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The nicest holiday destination i have ever been to!

Reviewed 1st October 2010

"Where can I start… Cavtat is probably the nicest place I have EVER been to. Cavtat is about 5-10 minutes drive from the airport which is great. Planes do cross over Cavtat but to be honest are hardly noticed. The Villa Cavtat Apartment where we stayed in had probably the best view in Cavtat overlooking both bays aswell as a clear view into Dubrovnik and all the other resorts along the way. It was on the fourth floor (steps only) but well worth it. It was pretty basic kitchen but very nice all the same and the bathroom is lovely. The apartment has 2 balconies in effect. The main one which offers the great views with a sitting area (unsheltered) and also a balcony and sitting area at the top of the stairs on entrance into the apartments which has a lovely view onto one of the bays(sheltered). This apartment is completely undersold, I highly recommend it. We booked with Mihaela who was really helpful with the many questions before we arrived and she also picked us up from the airport and dropped us back off for 30 Euro. The family who own the apartments were very nice, friendly and helpful in every way possible. Due to the location of the apartment it is not necessarily the best for people with walking difficulties, although not impossible as there is an excellent bus service in Cavtat which the apartments are 1 stop up the hill and costs 5 kuna which is about 60p (worth every penny). Even locals get this bus up the hill so don’t think it is being lazy. It is a further 1 stop that it would be in the UK. The bus service in Cavtat is fantastic. There are plenty that run to and from Dubrovnik and to other local towns on a daily basis, time tables are available from the Tourist Information which is at the bus station and they are displayed on the noticeboard. They run from early morning and run upto about 12-1am to and from Dunrovnik, Cavtat in general is fairly quiet. I am 28 and I went with my parents and it was the perfect place. It’s not recommended for a lively girl’s holiday but I would definitely go with a partner or a fairly quiet relaxing holiday. I was under the impression that it was going to be an expensive holiday from reviews I had read. In 10 days I spent about £450 that was including every lunch out apart from 1 which included wine and every evening meal apart from 2 which included wine, soft drinks and cocktails…… We made the mistake of purchasing food from the supermarket which we then felt we had to eat which was the only reason we stayed in 2 nights, which had we have known how cheap it was we would never have done. We had some expensive meals out which included Steaks etc and others we went to nice restaurants and had Italian food such Pizza and Pasta dishes. We never had a bad meal. That £450.00 also included the usual things gift purchasing and shoes/scarves etc for myself. If you like looking at Yachts this place is incredible. There are the most amazing yachts that moor in Cavtat harbor, although wasn’t there whilst I was I believe that Obranovich travels here. There are plenty of bars where you can just sit by the harbor and enjoy a drink while watching what is going on and again, not at an expensive price. There is some nice shops in Cavtat and a great ice-cream parlor which is a must try. Although there are no sandy beaches there are a couple of beaches which are shingle type where sunbeds and umbrellas are available and also there are several places in the rocks which has been dedicated to sunbathing areas and access into the sea should you wish a quieter location. We went to Dubrovnik a couple of times. Once on the boat which takes about 45 minutes and is about £10pp return. An excellent service which is clearly marked with times and is pretty much on the dot time wise. The 1st time we went it was a Saturday, which is a busy day for Cruise Ships, we walked around the walls of the old town which is a must if you can. We then went to do some shopping but given the amount of people we decided to do the shopping on our visit later in the week. The 2nd visit we made was late afternoon via Bus from Cavtat. It takes approximately 30 minutes and cost 12 kuna (about £1.50pp). This time we went to the new town and had a look at the harbor where the cruise ships dock and then we got the 1B bus back into the old town (is it a fair walk up hill). Although the bus from Cavtat does stop at the old town we decided to go to the bus station. We looked around the shops and then had a 3 course meals (set menu) right on the main street and was 75 Kuna per person which was only about £9.00, amazing as I am quite a fussy eater. The shops are very nice, a lot sell the same things but they all have different things in aswell. We were unsure what the money situation was as we were told both Kuna and Euro were accepted. There was not much difference between the 2 however you can only use Kuna for the Bus Service and Supermarket. We did mainly use Kuna although we paid for a couple of meals in Euro. Dubrovik Airport is not all that big, however has a great Duty Free, where I found myself spending almost as much as I had in the 10 days. I am lead to believe there is no limit on anything you bring back within reason and I had no problems. Overall this was probably the best holiday I have ever had as far as location, relaxation and a lovely place in general. I will definitely be returning to Catvat in the future and I think Dubrovnik would be great for those who enjoy City Breaks. The only downside I found is that a lot of Croatians are not very friendly, particularly in shops and supermarkets. I think they are still getting used to tourism and this is certainly not going to put me off going again. "

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  • Travel date: 24th September 2010
  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 5 Food

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