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Location location, but that’s about al...

Reviewed Tue 30th of January 2007

"Location location, but that’s about all that can be said for the Dream Castle.

With its easy and free shuttle bus service, although it is strange how the hotel is second in a row of 4 hotels but last on the pick up list, its very close to the Disney parks.

The food at breakfast is average to say the least, with very little choice for kids. The food at night was simply appalling and grossly overpriced.

Combined with no bar and very little facilities in the hotel, say for a small plunge pool, you are left at a very loose end at night.

The food was so bad on our first night we went out at 10pm to go back to McDonalds!

If I were to go again I would stay at a hotel in Val d'europe, which has several restaurants and is right in the shopping mall and outlet village. It is still only a short free ride on the shuttle bus or 1 stop on the excellent, err, tube line.

As for Disney itself, absolutely fab, could not recommend it highly enough for kids of all ages."

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of January 2007

We arrived on 22/12 until 27/12 for Xmas...

Reviewed Thu 4th of January 2007

"We arrived on 22/12 until 27/12 for Xmas and had a fantastic time.

The group consisted of me and my husband my two children aged 13 (girl) 10 (boy) and my mother who is 71 (but a very young 71).

Took the flight to CDG and the train which took only 10mins to the station in Disneyland, in fact, I think my husband was still trying to stack the cases when we arrived. Then a short journey on the Pink Bus to our hotel.

Only one room was ready when we arrived which was 2pm, but that was not a problem because we could put our cases in the one room and got ourselves off to the park.

Had a problem with the second room but went to reception to complain and we were moved straight away.

Breakfast is a bit of a jumble but everyone is trying to get away to the park. Food is good and sets you up for the day. The breakfast staff are brilliant and clear tables very

Bus in the morning to the park is very busy and found if we went out about 11am we had to wait on about 3 buses passing before we could get on one, but they are very regular, so had to wait about 15mins, thing is you have to push like the continentals or you get nowhere.

Beer is very expensive 7euros for a pint so don't plan on getting drunk. We bought water and juice at the station newsagent before going back to the hotel for the kids.

Overall a great experience. I think the holiday is something you make yourself. We had a Merry Xmas."

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  • Travel date: Thu 4th of January 2007

Arriving on December the 27th we stayed...

Reviewed Sun 31st of December 2006

"Arriving on December the 27th we stayed for 5 nights. A family consisting of myself, my wife my daughter (6 yrs) my son (1 yr).

We were disappointed with the children's play area in the main reception. As a hotel that attracts many children we would expect more than just a ball pit.

As always there were the usual out of control and unattended children in the area, so a nice play was not achievable.

We were staying in an Apartment on the top floor, and soon found it to be getting rather cold, we informed reception at 7.30 the following morning, the main bedroom was about 12 degrees and getting colder.

We went into the park on a rather Overcrowded bus. Returning at 2 PM.

Our room was very cold, so informed reception for the 2nd time. Their Engineer will be straight up they said.

An Hour later we contacted reception, finding out there was a heating problem in most of the hotel. They were looking into it.

With the rooms getting colder and bedtime for the children getting closer, we decided to call Thomas Cook and ask them what we should do.

After four calls, we managed to get through on the 5th call. They would ring the hotel to find out what was going on and phone straight back.

One Hour later we decided to visit the reception in person.

This time we were informed that 2 floors of the hotel were without heating. We were then moved to the 2 nd floor, into a suite with heating.

Then at approx 8pm, when both children were in bed fast asleep, the Fire Alarms went off, with all the occupants of the Hotel running with families to the nearest exit to group in the cold / windy front car park, only to find it was a false alarm.

So much reminded me of Faulty Towers. Could it get any worse?

So in our opinion of this hotel, as we do rather stay in a large amount of hotels during the years, this Hotel seems to have fallen by the wayside.

It may have been fantastic when it opened a few years ago, but things have been left.
The Children's play area has tables, that looked as if there should (and there probably was) games to play, with building bricks etc.

There's no Children's menu on the Room Service food. Early tea for children? No the Restaurant closes at 4.30 PM

The only choice is to sit in the smokey bar and have food, not ideal, and the staff just hate retrieving a high chair from the restaurant for you.

So on paper it looks great, better class than a Disney Hotel, you think you are getting far more for your money. Unfortunately the grass is not greener on the other side of the Disney belt.

As before if we return, it will be a Disney Hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sun 31st of December 2006

We stayed here in Oct half term to enjoy...

Reviewed Sat 28th of October 2006

"We stayed here in Oct half term to enjoy the Disney Halloween experience, there were 8 of us, 5 adults and 3 kids.

One of our rooms wasn't ready so we had to wait an extra 45 mins - but the reception staff were very helpful.

For a 4 star hotel think it was poor that there were no coffee or tea facilities in the rooms and no shampoo/flannels/shower-caps in the bathrooms. The supposed mini bar was an empty fridge with the cost of 'filling it up from room service' enough to make your eyes water! Also whilst the beds were huge the pillows were tiny and a tad uncomfortable - only 1 UK channel on TV (news), no Disney channel for the kids which we thought was poor.

Breakfast - is an experience! This is my 3rd stay in Disneyland Paris and I can honestly say that breakfast times are probably one of the most stressful times of the day! The queue was short but, breakfast was a free for all people pushing in, kids running around and tables jammed in! The quality of the food was good and there was a lot of choice though if that helps - think you just to need to grin and bare it!
The hotel itself was extremely clean but, lacking in an amenities shop - just to buy water, drinks and snacks etc - although there is a vending machine on each floor. At 2 Euros for a small bottle of water it is a bit pricey (but in line with the cost of food in Disney - Paris).

The kids loved the reception area, as there are a couple of thrones and some amusements for them.

Shuttle bus was also an experience! Jam packed with a driver who thought he'd give Michael Schummack a run for his money - people were literally squashed in - either they need to put on more buses to the '4 non-Disney' hotels or they need to seriously review the number of people on them - lots of families were complaining about this!
All in all though I would recommend this hotel!

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  • Travel date: Sat 28th of October 2006

The Movenpick Dream Castle Hotel is very...

Reviewed Wed 25th of October 2006

"The Movenpick Dream Castle Hotel is very impressive from the outside: Facade and gardens are nice. There is also a pool, but we didn't use it as we only used the hotel to sleep in. However, I feel compelled to put a review on as:

1. There are no tea/coffee facilities in the rooms which I found quite frustrating especially as we had a long journey and arrived late in the evening.

2. The breakfast arrangements are a bit of a free for all. The food is not of the best quality and the amount of tables and chairs in the restaurant means you can feel a bit squashed.

3. There are no 'general' shops either in the hotel or at the Disney resort. So there is absolutely no possibility of buying anything other than Disney memorabilia. Do not forget to take everything you'll need as unless you are prepared to travel to the next town you'll need to do without for the duration of your stay.

The Good News:

1. The reception staff are fabulous and will do everything in their power to make your stay a good one.

2. The rooms are clean and the beds are huge!

All in all I would recommend this hotel.

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of October 2006

We had a lovely stay in the Dream Castle...

Reviewed Tue 24th of October 2006

"We had a lovely stay in the Dream Castle. The room was great with the bunk bed and comfortable and clean. We had interlinking doors with my parents who came too.
The staff were friendly and helpful. There was a fridge in the room.

Breakfast had plenty of choice and we never had to queue. Though we went out of school holidays it was still busy but the hotel seemed to cope well.

We opted for the set meal in the hotel at night for a couple of nights. Although it became pricey for all of us, it was delicious and we all enjoyed it, even the 9 and 6 year olds.

I booked with Eurostar and paid £79 for a room a night which we thought was reasonable for B&B in a nice hotel in Disneyland.

We had a lovely time and have lovely memories and the hotel plays a big part and we had no problems at all so we could just enjoy Disneyland!

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  • Travel date: Tue 24th of October 2006

After being spoilt on a business trip to...

Reviewed Mon 18th of September 2006

"After being spoilt on a business trip to Ireland and London, our 2 children met us for a holiday in Paris. We were lucky to have lived in the worlds best hotels in Ireland and London and were not sure what was awaiting us in Paris, after booking on the internet.

We were pleasantly surprised. We where warned that the French are not very friendly towards the English, but gee, it was wonderful dealing with the staff at the Moevinpick.

The reception as well as all the other staff, at the dinning room, pool, gym etc, where all very helpful and we had no problem with language. The rooms were beautifully clean and space was more that enough. Facilities were great and as a marathon runner, running and gyming was a pleasure.

Breakfasts were great and so well organised as I believe it was peak season. It was a pleasure returning to this clean well maintained hotel, to put our feet up, before heading back to the parks.

The shuttle service was also very convenient and regular. I was very sad to leave the hotel and was sorry that my stay in Paris was not booked through the same hotel group. I highly recommend and would love to return again.

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of September 2006

At the age of 17, and accompanied by my...

Reviewed Thu 7th of September 2006

"At the age of 17, and accompanied by my mum and her partner, I was wary about Disneyland Paris. I went to Disney Florida about 7 years ago and had been told plenty of times that Paris didn't match up. Which was true. We arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport after an hours flight from Liverpool, thank you Easyjet, who were surprisingly efficient.

Then we jumped straight onto a shuttle bus which took us to the Disney RER station, where we had to catch another bus to get to the Movenpick. The shuttle from the airport to the RER station cost around 16 euros each and took around an hour once we'd escaped the maze of Charles De Gaulle airport. When we finally arrived at the hotel, we left our luggage in the left luggage area and went into Disney Village. I thought Disney Village was brilliant and spent a lot of time (and money!) there.

It is worth a visit to Planet Hollywood, even though it is quite pricey. When we could finally check into the hotel (this was one thing I thought let it down, the late check in time) the room totally amazed me. Though I was rather peeved that we were in a family room and that I had to sleep in a bunk bed (which at the age of 17 and being 5ft 8 wasn't exactly the most practical), I was in awe of the room in general. The safe was excellent, as was the fridge which was quite big for a hotel. What I was most impressed with however was the bathroom. It was perfectly clean, provided free toiletries and had a very efficient hairdryer. I also liked the fact that there was a bath and a shower.

Another small feature of the hotel that I liked was the fact that it had vending machines on each floor, where I could purchase snacks or cans of pop for 1 or 2 euros. This was very handy later on at night if I got peckish. We stayed at the Movenpick for 4 nights and we spent three of the nights in the Excalibur bar. Though it was crowded and expensive (we watched the World Cup Final in there with plenty of excitable Italians) the range of drinks they offered was great, I particularly enjoyed the hot chocolate and non-alcoholic cocktails. Now breakfast; breakfast was amazing.

When we entered the dining room I was shocked by the huge array of food available, and didn't waste anytime getting stuck in, neither did my mum's partner who must have got up about five times each morning! After breakfast we went to the Disney Studios Park. Having been to MGM in Orlando and loving it, I was quite disappointed with the Disney Studios park. It offered very few attractions and the lack of English speaking people (everybody seemed to be French or Italian) became quite irritating, it was a huge relief to finally find somebody who spoke English as their first language.

The Disneyland Park offered more rides, but was more orientated towards younger children, however I enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear ride. Ultimately I found the Disney Parks to be rather disappointing and lacking the Disney spark I'd felt at Florida, though that may be because I have grown older. However I would recommend the Movenpick Dream Castle Hotel to anybody as it was truly fantastic, and if you have young children they will love the Disney Parks."

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of September 2006

Myself and my boyfriend stayed here for...

Reviewed Sat 2nd of September 2006

"Myself and my boyfriend stayed here for 3 nights for a short break away and were enthralled at how great the place was.

The only criticism perhaps would be the jam packedness of the shuttle buses that run too and fro from the park, especially if you stay until the very end of the night when the park closes, hence why the buses run up until 1am. I can imagine it would be hellish for those with children who would be keen on them getting home to bed at that time of night. However, impatient as I am, we decided to walk it back to the hotel, after much debate and faffing about (and the queue still didn’t look any shorter).

It actually only took 20 minutes and it was highly amusing watching the buses struggle past knowing we would actually get back before them as Dream Castle is the last hotel it goes too (even though it passes straight by the front gates firstly). I think if people were aware that it only took this long to walk it, more people would perhaps do it.

Actually I may as well add that I thought maybe the hotel rooms could do with tea and coffee facilities, and being a 4 star as well, I would have expected that, only a slight flaw though as everything else was superb. "

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  • Travel date: Sat 2nd of September 2006

The hotel was lovely and so were the sta...

Reviewed Sat 26th of August 2006

"The hotel was lovely and so were the staff, they were very kind. The hotel was decorated beautifully and had its own shop which was brilliant.

It was very convenient that the hotel had a free shuttle bus to Disneyland. I would recommend it to my friends. The pool was nice and everyone had a laugh.

The games room was also good with the tokens. The bedrooms were lovely and quite spacious with a brilliant view.

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  • Travel date: Sat 26th of August 2006

Over half term break. Flew to Paris CDG...

Reviewed Tue 15th of August 2006

"Over half term break.

Flew to Paris CDG airport then got the coach after a long queue waited about an hour and three coaches later paid the driver was dropped off at the Dream Castle Hotel after passing a few of the other hotels, this one looked good compared to some of the "Disney" hotels. We came back on the TVG train from Disneyland station only two stops to the airport and it was cheaper with no queues, seat reserved.

This was my first time at Disneyland Paris; I would have thought there would be more attractions than there were. Some of the attractions were closed especially in the Studio part, but then I was spoilt I had been to Disney in Orlando although it was about 20 years ago!

Anyway the Kids really enjoyed themselves two boys 6 & 4 their favourite attraction was Buzzlight Year and the Starwars rides went on them a few times.

We upgraded our three day passes to annual passes for approx £10 more which I recommend - you get 10% discount within the two parks and the village and free parking - going again later this year driving this time you can enter the park any time except on French National holidays.

The hotel was fantastic the family room was clean and was of an adequate size containing two bunk beds the kids loved with their own reading lights, the double bed was larger than your king size (two large singles put together), then the usual hotel equipment TV, Fridge (no minibar – wouldn’t want the kids drinking!) but surprisingly no tea/coffee making kit - tip take a kettle and tea making kit, also took a DVD player and plugged it into the TV Kept the kids quiet only one English speaking channel. The bathroom was of a standard I expect from a 4 star hotel towels toiletries etc.

Food was good. Breakfast was hand in your voucher and tuck in to the enormous buffet which had everything from your normal cereals, bread to cooked breakfast with pancakes etc. it was eat as much as you can – tip make lunch.

We had one meal in the Bar the food was good, but the beer was a bit pricy 6 euros for a pint of Stella.

The facilities were good - free parking, small pool suited for children (towels provided), games room, large ornamental garden by a manmade lake and in reception a play area with ball pond and a Playstation, souvenir shop as well.

Going back at the end of Summer we liked the facilities and the price."

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  • Travel date: Tue 15th of August 2006

Overall impressions of the Disney Resort...

Reviewed Sun 2nd of July 2006

"Overall impressions of the Disney Resort were good, although it was a very different experience from Orlando. It was incredibly busy for the time of the year and queues were badly managed, with numerous arguments breaking. It was also very unpleasant that smoking was permitted (I say this as an ex-smoker so I am usually family sympathetic), particularly in a children's theme park. I even had someone sit down next to me as I was feeding my 4 month old and spark up which was grim.

The hotel was the real let-down - we have stayed in Movenpick hotels before and they have been great - this one was pretty shabby, the food was AWFUL and the rooms were tiny. It is classed as 4* but more like a 3 in my opinion. It made the holiday much more expensive and painful as we just didn't want to stay in the hotel or eat there. Even the kids said it wasn't nice and they are usually oblivious to that kind of thing. I would not recommend staying there.

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  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of July 2006

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