as we hoped! Try the Hemingway Bar for cocktails- lovely view for sunsets although fairly lethal concotions!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 25th of August 2007

Great architecture bad service


"First impressions were good. It is indeed a modern and stylish hotel, that is if you are staying in the main new bit of the hotel. Over the road there are the studio flats which are much the same as any self catering appts. We were upgraded to a deluxe double in the new part which was a fab start but told that we might be moved in the middle of the holiday. We weren't in fact moved although a number of guests were.

The staff are at best cordial and the female manager is sour and sarcastic with no idea of the basics in customer service. She is always 'busy'...largely because the hotel is under staffed, especially at meal times. On the subject, the food was awful. The eggs are cooked for breakfast ready for the start of service and are still there at the end- unpenetrable frisbees. Fresh coffee is also an a '5 star' hotel. The evening meal was limited and tepid and the wine was awful and overpriced. The cheapest barely coiffable bottle was 30 euro ( not extortionate for a hotel, but I am being generous in calling it coiffable) sold locally for 8. There was cheaper but don't go there. The 'A la carte' menu is only served at poolside and not available in the evenings. It is overpriced and at best average.

Then get ready for the extras...there are many; towels, safe, air conditioning, fresh coffee, sauna, jacuzzi, gym. Many of us agreed that we would have sooner have paid a little more upfront and have had these in place.

Sissi was more 'full english breakfast and tri-lingual menus with pictures' than we had hoped we would find in a 'small harbour town'. Miramere on the harbour did a very good Meze though and the staff at The Sissi Arms were fantastic and we enjoyed a good couple of evenings with them.

If it is Shirley Valentine Tavernas you are looking for Sissi is not the place though.

Was it a holiday nightmare? No absolutley not, the sun blazed, the pool was clean and our room was comfortable. Would we go back? No. If you are reading this and you have already booked, don't despair. If you haven't booked then set yourself up for a 4 star experience at best."

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  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of August 2007

Mixed views.....


"Booked Angela suites relatively last minute 3 weeks before.

This is a newly refurbished hotel which looks very stylish and rooms were spacious and nice.

BUT, very poorly staffed with only one waiter running breakfast and dinner with the bargirl having to help out on occasions, leaving the small bar unattended. Seems that the refurbishment and bookings are being taken before the management feels it necessary to get sufficeint staff in, shame because this spoils an otherwise lovely stay. A stylish hotel with sadly 3 star service because of this. I'm sure they will get this better. Kid-friendly hotel.
- Sissi is a lovely village by the coast with plenty of eating places without the tackiness of Malia. Definitely recommend it as a base in Crete!
- Book hotel directly as it will be cheaper (definitiely not with First Choice as their fligths and reps are useless!), and note that air con. and beach towels are extra!
- Don't rent a car in advance: much cheaper and safe with plenty of choice in Sissi iteself.

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

Charming but so many additional costs and not 5*


"Having booked the hotel at 5* prices and from looking at the web-site my expectations were high - and in this lies the single biggest problem with the hotel - it fails to deliver on these expectations. It is charming, clean, and I honestly believe that the staff believe this hotel to be 5*. However, I did not expect to have to pay extra for:

Air conditioning (5 Euros per day)
Use of the room safe (2.5 Euros per day)
Gym (5 Euros per day)
Jacuzzi (15 Euros for 10 minutes!)
Sauna/steam room (15 Euros for 15 minutes)

Having paid for a 5* hotel I would expect all the above to be included and I found it a great let down to expect to pay additional costs when without the above the hotel is clean but basic.

Be aware that the hotel is in two parts which are basically new and old - we were in the new and it was fine, clean, new and comfortable. Just about everybody placed in the older part complained to reception and were very disappointed.

Many complaints were also made about food - which I can only describe as always well prepared with care and served well. However, it is a limited buffet choice split in to a salad section and a selection of four meat based casserole dishes. These were pallatable but very average, and I expected table service being labelled as 5*. I also expected a chouce of fish dishes being in a fishing port - but in two weeks i can only remember one deep fried(!) small fish offering.

The staff were a generally friendly, although sometimes slow in service. The best was the evening bar maid who took true pride in every aspect of her job, and the worst were the cleaning staff who failed to make our room up before 5pm every day meaning the floor was often soaking when we returned. The TV/DVD combo in the room was a welcome feature which we made use of - but you are basically limited to Sky News/BBC World - and the odd UK program with subtitles.

Sissi itself is small and charming, and the hotel is situated well for wandering in to town. There are many shops and small supermarkets which you can buy food/drink at less than a quarter of the prices of the hotel. An average drink at the bar is 4 Euros - whereas the same is less than a Euro if bought elsewhere. The local restaurants served good food at reasonable prices . . but be ready for some seriously slow service - especially when asking for the bill!

In summary the biggest problem with the hotel is it's marketing approach. If it wants to be a success it needs to include ALL facilities in the price and have no hidden extras when guests arrive (as it puts people in an immediate negative opinion). It also should upgrade the restaurant to a varied menu and table service - not a buffet. With the above and a little bit of work on the service I do feel it could become 5*."

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

The WORST boutique hotel we've ever stayed!!


"This is the WORST leisure travel experience I've ever had.
Although the hotel has a nice decoration at the lobby and the luxury suites with sharing swimming pool (that the sun never sees since they are hidden by the building construction), their service is next to zero!!

We had to beg to get a cup of coffee (but we actually didn't get any!!), no welcome cocktail offered on arrival as promised, the staff had a horrible attitude and the manager dismissed us when we tried to complain about the horrible service by telling us that she is very busy to look into our problem!!!!! Talking about personalised service!!!! And we did pay a lot for it (300 euros per night -10% if booking is online)

Food (both breakfast and dinner) was very disappointing. Nothing to do with a 5star boutique hotel that is supposed to serve better quality and choice of food. We did get into the restaurant early in the morning for breakfast and aroung 7.30 in the afternoon for dinner, but the food was cold and looked as having been staying in the trays at least from the previous day.

All in all, we prefered to leave and lose a great amount of our deposit than to stay and have the worst holidays of our life.
Definitely we will NEVER go back AGAIN. We do understand that every new hotel is not without teething problems, but the arrogant and scolding attitude of the manager leaves us with no choice but to NEVER EVER return back to this horrifying experience"

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  • Travel date: Mon 20th of August 2007

5 stars - NO!


"Room 303

Sissi is a quiet location set around a fishing harbour, the beach is composed of rocks. Nicer beaches are located within a 2 km hike.

When booking a 5 star hotel I expect two parts to the experience; the building/amenities; and the service.

Angela Suites is a nice, stylish new hotel with clean and well-decorated rooms that should make anyone feel well.

Sadly, what is missing is the service. They are not organised well and the hotel is under-staffed which can be witnessed at meal times, cleaning, check-in/out. Do not expect them to contribute to your vacation experience.

They have a pay-pay-pay policy for items that should be standard; pool towels, room safe, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, air conditioning, robes. The bar is also pricey, particularly with local wines selling for 70-90 Euros (you can pick them up in a supermarket for 8-15 Euros)

Would I return? No.

Ps… “Greek hospitality” does not exist in Hotels (it only exists with Greek friends)"

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  • Travel date: Fri 17th of August 2007

Painfully average and overpriced


"This is not a 5 star hotel; do not be fooled by the entrance mat!
I have just returned from a weeks stay and I must report that although my stay was not unpleasant in any particular area it was just painfully average and I felt that I paid through the nose for it.
I have stayed at some of the best hotels in the world from Dubai to New York both large and small and I was hopeful that this could be added to the list of places I would visit again; unfortunately it has not made it.
Everything in the hotel is overpriced and unless you question it you will be charged for it (air conditioning, room safe, towels by the pool). The food I would not recommend unless you are a fan of national curriculum inspired meals served by dinner lady that has cooked in the same kitchen that other members of staff have been smoking in. I found the staff on my arrival very unhelpful and they tried to bundle me off into a studio apartment rather than the Deluxe Suite I had booked and paid for, again been of the argumentative disposition will help but do not expect the staff to be very helpful even when proved wrong.

In Summary this is a 3 star hotel manned by 2 star staff and charged at 5 star prices.

Locally I would highly recommend Mama Mia restaurant on the pier, we ate there 3 times during our weeks stay and the food was excellent."

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  • Travel date: Mon 13th of August 2007

Loved Sissi - not so keen on the Angela Suites


"I was always a bit wary of 2 weeks half board in a 5* luxury boutique hotel for the money I was paying. I realised it was an introductury price for their first year, but the hotel looked so lovely. We were booked into a "Superior Studio" and this was in the old part of the hotel. This part had a very traditional Greek look about it - all white walls and bougainvillea - and was very pretty. Until you walked into your room. This was one of the most basic hotel rooms I had ever had. I cannot understand how it could have achieved a 5* rating. There was nowhere to put our clothes, just an old wardrobe, but no drawers. The shower would only work if you held it in your hand and hung it over your head! And we had to pay extra for air-con.

However we found the cleanliness not too bad. We had our sheets and towels changed daily. If they had left a supply of cleaning materials we would have cleaned the kitchen sink and shower bason ourselves as these did not get done.

The general feeling of the main hotel was indeed modern and minimalist, but the food was very disappointing. I expected it to be Greek food and not English fry-ups, but all the same, it was not very tempting and quite often the hot courses were cold. And once it was gone it was gone! Most hotels will keep bringing out further supplies of the different meals but these didn't. Although the restaurant was open from 6.30 until 9pm I would guess there wouln't have been much left after about 8pm.

My general feeling was one of disappointment from the descriptions given. I thought the spa area would be alive and tempting, but it was not even open. Thank goodness the pool area and bars were lovely to make up for it. The staff were nice and friendly always.

We loved Sissi and will definitely be going back next year but I will have to consider whether to go to Angela Suites again. I do hope they will learn from the comments made, because I don't think any comments have been made to "spoil their reputation". I am sure that next year it will really live up to its hype."

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of August 2007

dissapointed singles


"this hotel does not merit 5 star status, my friend and I stayed here in july, we were given a deluxe room with 1 double bed, when we asked for a twin room or another bed we got neither, we were forced to have 1 of us sleep on the chaise which may look good but is very uncomfertable to sleep on, considering what we payed front of house manager didnt seem to think it was a problem, which I think should and could have been resolved. we were expecting toiletries but only had cheap shower gel, a member of staff was very rude and management excused his rudeness with the poor excuse of he doesnt understand english very well ! Breakfast was ok but diluted oj and instant coffee dont live up to 5 star expectations, I am going back to sissi soon but will be staying at castello which Im assured has a more profesional management and polite staff,"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 5th of October 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 2 Food
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