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After a very stressful year my husband a...

Reviewed Tue 3rd of October 2006

"After a very stressful year my husband and I really needed a "chill out" holiday allowing us to rest and recharge our batteries. Lygaria really fits the bill for this.

It is a picturesque, uncommercialised little bay with beautiful sea and a pretty little beach. There are just about enough tavernas to eat at a different one every night for a week's holiday (though we enjoyed the Sirocco and spent most evenings there!). We found these tavernas really do provide the 'Shirley Valentine' experience and their setting is incomparable and not at all pretentious. At the Sirocco the staff leave you to dine at your own leisurely pace and we never felt hassled, infact the meal tended to last the whole evening!!

The Fteria apartments are an extremely quiet and attractive little development set in beautiful Mediterranean gardens. Our balcony was surrounded by palm trees within touching distance and had superb views of the bay. The apartment was very pleasant and always clean, with very comfortable new beds and the kitchen had all you need. The shower room was good by Greek standards!

The lady who runs the complex is very pleasant if you make an effort to speak to her and she is extremely proud of her business and of her loyal and honest staff. We will definitely return to Fteria apartments and having toured the area we didn't come across many places more appealing than Lygaria.

This holiday is perfect for you if you enjoy our type of holiday - peace and quiet, sunbathing by the superb pool or on the lovely little beach, or reading on the balcony with a glass of ouzo in your hand. The highlight of the day is dining in the lovely tavernas. It definitely will not be suitable for those who want nightlife and like to party! You can go to Malia for that!


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  • Travel date: Tue 3rd of October 2006

Before going we read the other comments...

Reviewed Sat 30th of September 2006

"Before going we read the other comments but went along with the more seasoned travellers as to what to expect. We were not disappointed. This was a traditional Greek holiday as they used to be. Really clean apartments with stunning views.

Yes it is steep but I am nearly 60, and found it no problem. As to the heat, just open the window and leave the shutters closed. The Ferial was good and the lady who looks after it a real gem, definitely a character, but that made the holiday.

The beach is small and does not get overcrowded and there aren't many British people there which we enjoyed. Most people were Czech or French. Only one screen in a bar at the resort and most of the time it was off. Food generally was brilliant and at the 'Tavernas Lygardia' home made. The dolmades were exceptional.

If you want more excitement there is a walk of 30 minutes over the hill to the bigger resort. We did it once, but preferred lygaria. Sea was good for snorkelling, and incredibly warm considering it was the last two weeks in September. Locals told us that the resort closes in mid October. Certainly one to consider next year.

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  • Travel date: Sat 30th of September 2006

Just got back from our annual chill out...

Reviewed Sat 26th of August 2006

"Just got back from our annual chill out Greek week. Each year my wife and I pick a different Greek island to recharge the battery cells. So how were Fteria apartments and little Lygaria? Fantastic. Perfect for what we wanted. We knew what to expect from Greek self catering apartments, i.e. showers with no curtain, toilet roll in the bin, simple and basic, but it was clean, well equipped (fridge freezer for the glasses, retsina and mythos) with just the most fantastic balcony overlooking the bay.

It is a bit of a steep hill from the bay car park up to the apartments, but hey, keeps you fit. The lady running the place is a character. The pool was nice with again a great view overlooking the bay. Our only gripe about the whole thing was that she didn't open up the pool side bar for snacks/drinks. She kept saying not enough clients, but we think she was just lazy! Shame cause it is a great wee bar area, and maybe at other times she might open it up, but no problem, the bay is only minutes walk away.

Lygaria is perfect for chill out. Don not bother coming here if you want to party, just a few tavernas serving the usual souvlakis, one with a very nice old Greek chap who just smiles all the time and one of the others with 3 waiters who just totally work at their own pace, Greek maybe time. You soon learn not to be in a rush. There's one sort of bar area that does cocktails etc, and 2 wee supermarkets with the usual supplies, a strip of beach that you can hire sun beds on if you want, we didn't bother.

The thing about Lygaria is a lot of the homes along the beach front are Greek holiday homes. The Greeks use the tavernas and there are a lot of French/Italians as well, and not too many Brits, but it's all a nice mixture. The walk over the hill the Agia Pelagia is definitely worth doing, about 20 to 25 minutes, try and time it for a cool temp moment. That bay is just that bit bigger with more bars tavernas and a few shops. We found a fantastic bar/bistro called Bazaar of the front run by a Norwegian girl and her Greek Fiancée, fantastic different food and drinks, highly recommend it.

If you want to party, go to Malia, if you want to chill out and enjoy Greece, we can highly recommend Fteria apartments and Lygaria. Yammas!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 26th of August 2006

Having just come back from a holiday fro...

Reviewed Wed 16th of August 2006

"Having just come back from a holiday from Crete and return to normal life, i can reflect on my stay at Fteria apartments.

The walk to a small, rocky beach which lacked sand and could be considered dangerous with the sharp rocks in the sea, is short but almost dangerously downhill. But having travelled around Crete during my stay, I have to admit that the breeze in Lygaria bay makes it one of the coolest places in Crete.

I completely agree with Miss CL Chambers as I had to buy two fans for my room as it was extremely hot in the apartments. The rooms were not cleaned often and towels were changed only once a week.

The nearest town, Ag. Pelagria, is a lovely town with a slightly crowded beach, but has some beautiful restaurants and some friendly people. However, the walk is terribly hard work as it is a hill climb and descent to get there.

Lygaria bay is not for tourists, it is for the locals and although it is quite pretty it is situated in the middle of nowhere. The nearest bus stop is in Ag. Pelagria but the bus journeys take hours so if you want to visit other places, hire a car. But beware of the Greek drivers.

If you want a beautiful holiday in Crete, look into Ag. Pelagria because Lygaria is far too quiet.

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  • Travel date: Wed 16th of August 2006

Again, I disagree with Miss Chamber's co...

Reviewed Sat 20th of May 2006

"Again, I disagree with Miss Chamber's comments.

For Greece, the apartments are really quite luxurious. I myself found the whole shower with no curtain and a drain in the middle of the floor a bit disconcerting at first. However, at Fteria, there really is no cause for complaint regarding cleanliness.

We found that the shutters blocked out the heat during the day and we were not stifled by the heat in the room once. Whereas we had been on a previous holiday in Rhodes.

Lygaria is for rest, relaxation and recuperation in beautiful, peaceful surroundings, I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you want lively, go somewhere else - I think it should stay exactly as it is!

We're going again, this time in July, and are counting down the days....and can't wait to see Smaro and her sister again!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 20th of May 2006

I full heartedly disagree with the negat...

Reviewed Sun 8th of January 2006

"I full heartedly disagree with the negative impression the previous reviewer, Ms. Chambers, leaves in her report.

It is obvious that she should blame her travel agent who
obviously gave her the wrong information about Fteria apartments and Lygaria Beach.

We are going there for the last 8 years, mostly twice a year - in June and in October, and we have been in groups of up to 16 friends.
It is correct that Lygaria is not a very active holiday resort, that is Agia Palagia in the next bay - at a walking distance of about 20 minutes. But that's why we go there - having a relaxing holiday in a wonderful natural setting, without disco music and extended night life.

There are some "complaints" in Ms. Chambers' report which indicate merely her ignorance about "normal" life in southern countries: if you go there in July or August you should not complain about the heat; if you feed stray cats - they will stay at your door and wait for more; and a change of towels every other day is (for me) fully sufficient.

I finally cannot confirm any "unfriendliness" of the staff -- that
is completely opposite to our year's long experience.
Summarising: if you want an eventful holiday, full of night life, discos and activities Lygaria Beach is perhaps not the best place to go. If you enjoy nature, wonderful water, a pleasant surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere - that is just the place to go.

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of January 2006

These apartments are advertised as being...

Reviewed Sun 31st of July 2005

"These apartments are advertised as being 3 to 4 star accommodation, my personal rating is two star. The apartment was very small and we were told on two occasions we would have a double bed, when really they were two singles, which could not even be pulled together as they were joined to the wall at opposite sides of the room. There was no air conditioning, not even a fan and it was 38 degrees most days.

We could not open the windows to let air in as stray cats were always trying to get in. The owners and staff at the apartments were not very friendly or helpful at all. We asked for clean, fresh sheets due to the weather being so hot and sticky and they would not provide us, they told us they were only changed once a week. In the week we were there we had one set of clean towels and the sheets were changed once, two days before we left. They would not even provide any toilet roll.

We were told our balcony would look out on to the sea, and all we had in front of our room was big trees, bushes and plants filled with wasps and other insects. It was my first holiday abroad and I was really disappointed with the accommodation and the way we were treated, and it is definitely not 3-4 star. The only good thing I can report about the Fteria Apartments is that they were clean on arrival, and the swimming pool is quite nice.

The village itself called ligaria is a beautiful little place but very quiet. It has a mini market and a few tavernas along the beach, very peaceful but a bit too quiet. There is another livelier village about a 25 minute walk uphill called Agia Pelagia which is a lot nicer, it has much more places to eat, bars, watersports, souvenir shops and a much nicer and bigger beach.

In the brochure we were told to walk from Ligaria to Agia Pelagia would take 10 mins, but it is at least 25 mins and is not an easy walk at all uphill nearly all the way which is difficult when it is so hot. Despite the bad accommodation and the location being a bit too quiet we made the most of our holiday by spending most of our time in the village Agia Pelagia.

I would not recommend Fteria apartments to anyone, but Agia Pelagia would be a lovely place to stay if you wanted a nice peaceful relaxing holiday, the apartments look very nice, the locals are lovely as well as the food and it has more options available to you. Ligariais beautiful but is just too quiet.

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  • Travel date: Sun 31st of July 2005

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