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A Quiet Little Surprise in Crete

Reviewed Mon 6th of July 2009

"We were pleasantly surprised by this hotel. Looking for a last minutetrip for a family of 4 is no easy task if you're on a budget. Went to several different operators, over a matter of days, looking for a 7 day trip, all-inclusive, with a large apartment. Found this to be one of few choices left available.
Cosman Apartment Hotel is rather small, about 63 rooms, but well kept, rooms were very clean and were cleaned daily except Sunday. Pool was rather small but clean considering the heavy usage it received. No problem at all getting deck chairs at any hour of the day. Nice area of tables with umbrellas next to the pool for those who don't want to lounge. Breakfast was from 8-10 everyday, choices were limited but enough to live on. Lunch was from 12:30 to 14:00 everyday, plenty of options for Greek salads and also an entre or two, nothing fancy but pretty good quality. Dinner was from 18:30 to 20:00, again Greek salads and several entrees, always possible to find something good. I've been to several A-I places in Egypt and Turkey and while they had larger selections the quality was usually poor and inedible. This is a small family run place and it shows, they care about the guests and that thir stay is enjoyable. They even held dinner open for us when our plane was late the first night.
The bar was run by a guy named Manos, wonderful guy, very pleasant and helpful. Bar was open from early morning until 11 PM every night, someone was there all the time, never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a drink. Free ice cream for the kids most days.
It is a great place for families, quiet, pleasant, no drunks scream at odd hours.
Kokini Hani is a rather small town, a few nice restaurants and bars but no discos. Kind of like what many resort areas must have been like 20 years ago before development hit.
Beach is very nice, shallow sloping sand, some rocky areas mixed in some areas. Best beaches are further to the east or west by larger hotels.
Only problem for me was the extremely small shower with no shower stall, water goes all over the bathroom, no wall mounted spray either, only handheld.
I loved the place and the small family feel of the place. Staff will take care of you very well if you are nice to them. Didn't really see anyone tipping either, wasn't necessary for good service.
Would I go back, yes, they have planned upgrades to the rooms and place should only get better. Price was right too.
By the way, we were there the week before high-season started and the town was kind of empty except for locals. Especially during the day, streets were deserted, the crisis maybe, did seem to pickup starting the last weekend of the month.
Manos the barman will make your stay comfortable, good service and plentiful drinks.
Tell him I said hi.


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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of July 2009

We were very disapointed about the Cosma...

Reviewed Thu 12th of July 2007

"We were very disapointed about the Cosman hotel and Sunweb!

For starters we were dropped off at the corner of the street at 4.30 h and before we could ask anything the bus had already disappeared! We walked to the hotel and everything was closed there and it was dark. We waited about half an hour before the manager arrived at last! Finally in our room, we wanted to drink something out of the mini bar, but we saw it wasn't even plugged-in! We walked back downstairs where we had to beg for a drink!
Breakfast was the same every morning; bread with a slice of bacon and a hard-boiled egg.
Lunch and diner were the same every day; fries with broccoli and some kind of pork meat!

We booked all inclusive so we thought we could have a drink when we wanted but you had to be very lucky to find somebody at the bar! We never saw any of the promised snacks,
and when we asked for a coffee in the late afternoon, you had to serve yourself with the same coffee that was left of the breakfast!

When finished eating we had to take away the dishes ourselves. There was no Animation at all like Sunweb promised and we had no chance of complaining to anybody because we never saw anybody from Sunweb at the hotel.

I would recommend Crete to everybody but never book with Sunweb or stay at Cosman hotel!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 12th of July 2007

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  • muskiejon by muskiejon

    "Quiet little town just 10 minutes from Heraklion. "

  • muskiejon by muskiejon

    "Largest waterpark in Europe is right there. "

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