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Hundreds of Wasps in the Dining Room

Reviewed Tue 20th of September 2011

"Been from the 30th August for 10 days. Everything ok except we booked All Inclusive and spent most of the time eating out which compromised our money situation. The problem was the food and in particular any sweet stuff. Wasps were on and buried in the jams, marmalade, cakes, cereals etc. They were getting up the nozzles of the drinks machines, they were buzzing around us when we were eating and to make matters worse my friend accidentally got one in her mouth, lucky for her it was already dead. The hotel staff didn't cover the food up and they tried to stop us taking photos and a video.
Our Rep from Thomas Cook was aware of the situation but nothing changed while we were there and people still kept arriving from the UK. The other hotels in the region didn't have this problem and I think we should have been placed somewhere else while the wasp problem was sorted out. Meal times were stressful and because we had to eat out, the holiday cost us a lot more than it should have. Won't be booking again with Thomas Cook in a hurry.

Stayed August 2011"

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  • Travel date: Sun 18th of September 2011

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Got there at 4am, from the outside i was...

Reviewed Thu 2nd of October 2008

"Got there at 4am, from the outside i wasn't that impressed but overall it is a very nice hotel. We was left to make our own way to our room and the hotel is huge. There is about 10 different blocks.

Swimming pools are large but are salt water. Hundreds of Sunbeds so you can always find somewhere to sunbathe. Right next to the sea (No beach), be careful if you have small children. Can be quite slippy near the sea.
There is a Chinese Massuer by the pool who you can go to for all different massages.

All Inc Drinks - not very good. Your choice is, Raki Ouzo Brandy Beer Wine Soft Drinks. I went to Majorca a couple of months back and the choice was amazing. It was all there own brands but you could have whatever you wanted including cocktails.

Food - Large restaurant. Quite a variation but dont expect your English food. Cereal, Fruit, Yoghurt and Continental in the morning. Alot of German Food. There is always a large choice on but not if your a fussy eater. In September this hotel was FULL of germans. We overheard 2 other English couples and there was about 300 people at the hotel that week. They are really greedy and pile their food up. Theyre waiting outside the restaurant 20minutes before it opens. Sometimes your best waiting an hour before going for your meal. Wait till the queue dies down.

The Town - We ate out 4 times. 'Passage to India' is a must if you like Indian food. If you walk into the town which is just round the corner, it is near the bottom up a side street on the left hand side. its the only Authentic Indian in Greece. We also went for a Chinese. 2 min walk from the hotel. Its called 'Lee Garden' on the right hand side. They were both lovely. We went to a little bar/cafe everyday too, called 'Pietra'. Its very friendly and do lovely crepes and if you like your fatty foods every so often .. 'Gyros.'

The beaches arn't that good in Hersonissos. theyre very small and most man made. We went to a little aquarium which is at the bottom of the strip, near the spar on the right hand side. Its 5Euro for adults and 3Euro for children. Once you pay you can go back as many times while on your holidays. Its only small but worth a visit.

We got a Quad and drove upto Malia. Its lovely and its worth getting a Full English while your there yum yum. Red Lion in Malia is also great for the Sunday Carvery.

All in All a good holiday but i don't think i could have done 2 weeks at the hotel. A week was long enough."

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  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of October 2008

First let me explain, there are 2 Eri Su...

Reviewed Thu 4th of September 2008

"First let me explain, there are 2 Eri Sun Hotels in Hersonisos. The first is in a good location near the local facilities ie, bus stop, main road, shops etc, which is ideal. The other, Eri Sun Village is a 10-15 min walk from the main road up a mountain. This we found was not ideal with small children in the summer heat. The hotel does provide a free mini bus service which runs 3-4 times a day at certain times last pick up at around 4pm!!.
Most of the staff were friendly, although reception was not very helpful (a bit clueless) when enquiring about local excursions and things to do in the area.
The rooms were fine but very basic, and the TV only had two english news channels one of which was out of synce with the sound. (BBC World News)
The pools were the one redeeming feature of the hotel, which the kids loved. Without the pools there would be nothing much else to do there to occupy the kids. Apparently there is also a theatre, but i never saw it, i dont think they had any shows on while we were there for two weeks. The gym my husband complained was half broken with a small variety of machines. Table tennis bats were damaged, and often the tennis rackets were missing so you couldn't even have a game when you wanted.
The food and drink was not great. The all inclusive drinks consisted of a few fizzy drinks some teas and coffe etc, which we quickly all got sick of having. Same with the food. Some times when the chef was out front it was good. But mostly it was cold with the same stuff repeated over and over. Breakfast was the same everyday which i dreaded, as the kids would just eat the same thing everyday with fizzy drinks. No fresh juices at all. It just got so boring. In the end we would eat out to try something different, (having paid an all inclusive price!).
All in all we did have a good time, making the most of the facilities available. If we did come back (which is highly unlikely), we would not stay up the mountain hotel, and would stay for no more than a week tops!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 4th of September 2008

We have just come back from this hotel a...

Reviewed Wed 3rd of September 2008

"We have just come back from this hotel and if you have booked see if you can get your money back. It is the worst hotel we have stayed at. The food is awful, cold and is aimed at the germans, the entertainment what there is of it is in german. the kids club only caters for germans. i accept that Germans will be at every hotel and have no problems with this but other hotels that we have stayed at have catered for all nationalaties but this hotel does not.
The is not as it says, the brandy tastes like ouzo in fact all the drinks tasted like ouzo, i accept that you have the local brands but they all tasted the same. you only had the choice of ouzo, brandy, raki and beer in the A Vodka and coke was 5 euros was a local brand and tasted of ouzo.
There was no beach. except on star beach where you had to pay to use their sun beds. When we arrived they had no rooms for us we had to wait till 11 am next day. This is not a hotel as stated it is a greek version of butlins. Our rooms were not cleaned every day, they broke4 a glass in our room and left big lumps of it on the floor. We was left with no toilet rolls or towels one day. Our room was also flooded out.
The animation team must be the laziest I have ever known, they just dont do anything (they are german). The pool is lovely and we enjoyed it untill someone pooed in it and it took the staff nearly 30 minutes to remove it.
I would not recommend this hotel to anyone except the germans. and i do not rate this hotel as a 4* at the most it wood be a 2*.
Crete is a lovely place and there is plenty of shops and tavernas near by. I would recommend Crete but definately not this hotel"

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of September 2008

Hmm, where do I begin on this one .... W...

Reviewed Thu 28th of August 2008

"Hmm, where do I begin on this one .... Well the good points first of all. The hotel was probably the cleanest hotel I have stayed in within Europe, it was spotless, and the hotel swimming pool which seemed to be quite new was fantastic, just could not get myself out of there, and the staff all seemed freindly enough.

But, and now for the BIG BUT .... The food was terrible, yes there is plenty of choice but when you are waiting for new stuff to come out of the kitchen so you can hopefully get something hot and then they bring it out and its cold, on more than one occasion, it's just not right and I could not quite get my head around that one, the only 2 things that I had hot during my weeks stay were some chips and some pork that the chef had just cooked, most of the food was not even luke warm, just COLD and the rest of the food was awful, it just looked like they had bought the cheapest of food and did what they could with it. I came back from there very hungy and had lost weight, (prob not too much of a bad thing:) but it really was that bad and I don't think they even know what chicken is, it was 90% pork, sometimes ok and others not. I have stayed all inclusive on several other occasions and never had food anywhere near to this standard.

Also beware this is LIGHT All-Inclusive, the bar shuts 11 sharp at night and the only drinks you get free are beer which isn't the best, Raki (Good Luck!) Ouzo and Brandy, which by the smell of all these you are very brave to drink them :) Even the soft drinks are not that nice, especially the coke, which did not really taste like coke and if you bought decent coke from the bar it was 2 euros. Also I usually only drink Bacardi & Coke and I was charged 5 euros for one of those which I did not think was quite right as you could get them a lot cheaper in the town and we did pay quite a lot for this "All Inclusive" so called holiday and was not too happy about having to get a taxi there and back to the town to get something to eat. We had 2 children with us and they also hardly ate anything, one of them kept going for the spag bol as nothing else took his fancy, but after a few days of that he just used to go for the sweets, it was quite sad.

The other disapointment was you could not swing a cat in our room, it was so tiny, but hey we spent as less time in there as we could. Also the hotel is up a very steep hill, in August with the heat there was no way we were going to walk up, so we did spend quite a bit in taxis.

All in all it is quite a shame about this hotel as if they got the food sorted and did not use the cheapest of food and drink I would certaily rate this a lot more, I'm just quite annoyed that after spending quite a bit on this holiday we ended up spending more than we anticipated in taxis and eating and drinking out, so yes I was quite disapointed. "

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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of August 2008

What can I say? Excellent all round. We...

Reviewed Wed 30th of July 2008

"What can I say?

Excellent all round. We are a family of five with three kids (14,12,7). The kids were happy as sandboys all week, in and out of the pool, playing in the waterpark or getting involved with all the organised activites.

We had a family room which was really spacious and gave us two separate areas for sleeping so we had a bit of privacy!!

The hotel looks a bit remote in the photos on the website but was really only a ten minute walk into town, we walked in most evenings.

Hersonissos is really nice some good tavernas around the harbour but we spent most of the time at the hotel.

Star beach is really fun with some great watersports, the jet sking was a bit pricy though.

We did a day trip to the Knososs which was quite interesting but very hot!!! The little one got a bit fed up!

All in all a perfect holiday if you have kids, friendly staff and loads for them to do.

We are thinking of going back in the october school holidays as crete is still hot then as it is so far south.


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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of July 2008

My party of three arrived at Eri Beach H...

Reviewed Tue 5th of December 2006

"My party of three arrived at Eri Beach Hotel > Crete > Hersonissos on Friday 18 August 2006 to be rudely told that there was no reservation for us, and that we must have arrived at the wrong Hotel so we would have to leave immediately.

I asked to speak to the Hotel Manager but was refused by a very rude receptionist. However after constantly showing the paperwork to prove we had booked, the now very aggressive Receptionist stated that we would be allowed to stay at Eri Palace and that was all she could do, as this situation was not her fault.

Obviously we declined this offer due to the fact that we had chosen Eri Beach specifically for our 10-year old son and its location included Star Beach. We were then told we would need to wait for a fax from the Tour Operator.

Finally after 55 minutes we were told that we could stay at Eri Beach but there were no rooms available in the Hotel, we were given a map and told to find the Room, which had been highlighted. We set off with our cases searching the grounds outside the Hotel for this room which took us a further 30 minutes.

We were shocked to find that this Room was in fact a disgusting self-catering apartment. The Ground Floor Room was filthy dirty, the paint was chipped off the doors, the sink was held together with tape, and air conditioning wiring was exposed and didn’t work properly. A dirty smelly Fridge stood underneath a sink, which had the most horrible smell coming from it. The walls were dirty and paint was chipped everywhere. In our opinion this was not even 3-Star Accommodation, it was a disgrace.

I made a further complaint at Reception as we had paid for a Sea-view room in Eri Beach Hotel, they said there was nothing they were prepared to do as this was High-season and they were too busy. They had given us a room and that was final.

Myself, my husband and my 10-year old son were devastated that we had so looked forward to this holiday and we were being treated in this manner. Which was a total contrast to how the German guests at reception were being treated.

The next day I spoke to our Rep who quite casually told me that this is extremely common and that she had at least 10 other parties that this had happened to in the past few days and this is how Eri Palace is filled. After stating that we were not happy the Rep agreed with us, but said she couldn’t do anything to help.

My husband showed her our documents which clearly stated that we had booked Eri Beach Hotel > Room type: Twin > Sea View > All Inclusive > High Floor > 2 Adults & 1 Child. He then asked her to arrange for us to be moved into the Hotel as this was what we had booked and paid for. She said she would look into this and get back to us. We never saw her again!

We soon realized that our Rep was no use to us at all and that Med Hotels had happily taken our money but obviously didn’t care about the service they were providing.

We complained further to the Hotel Reception.
In the cold light of day the Hotel was generally filthy dirty, the paint was chipped off most of the doors and walls, sinks held together with tape, air conditioning did not work properly and there were horrible smells in many areas which left guest holding their noses. The Pool had a dirty film of scum in it. Tiles were broken and sharp around the ground but mainly the Pool Areas. All surfaces were sticky and unwashed. This Hotel is in desperate need of updating as it is dilapidated in many areas.

The Dining Room was disgusting, guests were ordered to change their own table covers. If guests dared to ask for a knife & fork they were brawled at and made to set their own tables, as the staff were too busy. The food was half cooked, cold, repetitive, re-cycled, tasteless and disgusting. Guests had to constantly queue for plates and most people could not eat the food once they had got it, as it was so bad. Most people seemed to be surviving on bread and butter. The floors were sticky and stained from spilled food and drinks which had not been cleaned.

The Tea & Coffee was not available at most times. The soft drinks were warm and a sickly smell came from the drinks machines when used. Both the soft drinks and the lager were constantly unavailable as the machines were not cleaned or maintained.

Guests kept throwing the drinks away as they were warm and mainly came out as just soda with no flavoring. However we did notice that this situation forced many people to purchase Branded Drinks which were always available from the other Chargeable Pool Bar, quite an astute business arrangement. Can you imagine how Guests must have felt when they were expecting to be able to have free drinks as part of their All Inclusive Deal have to purchase drinks from the Hotels Chargeable Pool Bar as the drink provided was not of a standard to be consumed.

With regards to the Sports and Entertainment this was not mainly in German but totally and utterly in German. My son was not allowed to join the Kids Club because he was English. They Gym Room was a set of out dated weights which were mainly broken. The Table Tennis tables were shabby and the Bats & Balls need to be purchased from the Hotel Shop (another nice little earner). There were no Rackets to use the Tennis Courts, children were not allowed to play Volleyball and the Amphitheatre kept us up most of the night with the dancers practicing their German songs until 3-4am. The Pool tables were stained and torn.

In our opinion Med Hotels are advertising Eri Beach Hotel as something it is not.
I would also like to know when the Photographs displayed in the Brochure and Website were taken as they don’t correspond with the reality of this property.

All three of my party had fever, stomach pain, sickness and diarrhoea for four days after eating at this Dining Room. Due to the fact the Eri Beach Hotel was so unacceptable my party spent as little time as we could there returning only to sleep at the Room. Other Guests who we spoke to were disgusted and were spending most of time out of the complex also.

For the first time ever we were all go glad to be returning home, however we were all still feeling under the weather.

Shortly after returning from Crete my Husband collapsed and needed urgent medical attention. He has continued to received medical attention since returning from Eri Beach Hotel > Crete on 1st September 2006. He has lost almost 2-stone in weight and as been extremely ill. Tests results have shown that this was due to him contracting Cryptosporidiosis.
As My Husband is a Professional Chef/Kitchen Manager this illness has been investigated by the Environmental Health Authorities who have stated that he will be unable to return to work until this illness has cleared.

Both our 10-year old son and myself have also suffered from this illness. My Son is still not completely well, he is not able to eat properly, is still having stomach cramps and bouts of diarrhea. He has lost a considerable amount of weight and becomes tired very easily. For a usually fit and health young child this situation is tragic to see.

As for myself, I already have a recognized illness of Ulcerative Colitis, which has been hugely aggravated, by this added illness. It has caused rectal bleeding due to excessive diarrhea and massive stomach cramps, along with fever, vomiting and fatigue.

I would never recommend Eri Beach Hotel to anyone, for my family it was a Holiday from Hell and should be renamed Scary Beach as it is frightening how dirty it is.

We have been to many locations around the world and normally take 2-3 holidays per year. We have been to Greece several times in the past, but have never experienced anything like this before.

The Greek Islands are very Beautiful and have something to offer everyone.

Our Highlights of the Island:
Greek people are generally friendly, lots of nice, reasonable bars and restaurants.
Taxis are cheap, Bus Services excellent, can get to other Islands from Bus Depo.
Lychnostatis Open Air Museum/ Wine making is great (like a Greek Beamish).
The Happy Trains are good for the kids.
Aquarium - ran by a lovely English couple - feed the animals ect - Excellent value
Shopping Agious Nikolous - Then take a Boat to Spinalonga Island - lovely

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  • Travel date: Tue 5th of December 2006

Before I went to Crete I read the review...

Reviewed Wed 20th of September 2006

"Before I went to Crete I read the reviews from this website and had my doubts but I completely agree with the ones that tell you to ignore the bad reviews.

We booked a week at Eri Beach for the end of Aug/beginning of Sept and found it very enjoyable. The two pools were big and very clean and the hotel reception staff extremely friendly. The hotel is mainly made up of German/Dutch guests but they kept to themselves; we never struggled to find sun beds by the pool or sea!

The hotel pools are right next to the sea, although there's not much sand, but if you walk 5 mins to the right of the hotel there is a perfectly nice beach there.

Meal times were busy but there was plenty of food and something for everyone; pasta, fish, meat, veggies, salads, breads and lots of desserts. You certainly wont go hungry. The restaurant staff leave a lot to be desired but it's a busy place.

We dined out 3 times just for a change of scenery and the town centre is a short 10 min stroll away. Rooms were clean and there was a maid service every day and you don’t have to buy your own toilet paper like you would if you went self catering.

Some reviews mentioned a steep incline to get to the hotel but I never came across one! Overall you get what you pay for really. If you want 5 star service then book a 5 star hotel! If I was asked if I would go back to this hotel, then I would probably say no but that's only because I like to try new places each year.

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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of September 2006

We were booked to stay in the Eri Palace...

Reviewed Mon 19th of June 2006

"We were booked to stay in the Eri Palace hotel which, as we had read some of the reviews prior to going on holiday, we were quite nervous of as most of these reviews were quite negative to say the least! We arrived at the airport around 6.30am and took a taxi to the hotel. The taxi driver seemed to have no idea where the hotel was but when we eventually found it, thanks to asking locals directions, it was closed.

We then called in at the Eri Beach hotel who had our details and said we could stay there for one night but that we would have to move to the Eri Palace after that. There was obviously some mix up but it turned out we didn't have to move after all, which we were very pleased at as we were more than happy with this hotel. Having never gone all inclusive before, I was very impressed at the wide choice and standard of food and how much money was saved by the free booze!

Most nights we sat at our pool bars consuming the alcohol on offer, which I found was a fair enough variety for the value for money we got, and then heading into town which was within walking distance. This holiday cost £300 for a week and I only spend 300 euros whilst away, which I think was very good. The outlook was wonderful - right next to the beach with the neighbouring "Star Beach" very lively and entertaining during the day and with beach parties on Saturday nights.

I have noticed some people have complained that the hotel appears not to have been steered to suit British people but why do the English always think they are the centre of the universe? I personally found it a refreshing change not to constantly here loud English voices at every turn. The only criticism was that two of my friends with whom I was sharing a room appeared to have rather severe bed bugs of some sort and ended up with lots of nasty bites. Our toilet also took to flushing itself continually and we had to get the engineer to fix it 3 times, however the staff were helpful.

I would certainly go back to this hotel as it was excellent value for money and suited our purposes very nicely. You just need to have a little culture people!!! If you just like the Red Lion, then this hotel or holiday is probably not for you! Very pleasantly surprised and goes to show you can't believe everything you read!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of June 2006

Eeerie Beach

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Just don't go here! Not nice at all, complete waste of money. This is supposedly a beach hotel. ha! The 'beach' was basically rocks and rubble. We couldn't find a beach with sand for miles around, the nearest thing was Star Beach which is more like a field than a beach. In terms of all-inclusive, we had to eat out everyday as the food was completely inedible amd the drinks available were poor (unless you like to drink vinegar!) The sevice at the Eeerie Beach also leaves a lot to be desired.

I wish I had read these reviews before booking!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of April 2006

go just for the pool

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"Myself and my two best friends stayed here for a week in July 2005.
There are many good things about this hotel, but some bad as well.
Positives are - the pool! it is the biggest pool ever and in fact there are 4 of them. One of them is huge, and the other three are fairly big also, with one a childrens pool. The scenery around the hotel is also very nice, providing you look out towards Hersonissos itself. To one side of the hotel is Star Beach, which is a 'fun' park, with a live disco which plays the most awful music most of the day. After a while you do not really notice it though, and it didn;t really disturb me by the pool and relaxing. it did not keep us awake at night either.
we had a room on the ground floor of the main block. It had a double and single bed, which for three friends was okay, although not ideal. The bathroom was a bit gruby, but very big with a lovely bath and shower. The room also had a fridge which was a bonus and a nice balcony looking towards the pool. there was a shop on site which sold nice ice creams. There were several bars and clubs near by and those which were further away, there was a pleasant walk to them along the sea front.
The beach in Hersonissos was nice and much better then the beach at Malia. We went out in Malia afew times. we caught the bus there several nigths and got a cab back which cost about £8.
Hersonissos itself is lovely, with nice restaurants which are reasonably priced and lots of great shops - easpecially for jewellry.
The down side of this hotel was probably the fact that there were not many english people there - a lot of germans and danish. The restaurant was big, but had large smoking sections which meant that if you could not get a seat in the non smoking bit you had to sit with the smokers. The food was not that great, although each day there was something that I liked,a nd I am quite fussy. the main probelm with the food was the smell, of everything cooked and the smells mixed together. once you got over this though it was fine."

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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of February 2006

Eri Beach Hotel = terrible - don't go there!!!

Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2012

"I went with a friend of mine to the Eri Beach Hotel for one week mid October - please don't consider spending your holiday in that hotel. It is worth 1.5 star - the rooms are old, dirty, no hot water (when you're lucky to have water), the service is terrible, the staff is grumpy, and most important of all the food is dangerous for your health; we both came back with food poisoning... The pictures of the hotel on the Internet must be 10 years old; you would not recognize it at all when you arrive there..."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 10th of November 2005

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