smartline Meridian Hotel

Sunny Beach, Sunny Beach 8240 Bulgaria
4 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3.5 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

92 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Good hotel, shame about the resort


"Stayed at the Meridian for 2 weeks from 4th June 2007. Went as a single female so used to getting small grotty rooms but the room was a standard size, 2 large single beds which were very comfy. Sheets changed every 3 days except at the end when went 5 days, towels every day. Didn`t have a glass balcony but a good view over the reception area and local bars to watch everyone coming and going. Yes the music goes on from 9am - midnight but once the door is shut it is very quiet in the room. Minibar which I put my own drinks in as no price list for the hotels own drinks and sat TV and hairdryer so all mod cons. Air con didn`t seem very effective but it wasn`t that hot at night so not a problem.

My main complaint was the dreadful smell in the bathroom - worse than a mens toilet and it wasn`t just my room with the problem - others complained of the same. The shower often flooded out of the glass cubicle as the drains seems very slow to empty.

The other main complaint is the loud disco/rave music by the pool from 0830 - I`m sure the barman played it just for himself and there really wans`t any need. He seemed to want to compete with teh music from the hotels other bar. It wouldn`t have been so bad if he played a selection of music for all tastes and definately isn`t for those wanting a relaxing day. Note - take your ipod/CD payer to block it out!

The food was OK. I was expecting the worst from reading other reviews but I loved the breakfast. Choice of cereals/fruit, salad, cooked breakfast and fresh pancakes and omlettes. Yes the toaster is crap but theres plenty of other food to eat. The evening meals weren`t as good, but varied - some days fantastic selection, other days not so good, and yes chips everyday, but its cheap and definately edible. I`ve had far worse and never had a bad stomach whilst there or was aware of anyone else suffering. Again my complaint is about the loud music in the restaurant and the waiters who love singing along to it while eating their own breakfast - hardly professional but I guess that`s the problem of poorly paid staff. Some waiters worked their socks off, others were lazy.

The lifts weren`t that much of a problem except on the main departure days (monday and fridays). They seemed to be fairly reliable this year!

I would go back to the Meridian. Its probably more 3 star standard than 4 star, but the main problem is the staff in the hotel. Some were very friendly and worked extremely hard. Others were lazy and obviously there to see what they can get. Perhaps they just need a stronger management to enforce standards and training. Accept Sunny beach for what it is - a sunbathers paradise/drinkers paradise and you`ll be OK. Shame about the Brits who misbehave and give us all a bad name - I mean passing out in the corridors as too pissed to make it another 20 feet to their hotel room, and this wan`t teenagers (more like mid life crises)."

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of June 2007

Worst Hotel Ever!!!!!


"My partner and i have just returned from the Meridian hotel for a 2 week holiday break. We had problems with the travel agent and ended up here. We ended up in a superior room in which the only difference was a glass shower door from a curtain. The maids come in every day but only do some cleaning and the beds are supposed to be changed every three days this isn't the case it was the eighth day they were changed. The main problem for most holiday makers was the sunloungers by the pool which cost 5 levs per bed. The restaurant was unsuitable for this size of hotel there was never any cutlery and bread ran out and took forever to be replaced although there was always someone around. As long as you like chips you'll be fine if not uncooked chicken and lots of skinned fish was there to eat. Dessert was good though.There is NO Fitness Suite -there is a bike and bench press and guess what that's it. In the hotel there is NO entertainment AT ALL. Checkout is a bit of a nightmare when you only get 20 mins per room in a curtsey room. After all i would recommend the hairdresser in the hotel who was fab and really listened to what you wanted and very cheap. i would recommend Sunny Beach for a group of people or families but just find a better hotel."

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  • Travel date: Mon 11th of June 2007

great hotel


"stayed at this hotel 7th may for one week, the room was very clean and larger than most hotel rooms, the food at the restaurant was basic but always hot. and filling, the waiting staff cleared your plate as soon as you finished.
we found the staff very friendly and helpful.
although there was quite a bit of buliding work going on around the resort we hardly heard any noise.
would we go back ?
Yes hopefully in september if not then early next year."

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  • Travel date: Wed 16th of May 2007



"We went to Bulgaria on the 19th August 2006, We thought it was a super holiday and found that the staff were all very friendly. When we got the hotel the porter took my case and carried it up stairs to our room, which was much apprechiated after the flight!

The food upstairs could be improved but for the cost we didn't mind going out, we enjoyed a meal in a restruant facing the Bacardi Bar across from the Hotel, there is a little pizza stall down the little row of little shops (we often enjoyed a slice of pizza on the way back from the beach!)
We had a real good time in the Bacardi Bar (For what i can remember!), Also there is a pub called "The Coner Pub" - right next to the hotel, which we also like to have a drink and watch every football match too.

We thought that Bulgaria came to life at night, really enjoyed the night life!

We are looking for another holiday to Bulgaria for next year and up to now have not seen a hotel we'de rather stay in!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 18th of October 2006

oh those lifts!


"we enjoyed our stay at the meridian. rooms were nice and clean and we had a good view of the pool. the only problems were trying to get a bed at the pool and the lifts out of order which was a nuisance at meal times and depending on what time you went to eat it could be hard to get a table. the food was ok. i could always eat something in the restaurant. the cleaning staff were nice and were good at waiting till you had left the room to clean. the reception staff were a little abrupt but were always busy. there are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby. beach about 5 mins away. nice beach bar next to hotel bougas beach. lovely pizza. overall i would recomend this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Tue 3rd of October 2006



"Just got back from staying at the Meridian Hotel on Sunny Beach. Bulgaria is an interesting destination, but if you don't like Blackpool, don't go to Sunny Beach. There are hundreds of bars and restaurants with karaoke most nights and dangerous offers of two for one on most cocktails that are killers on their own.
The Meridian Hotel was ok. Can't fault the cleanliness and the rooms were a decent size, all having a balcony. The bathroom was average and smelt very damp. We were on the tenth (top) floor which was ideal as could walk upstairs to the panorama restaurant. Previous reviews can show you the problems with the too few lifts in the hotel. On at least two occasions, we saw people stuck in the lifts and they were down to half capacity.
However, if you never make it to the panorama restaurant, you're not missing much. For the price of a package deal, the food is fine. You're never going to get nouvelle cuisine, but was fine. However, the service was very poor. There were too few staff, so no tables cleared after other guests had left. Found myself searching high and low for a table, then having to leave belongings so could hunt out cutlery then eat off dirty tablecloths. Not too bad as eating out is very cheap in Sunny Beach.
A friend of mine went on the "Real Bulgaria" trip which she couldn't speak highly enough of, and we found the trip to Nessebar lovely, so went again by bus ourselves. The trip to Bourgas was disappointing as the place has no great attraction, though the wine tasting afterwards was good fun. A word of warning - DO NOT waste your time and money on the rep's TRI night held on a Friday. You are led to an awful, tiny venue where over a hundred and fifty people are crammed in, charged more than double the usual for drinks with very poor entertainment, and toilets downstairs, outside, round the corner and filthy. I don't know how they have the audacity to advertise this and is a blatant way of making money.
All in all, I may go again, but wouldn't stay at the Meridian."

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  • Travel date: Mon 25th of September 2006

lovely appearence


"We have justed returned from the Meridian hotel in sunny beach Bulgaria on arrival at the hotel from the outside it looks very modern and in the reception area it is clean spacious and comfortable. The rooms are quite generous in size with good storage space and air conditioning unit.The bathrooms on the other hand are very small and the shower cubicles tiny and flood the floor as you use thm therfore after showering you have to mop up the floor otherwise water just lies there and you have to paddle to use the wash basin.
All rooms have a small balcony but unfortunately we were at the front of the hotel which was extremely noisy and therfore could not sit out in the evening we had to close the doors to drown the noise.
One problem everyone complained about were the lifts there were two main lifts in the middle of hotel which took six people at a time but meal times you could not get in them just not enough for so many rooms, there were two other lifts which held four people but they rarely stopped at our floor .
Food was very good lovely selection and well cooked and plenty of it. The maids came in every day to make beds change towrls and mop bathroom."

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  • Travel date: Sun 24th of September 2006

Booked to go again!!


"We got back september 19th. I had a bit of worries when i read some peoples reviews on this resort....But there is not much bad i can say about it at all...

We arrived early hours in the morning..Our luggage came out straight away... When we arrived at the hotel the people where friendly and willing to help....We was on the 1st floor so i was pleased with that.....

The hotel was really nice...We had a superior room and there was not much that i could grumble about with it...There were a few loose sockets and drainage smell in the bathroom, but that was it.....

The weather wasnt too bad it was a bit cold somedays and it rained on our last day ..... The beach and sea is really nice..

A lot of people said that you have to be careful with your food was a bit picky of where to eat....My faviourite place was Mamacitas (The chicken steak).....The people were really nice everywhere and there are loads to do. Me and my boyfriend found loads more stuff to do the day that we were leaving... It is unbelivably cheap over there, i never had to watch my spending...

All in all it was a reall good holiday...Im already looking to book it again."

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of September 2006

My Husband & i have just had 2 wonderful weeks in Sunny Beach.


"The Marista has been refurbished & renamed the Meridian.The hotel is great well decorated (but needs a few final touch ups)Glass lifts going up through the center of the hotel.Restaurant is on the top floor with great views of the beach.Food lovely,pool nice bars entertainment etc.Staff we really pleasant & polite nothing was to much trouble,there was a security guard on the door all night.Reception staff tried their very best to sort out most things for you.Excellent Hotel.Out & about was equally as nice loads to do,beach it huge goes on for miles.Food cheap beer 40p a pint street entertainment.On a down side there is a lot of small kids begging (a lot of deformed kids) and only change money in your hotel we met several people who changed money in the streets & got seen off 1 did a runner with a ladys money.
All the flights were on time as was the tranfers to our hotel would definately go there again & again.
Photos of hotel available if required
[email protected]"

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of October 2005

loved the maritsa


"We have just spent a fortnight at the maritsa hotel and it was brilliant. Some work has still to be completed but it did not affect us. Our party had four rooms and some still had old bathrooms . The hotel looks fab inside and out, and the swimming pool is a good size. The staff are all friendly and helpful. We were bed and breakfast and they have a variety of food .We all loved it and will be going back"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 21st of July 2005

Comments -- staying on half board for 7 nights


"Room is spacious and cleaned daily and staff at restaurant were very good. Food was ok. Front office staff not customer friendly. Charging guests for using sun beds at daily rate per person considering that this hotel is advertised as a 4 star hotel. In my opinion I would rate this hotel as 2 Star"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 9th of June 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

best holiday hotel ever


"who are these people slagging of this hotel they must be snobs for this is one of the best hotel in sunny beach staff are very nice rooms clean and tidy okay food is basic at dinner but breakfast what more can you ask for there is a vast variety from hot breakfast to continental pool is excellent well looked after sun loungers must be paid for reason for this they do not belong to the hotel if you wish to eat out at night i recommend the lotus hotel at far end of lane across from meridian kris the owner is always there to greet you and the staff are nice menu is excellent i and my wife have bee to meridian seven times and have no complaints and always visit lotus for evening meal suggest bed and breakfast in meridian "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of July 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness
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    "not a resort for families full of youn drunken yobs getting drunk and making life hell for everyone "

  • hgoodwin by hgoodwin

    "aqua park, lazy day cruise, kauns tent, beach, lovely food at a place called billy's "

  • kiddiwinks by kiddiwinks

    "Roses Restaurant. Beautiful Nessebar with it's cobbled streets & quaint houses. "

  • marc and jen by marc and jen


  • lazerpenkings by lazerpenkings

    "Must go to Lotus bar and Kharma bar. Nessebar is a must. "

  • jay1982kl by jay1982kl

    "the place itself could be nice "

  • EmRose by EmRose

    "If your looking for a great stay in Sunny Beach, Meridian Hotel is for you! "

  • mcmelons by mcmelons

    "If you want to relax during the day and party by night this is the place to go. "

  • Stephx by Stephx

    "Im about to go and book this hotel again for next year! "

  • GazzA by GazzA

    "Go for the night life alone!!! "

  • jessi by jessi

    "great for younger crowd "

  • gaga7282 by gaga7282

    "Loved sunny beach most relaxing place in the world "

  • Disillusioned, South Lanarkshire by Disillusioned, South Lanarkshire

    "You will not be impressed at this time of year "

  • spencer by spencer

    "i would suggest not going there !!!!!!!!!!!!! "

  • Keith by Keith

    "look elsewhere for accomodation try the Alba or the planet hotels "

  • lol by lol

    "not really for the old folks "

  • Johnny and Annemarie from Dublin by Johnny and Annemarie from Dublin

    "Tip the maids and talk to the desk "

  • Julie R by Julie R

    "Dont book all inclusive "

  • Christine H by Christine H

    "Take the bus to the market .And Pommeria it is lovely "

  • George F by George F

    "get rid of sunbed rip off "

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