Dubrovnik Holidays

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Panoramic view of old town.
Dubrovnik, Croatia. Panoramic view of old town.
More and more tourists each year are deciding to have holidays in Dubrovnik. It is an old city that sits in the southern tip of Croatia on the Adriatic coast, and is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

The Old Town is a beautiful part of the city, with interesting monuments that show its history, as well as museums such as an exhibition of photographs depicting various conflicts, as captured by photojournalists. There is also the wonderful Fort Lovrijenac that rises high above the city.

As well as its cultural heritage, Dubrovnik has some beautiful beaches to explore and relax on, such as Lapad Beach. As a result of its beaches, package holidays in Dubrovnik are popular with families, while activities such as cliff jumping appeal to young groups. These groups will also be attracted by the nightlife, as there are a number of clubs and bars in the city and relatively cheap hostels. There are sailing opportunities in the Adriatic, too, and they present one of the finest ways to explore the Adriatic and the islands off the coast.

The restaurants in Dubrovnik tend to serve local seafood, although there are alternatives for those who do not eat fish. As with many holiday destinations, Dubrovnik has its own traditional, local products to take back as souvenirs, including beautiful handmade linens that make a great gift for those left at home.

For those on package holiday deals to Dubrovnik during July and August, you may wish to seek out the Dubrovnik Summer Festival held from mid July towards the end of August. There is a wide range of entertainment at the festival, including drama and music with performers from all over the world. This means the area thrives around this time and is very busy. If you would rather avoid the crowds be sure to book your holiday for outside the festival dates.
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