Senator Hotel Apartments

Yianni Ritsou Street 21, Ayia Napa 5340 Cyprus
3 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4 food

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30 years too late


"SENATOR HOTEL APTS (Basic but ok )
Date 01/10/2007
4x40year olds + MANDY & TONY
We have just returned from a week at Ayia Napa The apartments were basic, but ok . very noises it was like we were on the M25,the Beach was lovely and clean
The weather was great which made up for how far we were away from the beach 25mins walk or £2 CP by tax
lots of bars and bars
I think the young may get more out of Ayia Napa.
the hotel put on entertainment but we never stayed about to watch it .food was basic but looked ok ate out all the time so
good places to eat, GARYS bar & grill on the front was great for breakfeast the best .(Nissi Ave )
have you ever tried Japanese if not then go to SAPPORO just off the square the chefs do Cabaret whilst cooking great fun. or the
Italian IL CARRETTO great food good wine and very good service
the mexician off the square was very good as well.
The harp & Shamrock were nice people. it`s not cheap out there but you get what you pay for these days"

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  • Travel date: Thu 4th of October 2007

Never stay here it was awful


"I have just come back from a weekend stay at senator appartments and I would not recommend it at all. I have a list of things
to complain about but firstly I want to mention that I am a local from Nicosia and I have stayed in ayia napa many times
so I know what to expect from a hotel appartments, I am easily pleased with simply a bed and a shower.

Firstly the staff were extremely rude and un helpful from the moment we arrived. We had booked a two person room but ended up
bringing an extra person which should not have been a problem considering there was a pull out couch already in the room.
However within five minutes of being in the room a member of staff opened the door without even knocking and checked on us
and insisted we tell reception claiming it would not be a problem. when we did they made us pay 7 pounds extra a night although
we were using the same facitilies as before, so we basically paid 7 pounds for an extra pair of sheets and a pillow.

Next there was a cockroach in our room and when i went to reception to ask for some pesticide, and I was given a fly spray
specifically for flies and mosquito's and although i complained and asked for a cockroach spray the staff acted as though
I was being unreasonable.

Also I have to comment on a disgusting smell that lurked around the corridor outside our room and eventually made its way into
our room, to the point where it was making us feel sick, it smelled like the room/corridor had not been cleaned for weeks
it was making us gag despite the amount of air freshner we used.

That is not all, when we came back at around 7am from clubbing in the square we were sitting around the pool, and were told
to go to reception as we were by the pool during restricted hours. We were told that we "broke the law" and were treated
as though we were children. We were not actually swimming in the pool and did not appreciate the patronizing way in which
we were spoken to, and refused to pay a fine.

Although check out is at 12pm, a woman came into our room without knocking again, came into our bedroom at 10am and told us
that check out was in two hours and that we had to be ready, and stood there waiting for one of us to answer. It was as though
we were children and needed our mother to come in and remind us when check out was. It was them who in fact "broke the law"
by coming into our room without even knocking, we did not need someone to tell us when we needed to leave as we did not
want to spend one extra minute in that place anyway.

Once we went to the reception desk to get our deposit back on the air conditioning the lady behind the counter was extremely
rude and accused us of losing a receipt in which we were never given and rudely commented that she would "add this to the
list of things that went wrong with our stay". I did not appreciate this as she was an elderly English woman, and since I
am a local Cypriot I expect not to be treated as a disrespectful tourist. She eventually gave us the deposit back but with
alot of hesitation and attitude.

The staff were extremely rude and patronizing and during my entire stay I felt as though I was being watched over, I am twenty
years old I do not need disrespectful staff telling me when I need to wake up, or what I need to do when I am perfectly
aware of the rules and regulations. An additional comment is that this place is not actually that close to the main square
with all the bars and clubs, it is a good ten minute walk, there are a number of hotels that are alot closer with friendly
and willing staff. Over all I am very unimpressed and I am never planning on staying in this hotel again."

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  • Travel date: Sun 1st of July 2007

Not good for families


"Not a good place for families, we stopped with our 2 children. First week was ok, after that groups of lads arrived who were very disruptive. Police were involved etc. Staff not too helpful. On the last day, whilst changing in the showers my husbands ray bans were stolen while his back was turned. Purely a good place for groups of 20 year olds. While we were there 2 girls were actually arrested and deported as well, for stealing. The police are quite hot on getting the brits out!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of June 2007

Much better than I'd expected


"I've just gotten back from this hotel after we had booked a holiday in Paphos but Thomson messed up and booked us in here. I wasn't happy to say the least but actually the hotel isn't too bad. We weren't going for a clubbing holiday and wanted to relax so were a bit skeptical about ayai Napa in general but it wasn't as bad as we'd exepcted. The apartment was very clean and newly refurbished and had everything a self catering should have (including some ants but that was probably our fault for leaving food crumbs about). The pools were spotless and even though there was music played from the bars all through the day it wasn't too raucous, There were lots of families there and we didn't get woken up by clubbers getting home in the wee hours so it was fine. The location was good too, a nice walk into the main area and there's a really fantastic Japanese restaraunt called Hokkaido very near the hotel which is well worth a visit, the food is amazing!! All in all not the worst hotel I've ever stayed in and it does seem to cater for both young groups out for a good time and people who want a more relaxing time."

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  • Travel date: Sun 10th of September 2006

loved the location


"me and my mates have just come back from ayia napa and we had a wicked time the nightlife was great must try castle club and we loved jammin bar that is funny. just a 5-10 mins walk away is senator apartments where we stayed our apartment was really clean alot better than we expected for what we payed our view wasnt all that but hey we only drank on it.the bar is 23 hour and does kareoke nights and the food is really nice and cheap. would def reccomend senator and ayia napa to any one.

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of July 2006

Best Holiday I have ever had


"This was the best holiday I have ever had.
Me and my best friend went in July 2001 (we were 26)
This hotel was fantastic, it was so good we went back in September of the same year.
The night life in this town is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and lively holiday.
I would love to go back there oneday, Cyprus is a wonderful country.
The apartments were just what we needed, somewhere to sleep and chill out, and get ready for that all important night(s) out.
The service in this hotel was second to none, we soon made friends with all the staff, espically Zenetos (barman) he was fantastic, we went clubbing with him.
I would recommend Car Wash and the Castle Club also if your looking for a good bar to go to before going to a club, The Bell was a favorite of ours.
Anyone who loves a good clubbing holiday will love Ayia Napa and the Senator Apartments.
Maxine & Donna"

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of April 2006

Fab for singles and groups!


"Stayed here back in 2003 and had a fab time.

The apartments are quite basic, but due to this hotel catering mainly for singles and groups (I went with 4 girl-friends, we were 22). Excellent location, you are away from the nightlife if you don't fancy going out, but only just over 5 minutes walk away from the main square if you do. I really recomend car wash club and castle club.

If you want a 18-30 type holiday, but not quite as rough stay here as Portland keep it classy, buut it's not full of kids so you can roll in late and not have to worry.

Have fun if you stay here, I would stay again."

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of September 2005

loved the atmosphere


"i have stayed in senator once, but go to cyprus every year,
i loved the hotel and the service they provided, it was a good atmosphere every night and even had a happy hour which was very good to get the night going. the rooms were of normal standard, but then again you dont spend much time in there anyway. every year i go cyprus i always go bac to sentor for a drink.

love it. xx"

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of June 2005

Good Location


"We have just returned from a very enjoyable week staying at the Senator Apartments. The apartments were in a very good location about a 10-minute walk to the shops and main attractions. The beach was probably about 15 minute walk.

The apartments seem to cater for a very mixed age range from families with young children to older couples.

The apartment itself was very spacious with a good size balcony and a large bathroom. The room was clean and the maid visited 5 days out of 7.
The kitchen was well equipped if you choose to cook with a kettle, toaster and a cooker and various plates and cutlery.

Within a few minutes walk there was a good selection of shops and bars if you didn’t fancy a walk into the main attractions.

The food at the bar wasn’t anything special and was fairly expensive for what it was. There are 3 pools one fairly busy and could be noisy and two others, which have got their own bar facilities.

I would not hesitate in staying at these apartments again and would recommend them."

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  • Travel date: Thu 26th of May 2005

Basic but excellent value


"Went to Ayia Napa in August 2004 and stayed at the Senator.

The senator is a strange complex in that it is a number of blocks, some of which are across the street from the main complex.

We were in one of the outlying blocks, about 200m from the main complex.

First onto the room itself - it was definitely in need of a makeover. The white walls were quite dirty and the furniture had seen better days. We also had quite a number of ants in the apartment which bothered me at first, but they seemed to stay on the floor near the front door so I soon got used to them. The maid sprayed the apartment with insecitcide every other day which seemed to solve the problem after the first week.

The facilities at the hotel were first rate however. There are 3 swimming pools, the best of which is the middle pool. The bar was excellent with friendly service and the food served was also very good value.

I wouldn't hesitate to stop here again, providing the price is right!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 15th of January 2005

Great Value, Funny Place, Highly Recommended


"The location was great, just a short walk to the main strip where all the bars are, but was far enough away to not get the all the noise when trying to sleep.

There were 3 pools and plenty of sunbeds, the pools were quite small but good for mingling, there were bars by each pool and the staff were really friendly.

We went during the world cup and all the games were shown on a big tv in the bar area. The drinks at the hotel bar were pretty expensive compared to the bars on the strip, but there was a small supermarket next door that sold everything and you could stock up the fridges in the rooms.

We stayed in the standard rooms, the air con was good and kept the room super cool at night, there were some glasses/pans/plates/ cutlery etc if you wanted to cook something up yourself. We didn't spend all that much time in the room but it had everything we could have expected. There was a safe inside the wardrobe that was handy for storing valuables.

Lots of restaurants down the road, plenty to choose from, Italien/Chiense/Mexican. Little cafe bar called Athlos just round the corner, friendliest place ever and do good food, great for breakfasts, highly recommended. There's a McDoanlds/KFC/Burgerking closer to town if you prefer something simple and they are all open until like 4am.

Great for young adults looking for a good time, lively hotel, security keep watch through the night - BIG ISAAC will keep you safe.

Nissi beach is a must, its too far to walk but it's like 5 minutes or something in a taxi. Lots to do there, jet ski, parasailing, banana boat, bungee jumping and many more. The sea is good, really shallow and great for water games, lovely blue colour.

Overall, me and all my friends had a great time and the Senator exceeded all of our expectations for a 3 star stay. We would highly recommend to any young adults looking for a good time in Ayia Napa."

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  • Travel date: Sun 11th of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food



"The week before id been staying at the paloma but was due to go home when i unluckly got swine flu.
I had came out of hospital on wed 22nd july 09 & my insurance had sorted my accomodation out to stay at the senator.
I had to stay in a hotel for two days confined to my room as i was still contagious.

I walked into the hotel with my mask on. I simply got the look of oh shes diseased. The staff were very rude on the reception desk. Instead of giving me my key she put it down..think she thought i cud give it to her.
Got to my room to find a cockroach yes very niceeee.
I had no food or drink since i left the hospital and they did not even bother with me.
Thursday came & i was waiting till 3pm for a breakfast that never came. To then ring and find out that i had to ring for it..well no one told me so how the hell was i supposed to no? There was clearly a lack of communication here.
Spoke to reception & they said id missed breakfast and i said well can i just get something else to replace the food i never got. As i was still feeling ill and you no food and drink is something you need to even start to feel better.

So she passed me through the bar. & i said just put it on my room number as my insurance are paying. 5 secs later they said no ur not entitled to it u have missed your breakfast. My insurance had spoke to them and still i got nothing. I had no money so couldnt even pay for anything. So i had no food or drink so wednesday which was real great of them. The staff spoke to me like dirt and i wasnt happy at all & they clearly didnt care even after my insurance had spoke to them.
Friday i got up early & rang for my breakfast by the point i was really thirsty and hungry. It came and the breakfast was awful and i got one cup of water..yeah thats nice of yous!!

Then reception rang and said check out is 12.
At this point in time it was 12.30. I was a little confused whether they ment 12 midnight or 12 dinner. As i was getting picked up at 7am so would of made sense if they said 12 dinner.
Rang them back for them to say no 12 now. Yes u got it i was told to get out of my room cause new arrivals were coming but i was welcome to use the facilties.
I was still ill and there saying that to me i was not impressed. I didnt understand seems my insurance had sorted my room out till sat.
Spoke to my insurance and they had just decided to get me out. nice of them eh.
The place was a joke and the staff were awful. im glad i only stayed here for a few days as the staff are a joke. The place was run by cockroaches it was disgusting.
I wouldnt recommend this hotel to my worst enemy just simply because of the attitude of the staff.Dont think they have ever heard of customer service!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of July 2009
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