LaPlaya Beach Hotel

Malia, Crete 70 007 Greece
4 star hotel


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  • 2 room
  • 3 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 2 dining
  • 2 amenities
  • 2 food

15 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Safe, fun hotel with great Balconys and sea view!!


"I visited la Playa for a week with two of my female friends in early July 2010. Overall i was extremely pleased with my stay and had a fantastic time!!

The bar staff were really enthusiastic and friendly. They also kept the pool/ bar areas clean and maintained and made the atmosphere so welcoming. They served us sum great cocktails to which unlike all the other clubs and bars on Malia strip has pure alcohol in it and not watered down stuff !!! Do try the Dogs ********!!- yes i did mean to say that... no joke- great drink!! (hopefully this website won't edit that lol)

The security team were really good to. They definitely looked the part in black tshirts with white writing saying 'security' cant miss them!! There really stocky to!! i felt very safe at La Playa not just because of this but throughout the hol it felt on some level the security were keeping lil tabs on us. Don't freak, i dnt mean big bro style here!! just when my friends and i were arriving in at 5am every morning they were there asking if we were ok after our night on the tiles lol. So any moms out there reading this worried about there 18 yr olds trust me they will be fine here.

Now this being a true feedback form and me being a completely honest person i'm going to have to mention what i saw as bad points at La Playa. I'm not going to dwell on these though because the staff, bar, pool and the hotels amazing location right on the beach make me ignore these but for those with a critical eye....

* The showers are solar powered!! so when there is no sun or if its cloudy you will, repeat will get COLD no sorry FREEZING water!!

* Housekeeping barely exists!!

* Toilet Roll is like gold dust, they give you the minimum.

*Fresh Towels are also a miracle to get, i unfortunately had a spray tan for the hol and i quickly ruined the only couple of towels i had. When i asked for more the room service lady was a bit abrupt with me and seemed to make a big deal of it.

* Hotel room facilities were basic the kitchenette we didnt dare use.

Anyway... skipping over that i will just say this... la playa FAB!! :)


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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 3 Food

Avoid this hotel!!!!


"Just got back from 2 weeks in Malia, stayed at La Playa beach studios, don’t quite know where to start...

Second day at La Playa sat by the outdoor bar getting a drink, hear a lot of shouting coming from outside the managers office, a group of girls had taken a fan without asking or paying for it the night before and were refusing to pay up the 15euros it cost, the staff are that aggressive that eventually the owner and son gripped the girl around the throat, screaming and gasping for breath a good Samaritan sat nearby rushed to her aid...only to be turned on by the whole family, the Greeks came from off the beach and from neighbouring hotels around 20 of them wielding police batons and mace, fair play to the good Samaritan he got the better of them on his own, but after it had all calmed down he and his friends along with the girls were kicked out.

Separate to this its 30euros to take a guest back to the hotel.

One lad got charged 20 euros for taking a bed sheet onto the beach, and almost got into a major argument with the aggressive owner once again, as he gets in your face and shouts until he gets what he wants.

Some lads staying at the same time as us asked for their cd to be played by the pool, yes that’s fine 5euros please was the response.

This hotel is basic, im glad we didn’t pay the extra for self catering, we went room only but still ended up sc and that consists of a cupboard and a hot plate with a sink and a fridge.

In summary, in my opinion this hotel is a hole, the majority of people at the bar and pool are Greeks, they play Greek music, they HATE British people and aim to get what they can out of you they make it up as they go along.

They have weapons at their disposal and are not afraid to use them, no matter how trivial the matter.

The only plus is the location being right on the beach, but it’s a good 10 - 15mins walk to the strip.

You have been warned! Steer clear!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 17th of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 1 Food

Fantastic Hotel!


"Normally hotels aren't my idea of a good holiday. But I was really suprised. La Playa was brilliant, it had everything you could possibly want to keep you entertained. Even other people from different hotels would come to hang out at the beach bar and the pool because our hotel had so much more to do.

The day we arrived we were met with a big guy called Kostas who takes your luggage, and shows you to your room. We had THE BEST Room, Room 303. You have a view of the whole beach and the entire hotel including the beach bar and the neighbours pool.

The hotel plays chill-out music from about 12 o clock onwards and then plays more club sort of music from about 8 o'clock in the evening. Its perfect in the afternnon when you're chilling out by the pool.

The clubs are about 10 minutes away, really easy to get to. Would deffo reccommend renting a Quad Bike to explore more of the island. They are pretty inexpensive, but have a look around for the best deal. We rented a small quad and had a brilliant time!! Was pretty scary on the main road though! So you might wanna steer clear of that! But overall, renting a quad was probably one of the main highlights of the trip :)

When coming back from the clubs, the hotel is very peaceful. No one made a huge noise or kept us up. The hotel is far away enough from the clubs not to disturb you when your trying to sleep. But its close enough to be in good walking distance.
Would also reccommend the Restaurant 'Sticky Fingers', which is on the club strip. You can't miss it. The Ribs there are delicious.

Thank you La Playa for a great time, also met some great guys out there who we are still keeping in contact with and have even met up with in London since!!
Next time we visit Malia, will deffo visit!


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 1st of September 2009

So good we went back next year!


"I have been to La Playa twice now. It is a great little hotel!

It may be set back from the road but at leat Costas (I'm sure that was the lads name) comes up and takes the bags up and drives slow enough for you to keep up and find the hotel in the dead of night!

We stayed in Room 101 which was really nice and spacious. There were three single beds, the small kitch (which we never used because eating out was so cheap) and the bathroom. Which wasn't big exactly huge but we managed with it!

At the welcome meeting with Babis (who is the nicest Greek guy I've met) He told us what we could expect from Malia and as the entire hotel seemed to be full of people around my age (which was 21 at the time) he focused on the things we would be intrested in! We booked a few trips. In the two trips we've had to Malia We've been to Watercity (wouldn't reccomend it) Spinalonga (Good Day out) the Cretan Night (Very enjoyable) and Knossos Palace (quite nice if you like your history!)

There wasn'ty much to do during the day, but if you've been in the many bars on the strip the night before you dont mind! Its a nice walk along the beach towards the strip. If you go down the road your more likely to be stopped by the restraunt owners who want to get you in! Its not too bad because they hardly leave the front of the taverna but just say hello and ask if you want to go in. If not they generally leave you alone! The shops leading up to the strip aren't exactly great but if you want a shopping holiday I say go to New York or Paris, not Malia!

Nightlife in Malia is great if you like the young lively nightlife. If you dont theres always quiter bars towards the end of the strip or you can go into the old town and sample a more traditional Cretan nights. There is one bar that I liked, it wasnt particulaly cheap (5 Euros a cocktail) but the owner is a nice guy and the bar staff are usually European girls who are lovely people and really friendly! The bar is called Formula One and its not on the strip but about a 3 minute walk from the hotel.

All in all the hotel is a lovely family run place. The family that own it are great (they tried to teach me Greek, I think I did pretty well!) and they go out of their way to help you! The bar used to be 24 hours but I believe its not anymore! The security guards are very friendly! It feels very secure. The first time me and a friend went we left the door open some nights because it was quite hot and noone ever came in and nothing was ever stolen!

I will def be going back to La Playa.....cant seem to find it to book it at the minute though which im gutted about!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of January 2009

We booked this holiday only 5 days in ad...


"We booked this holiday only 5 days in advance so were not expecting too much. We were pleasantly suprised.

Our rooms were on the ground floor at the side of the building so we didn't have a nice sea view but that didn't bother us. The lack of air con did so we hired fans from the bar (which doubles as reception) at 15 euros each for the week.

The rooms are basic and I cannot imagine anyone cooking in them but again we had no intentions of catering in the room so it didn't matter to us.

The thing which sells La Playa is that its lierally a few steps to the beach. This is a nice large sandy beach which always had plenty of sunbeds. We were able to swim in the sea every day and its safe for children as its shallow for about 20 yards out to sea. It was a bit annoying to have to pay for these sunbeds to the La Playa owners (2.5 euro's each) when they are free around the pool just a stones throw away. We prefer the beach but if you like to stay by the pool there were always ample sunbeds there.

The lane from the main road to the hotel is about a 3 minute walk and is not lit but there are lots of appartments around so you do get some light from them.

The main Malia strip is about a 5-10 min walk away and La Playa is well situated, not too far to walk to the nightlife but far enough away so that you do not get any noise.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants around but we would recommend the George and Dragon pub on the Beach Road (at end of lane turn left onto Malia Road, carry on to crossroads and turn left onto Beach Road, its a few bars along). Be warned that you will get a HUGE amount of food for your money. We made the mistake of having a starter the first time we went -never again. The mixed grill (15 euros) managed to beat our strapping rugby players - thats a first.

All in all La Playa is a good basic place for a very enjoyable holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 17th of September 2008

Best holiday I have ever been on! Stayed...


"Best holiday I have ever been on! Stayed in room 303, had the biggest balcony of the whole hotel! View was beautiful, right on the beach, can see all the way to Hersonissos. Room was basic, bed were quite hard but the room was massive lots of space and the location made the holiday anyway! The 10 min walk to McDonalds cross roads isnt too bad, definately worth it!

Staff were ace Marie....Yannis....Steve etc. Yannis can be a bit purvey and Steve the security man looks quite scarey with his big boots, leather gloves, handcuffs and big torch but he a big softie really! Don't be thinking you can sneak anyone into the place though they got cameras everywhere and you get charged 30e.

Food wasn't the best but it filled the gap on a lunch time! There are loads of places to eat on the way down to the strip anyway and Stalis is just a short walk in the other direction.

Loads of good bars on Beach Road, Zoo, Malibu, Cloud 9, Reflex were some of my faves!

Would reccomend Malia to anyone who is out for a good time and La Playa because its not too close to the noise and you are made to feel so welcome! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 8th of September 2008

We stayed in room 303 the best room ever...


"We stayed in room 303 the best room ever !!!!!! staff were amazing and would defo go back! our friends were staying around Malia and we seen their accommodation and compared to la playa there's was horrible. We were going to go 18-30 and we are so glad we didn't, we would recommend la playa any day.... we had the best 2 weeks everrr!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 13th of August 2008

We went to Malia as an all girl holiday...


"We went to Malia as an all girl holiday and had no idea what to expect. On arrival (at 6am-ish) we were warmly welcomed by one of the staff members called Kosta. He made us toasties, even though the bar / kitchen was shut. Our passports were taken from us and returned the naxt day as promised.

The room itself was clean, spacious and provided the basic facilities for self catered guests.

Location wise it was perfect. Just a 5-10 min walk from the heart of the nightlife and best of all it had its own beach, which if you were lucky enough from 1pm-4pm you could watch two of Crete's finest tennis players (looking good boys!).

The holiday will be one to remember, filled with warmth and laughter not just by us girls, but by the immense level of hospitality shown by the family who run it. Yannis and Kosta we miss you!!

Loved Malia, loved La Playa :-)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of August 2008

just got back from la playa 4days ago. g...


"just got back from la playa 4days ago. gutttttted to leave =(
woz amazinnn
the only tiny problem was the 5/10 min walk into malia strip, which didnt seem half as bad wen we were drunk lol but hurt after a while in heels! the beach was lush, food was great and staff good. we loved the security guard but dont think he liked us after we spent the whole two weeks callin him stevie wen his name woz steffan haha =D
def wud go bk to malia, best two weeks of our lives. the maids were really good aswell, not like how some other ppl describe them, but toilet roll is only changed once unless u ask or probz better getin it from the supermarket its cheap.
when us 5 girls were there, ppl were about 18-26 then a few older couples, so good for all ppl depending on time of year u go, the next door apts were lively for families and young children so theres always ppl around.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 29th of July 2008

I was pleasantly suprised upon arrival a...


"I was pleasantly suprised upon arrival at the La Playa apartments, as I had read both good and bad reviews. As others have said, upon arrival our bags were taken by van down to the apartments, with us following 5 min walk down a dimly lit road. Once there, we were quickly shown our room, on the ground floor (slightly dissapointed we didn't get a balcony, as its not really the same trying to relax with people walking past you all the time).

Room was very large, with 2 single beds, kitchenette (not that we used it), bathroom window didn't open which was one of the 2 biggest down-sides to these apartments for me, as it got very stuffy and smelly, for the 2nd down-side rooms only cleaned twice a week - and that means that the toilet paper in the bin which cant be flushed down the loo really smelt bad after 3 days...

However, the best bit - you are literally 4 steps down to the beach, which is lovely, and fairly quiet compared to the beach closer to the centre of Malia. The pool was also excellent.

We chose these apartments as, as a 29 yr old couple, we wanted to be able to enjoy the nightlife in the centre when we chose to, but wanted to be away from all the noise and drunken youths most of the time. This place was perfect. You had to walk about 10 min to the centre, 30 minutes to the old town - highly reccommend going to the old town for dinner, as the restaurants are way better than the bit between the apartments and the noise.

For the price, it was a generally very good place to stay highly recommended for those on a budget wanting a good beach, pool, away from the noise but close enough to enjoy as well.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of July 2008

We arrived at La Playa studios in the ea...


"We arrived at La Playa studios in the early hours of Saturday morning after a delay with the aircraft. On arrival we was greeted by 2men at the top of a very dark path, they loaded our cases into the back of their van and told us to follow them. which we did for a short 5 minuite walk. When we arrived at the apartment we was greeted by another man at a plastic table who took our passports of us and told us we will get them back the following day (which we didnt)

The security guard then showed us to our room up 2flights of stairs and watched us struggleing with our luggage. In our room there was 2 single beds, 1 double bed, a tiny bathroom which could of been much bigger for the size of the room. There was 1 tiny pan and a few very small knifes and folks. However there was lots of room for our clothes as there was 2 wardrobes and we had a double balcony whith a perfect view of the sea, pool, mountains.

We had our welcome meeting at 1 0'clock that day where babilys (our rep) told us what we could do there and that if we wanted any excursions to book them with him, which we did, the watercity, booze cruise and gatecrasher.

We only ended up going to the Watercity which was discracful for 37Euro's we was also told it was a 10minuite drive... more like half an hour on a full coach without air conditioning.

One morning we was woken up at 5.00am with very loud music and people shouting and screaming. This was the reason we stayed out of the centre as we dint want to be woken up with noise. The people then that worked there started joining in... after they told us at the welcome meeting there was a family resort at the side of us so could we keep the noise down and respect others.

We was booked on this holiday for 2 weeks which i couldnt bare staying there for another night. On the way to the Malia strip we was stopped about 6 times with people mithering us to go in their restaurants...... love and behold it got worse... very worse!! every bar we walked past on the streets we was bombarded with offers they told us but when you actually got in the bar it was completly different... the bar staff said... " well i cant actually do that i can do 2 for 1 rather then 3 for 1"

We was also told in one bar to be carefull of the little children out at night... they try to sell you illuminous bands ( but they actually mug you) and people on quad bikes sniper your handbag when they go past... which made me very concious as there was far too many of them around.. it was like trying to cross a motorway to cross the roads. it was ridiculous.

However there is some good bars out there Karioke bar which has all the latest tunes, Awol which is fantasic value for money. Zoo bar which is reasonable. and many more.

On the fourth day id had enough... so we got a flight home the next day... a waste of money i know but i couldnt bare it any longer.

Overall the La Playa Stuido's is ok i guess, i wouldnt reccoment the food there though, discusing and you definatly do not get your value for money. You would never catch me in Malia EVER AGAIN!!! Not even if it was a free holiday!!! For a young persons holiday it was a discrace there is nothing to do during the day... it all happends at night times... and most people just go there for one thing.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of July 2008

My husband and I stayed at these apartme...


"My husband and I stayed at these apartments and were very pleased with them. The room we had on the second floor had a view of the mountains to the side and the sea to the front so perfect for us. Our room was very large and clean and had all the usual kitchen equipment except for a kettle, but as we didn't intend to do much cooking we didn't really mind.

The pool and bar area were hosed down every day and the owners were constantly cleaning and tidying the place. We didn't sit by the pool as it was quite small and always occupied by the younger people at the apartments. However, the beach is on the doorstep and it was very clean and had lots of sunbeds even though you had to pay for them (that's no different from most places you go to nowadays).

We found the owner and his staff to be very friendly to us and very courteous. They kept noise levels down and made sure that the younger occupants didn't get out of line. The location of the apartments was ideal as it was far enough away from the throbbing music and nightclubs and yet close enough for a very leisurely walk into the main area with a great selection of bars and restaurants on the way. We ate at most of the greek tavernas in our locale and as always the greek food and hospitality was wonderful. The weather was wonderful for the whole two weeks and we came home to London feeling relaxed and refreshed.

I would definately go back to these apartments again on my next trip to Malia."

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of April 2008
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    "Avoid like the plague. "

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