Porec Holidays

view of Porec, Croatia
view of Porec, Croatia
Porec is an old town on the west coast of Croatia. It is a small town but holidays in Porec are among the most popular in Croatia, and have been for over three decades. There are now package holiday deals available so you can explore this interesting city for less. Its history goes all the way back to the 2nd century BC, when a Roman Castrum was built. The site of the Castrum is now the town centre, which shows how the city has built up around it.

Positioned towards the south of Europe, Croatia is a relatively warm country, but the sea breeze means that Porec is never too hot, so if you just want a place to sunbathe, this may not be it. The climate is instead ideal for exploring the cultural highlights of the city, such as the Euphrasius Basilica, the Old Town and the Istrian Parliament building that was once a gothic church. There are cultural festivals to experience in the town, such as the historical festival, Giostra, which sees a range of street performers bringing history to life and recreating the traditional atmosphere of the town. There is a separate street art festival that visits the town annually, and a series of concerts held in the summer at the Euphasian Basilica. If you are looking for package holidays in Porec, it is worth checking when the festivals are and booking at the right time. For a touch more adventure, the Baredine Cave, 7km outside of Porec is a fascinating, underground cave.

As well as the sights to see and shops to visit during the day, there is a fairly bustling nightlife scene in the town, ranging from quiet bars and restaurants to busy clubs and casinos. Some of the bars can be found along the seafront, providing a wonderful opportunity to relax on a warm summer's evening and enjoy the cool, sea breeze.
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