Palace Hotel

Sunny Beach Promenade, Sunny Beach 8240 Bulgaria
3 star hotel


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  • 3 room
  • 2 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 3 service
  • 3 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 3 food

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clean and tidy


"just back from palace hotel second year in a row. hotel cleaned day and night.went half board this year food was fine allways something you staff friendly.rooms clean but bathroom very small.will book in next time im in sunny beach"

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  • Travel date: Sat 31st of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 3 Food

This is finally a review that is actually going to be the truth.


"I’m sick of reading bad reviews.
Well I’m telling you now, the Palas Hotel must have changed a lot within the months of other people going.

Before I went away on the 20th July 2009, I read reviews on this hotel and I completely scared myself. I was going for two weeks, surely I couldn’t last that long in a hotel with terrible reviews?!

Me and my boyfriend decided to go away for our birthdays, between 20th July – 3rd August 2009.

I’m deciding to write a true review so that people can actually know the real truth.
Putting it into sections so you don’t have to read paragraphs either.

On the way:

The Coach trip to the hotel didn’t take very long and we had a Bulgarian Rep, but she could speak English and she was helpful.

Outside of the hotel

Once we arrived at the hotel, the outside looked a bit worrying, it wasn’t that it looked dirty, it just looked a bit cheap.
There was a small store (24 hour) selling plenty of drinks & food so that was handy as we got there at 01:00am!


It was on one of the main back roads so be careful if you have small children, because once you get down the couple of steps you are on the road.


There is a phone booth that is really cheap on the right side when you exit the hotel.
Also mine or my boyfriend’s mobile phones didn’t work in Bulgaria so you may find this happens to you.


Unfortunately the Karaoke is on from 8pm-12am, and you can hear it from your hotel room, but not like every one is saying. It’s not that bad, you can sleep and we knew the couple next door and they had a small child and they never moaned.


The pool was quite small but always clean! The Pool boy was always keeping his eye out to see if anything was in there that shouldn’t of been! It was quite hard to get a seat around the pool (isn’t it everywhere?), but if you do find it hard to get a seat, then the Belvedere Hotel next door has an amazing pool and always has seats, you are allowed to use them!


The bar by the pool was good; the guys behind it were brilliant and always remembered your favourite drink! Just give them a tip and they will be your friend for the rest of the holiday!


I’ve read that some people found the reception staff were miserable and weren’t friendly at all. I don’t think we actually came across a moody receptionist! They were all friendly, ok at times some wouldn’t speak much, but they are Bulgarian.

You can hand your key in, and safety deposit boxes were quite cheap. I think it was about £20 for a week.

Once you arrive at the hotel there is a Bell Boy who is there to carry your bags to your room.
He doesn’t even ask for a tip!

(We gave him one anyway..We are nice like that)


We only went bed & breakfast but the food wasn’t much to rave about. It was just standard food. But there were plenty of restaurants nearby and across from the hotel that serve fantastic English Breakfasts!!


The room when we arrived was quite small, but to be expected. The bathroom was very small, literally you could shower and use the loo at the same time! But how much of the holiday do you really spend in the bathroom?

The room we found was very clean. I am a complete clean freak so I checked the sheets and pillows and not one mark on them! The floor was very clean, couldn’t find a fault at all with cleanliness of the entire hotel.

We had a side view balcony and it was picture perfect, a view of the beach, pool and the road with all the bars and shops on.

The maids would come in everyday and make the beds and sweep the floors, it was always tidy. The towels get changed every 3 days and the bed clothes get changed every 5 days.

The beach:

Ok, if you have small children please be careful! There are so many jelly fish it’s un true.

We visited the beach on the first day just for a walk and a paddle and it is lovely, we sun bathed for a bit. The beds are 7 lev each and if you want an umbrella its another 7 lev, so that’s like £3.50 per bed.

On another day we rented a pedal boat and we only went out a few feet and looked in to the sea and could see about 5 jellyfish, the further we went out the more there were, we were shocked to see how close people were to them! So we didn’t really stay at the beach.

Didn’t really fancy getting stung (I mean we all know how your supposed to treat a jellyfish sting.. No thanks!)

The Fruit Men/Women!:

Ok, everywhere you go there are people on the street selling fruit. DO NOT stop to talk to them, they completely con you out of your money, they offer you a sample of fruit and then try selling you a bag, they do not leave you alone. We seen so many people getting conned after my Boyfriend got 40 lev stolen from him from one of the guys!
Please do not talk to them; there are plenty of fruit stalls so buy from them.

The Train

There is a small train that stops out of the front of the hotel which takes you in to the Main Section of Sunny Beach, it’s only 3lev each and it’s worth it, very bumpy ride but it definitely beats the half an hour walk!

The Beach Front

This is the place you will spend most of your holiday, it has all the bars, clubs, shops etc on. There are some lovely restaurants and the staff are lovely. Having the beach as a view is perfect.

There are plenty of stalls and shops to go to.

The prices of the meals we were having were brilliant in some places, Bulgaria is so cheap.

It’s about a 10-15 minute walk till you get to the main bars and restaurants so it’s not to bad.

You will obviously find your own personal favourites.

There are plenty of Miniature Golf courses, (I found that out because my boyfriend was obsessed with them)


We took a small boat over to Nessebar old town, boat ride was lovely (if you don’t get sea sick haha)
Once your there its a short walk to get to all the stores and bars etc.
We took a walk around and there are some brilliant places, but i’ll leave that up to you to explore!

My Recommendations

There are plenty of whole day activities you can get up to, just ask your REP she will tell you all about them, and when your being told the price, just half it and its English price, they are bargains!

Bars & Restaurants:

Simply Mikes bar/restaurant (on the strip going right out of the hotel)
Jacks bar/restaurant ( in the main centre of Sunny Beach)

There was a brilliant Italian Restaurant on the left as you come out of the hotel it’s on your right! Amazing pizza

We were in to drinking and dancing so best place to do that is:

Iceberg – club (Centre)
Viking Beach Bar – Strip
Shooters Beach Bar - Strip
Amigo Beach Bar - Strip
Coyotes Ugly – Strip
Ole Ole – Centre


Please do not worry about other peoples reviews, this hotel was in a brilliant location, it was a little bit noisy in the rooms but only till 12, the rooms were clean and the food is great in restaurants nearby.

But please don’t hesitate when booking this hotel. You have to make your own mind up, don’t let reviews scare you away.

We enjoyed our holiday, we hope you enjoy yours.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 13th of August 2009

Hi 2 any 1 that goes 2 this rubbish pls,...


"Hi 2 any 1 that goes 2 this rubbish pls, i dont think there is enough page 4 me 2 tell u on this! But any way the pls is the pits, the ppl r very bad mannerd, there is nothn 2 do in the hotel, the food u wodnt give it 2 ur dog, its the same all the time, the entertainment if thats wot u want 2 call it. Even wen u go out 4 a walk its the same every where the pits. I WOULD NEVER GO BACK AND THATS A PROMISE...!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 1st of October 2008

well where do i start ? landed in bourga...


"well where do i start ? landed in bourgas at 4.30 waited 40 mins for baggage
transfer to hotel was decent but not an english speaking rep
hotel looked very nice what a mistake
staff very very rude food minging rooms very small and hold your nose when you have a shower because the bathroom stinks
the hotel fleece you for everything broken chairs like the one we had to pay for
you even have to pay to use the hotels own sun loungers and they need a good deep clean
restaurant was like a cattle market just minging
miserable cow on the bar
what can i say about this place well please dont book to go there its truley horrific
and if you want your suitcases to be loaded on to the wrong coach when you have left them in reception for your coach well then good look to ya
all in all toatally bad service never recommend to my worst enmy
thanks for taking time to read
glenn savage and adrian best "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of August 2008

Location good not right in amongst the n...


"Location good not right in amongst the nightlife and shops but only a short walk, beach 20 metres so excellent. Staff quite miserable, food terrible no attempt at all to cater for the british and you are charged if you want ketchup or mayo with your meal, you are also charged £2.50 for a sun bed around the hotel pool. Sunny Beach itself I wouldn't go to again but was an experience, Bulgarians will do anything to get money out of you, never seen so many shops and scams got boring in the end. Hotel very clean and took earplugs so got to sleep fine with door shut and Air Con on. Coach back to airport had no windows or Air Con and took a hour and half to get to airport, roasted and just about finished my holiday off, asked for tip for driver told him to get Air Con. Will try Golden Sands next time before Bulgaria prices itself out as prices are going up , even in two weeks as the season headed towards high-season prices were rising, Bulgaria the scammers of Europe BEWARE."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 30th of June 2008

Please avoid this hotel if you want a wi...


"Please avoid this hotel if you want a wink of sleep.

We upgraded after 3 nights of hell. The floors and walls are paper thin and the guests are very rowdy all night. Reception staff are rude and unhelpful.

The rooms are cramped and the bathroom is like a small box. The shower is just a head and the floor fills with water making it dangerously slippy. You can walk from one balcony to another which is also very dangerous.

They make you pay to sit around the hotel pool. 3 nights was too much in this dive.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 8th of August 2006
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