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hellish hotel

Reviewed Tue 28th of June 2016

"Over 100 flies dancing on your food....

Not forgetting the food isn't heated at a safe ? talk about raw meat...oh not forgetting if your a Vegan , good luck, It limited.

This hotel is not safe for family and pregnant ladies. Due to basic need are not meet.

You are welcome to a stunning reception , with even Marble bathroom , pure we thought.

It started with our room being dark, (with dim lighting, as we arrive at night...we couldn't hardly see anything) unknowing what horrid trap we would get our self into, we sleep in the bed...feeling itchy all night..woke up with rash ( the whole family , even myself 6 month preg) check our room in natural light, it was like I wanted to cry. cover in small rash, we found much dirt everywhere, nothing was clean or what 5* should be... It was more like 2*. We took picture of some of our finding,....(I should have to a picture of my socks when it drop beside the bed, Covered in dust...hum 90% of other human skin...bin time!!! Hoping and praying they clean the room ...they only clean it 2 time only after i called them on the phone (thought we was there for 7 days)I said it still dirty , Told the I have picture, I need to see the Manager....The staff said the Manager was to busy dealing with important things to deal with us....

...I even ask for an appointment, as our rash got worse, and we need to change room,...they didn't care,we next was told the next day manager gone out,

I cried to my husband My skin is now getting more worse, and wasn't sure if it was bad reaction to the food too, as I was given raw food , and we had to stop eating their food, as we soon saw little happy flies dancing on the food , there there was different heat point in it. As we are a family, and I'm pregnant , it was not safe for us at all!

The hotel wont help so we decided to get a rented car , But their staff didn't do their job correctly and didn't write down what we requested sat Nav and child seat....We didn't get it!...they blame it on the car company....thought how the car company gonna know if it not written down??? They wont take responsibility

It the hotel issue as they didn't do their job correctly, We took the car anyway, as we didn't wanna stay in this dirty room...Also it so back dated the bar at the top and the game room, was a joke,....What game? one pool table, and 4 kids games...hell yer I wanna run away...the hotel is boring for the entertainment area.

We also complain about the car as well, they said We shouldn't take it, how rude .

and stay at their horrid hotel? noway, we wanted to eat outside where it safer and our rash calm down when we are our of the bedroom. We said would you refund us a day for messing up the car, if we refuse...the said no... hypocrite

The hotel is hellish don't go, maybe go to Asia, like the W 4 * but Amazing and safe, and have welcoming management and staff (it more like 10* :) )

They lie in there paper add, saying they are 5* , they also no inclusive!

I had to fight to get water in the mini bar! yes water, I was in pain and need to drink a lot.(they only give one bottle of water every other days even though your pregnant and have kids. I was horrified I was starve of basic need for any animal. Also after 11pm they charge for drinks, But they charge for drinks anyway, I wanted fresh orange juice, which was not inclusive. only thing that was is coffee, tea, beer, ice cream, unhealthy things. other wise you have to pay for everything
The whole family was sick and stressed at the hotel!

We was all disappointed in how we was treated worse then dogs, in a dirty room got no one to clean it correctly, or offer to change it. No caring staff or manager. We was talked to like scum by the staff too made it worse, Saying Their nothing they can do and be little us.
I would take a pic of myself of what we all catch when we slept on the bed, but It so upsetting I don't have the will power to do it as it upsetting. I put other photo up and hope it you guys don't make the same mistake

The WiFi don't work, always told it out of service, when it work for one day it was super slow (worked for 2 days only out of more then 7 days)"

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  • Travel date: Sat 4th of June 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

Seaside hotel stay April 2016

Reviewed Thu 26th of May 2016

"We have just returned from this very lovely place. Yes, the hotel really isn't 5* but makes up for this by having such a glorious setting -yes, all rooms do seem to have sea views!. We were in room210 which was a stones throw from the adults pool and really lovely bar overlooking the bay. All The staff were very friendly and eager to please. Our room was questionably a "junior suite", more like a comfortable standard, again with a glorious view. Food was lots of choice but usually only Luke warm which, after I found the microwave, was overcome. We did have a problem with achieving a hot coffee though!!

Yes, would definitely recommend this hotel, but be prepared for a really chilled out time as entertainment was sparse. There is no information to read about the sites of interest on the island for the English - all in French and German, Also, try out the bay restaurants - we had a really lovely meal sat in a fabulous setting that looks out onto the sea. Would definitely return to this hotel which is in such a lovely place - it stands high on a peninsular so again, views are fab. Try walking to the next bays. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of May 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Lovely hotel, friendly helpful staff, no evening entertainment.

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"We were told about the poor people who missed out on this hotel by a tour guide. It was a shame you had such a bad experience as we found the hotel, facilities, food and staff excellent. My partner and I had a sharing pool room which was fantastic. The room was cleaned every day with fresh towels and our fridge in the room topped up with drinks.

The pool was clean as was the communal area. We found the other 8 rooms were full but not everyone was out at any one time therefore having the pool almost to ourselves. The staff were extremely helpful and polite and all spoke English. The food accomodated all nationalities and there was so much choice during breakfast lunch and dinner.

The other pool areas were spotless and there was obsolutely no issues with obtaining a sunbed. The bar we used in the evening has a lovely setting in which you can overlook the bay and drink plenty of Mojito's!!!

The beach is rocky but was not busy and you can hire two sunbeds and an umbrella for 6 euros for the day. The only issue and feedback I gave the hotel is there is no evening entertainment and when you are so far out from any major towns you are really limited to remain in the hotel.

This really is a lovely hotel but for some reason we did not meet any other English people during the entire week. Mainly Gemans and Russians staying here, the German people were friendly and all spoke Engish to us, which is very embarrassing, the Russians were more noisy and drank alot!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 12th of June 2009


Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"We have just returned today from a weeks holiday in Crete, and felt that we had to post a review immediately to warn other people about this hotel, especially as it seems to be a regular occurence with the sensimar.......
We spent a lot of time selecting a Junior Suite with Private pool at the sensimar for our last holiday together before the arrival of our first baby, so it was meant to be a very special holiday. We booked the holiday flight and accomodation through and confirmed the booking of the room directly with the hotel a week before we travelled, which they confirmed as being booked. We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon, to be greeted by the Hotel Manager, who said that we could not stay there as there was no room, and they had already transferred our booking to another hotel without informing us. He then told us that the hotel we were going to did not have the same standard of room available, so we would also be in a lower grade room tthan we had paid for. After spending 3 stressful hours in the hotel reception trying to resolve the problem, we eventually realised we were not going to get anywhere, and agreed to be moved to the hotel they had already moved us to prior to our arrival. Being 6 months pregnant after a long days travelling and then to find out that our dream holiday was ruined, we were put in a taxi and had to travel for another hour. The taxi driver told us that this happens an awful lot at the sensimar and he often transfers guests who have booked, only to be turned away and transferred to the other hotel, in Sissi. On arriving at the other hotel, we were very disappointed to find that the hotel was a family orientated, noisy hotel, which did not have a beach, and was not the type of resort we would ever book. Thankfully, the hotel staff were helpful, and they did arrange for us to have one of the rooms with the private pool, but this was spoilt by the generally loud atmosphere of the resort and its guests, so completely opposite to the romantic get away we planned! Beware, even if you recieve written confirmation from the hotel, as we did a week before arriving, you still may not get what you have paid for!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of June 2009

nice if you could stay there!!

Reviewed Sat 8th of December 2012

"after the flight landing and picking up the hire car we were really looking forward to our luxury room with a private pool. after one hour of driving through the dark and missing several turnings and even going up some one elses drive and finally going up and down on nothing that was no better than a goat track we arrived at the hotel!! on arrival at reception we were told in no uncertain terms that they had no room for us!!!!! my wife even asked if they had got just one room for us just for the night and that we could be sorted out in the morning but NO we would have to be transferred to there sister hotel in malia!! which was about another hours trip away!! the chap on the reception desk said that he would arrange a taxi for us and that we were to follow him to the resort so after waiting 20 minutes for the taxi to arrive we followed him to malia eventually arriving just before 1am. so if you are going to stay here just make sure that the room you have booked is the room that you will get or you will not even stay here at all!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of May 2009

OK! if it were a "3"rated hotel.

Reviewed Tue 9th of October 2012

"We were 2 women in one superior double room( had ask for a twin) and one in dbl. for single use. The single were OK for the price, but our superior room was not very good, because we could not lie two persons in this double bed, because every time one turned around, the other woke up. Next day we ask for a single bed, but was told that the sofabed in the room was the same size. they prepared this sofabed for my sister-in-low, but she never slept well in this bed, it was really to short even though she is a small women. The beds were also rather hard, and there were dogs glamming most of the nights, so we felt tired.
The food and varity of it was OK! but still not 5 star, more a 3. The drinks were "like a thin cup of coffee"
The stab was very friendly, but I think that the thought that we all were from Germany, because most of them spoke German to us and the noisy news by the pool every day was only in this language??? And beside that! why should we listen to news every day? we are on vacation! And there was TV in the room, also in German.... crazy!
I think it could be better than that!
But thanks anyway to a nice stab."

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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of May 2009

Brilliant location but some teething problems at start of season.

Reviewed Mon 22nd of October 2012

"Overall my wife and I enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing 5 night break at the Sensimar. (most taxi drivers etc still refer to the hotel as the Sea Side and didn't recognise the name sensimar). This was primarilly due to the location of the hotel which was nothing less than stunning. Also the pools and bed chairs are in excellent condition and the poolside bars excellent.
The clients are almost exclusively German and we found them to be charming.
The location is a little isolated and this is not the place for evening strolls into town or to visit the shops.
The hotel is under new management and this, coupled with the fact that it was the start of the season meant there were a few teething problems.
The review above is quite right about about the information; there was absolutely none whatsoever but, that said, an information pack arrived on our last day.
Food is pretty good really. Lots of salads and assorted meats etc and gradually thoughout the stay the service improved. I would guess that most of the staff were new and things seemed to take several days to work.
We heard a rumour that guests are allowed to eat at one of the "a la carte" restaurants once during their stay for free. On checking this was confirmed. We opted to eat at the "Elia" Greek restaurant on one night but couldn't help noticing it did appear to be virtually empty most nights. When we ate there we found out why!! Food was appalling and service was light Fawlty Towers. We took it in our stride and the German couple at the next table were in stitches!
Rooms are very good/excellent and the equipment kept arriving. By the end of our stay the remote control for the air conditioning had arrived (saving us from standing on a chair to activate the unit)
The views from the rooms are absolutely fantastic.
The flowers etc are constantly being maintained and are immaculate and in conclusion I rather get the feeling this hotel is going to sort out it's minor teething troubles and become excellent in every respect in a very short space of time.
One final thing; the little Phillipino barmaid called Sonia was an absolute pleasure to meet ; she was absolutely charming and a tireless worker.
Drink measures are very big!!
Enjoy your stay!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of May 2009

hotel not a 5* yet but was clean. Good weather helped!

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"We went for a romantic week away for our first wedding anniversary which was spoilt by the hotel being empty and still not finished when we arrived - lots of workmen trying to build and finish the amenities in time for 'magic wednesday' when the masses of german tourists were set to arrive...

We chose the hotel based on the websites pictures and description of amenities (on-the-beach and the sensimar seaside resorts' own website)- we wanted a relaxing break with the chance to do lots of activities like tennis, archery, a gym, a selection of different A la Carte restaurants, room service... non of these either existed or were up and running yet. The hotel is quite secluded - there is a small village about 30 mins walk away and the swimming pools look lovely but were absolutely freezing... so lucky for us we were happy to spend time reading our books and sunbathing otherwise we would have been bored to death...

...2 days in and we were itching to get away from the hotel so overheard (no information on anything anywhere in the hotel) that there was a bus to Heraklion that left at 9.20. however we wanted to get out to see some more of Crete. There were no excursions from the hotel until the german tourists arrived, which we were told that we could go on but we'd miss out a lot of information as they would all be in german.
We decided to take our lives in our hands and hire a car to get to Chania and Rethymnon which were lovely and I'd recommend these places as they are very picturesque and much more what we had expected from crete (aside from the usual touristy trappings).

Things did get a bit better at the hotel - the builders started to disappear and there was a piece of paper detailing a german activity programme with things like yoga and nordic walking... and they suddenly put up times so we knew what time they served the meals from and the food got a bit better (i.e. salad wasn't frozen and they put labels on the food so you knew what the random stuff was that you were eating!). There was a good selection of food from traditional cretan stuff and a chef freshly grilling meat - there'll be something for everyone, even if it is just slightly cold spag boll or chips...!

Some hotel reception staff were incompetent and had obviously never heard of customer service, especially when there were problems with no hot water, electricity not working... they never managed to sort out the fact that although we were all inclusive, we had no bottled water in our rooms to drink (and were not allowed to take our half full bottle out of the restaurant) so eventually had to bite the bullet and buy it ourselves.

We had a sharing pool room which looked good, had a nice view, we had the sun all day round and was quite sheltered from the wind, but as we had nothing to drink in our rooms and no room service, it meant going up to the pool bar to get the barman to sneakily give us beer, (and yet again weren't allowed to have bottles of water...!) and had a kettle but no cups/teabags etc.

The all inclusive finished at 11pm, so make sure you get your drinks lined up before then if you want to carry on a bit longer, although there is no cheesy disco or entertainment to speak of.

Overall, the hotel is very clean although experiencing teething problems which hopefully they will sort out and the hotel has the potential to be lovely in the future, but then this is the kind of hotel/holiday company who accept your money for something which isn't as advertised - if you get a cheap deal like we did then you'll be fine, just don't expect a 5*."

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  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of May 2009

Excellent Hotel

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"N & J
Just return on 1st November 2008 after spending a week at Senimar Sea Side Resort and Spa Hotel.
Must say that the hotel is very clean and the Villas & rooms are well laid out in the resort, All have beach or pool views.Some have their own private pools. The room was cleaned every day with new bed sheets and towels.You can hire beach/pool towels.
The food is very good & fresh. A great choice at Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner. The staff are very helpful and always say good morning/evening etc.
We had great value for money on an all inclusive package.
I would look to go back in the future."

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of November 2008

sea side agia pelagia/crete, nice but not what expected!

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"Hello Folks,

This year I’ve wanted to go in a heaven place with all the comfort and I’ve picked this I would say quite “chilly” offer at Sea Side Hotel in Agia Pelagia/Crete, in my belief that this is an exclusive resort.
First of all, this is definitively not a four star hotel as is presented. However the way is built is fantastic, views are gorgeous, rooms are clean enough, although the sheets are not changed every day, the towels are.

Food is plenty, but has no taste. “All inclusive” means that you can eat as much you can during the meals. There is beer for free, but small glasses and you have to go 10 times to get a normal beer. Wine was not drinkable. Traditional Cretan drinks: Forget them! I didn’t see any (for free of course ).We were provided with two coupons for dinner in the two a la carte hotel’s restaurants. First night we went to Elias, were we’ve stayed around two hours because the waiters were busy to serve one of the owners who had dinner with some friends, and in the second night we went to Trata where the wine was something like vinegar and we had to buy our own wine. Both nights the food was horrible.

Because of the tasteless food (chefs I believe were just some amateurs who graduated crash courses), we had to go down at the beach at one tavern (I can't name it because advertising reasons) which I strongly recommend. Food is great and the owner is nice.

I have to highlight that in the hotel’s restaurant there was an
Italian cook having his own stand, and his pasta and risotto were fabulous!!!! In the case you want to eat for the whole week pasta and rice.

Personnel of the hotel are nice (some of them) but just amateurs!!! Why did I say some of them? I remember an episode: with one occasion one guy who was driving a sort of golf car like a maniac on the hotels alleys, in his big hurry to go somewhere pushed everybody to make his room in the elevator on his way in and out. I think this was rude and wreck less. As I could hear he was Albanian, but most of the personnel were foreigners.

Beach near the hotel is nice and clean, and you can get a place if you go in the morning. Bed and an umbrella are for 2 Euros each.

Don’t go to the public (so called wild) beaches!!! I could find there anything!!! Used pregnancy tests, used condoms, used syringes…toilet paper and so on!

Going back to the “fabulous” Sea Side Hotel, one and another it was ok, but the economy in order to get a maximum profit with low expenses was obvious. What the owners are offering is just basic food, comfort, and nothing else. Quite boring I would say! As someone wrote before me is a soul-less hotel!!! Now I could see what he meant! Otherwise the see and the sun are great!!!

For the first time being in Crete I believe it was acceptable, but I’ll never go back there that’s for sure! Probably the rest of the hotels are same.

For those who want to spend wisely their money and they are keen for an unforgettable vacation I strongly don’t recommend this hotel!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 29th of August 2008

only just o.k

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"Sitting at hotel computer on the last day of our week holiday. We thought we were getting 5 star but it is really just 4 star i would say closer to 3 star. I paid 1000 pounds for 2 people all inclusive and i wish i had not. Very few English speaking people and loads of screaming kids.. food like a mess hall. They also took my new Marks and Spencer bath towel out of my room by mistake im sure and sent it to laundry. It was never found again. they said baisicly TUFF ! Not even sorry but Tuff.. Quite rude. So SEASIDE HOTEL CRETE not good just o.k .. the whole area is lovely though and i have been to a few Greek islands.. Area 8 out of 10 hotel 2 out of 10 .. Stay somewhere else .. FROM J.P.Winter..."

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  • Travel date: Tue 10th of June 2008

Dull resort hotel

Reviewed Sat 8th of December 2012

"We have just got back from a week at the Seaside Hotel and Spa and it is a very strange place. It is a large, soul-less resort hotel, ie there are not rooms as such, just a lot of small cottages on a complex with restaurant, pools etc. It is listed as 5 star, but only the public areas really are, the rooms are just like any bog standard holiday apartment, 3 star at the very most. We went on an all inclusive deal and found the food to be very mediocre, a lot of chips and burgers type meals, very little Greek food, which was a shame. The pool areas were very nice and clean, but had loud music playing constantly so it was a bit difficult to relax. There were a lot of activities for children and the entertainment staff were very nice. We were the only English people there, it was mainly French with a few German, so there were no English newspapers or anything, if that bothers you, and the staff spoke mainly French.

There is nothing really bad about this resort, it just had no atmosphere whatsoever and you really could have been anywhere. One thing that must be mentioned though, and this was downplayed on where we booked, is how far away it is from anywhere. It is listed as Aghia Pelagia, but in reality that is about 90 minutes walk away along very steep and winding roads. We managed to find a way to scramble along the cliffs to it, that took about 40 minutes but is not for the fainthearted or anyone with any mobility problems. This means that you HAVE to eat at the rubbish resort restaurant or pay for a 16 euro round taxi trip to Aghia Pelagia. There is also very little to do in the evenings; there is one bar and sometimes a 'disco' but that's it. We ended up buying a pack of cards and spending our evenings playing gin rummy!

There is one taverna in Monofastis which is a minute village with a tiny, pebbly beach attached to the resort and I must recommend this absolutely. The owner was lovely and the food delicious. However this was only open intermittantly, possibly because it was still early in the season.

Also worth mentioning is that this resort is NOT suitable for anyone elderly or with any mobility problems. The cottages are built up the side of a steep hill and there are steps to get to anywhere.

One thing that cannot be criticised is the beauty of the area. The view from our cottage balcony was literally breathtaking and the whole area was just lovely. I would go again in a heartbeat but would not stay at the Seaside this time."

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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of April 2008

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