Sentido Pafian Sun Holiday Village

Peyia Road Paphos , Paphos , Cyprus , Europe
4 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 3.5 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 2 cleanliness
  • 3 location

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never had so much fun


"just got back two days, not my usual holiday but never had so much fun. Rooms are cleaned five times a week and we even had kitchenettes in every appartment, not too sure on the food, it was ediable but if you do get bored theres always Fat Mamas down the road, you will never eat a three course meal there.
Pool was kept cleaned, shame there wasnt enough sunbeds for everyone, but we were told that some had got damage throughout the season and they would be replacing them, so be warned get up early with your towels.

Give it up to the entertainment team, Julie, Becky, Craig, James and Jamie, they were excellent providing it all throughout the day. Theres Bingo played every night and i am pleased to say we won on our last night winning £400. Not bad.Whether its for you or not you will want to win a superstar t-shirt and you will be up dancing to the club tune.

You feel like its Butlins abroad, but i loved it. Theres always something to do and keep you amused.

If any of the entertainment staff are ready this i ticked the excellent box on the plane."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of September 2005

We wished that we didn't have to leave.


"Being a member of a party of 4 Adults and 5 children, this was our second visit to the hotel - having enjoyed it last year. I thought we were tempting fate but this year was the best holiday we have ever had.
The entertainment staff and kids club staff certainly went out on a limb to make the Holiday as fun as possible - and succeeded. The kids had a whale of a time at the kids club - the activities for us big kids was fantastic but what helped was the 'crack' between the entertainers - even bingo was a barrel of laughs. Add to this top quality singers and dancers with great enthuseasm and you can imagine that this was a holiday made in heaven.
I do agree that this is not a place for mid - teens who get bored easily but it is a great place for families who want to relax and let their hair down.
I didn't experience any trouble in Pafian Sun, only a large number of like minded guests who were up for a laugh which helped make the experience all the much better.
The food was excellent with a large variety of well cooked dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner. Staff behind the bar and in the resturant were friendly and efficient. The rooms were clean and tidy (at least until the 5 kids came back from kids club).
It's true the colour of the rooms were a bit bland but with so much to do, you won't want to stay in your room. And there was air conditioning in all the rooms - which worked.
I really do hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did. It was a sad day when we had to return to England."

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  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of September 2005

Good holiday had by all


"Hi just arrived back from an fantastic stay at the Pafian sun village. We where a party of 8 three of which where teenagers and one younger, we all had a fantastic time entertainmet was fantastic and enjoyed by all. Food was excallent a wide variety of chose, we had a wheat and gluten free person with us and because of the chose there was no need to request speacialy prepared meals. The entertainers where exceptionaly good Becky, James, Jamie, Ging and last but not least Julie who where outstanding in what they did. We would go back tomorrow, we had a few friends who came to visit us at the Pafain sun and they where impressed with what they saw. We would definetly go back AL is well worth the money. The only complaint we had was there was no meal for us when we got there because the flight was delayed, but we spoke to the rep and they are going to provide everyone with a meal. All in all a fantastic holiday had by all THAKS.
The Wainwright Clan"

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of August 2005



"i just arrived bak last night from the paphian sun and i had worried after reading some bad reviews but i had a brilliant time the food was brilliant a great variety i no there was some complains about the food in the past reviews however there is a new chef who cooks beautiful food. the entertainment was excellent there was always something to do if you wanted to get involed but if you did'nt you could just relax beside the pool
night time entertainment was good however there was not much for teens over 15 this holiday is brill for families with younger children"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 31st of August 2005



"Got back from Cyprus two weeks ago. What a great holiday! The holiday was of a very good standard. The rooms are very clean, on arrival found some ants but this was sorted promptly by reception. The food available is varied and of a high quality, recommend the Italian and Chinese nights in the restauraunt. The 'All Inclusive' deal was as per usual. The beer is OK but you have to drink about 10 gallons of the stuff before you get drunk. My wife enjoyed the wine, two glasses and she was drunk!!

The weather was fantastic, very hot and sunny. The holiday was made by the entertainment, the 'team' of Julie, Becci, Donna, James and Craig worked tirelessly day and night. If you want to get involved you are encouraged to but if you want to just chill you can do just that! If you don't get involved though you'll never win a 'Superstar T-Shirt.' We both got one!We ventured out the hotel twice and felt that we were missing out cause the entertainment was so good.

The water park was a disappointment. Our two kids, who are 5 and 3, were too little to go on any of the slides, so we were confined to the baby pool. Our second trip was George's Fun Bus. What a crack! George works hard to make the day as fun as possible, our kids loved it, as did we both!

Met some fantastic people, Kevin and Paula, Wayne and Lisa, Neil and Steph, Alan and Wendy, John and Kath, Tracey and Lee, Terry and Sharon, Alun and Lyn, Emma and Cameron, Jack and his family. I'm sure they would all say something along a similar line. We are definately going to look for a THOMAS COOK SUPERSUN holiday for next year, hopefully with some of our new found friends! Great for families who want to have a fun holiday."

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  • Travel date: Sun 28th of August 2005

loved the place


"I loved the place it is a great place to stay, you are only a bus trip aways from the harbour which only costs 70 cent.
The reps were brilliant if you had a problem they would sort it out for you straight away. The entertainment was excellent something for all ages during day and night.
Some of the staff were a bit rude and they mixed some of your drink orders up sometimes but other then that they were fine. The food was lovely but it did get a bit repetitive especially for the children, but you can order food off a menu if you dont like the all-inclusive food ( you have to pay for it though).
I recommend that if you are going to stick you head under the pool a lot (children especially) that you but ear plugs because out in cyprus many people get ear infections even the crprians.

If your going to take a day trip i recommend you go on georges fun bus it is brilliant he is as mad as anything some say he is the older ali J but it is a brilliant day."

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of August 2005

best holiday ever


"have just got back from this hotel and we had a brilliant time. a few days before we went i had read a bad review on this website. this worried me - as it probably would anyone. but when we got to the hotel we immediately thought we had made a good choice. we had our first evening meal and it was lovely - there was a huge variety throughout the whole stay and there were themed nights like chinese food night and each night a chef was carving meat.
next the entertainment - this was also brilliant - there was something different each night although there was bingo on every night - which we enjoyed playing even though we did not win. throughout the day there were organised activities - including a quiz, you bet, adult football and water volleyball.
the entertainment team - becky, julie, james, craig and donna - were all brilliant and worked non stop.
there was an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. the outside pool was lovely - and at 7pm at night you could still swim in there and it was really hot. the indoor pool was a real bonus as you could go in there to cool down. in that area there was also a gym which we used regularly but not too much as it was way too hot. there is also a sauna, stembath and a massage room which you had to pay extra for although it was not that expensive.

the weather was extremely hot there. although there is not a proper beach at paphos there were several little coves - these were absolutely lovely and there were not many people there and you could just relax. these were only a short walk away from the apartments though.
the apartments were very spacious - there were 3 of us and there was a lot of space. there was a fridge in there which was a bonus as you could chill water. also there was free air conditioning which was needed because of the hot weather.
the only problem really was the maid service which was fairly unreliable but it did not really matter.
overall this was a brilliant holiday and we will definately return."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 16th of August 2005

Butlins with Sun...!!!


"Having just returned from Pafian Sun, I can honestly say we need a holiday to get over it. NO WAY is it 4 star as Thomas Cook claim. The apartments are nice and big (well ours was!), air con worked well, they were very clean, but in comparison with other propeties in the same star rating there was no way they were equal. The only thing which kept us sane was they fabulous view. When we arrived we had to wait for 1 1/2 hours in 40 degrees because the room was not ready, we had been up since 3am and have two children. The room they gave us was ground floor, but they have doors and patio doors that open onto the path with no balcony, my 2 year old was off out the door within minutes, and beyond that there is a small fence then a drop to the rocks and sea below, not safe atall. After ringing Thomas Cook in UK they finally got us moved.

Food was good, not very Cypriot, but not as bad as I thought, but the rep said people complain that its too Cypriot so they have to make it as normal as possible. Why people spend money to go abroad to eat English food is beyond me. Got totally fed up drinking beer, and the local Vodka was foul. We paid for 2 Smirnoff Vodkas one night and it cost £10 Cypriot pounds.

The entertainment crew worked very hard and all credit to them, but it was boring repetitve stuff, and you could not escape it, it was so loud and in you face, with music booming from 10.30am till midnight. You could not sit and have a conversation and a relaxing evening.

The pool area is a total shambles. There is physically no room for everybody to sit when they come down. Unless you want to sit on and uncomfortable wicker chair all day in 40 degrees, you have to be up by 8am latest to get a decent sunbed. My Husband set his alarm one day and got there at 8am and got 2 skanky sunbeds which were broken and an umbrella which we could only keep up when you shoved a spoon in the slot. As for pool, very nice but totally unsafe, there are too many people in it, my daughter got bashed in the face twice and my 2 year old was terrified.

We you got in at night there were packs of teenagers running round, with security guards trying to calm them down, one of the kids threatened my daughter because she looked at them (!) We came on holiday to get away from scum like that. It was awful.

We complained to the rep and asked to be moved, they were totally ineffective, said it would cost at least £800, and spent the rest of our trip avoiding us. We even asked at the hotel next door could we use their pool, they wanted £5 per person per day. When we found out our rep looked after this hotel as well we asked if they could sort it for us to go in free, once again they avoid us with the answer.

The result was we hired a car for 10 days for £400, (don't use Avis, they cahrge a fortune and the excess is apalling!) use Atlas over the road. Then we checked into a hotel up in Lattchi for 2 nights to keep our sanity at a cost of £150. All in all a VERY expensive holiday.

Cyprus is beautiful and we would go again. The staff at Pafian Sun try hard but the attitude of the British is appaling , I have every sympathy for the staff. Thomas Cook should reduce the numbers going to this place before something bad happens."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 15th of August 2005



"Stayed at the Pafian sun for 2 weeks and it was fantastic!!! we were A/I and couldn't have asked for any better.
the rooms were fine with one bedroom and sofa beds to sleep on. all rooms had a kitchenette and bathroom also. most rooms have a good view from the balcony, particulary near the sea.
outdoor pool was very nice but it got very warm at times.
the indoor plunge pool was lovely and cold for when the sun was too hot. the gym and health spa were also very good.
food and drink was very good with a variety of different things.
the entertainment was BRILLIANT!!!!! there was something for everyone!!!
overall a lovely hotel.
and dont worry about the cats! they were harmless and didnt drink the pool water at all!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 7th of August 2005

Nightmare city!!!!!


"First impressions were good, but when we had to harras the reception to get towels it began to go down hill! We booked the holiday because our daughter took a friend and they had advertised a kids club for teenagers, unfortunately they had no entertainment for 16 yr olds.This meant some teenagers in a mob would run around the complex till all hrs causing havoc and destruction, even to the point they smashed glasses into the kids pool!! this continued for several nights, the entertainment staff had to deal with several incidents which we felt was inapropriate! till complaints brought in a security staff which they initially didn't provide, I felt sorry for the entertainment staff as they had to make do with what they had been provided with, the bar staff were mostly pleasant and provided good service, the food also was of good quality and plentiful, with good service from resturant staff. The Ala carte resturant of sorts had the same food as the buffet but someone brought it to you!. The pool area was seldom cleaned, glass, cigarette ends, rubbish etc, houskeeping in general was poor see attached photo's of teenager party mess still not cleaned at 11.30am unfortunately you can't see the broken glass!. The sun beds were metal and in poor condition and unstable, witnessed many people tipping out of them! Cats, lizards, cockroaches and rats were common sites at night. Rooms were ok but bathrooms are tiny, not very hygenic putting your used toilet paper in a bucket! All in all found it very poor value for money and expensive compared to other foriegn holidays we've had over the last 15 yrs! certainly would not return to Pafian Sun or Cyprus!! ViVa Espanian!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 28th of July 2005



"Apartment was lovely, food was absolutely vile, I ate bread rolls for the entire holiday and being an open minded eater this is unusual for me, it really was that bad. The entertainment was awful, one night took to everyone jumping in the pool naked (not child friendly) and the maid service took place 3 times over our 2 week stay - pretty poor. However the location was perfect, remote and picturesque but plenty of access to buses and taxis to visit wherever you like. I would go back to paphos but definitely not the pafian sun! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 12th of August 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

have you got kids?????


"Then this is definately the place for you, Me my Fiancé, mam and dad went for a 10 day holiday to the pafian sun, it wasnt quite what we expected but let me tell you how our holiday was:

Rooms: The rooms are basic but not at all bad, then again im not fussy i only use the room to get showered and changed in. My mam on the other hand says she would not see it as a 4* hotel, it was more of a 3 star. I have to agree too, like i say it was nice. On 3 occassions we had "visitors" join us, (COCKROACHES) this can obviously not be helped as they are in the country and are all over just a friendly warning in case ya scared of them like gemma was. The aircon is not above the bed which i found silly but again that is just personal preference. The Tv in the room does not work at all so prob best taking a small dvd player if you do decide to stay in the room.

Staff: The staff are great all of them do their best to help you, the best one in my opinion was Liama in the quiet pool bar, she was always laughing, smiling and chatting to us she is a star. The maids are friendly and always greet ya they make the beds every day and change the towels 2 times a week. they even folded gemmas pjs up and placed them on the bed for her. we left valubles in the room unlocked and nothing went missing, not a penny.

Entertainment: Entertainment was for 3 - 9 yo kids NO ONE ELSE. it was a disaster i was bored stiff and this is what i would say was the major negitive to all of our holidays, our ages were 26, 27, 49 and 54 and we hated the entertainment. In the large pool they have water aerobics, water balls, volleyball, snorkling and quizes throughout the day along with music. In the quiet pool we had music, that was until a old bat said she could not read and it was a quiet pool she wanted it switching off, this happened. The next day however she got a good ol row with my mam and another lady from down south that she backed down and the music was put on but not very loud! If you do not have kids, DO NOT BOOK this hotel as you will be dissappointed.

Food: The food was brilliant, breakfast hosts everything from friut, cereals, hams and cheeses to full english, taost, coffee and tea to crepes with coclate sauce. Afternoons have a selection of salads, to hot food all nice and there is a kiddies section if ya are fussy there is chips on everyday. Might meals have a different theme everynight and is just lovely, there is no one in the world more fussy with food than gemma and shes even says the food was great. One thing to be wary of is the floors as they can get slippery 3 people slipped while i was there which is a bit embarassing.

Drink: There is a slight problem with the drink, you can only get 2 drinks at any one time no matter how many is with you at your table. Unless ya get on with the staff, they will at times allow 3 but never ever any more. The drinks are served in plastic cups but then again there isnt many all inclusives nowadys that doesnt do this round pool areas. Inside you can get glasses but they cant be taken out.

Location: The location is not at all perfect youre miles away from anything and have to get on the bus to either coral bay or 2 busses to get into paphos town. Theres not much in any of these places again if you dont have kids and are looking for a party dont book paphos at all, pratarus or iyanapa would be more suited for you.

In conclusion, if you have kids or are looking for a quiet (nearly dead) holiday then this is a place for you, if not dont book it, all considered i wouldnt be going back to paphos again as it is more for families with young kids or crinklies (as i would call them), it definately wasnt the hotel it was the location that spoiled it.

Hope this helps and enjoy!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of August 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 5 Food
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