Akti Beach Village Resort

Hadjiefstathiou Street, Paphos 8060 Cyprus
4 star hotel


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  • 4.5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 4.5 value
  • 4.5 food
  • 4.5 cleanliness
  • 4 location

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An honest and fair review


"My wife and I stayed at the Akti Beach villiage for one week from 9th September and were pleasantly surprised having read some astonishingly negative reviews. Overall, I would rate this hotel as an excellent base and a decent 3 star hotel.

The hotel is not in a bad location as others have stated, nor is it long walk from the main road and certainly no dirt tracks. Get real people you have to walk 10 minutes maximum to the bus stops and given the fact you have the sun on your back, you should have no complaint.

The hotel is in a lovely spot with commanding views from the pool of the sea.

It is a short distance from central commercial paphos and the lovely coral bay area with regular and timely bus services running all day and all night.

The hotel itself is clean and comfortable with bright and airy rooms, a fantastic pool , facilities to eat and drink and all in all an excellent base from which to explore Paphos and surrounding areas.

There are a couple of negatives that are minor and at at worst slightly annoying, 1 you have to pay extra for air conditioning and safety deposit boxes as both are essential . (It is stifling without air con), and 2. the bar is quite soleless and depressing, so make sure you go outside the hotel for drinks as there are many places to see out the day and night.

We had a fantastic stay, felt very relaxed and even with a large British contingent, it wasn't rowdy, in fact it was very peaceful.

This place comes highly reccommended so ingore all the whingers, lazy people and people who just cannot relax on holiday and trust this review and go see for yourself. Its lovely!!

One important tip, do not go and see the Adonis waterfalls in an ordinary vehicle, it is a near death experience so grab a 4x4

Wayne & Cara Ghosh

Doncaster, England"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 15th of September 2006

Not the best


"My boyfriend and I stayed at Akti Beach in August 2006. We were disappointed upon arrival as we found our accomodation to be basic. The room had also not been cleaned to an acceptable standard. Whilst the bathroom and floors were clean none of the surfaces had been wiped down and we found ourselves cleaning up makeup and chewing gum before we unpacked.

The pools are good sized and you can wander down to the pool at 11am and still get a sunbed. There is a cocktail bar on site which is quite nice but this is also where all the delightful evening entertainment is held so sit outside if you don't want to be involved. ( trust me you don't want to be involved)

We were self catering and this meant that we were reliant on the over priced and under stocked mini market on site. Get a car and buy food and drinks in paphos or elsewhere. There is a taverna on site which is very pleasent but the menu is basic greek. so if you're fussy then avoid it. If you haven't got young kids and you're self catering you really have to go out to paphos or coral bay £5 and £7 cypriot pounds respectively. Everyone waits in reception for taxis and there is no obvious queuing system which causes problems and you could wait up to an hour for a taxi so allow plenty of time.

There is no beach there but there is a very, very small cove with nowhere to sunbathe so if you like the beach stay elsewhere. There are sunbeds looking out to sea which is good as it feels like you're on a beach when you're by the pool.

We definitely recommend getting a car which cost us £25 cypriot pounds a day plus petrol and it's an easy drive to polis and Laatchi, coral bay, aphroditie's rocks and lots of other places. If you like boat trips then don't do the reps one it's too expensive get down to the harbour at laatchi if you have a car) and it's less than half price for a similar thing. Be there about ten though.

All in all it was a nice holiday but unneessary stress and strain due to poor cleaning, no access to decent shops and too far from any night life without waiting ridiculous times for taxis.

Good restaurants were:-

Paphos- Piazza, italian, v nice but expensive
Tomb of kings road- Phuket chinese very good but hot inside
Coral Bay- Andretti, brilliant food and service and reasonably priced"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 5th of September 2006

well worth a 4*!!


"I went to Akti Beach on the 17th June 2006 for 1 week with my partner and didn't know quite what to expect because of the reviews that i had read. However when arriving I was very impressed................I really believe that those who complained about it are the ones that always find something to moan about and just very hard to please !

Tthe apartments were very spacious and clean the two pools were lovely and looked out to the sea. The loacation is a little bit out of the way but we knew this when booking the holiday, you had to walk up a dirt track to the bus stop but this was only a 5-7min walk and then it was a 5 min bus ride into town or 10 min to coral bay. We never paid more then £5-£6 for a taxi. if you are going for two weeks it is well worth hireing a car. The shop on site is expensive but when you go into town they have a Debenhams which has a supermarket and is much cheaper ! Staff are very friendly and helpful, we ate at the hotel one evening and the food was quite nice, we didn't really get involved in the evening entertainment but they always had something going on.

Overall I was very pleased with Akti Beach so I really wouldn't listen to the bad reviews that people have written unless you are one of those people that pay for 4* but expect 5*!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 25th of June 2006

Great Hotel - Maybe a little too far out


"The atki beach hotel was not what I expected at all - for all the RIGHT reasons!!!

All of the other reviews I had read simply weren't true - unclean rooms? no service? where did these people stay?? I think they must have got onto the wrong coach at the airport!!

The rooms are cleaned to above average standard - O.k. it's not 5 star, but then it's not listed as such.

Rooms are very spacious - 2 sofas in the living rooms space, integrated kitchenette and a seperate bedroom and seperate bathroom. Rooms were cleaned daily with the exception of Wednesday and Sunday (reminiscence of Britain of old??). Our room had a TV - although the only British channel was sky news - which, to be honest, was great as I like to hear what's going on in the world but at the same time I don't go on holiday to watch TV (especially to catch the latest episode of eastenders!!!).

The resort itself hosts 3 pools (for people who have been here before did you manage to find the hidden indoor pool??) - a small pool at the back of the main building - ideal for those who don't enjoy kids running around everywhere as they usually choose the main pool to do this. The main pool, situated at the side of the main reception, is a fair size and does seem to attract kids more than the other pool.

Sunbeds are free and are hosted both around the pool side areas and a good size lawn area. There are quite a number of sunbeds, although it does tend to get busy after 10:30am so I would advise getting a bed before then. Shade umbrellas are availble to every 2 beds.

There is a small pebble beach availble (well - it's more of an alcove) just to the right of the lawn area - obvioulsy the last reviewer never managed to explore the walking area to find this.

Food was good - we opted for a bed and breakfast package, so had breakfast every morning - cereal, toast, coissants, fruit, full english - they have the lot - and you can help yourself to as much as you want!!!

The themed buffet nights are exellent - although we only chose to go to 2 of them - the all you can eat buffet and the carvery night (to be honest, all of the buffet nights are all you can eat). The food was by far on par with any other meal we had elsewhere in Cyprus.

What really sells this hotel is the hotel staff - all the waiters and catering staff were exellent. As soon as you have finished your food someone will ask if they can take your plate - so no plates cluttering up your table space. Waiters/waitresses in the bar area constantly circle around both the bar and lobby area to take your order for drinks. No tip in required as 10% charge is added to the bill anyway (this is the same all over Cyprus - not just in the hotel).

The onsite entertainment guy, Mario, at first is a bit of a shock - you just don't know what to make of him - once you get used to him he's by far the most funniest and best compare I've seen in a long while - getting everyone involved in things all day long (he's around from 9:00am right through to 1:00am the next morning - what stamina).

The evening entertainment isn't mush to be desired - great for familes and kids (disco, bingo, kareoke etc..) but just not for adults who might like to see either live entertainment or more cultured entertainment from Cyprus.

The only thing that really lets this hotel down is the distance from Paphos and Coral Bay. It's easily a good 2/3 miles into Paphos harbour and probably longer the other way to Coral Bay - that said buses are frequent and cheap (80 cents) and taxis are easily accessable (not bad at 5 Cypriat Pounds).

If you choose to hire a car - which we did for a week - you can easily access anywhere - parking is pretty good everywhere (especially on the hotel complex).

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better hotel for your money."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of June 2006

You'll probably like it - but there are others that are better


"We (sensible adults mid-fifties) booked this holiday through Olympic Holidays, last minute for 190GBP each including flights. We checked first with Holiday Watchdog (sorry Tripadvisor!) who gave the the resort, on average 9/10. So we booked it; and then checked what was said here. What a difference!

But, being the kind of people we are, we went ahead. So, here goes; first the bad things said about it.... (p.s. all prices in GB pounds)
Cobwebs in the rooms? - no. Very clean and tidy, maid service every day (except Wednesday)
Air conditioning? Yes but you have to pay for it £2.70GBP per day. But, once booked, you had to have it for the duration of your stay. (you couldn't just book it for say a couple of nights)
Mould in the bathroom? No.
No bath mats? We had one!
Seven minutes to bus stop? Yes, up the dirt track to the main road. You wouldn't want to walk to the bus stop via the estate road - too long. we didn't have a problem with walking to the bus stop. No lights on the way back at night though, just moonlight. We did see a black furry thing trundle across out path when walking back one night; turned out to be a 'small' tarantula about the size of mouse.
Buses are fairly regular, 80 cents (96p) anywhere around Paphos including Coral Bay.
Taxis from the harbour were around £8.40GBP back the resort.
Food at the resort? Couldn't complain. It's standard resort food at reasonable prices. Don't forget, though, ALL the resort prices for food and drink include a 10% service charge - so don't tip unless you get exceptional service.
We booked self catering; we bought breakfast on the first day but after that we ate out. Not because it was bad, just our choice.
The resort does offer food 'packages'. Like buy a week's breakfasts for £2.40GBP each instead of £3.36GBP. Likewise when including dinner, you can buy 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners for a total of £28.80GBP and ger one free. That works out at £7.20GBP per person per day.
Every night is a themed night with the food also themed. It looked OK but, as I mentioned we preferred to eat out.
The DJ played the same music every night! Change the record mate! We always seemed to get back the complex in time to hear 'The Music Man'; 'Pizza Hut" and 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'.
Yes, that's the kind of place it is! Great for families and kids, not so for the more refined holiday maker like us. (Still, this was a last minute cheapie)
Mario, the animation man was a laugh. he'd always try ways of getting to to join the activities, great guy - a real worker.

The grounds are quite pleasant, loads of beds and parasols out on the lawn. No beach as has been said before. Nearest 'best' beach is Coral Bay, although, if you fancy a 20 minute treck across the rocks towards Paphos, the Venus Beach Hotel has a small sandy beach which I'm sure they'd let you have a paddle!

This was our first time in Cyprus; we'd definately be back but not to the Akti Beach - it's just that little bit too far out for comfort; we like walking out out at night to the bars and restaurants, not 2 mile hikes!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 11th of June 2006

get clued up!


"we really enjoyed our week at the atki in may, after doing our homework on the place we knew about the location, the beach, the shop and all the other so called "issues" with this hotel. all in all we had a great relaxing week.do me a favour moaners and groaners, before you book get clued up. the atki was clean, welcoming with good food and very friendly staff. you get what you pay for. if you want 5 star luxury im afraid you have to dig deep, so take the atki for what and where it is and just enjoy yourseves!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 26th of May 2006

3rd Visit / Unrivalled Value for Money


"Having read a couple of reviews my first impression was we were not talking about the same complex. This was our third visit to Akti beach which speaks for itself. We first visited Akti in May 2001 before it was fully completed. Since then the complex has been finished to a high standard.

The complex is situated between Paphos and Coral Bay. It is a perfect base for a relaxing holiday or alternatively only a five minute taxi ride to Paphos for those who prefer the hustle and bustle ( It is correct you need to ensure the taxi drivers don't take the mickey) . There is also a regular bus service to paphos and coral bay which costs approx £1 per person and runs until 11 at night. I have seen figures of 1 to 2 miles to the nearest bus stop. Some people like to exaggerate. For the less able, the main road route is nearer to half a mile and there is a shorter route at the side of the apartments via a stoney track of about 400/500 yards. We had a pram and managed that route without much problem.

We have stayed in both the apartments and studios, both of which are very spacious and very clean. The most impressive feature of the complex is the positioning of the large pool looking out to the sea which is only 50 yards away. Unlike many other places we have stayed, there is never a need to wake up at the crack of dawn to reserve your sunbeds as there are more then adequate for all holidaymakers.

The complex offers excellent value for money and the same can be said for the food, whether you book half board beforehand or alternatively if you purchase vouchers when you arrive. The quality is excellent and the choice more then adequate.

There is also an entertainment team to keep the kids happy and grown ups alike, especially Mario as he is a one off and has to be seen to be believed. The staff make you feel more than welcome and are always on hand if anything is needed.

We are regular travellers and not easily pleased. When travelling long haul, ( mexico , caribbean etc) we never accept less than 4 star accomodation and rate Akti up there with them at a fraction of the cost.

The best compliment we can pay is it feels like our second home and we can not wait to return. Roll on October."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 18th of May 2006

bad location, nice hotel


"Me & my boyfriend stayed at the Atki in the 1st week of may. When we booked, we were told that the hotel was 'just off the Tomb of the Kings' which was a complete lie. The hotel is completely isolated. We had to get taxi's every night which cost around £5. The hotel itself was lovely. There were plenty of sun loungers and a lovely view of the sea. Wouldn't call it a beach. The breakfasts in the morning were really nice and there was plenty to choose from, full english, continental or cereal etc. Evening meals weren't that great. Our room was very clean, spacious & we had a nice balcony. The evening entertainment wasn't exactly 5* but it did give us a bit of a laugh. If you like to actually like venture out of the complex then I would recommend going down to the harbour for a bite to eat, The Captains sea view was really nice, especially around sunset!. If you want to go to a few bars, clubs etc. Then Bar street is where you should go, check out Rainbows. Would I go back to paphos? Yes. Would I go back to Atki? No. Why? Location, location, location. P.s. Don't take tips on places to eat from the cab drivers! they're probably run by their mothers/brothers/next door neighbours!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 18th of May 2006

not my idea of a 'beach tourist village'


"Went on 6th May the place reminded me of one of those fluffy cakes - a lot of "snow white icing on the outside but a lot of air and no substance on the inside". 1st impressions were of a clean and sparkling holiday venue. The pools looked very inviting and were very clean. Plenty of sun loungers. Booked in and the reception was friendly. That was the "fluffy snow white outside". Inside was a different story. The room smelt like something had died in it. It looked clean but the ceiling had black mould on it and there was an absolute carpet of ants all over the place. I was walking on them all the time. The t.v. had 3 channels, 2 of which were in greek language and the 3rd being the Irish sky news. No remote controls with the tv's which i found strange. On enquiry was told those the only channels despite being told in brochure that it offered "european" tv channels. The beds were rock hard - it was an option to sleep on the tiled floor, that was marginally softer. Ended up sleeping on a sofa which wasnt much more comfortable. Every morning had shoulder and back pain felt like i had been 10 rounds with Ali !!!! Didnt get much sleep. The shop was clean but lacked choice. If you dont eat ham, cheese or tinned spam - then you would have a problem. Very overpriced as well. Wasn't happy with the toilet instructions to place all used toilet paper in a bin next to toilet - the smell from this was quite unpleasant.
The main difficulty was getting into the main part of pafhos, you had an approx 1-2 mile walk to the nearest bus stop and taxi's charged what they liked. Anything from £5 to £10 for same journey. Car Hire was fairly reasonable but didnt have my licence with me. If I had been told in the brochure or on booking that a car would be advisable then i would have had no problem. This in itself totally spoilt my holiday. The rep on site was not very helpful - in fact when you even skirted to critize she immediately reelled of the stock answers as to how wonderful the place was. She wasnt interested at all.
The place had no "real" facilities for singles, couples without children, and I detected a very homophobic reaction to a couple of ladies who were a gay couple. I overheard the travel rep being extremely rude to them. Didnt impress me at all.
The beach (what beach) was rocks and no sand and very tiny. Why do they advertise it as a "beach village"?
The only entertainments i heard were extremely bad renditions of "angels" by some drunken guy well after midnight several nights in a row. Not good.
Having read a previous review i can also say that to be charged for air con is puzzling at the very least - the rooms very stuffy and i can only imagine them to be unbearable in the height of summer. I can also vouch about the foreign exchange deal they offer - again extremely poor. I ate in the restaurant and although the food was ok it was very overpriced compared to the host of other restaurants in pafhos. They only seemed interested in taking your money.
Once away from the complex cyprus had a lot to offer - the harbour is a delight so is coral beach, the market in the old town a lovely place to wander and buy local produce and souvenirs. The local people are friendly, warm and have a lovely humour and they are a pleasure and seem really happy to meet you.
All in all the holiday would have been great if i hadnt stayed at this place. I would never stay there again but i would certainly visit cyprus again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 11th of May 2006

Holiday village?? Holiday nightmare


"Arrived and immediately felt trapped and lost. I had asked for a hotel/apartment within walking distance of town - was told this place was within 10 minutes walk of coral bay beach and situated "right next door to Tomb of Kings" Which is within 2 minutes from the main town. Coral Bay Beach is a 7 pound taxi drive or in excess of a one hour walk and town slightly shorter distance (5 pound taxi ride). What is not said is that to get to a bus stop is a 2 mile uphill walk. On arrival I made my complaint to the appropriate holiday rep - every and any option that was given to me would have cost me double the trip i had already paid, this also included overseas telephone calls for my cost. In other words - there were no options. We were told that after going to the toilet we had to put toilet paper used in open bin next to toilet, - DISGUSTING - was told that the whole of cyprus operates this same procedure - was also told that it was the "British" who had invented the said toilets so it was our own fault that this was happening. The foreign exchange was a total rip off - they wanted 75 for every british pound, other places were all offering between 80-82 per british pound. Again we were told that the foreign exchange was the same all over the island. We were told that a charge of 2.50 per day would be made to have use of air conditioning. As the rooms are stuffy, and sealed tight this ensures a healthy profit for themselves. Nowhere else either in cyprus or worldwide have i been charged to use the air conditioning. The shop on site charges up to twice the amount of local shops - as you are so isolated again a healthy profit for them is ensured. This was the worst holiday of my life - this place gives cyprus a bad name which is a terrible shame as the island and its people are genuinly lovely and friendly. The rooms are damp, in fact the first room we were allocated smelt like dead fish - we were given a different room - often throughtout the day and night you can smell very strongly the waft of sewerage right across the complex. Its noisy at night i didnt personnally get one nights good sleep. I ended up having to sleep with the glass doors open all night to enable me to actually breathe properly - totally compromising all and any safety issues. The "BEACH" is non existant unless you qualify a few rocks and stones approx 6ft in length as a beach.
The place is horrendous. Didnt eat in the bar/restaurant - menu of chicken nuggets was not to my taste. The "entertainments" offered consisted of water pole in the pool, bingo, darts and pool. SPOOF
I told the holiday rep that i would be putting this report online and she told me if i did she would sue me and have me thrown out of the complex SOMETHING TO HIDE MY DEAR ????? Once i get home i will place pictures online."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 7th of May 2006

Akti is fantastic for the whole family


"We last stayed at this hotel 2 years ago we loved it so much we booked again to go last year through no fault of akti we couldn't go . Travel republic the company we booked with ripped us off well and truly. We have saved hard again and are going back in July we can't wait the staff were excellent the food was fab and plenty to choose from. This hotel is a must for any family you won't be disappointed . We hired a car from Savvas car hire we highly recommend them they do great deals . Can't wait to be back see you all soon . "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of May 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

All inclusive holiday


"My cousin and I spent a week at this hotel in early February 2013. Our fight was delayed but the transfer was in place and the hotel reception staff were friendly and explained everything we would need to know - and any questions we had during the week they answered immediately and fully. Our room was "upgraded" under the terms of the package and we had plenty of space, with separate sleeping and "general living" accommodation. It was on the ground floor a short distance from the main hotel building and facilities. The rooms were cleaned every day and we had no complaints on that score.
The meals were "buffet" type, with plenty of variation and something for everyone. There were also snacks available in the bar during the day and the provision of picnic boxes during days out All drinks and food were included and we were very pleased with the standard and the friendly, helpful staff.
The hotel is on the shoreline, but not suitable for swimming as this is a rocky coastline. There are coastal walks in each direction. The outside pools were not in use this early in the year, but the inside pool was available. The hotel is a short distance by bus from Paphos (although the 15 minute walk to the bus stop is uphill). However, a shuttle bus runs from the hotel if required.
We were looking for a relaxing holiday, with the facility to visit sites nearby - at our own pace and without hiring a car. We found just what we were looking for and would recommend the hotel for its overall set-up and especially the friendly and attentive staff."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of March 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness
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Top traveller tips for Akti Beach Village Resort

  • Genshell by Genshell

    "Didn't really see much of Paphos but it was beautiful what I did see "

  • Roodykaroody by Roodykaroody

    "Sea side walk toward Coral bay "

  • lizzy by lizzy

    "make the most of the facilities on site, gym, pool, walking coastal path. Cafe has the best burgers ever.Walk to harbour is 5 miles one hour and quarter brisk walk. "

  • helen the holiday girl by helen the holiday girl

    "its very good for a relaxing week or two "

  • rosiemay by rosiemay

    "Jeep safari toTroudos mountains and Mosaics in Paphos "

  • D Bowers by D Bowers

    "Watch the beautiful sunset it will take your breath away "

  • gnik53 by gnik53

    "pafos town full of historic sites very entertaining "

  • gnik53 by gnik53

    "coral beach excellent but sand gets very very hot on feet "

  • Rob100 by Rob100

    "If you want a Cyprus holiday head towards Protarus but take plenty of money. "

  • Rob100 by Rob100

    "Coral bay is the only beach around but plenty of seaweed and they cram you in like sardines "

  • Andi B by Andi B

    "Don't go for at least 10 months, till building work is compleated "

  • Lorna C by Lorna C

    "Everything here if you just want to stay in the complex, but ensure you go in season when the pools are available. "

  • hills by hills

    "ifyou want a pitstop thers a place opp the postoffice in paphos[coffee and apple pie] yum "

  • gooch150307 by gooch150307

    "Travel up into the mountains and stumble across lovely taverna "

  • williamson family by williamson family

    "avoid akti accomodation "

  • williamson family by williamson family

    "anything but the akti "

  • miss-lil-sxc-babe by miss-lil-sxc-babe

    "That it was amazing at home and very welcoming. "

  • miss-lil-sxc-babe by miss-lil-sxc-babe

    "everything, there was nothing wrong at all, live entertainment was incredible. "

  • elz23999 by elz23999

    "Quite dusty but didnt bother me "

  • elz23999 by elz23999

    "the tombs, the town and laying on the beach "

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  • Akti Beach Tourist Village Paphos
  • Akti Beach Tourist Village Hotel

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