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Not too bad

Reviewed Sat 11th of April 2009

"This was our first trip to DLP and to be honest we feel the whole experience is a little overrated. The main Disney Park was packed full of attractions but que’s were up to an hour (not fun with a five year old) and once inside you’re a captive audience and the prices were through the roof e.g. £30 for a Disney T sheet to fit a five year old, £20 for a Disney hat and £3.50 for a Disney straw, we saw a pack of two in our local Disney shop just last week for £1.25.

We had a week at the Davey Crocket Ranch and the location and surroundings were fantastic, staff were friendly and couldn't do enough. The Cabins were comfortable but considering it was self-catering we were disappointed with the two electric rings and a microwave as supplied. The Cabin was clean to a basic standard but the wooden floors were swept but not washed so feet a socks were black inn seconds. Worst of all and as soon as we opened the door we were hit by the awful stench of stale cigarette smoke which as any non smoker will know is horrible, why don’t they have smoking and non smoking cabins ?

The pool and bar were very nice, the restaurant was good but pricey at £20.00 per adult and £10.00 per child for the buffet + drinks, two glass carafe of wine £5.00 and £3.00 for a small beer. Shop was ok, 75% overpriced Disney toys and trinkets and 25% food and supplies, however these almost matched UK prices.

Would we go again?, No, we would rather wait, save and Go to Florida.

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  • Travel date: Fri 10th of April 2009

sun/ledger disney hoffer

Reviewed Wed 1st of April 2009

"the ranch hotel is nice.its self contained with its own pool and shops.it's like a little village in the middle of the forest.if you love nature,this hotel is fine.you can have a walk and go for a run.the desk staff are english speakers.the only setback and big letdown for me is it's finding the hotel especially when you go back at night after a long day out.you are bound to get lost trying to go back the hotel looking for it.im not the only one as well 'cause others got lost as well either when they went there for first time and going back.at night its very hard to see the signs to the hotel easily when you're driving on a motorway(a4)from disney,worst if you came from Paris.sat nav cant recognize the exact road where the hotel is located.only the motorway or autoroute 4 leading to it.best to stay inside disney hotels inside the compound.its a walk away from disney park and train station which can take you anywhere in paris. "

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  • Travel date: Wed 1st of April 2009

Simply Fantastic

Reviewed Sat 7th of March 2009

"4th time here , totally fantastic never been disapointed clean tidy and freindly food you get what you pay for which isnt bad at all , shop is as you would expect not asda price maybe more sainsbury and the bar is expensive but hey being an ibiza babe for past 14years its not really that bad 10 mins drive from disney you would have to be pretty daft to get lost ,evening entertainment check out the notice board when you arrive the indians dances are fantastic and my 2 at 12 and 9 still get up and enjoy it great fun disney is a love it or hate it (marmite) but as i say the wife and i are not beach bums more spritly and energetic so if you dont like the fast pace beware particculy with children ?? .. As i say coming from some 1 who prefers the 5 star life style it more than adiquate spacious clean and plenty of breaky to start the day .... a small penny saving tip use the french sticks for you lunch and enjoy the table service restaurants THE BLUE LUGOON I HIGHLY RECOMMEND but book in advance you get what you pay for about 130 euros for a family of 4 you wont be dissapointed the burger bars are pretty rubbish very greasy and poor produce so GOGOGO and enjoy you wont be dissapointed ..O YES A MUST IS ANNETTS WOOOOW prob the only burger bar i ahve been back 2 twice haha a must is the milk shakes go enjoy ..."

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  • Travel date: Sat 7th of March 2009

Once again.....a great place to stay!!

Reviewed Sat 31st of January 2009

"This year we booked a 1 bedroom cabin with DLPR. We got 4 days/3 nights for the price of 3/2 and 4 day hopper passes to the parks.
On arrival we got our cabin which was clean, fresh and had plenty of kitchen utensils. We just wanted a place to stay, not somewhere to spend hours in as we wanted to go to the parks.

Bedrooms were fine, pull out sofa bed fine,living standards fine.
Breakfast was collected from the end cabin and as usual plentiful,with enough for lunchtime baguettes. We were a party of 2 adults and 3 girls ranging from 2-10 and didn't starve!

We booked half board as the euro was so bad. I paid an extra £114 for standard half board which lets you eat in about 6 restaurants around the parks/hotels. We ate in the Davy Crockett Tavern twice and the Cafe Agrabah (in disneyland park). Both were buffet style and fed us well. I think I saved around £90 on the restaurant price by booking in advance so I RECOMMEND HALF BOARD if you don't want to cook in your cabin.

The parks were great but remember prices are high as the euro is poor against the £ so food and gifts are very expensive.
Coffee/tea was 2 euro's in the park and you got a voucher for a free one in the afternoon............bargain!!!

So, book and enjoy. The Davy Crockett is a great place to stay. Its not 5* but value for money. I have stayed in the 1 and 2 bed cabins and think they are both great value.

I will return.............."

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  • Travel date: Thu 29th of January 2009

Well worth a visit!

Reviewed Thu 15th of January 2009

"We stayed in a 2 bedroom chalet and it was perfect. I have given an overall rating of 7 purely because of the mix-up in the beginning.

I would say 2 out of 10 for the one bedroom chalet and 10/10 for the 2 bedroom chalet.

We were originally put in a one bedroom chalet in error. The reception told us this is what we had booked and I had to get really stroppy to be moved. They tried to fob us off saying 2 bedrooms meant one bedroom and one bedroom in the lounge! I nearly believed them too.

With the help of our holiday company we were moved after 2 nights.

The one bedroom cabin was of very poor quality and I have heard that the 2 bedroom cabins are all relatively new. I do not know if this is true but in our experience there was a huge difference in quality between the two. It was like moving from one star to 5 star.

The original cabin had peeling wallpaper, was damp and all the furnishings were tired and old, where the 2 bedroom cabin was all nice and new.

The breakfasts were very good, more than enough to eat and plenty left over to make lunch.

I would definitely go again, and hopefully next time will be put in the correct accommodation in the first place.


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  • Travel date: Wed 14th of January 2009

Great Fun!

Reviewed Thu 11th of December 2008

"Have recently returned from a 3 night stay at the Davey Crocket Ranch (4 adults - 32yrs, 24, 24 & 23 - and 2 children) and was open minded after reading the reviews! However, I have to say the accomodation was excellent. We had a 2 bedroom cabin, it was lovely and warm, and all of the furniture was comfortable. TV only had 1 english channel (Disney Channel), so we did watch Camp Rock several times but it's all part of the Disney Experience! The layout of the ranch reminded me a bit of Center Parcs with all it's little cul-de-sacs.

The kitchen was missing a few essentials like a tin opener, kettle and toaster but we made do. There was a coffee maker so just used that as a kettle. Breakfast was excellent, my boyfriend took the children to the little breakfast hut each morning to collect the food (2 large baguettes, 6 croissants, 6 brioche, jam, nutella and tea / hot chocolate). We had a few baguettes to take home come the end!

The pool was good, changing rooms were a bit cramped but adequate. Did not use the restaurant as we ate out or in our cabin (took food with us), and the shop was good and full of disney goodies! Saw Pluto as soon as we got there much to my neice and nephews delight (they are 3 & 7). Had to drive to get here as not really within walking distance in the rain!

With regards to location we were about a 10 minute drive from the Disney parks, which are right next to each other. Both were great fun and will definately be going again! Train station was also situated at Disney so we got a train and metro one night to see the sights of Paris. Bit of an adventure but we got there! The man at the train station was very helpful and spoke excellent English.

Overall I would definatley come here again! With or without the children!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 11th of December 2008

Disneyland Paris - Davey Crockett Ranch

Reviewed Fri 7th of November 2008

"Just returned from a family holiday to Disneyland Paris with two children under 7.

We stayed at the Davey Crockett Ranch and having read a number of comments here saying how bad the cabins were we were very happy with ours.

The cabins were clean, warm, spacious and had everything we needed in them.

The breakfasts each morning gave us plenty to eat during our days out at the Disney Parks. (We had to wait a while one morning when the 'breakfast man' didn't turn up until 7.45 - 15 mins late)

We made such good use of the early hours passes and managed to do about 7 or 8 rides each morning before the general public came in. We would definitely recomend the Peter Pan ride as this was very popular and with long, long queues during the day.

The one thing I wasn't happy with in the park was that a number of people were smoking, and this was not confined to the 'smoking areas' so often, whilst waiting around for things I would be smelling and taking in other people's smoke."

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of November 2008

Have just come back from DLP loved the p...

Reviewed Sun 14th of September 2008

"Have just come back from DLP loved the parks very very clean excellent staff, Really Pricey made our own lunch (saves loads), Also booked the HALF BOARD MEAL PLAN PLUS, saves you loads of money but do book your restaurant they fill up really quickly and you may not get in where you want, Sequoia Lodge Hotel, Beaver Creek Tavern the food was great.
Now on to Davey Crockett Ranch :-

Check In was fast and we were given our "cabin" straight away. However the rooms are showing their age now, dated and drab. We found rodent droppings in the wardrobe and the place was not flithy but dirty. I complained and the staff were very apologetic and we were given a new "cabin". No droppings but the floor was dirty and needed a good brush and mop. Couldn't use the BBQ and Patio area as trees and bushes were over grown, it was great for wildlife especially the rats which ran in and out of their holes all around your cabin (!!) and on the roof. Needless to say we didn't eat on the patio area !!
It was very hot in bedroom at night as the water heater is in there, you can't leave your windows open as they open inwards over your bed, and your friendly cockroaches would just pay you a visit during the night !
It seems that the Davey Crockett Ranch is the forgotten Disney Hotel and they're not intrested in it, which is a shame as the Tavern and shop (etc) area is great and the characters do go there to sign autographs and have pictures taken. It really is the cabins that let the whole place down. We will go to DLP again soon but will NOT be staying here again. Please don't let this spoil a great holiday just sleep there and spend the whole day in the parks."

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of September 2008

hi ive just been reading everyone's comm...

Reviewed Fri 29th of August 2008

"hi ive just been reading everyone's comments on the davy crockett ranch. ive got to say i have been 3 times and i thought it was brill. the staff are very friendly and the cabins i have had have been very clean they are very basic though. but considering you spend most of your time on the parks.
plus the good thing about the davy crockett ranch it has a excellent pool so after spending the day in the park and the kids still want to have fun its great
the breakfast is nice to (very fresh)
the only down fall was when we went for a meal at the davy crockett ranch its was very expensive and the meal was horrible it cost about 135 euros for 2 alduts and 3 children

now the parks are excellent there rides for everyone so nobody feels left out
the parades are brill but make sure you get to main street early before the parade begins so you can get a good spot
and if your on a budget then mcdonalds his great for your lunch and the character meals at cafe mickey are brill plus the food is fab and it only cost £75 for a family of 5

the only problem i found in the parks was my children wanted autograths and people are very annoying has they will push you kids out of the way. plus some of the characters can ignore you if your not french what mention characters name (minnie)

but overall it is a fantastic hoilday and am going back in december "

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  • Travel date: Fri 29th of August 2008

We went as a family of 5 to celebrate my...

Reviewed Wed 20th of August 2008

"We went as a family of 5 to celebrate my sons 18th. Having been here 15 years when the place had just opened we were unsure what to expect especially reading these reviews.

We arrived about 2 having been to the hypermarket, we were given access to our cabin straight away. The cabin was ok, It is looking its age and we had lots of dried damp patches. The only downer was the amount of wasps! My convincing that they were harmless as they were disney wasps didnt convince my three teenagers, who spent more time jumping around. No kettle but when collecting cleaning kit asked for one and it was delivered within 10 minutes.

Camp davy crockett is still a great place to stay, with three teenagers there is enough room to get some space! They took advantage of the basket ball courts and swimming pool. Breakfast fantastic, loads of it and all we bought extra was cereal. Used the baguette for lunch.

Disneyland: (2 1/2 days) We went in for the evening we arrived, bought all those memories back! We were surprised how quiet the parcs were on sat & sun. weekdays were far busier even in the rain!.

Studios: ( 2 days) Having never been we were impressed lots to do and see. Make full use of the fast passes can save so much time.

Resturants: We went to the rainforest and Cafe mickey in the disney village. Although very expensive felt you got value for money. Cafe mickey i loved as after my 18 year old son spending all his child hood avoiding pictures with characters now i have loads! ( very hot in outer part)

One resturant to avoid is the all you can eat buffett in studios ( ratatoiuule themed), Very expensive Awful service not to mention the undercooked chicken.On top of that Our complaints were ignored. My Son had chosen this for his 18th meal. Very let down not at all what I expected from disney

All in All an ok holiday, Probrally wouldnt go again in a hurry, going to stick with florida next time, much more value for money.


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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of August 2008

an awful place to stay. tap leaked sta...

Reviewed Sun 3rd of August 2008

"an awful place to stay.

tap leaked
stank of smoke
ripped sofa
flood in bathroom
creakey bunk bed
poor picture quality on tv
filthy hob
jump and cupboard doors fly off
no kettle
toilet stank of stale pee and failed to flush properly.

it was so bad we had to move to a new hotel.
we were in the bobcat trail.

never going there again.

there was no wi-fi.

really, they were just sheds.
personally, i would prefer staying in a prizon."

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  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of August 2008

After reading some review we were a bit...

Reviewed Fri 25th of July 2008

"After reading some review we were a bit worried about what the accomodation was going to be like. We were very pleasently surprised with how clean and ideally situated they were. We had a two bedroom bungalo which was ideal for our family of 2 adults and 4 children. Plenty of hot water, basic cooking facilities. Ideal for us as we had booked the half board package before we went allowing us to eat in 6 different disney restaurants (Davy Crocket being one of them).

The ranch itself was excellent, checking in was very quick and effiecient with plenty of information for our stay. Swimming, buffet style restaurant, swing park and all other facilities were excellent. It was very relaxing after hectic days at Disney. Also the characters coming around in the evening was a godsend, saving queing for ages in the park with lots of rude people pushing the kids out of the way.

The best times to go to the parks are - 8-10 in the morning with your magic hours, stay for the morning, go home swimming have dinner at ranch (also very pleasant and relaxing) and then return anytime after 7.30 when all the day pass people are leaving.

Overall we had an excellent holiday (feet still a bit sore!!). Would definetely recommend this ranch to anyone."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of July 2008

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