Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort

4 star hotel

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absolutly brilliant

Reviewed Tue 27th of November 2012

"this is everything a holiday should be
lovely pools excellent accomodation great food exquisite and international.this hotel could easily be a 5 star accomodation
the full entertainment programme is lovely to watch even if you dont take part and the kareoke wasnt tacky at all at one point i thought i saw simon cowell scouting for the x factor.
the beach was clean and the water clear we have been to the carabean and the scenary matched that.

staff were very helpfull and helped us with our luggage ,waited on us with drinks and brushed the crumbs of our laps at mealtimes.
the hotel looks very posh and elligant i felt like royalty to stay there
there were plenty of sunbeds with soft cushions on them and parasols to louge under to drink your gin and tonics
we will definatly be going back VERY VERY SOON"

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of July 2006

Was Mrs. Warburton really at the Laura B...

Reviewed Wed 15th of March 2006

"Was Mrs. Warburton really at the Laura Beach? We have stayed there on four separate occasions and every time was a pleasure! The staff were great- Stavros, Jack & Marina to name but three. Yes the food isn't roast beef and Yorkshire pud followed by spotted dick & custard but you’re not in England- your in Cyprus. The hotel is slightly worn but this is due to its popularity. We met a number of people who return every year as we do. The hotel is undergoing a refurbishment with a new swimming pool being built where they used to hold the outside weddings, which will make a big difference. Entertainment is provided every night ranging from Cypriot music, fashion shows, casino nights, disco, karaoke, and "raddi" on keyboards with a girl singing English songs past and present. The animation team work really hard to keep the kids (and adults) entertained. There is a small private beach and some nice walks along the coastline to Paphos or towards corral bay. a small bar restaurant is next door (the El Paso) which has entertainment a couple of times a week and also shows many football matches. There are more shops, bars & restaurants within walking distance with more being built. Car hire is very good value at the horizon holiday shop (next to El Paso) but if you don't drive the local bus stops outside the hotel in both directions. All in all a great hotel with every thing you need close by to enjoy your stay in Cyprus."

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  • Travel date: Wed 15th of March 2006

I stayed at Luca Laura Beach Hotel for 1...

Reviewed Wed 31st of August 2005

"I stayed at Luca Laura Beach Hotel for 11 nights while being in Cyprus for my sisters wedding. I really enjoyed my stay there. Everyone was very helpful, the food was great, and the drinks were even better. It was nice to be able to do your own thing. The staff tried to get you involved in doing some of the daytime activities but never pushed you into doing something you didn’t want to do. The rooms were cleaned every morning. They were always tidy when you went back to them, 90% of the time there’d be towels in the shape of swans on your bed. Which I was impressed with!

Overall the best holiday I’ve had in a long time. I would defiantly consider going there again."

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of August 2005

We have just come back, had a great time...

Reviewed Thu 30th of June 2005

"We have just come back, had a great time. The staff were lovely and very accommodating, our 2 yr old loved It.

The food was excellent, allot was typically Greek which we all love. Lots to choose from, even English if you wanted that sort of thing. We made lots of friends, its a very busy hotel.

All I can say is that perhaps it may need a bit of a facelift, to keep up with other places. But it was always clean.

We would go back."

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of June 2005

Let me get one thing straight, this is n...

Reviewed Thu 30th of June 2005

"Let me get one thing straight, this is not a complaint about the hotel, this is an honest review of the hotel and MY experience at the Luca Laura.

The hotels is marketed as a 4star hotel, this in my view is due to the facilities, pool, gym, Jacuzzi etc; all well maintained and generally clean.


Well presented, good decor, internet access in foyer (needed for email as my 3G phone would not connect to local network), small shop with helpful staff, but the market next door to the hotel is a little cheaper but they will not sell you cigarettes on a credit card, must be some tax fiddle.


On the whole good, if you go seek out Jack in the bar, very helpful and works his socks off, most of the staff are from eastern Europe and the management treat them like ****, they get spoken to like children and disciplined in front of the guests, very poor management. Particular offender is a balding manager in the pool snack bar who insists on ordering people to wear T-shirts for the lunch time serving, I do not have a problem with this, but using his favourite phrase “go get T-shirt on”, no smile, no please, now that’s poor service. We did complain about this and the food and beverage manage came down, we watched as the bald ignorant guy walked off throwing his hands in the air. So every day I pointed out people without shirts on to illustrate that you need to put a sign up, and be polite! Sorry going off on one now.


We stayed in one of the bungalows near the beach, these are designed as family rooms that can sleep up to 5 people, 2 x single beds, 1 x set bunk beds & 1 x sofa bed. Room not over spacious but what do you expect sleeping 5 people. Rooms was cleaned every day, and I think the maid left clean towel every day, as we left the dirty or wet towels in the bath, we only did this as it I very hard to get things to dry as we were out all day and on holiday I’m not hanging towels out to dry!


Ok and that’s it, not 4 star, I don’t care what people say, it is not 4 star! Go into a 4 star hotel anywhere in the world and pay for a meal, then compare to the Luca! It is not 4 star.

General salads, BBQ’s etc ok.

Food comprise of:

Breakfast, lots of fruit, cold meat bread, cooked bacon, sausages (hot dog!), beans & fried eggs. All fruit juice is cordial or concentrate. I have stayed in 2 star hotels that give you fresh orange at breakfast.

Snacks toasties, always ham and cheese.

Lunch various BBQ food, salad etc, this is good, but again would you rate a 4 star hotel on its BBQ? Evening meal,


Good, but beware of the “not on all inclusive” speech, they do some great cocktails but you have to pay. Can take a while to get served, I put this down to poor management and not the staff, would you be motivated by being spoken to like a seven year old in front of the guests.

On the whole good, staff & service a bit of a let down but I put this down to the management, once I got to know the staff their attitude changed and the smiles started coming along with the service.

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of June 2005

After reading the comments made by Mrs D...

Reviewed Tue 1st of March 2005

"After reading the comments made by Mrs D Warburton of her holiday there in December 2004, I was full of trepidation as my husband and I had already booked to go there with two friends. I told them nothing of the review I had read (and printed off) but thought I would make my own observations when we arrived.

Was Mrs Warburton really staying at the Luca Laura?

Our sea-view rooms were spacious and clean as were the balconies. Our cleaners also took the trouble to create swans out of the towels and leave little notes and sometimes sweets, which was really a lovely touch.

The hotel staff were courteous and helpful and we experienced none of the "arrogance and contempt by the Greek Cypriot Management" that Mrs Warburton suggested.

The food was of an excellent quality as was the selection and if any food was recycled, we did not notice it, such was the chef’s creative ability! Food seemed to be available all day long - hot and cold!

We did notice that some of the guests were not all inclusive, as we were, but not once were we made to feel that they were ‘given preferential treatment’, in fact, the bar staff constantly circulated asking if we needed more drinks!

We cannot speak highly enough of this hotel and would recommend it without reservation. The one exception would be that the indoor pool was too cold in March and we like to swim! However, that did not stop my husband - it’s just that I’m a wimp when it comes to cold water!

Congratulations to everyone at the Luca Laura, it was just great!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 1st of March 2005

My family and I spent a week over new ye...

Reviewed Wed 1st of December 2004

"My family and I spent a week over new year 2004 at this hotel - never again!! We were treated with arrogance and contempt by the Greek Cypriot management. We had to move rooms twice before getting adequate accommodation, despite the hotel being only about 1/3 full. Food was nowhere near 4* standard - poor quality, poorer selection - lots of recycling of dishes from previous days.

The entertainment was poor, which given it is 5k from paphos was very important. The new year’s eve gala dinner and new year’s day champagne brunch were a joke - except that it wasn’t funny. 80 or so Greek Cypriot guests moved into the hotel on the 31st for either 1 or 2 nights and were given preferential treatment with rooms and particularly dining room table allocations - given the best tables and English German, etc., guest pushed to the sidelines.

Unable to participate in the night entertainment a revolt ensued, resulting in us being given an alternative disco downstairs - not what we had expected or wanted - treated very much as second class guests. When the headwaiter was challenged about the preferential treatment given to the Cypriots, he replied "well, they have paid"!!! As if the rest of us hadn’t!

The only good point was that the English, German, etc., guest all communicated their disgust. Many people demanded to be moved or just checked out, but as we have a disabled daughter and were only there for a week (thank goodness) we didn’t, but wished we had in retrospect. Not an experience we will be repeating. Cosmos rep was superb, but she couldn’t do anything about the food or entertainment.

This hotel should be demoted to a 2* at most for the food. My husband spent the last three days looking forward to the meal on the plane - says it all I think!!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 1st of December 2004

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