Laguna Park Hotel

Sunny Beach, Sunny Beach 8240 Bulgaria
4 star hotel


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  • 4.5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 4 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 4 location

78 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

great hotel!!!


"i have just returned home from the laguna park hotel, which myself, my mother and my 4 year old son spent 1 week.
having read some reviews on the hotel before leaving, i was a bit doubtfull of my choice as there were a few bad things said regarding the hotel but i can honestly say that all the negative remarks were completely un-true!!
the hotel was gorgeous and the staff very friendly and helpfull.
my son loved the pool area as there was a huge walk in kids pool, 2 little slides and also a flume!! the play park was also a hit so needless to say i hardly saw him sittin in the many sun-loungers!!
my son and i are fussy eaters at the best of times so it was no surprise we didn`t really enjoy the breakfast but as far as im concerned, it was sufficient enough to satisfy you till lunch and my mother went every morning without complaint! there are of course many, many little places dotted everywhere next to the hotel where you can get a cheap english breakfast and a good variety of lunch also.
the hotel is really central and just a few minutes from all the action, shops, bars etc so we were never bored. the little train which takes you up and down the road was also a huge hit with my son as it was really regular (every 5 minutes or so) and saved his legs from gettin too tired out.
overall i would highly reccomend this hotel and we are already planning next years holliday to..... laguna park!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of September 2008

Never Again!!


"What can I say.....been there done that and will not be going back! We (4 adults and 1 child age 12) stayed for a week at Laguna Park and I am so glad it was not two. We arrived at 4.30am and checked in fairly quickly although we did have to sort out the rooms as they had put my son in the wrong room. We were also given an envelope inviting us to the welcome meeting at 10.30am...great...not much sleep to be had then. We all managed to get up in time for breakfast which is an experience in itself! There were various things on offer - scrambled eggs, beans, some sort of sausage etc but all were luke warm, in fact the fruit which was by a window was warmer! The better was in a bowl submerged in water and ice so you had to poke around in it to retrieve a knob of butter, which did not look very inviting especially after other had been digging about in it with dirty cutlery. You had no one to show you what or where things were and it was only on the last day that we found a microwave. After running the gauntlet at breakfast for 4 days we could stand it no longer so decided to pay for breakfast out of the hotel.

The staff were all very miserable, and even after being there a week the barman could not even crack a smile or even say please or thank you. We also found this in many of the shops. It made me feel that they were racist! It was also expensive to buy drinks at the hotel bar so we bought drinks at the local shop which were half the price.

We tried to get sunbed round the pool on the first day of our holiday but they all had towels on but not people!? The 2nd day of our holiday we tried to get sunbeds going down to breakfast a bit earlier but to no avail so ended up going down to the beach and having to pay for sunbeds and parasols (7 levs each). This we had to do each day as we did not manage to get sunbeds round the pool. although the one afternoon we did get sunbeds, about 3pm, my son was playing on the waterslide and cut his foot on the bottom of the pool. He was then dragged off by the lifeguard (if you could call him that!) to the doctor in the hotel, all the while my husband telling him to leave him alone and we'll sort it out, but to no avail he got dragged into the doctors room and they suggested going to hospital to have it stiched although there was no way my son was letting that happen! All the while the doctor kept demanding payment and cut a long story short he didn't get either, after all my son damaged his foot in the hotel pool!! I had to purchase some large plaster from the local pharmacy as the ones i had bought with me were to small, but the pharmacist was very helpful.

All in all there is no way I would ever go back to this hotel and possibly never back to Bulgaria. If you are going......GOOD LUCK"

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of September 2008

loved it!


"I stayed at laguna park with my two sistersand three teenagers,we all loved it.The kids rated it their best holiday, right on the doorstep of all the action just a short walk away from the main strip.Pool was great even a small jacuzzi pool for us mums.Khans tent a fabulous nightout for everybody The hotel was spotless and we could find no fault with staff. I would definately return and wouldnt hesitate to recommend it."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of August 2008

Spacious Rooms/ Cleaners excellent


"Have just got around to writing this review been back 2weeks.
I found the rooms to be really big, clean and comfortable. We had a mini bar, tv ect. The best was the shower room huge with an enclosed walk in shower. Toiletries were supplied and towels changed daily. There also was a screen to keep insects out.
The cleaner was superb and always smiled and we gave a good tip and a bottle of vino - and if we were in the room she would not knock but come back later.
Breakfast there was usual cereals ect and like eggs, french toast, pancakes ect
Lots of fruits - I found the breakfast staff to be lovely two older men in particular were really friendly and also served at the pool resturant-they work really hard and were actually running in 85degree heat ...
It had huge foyers and had bar, pool table with lots of sofas ect people with young children sat in with tvs on cartoon channel to chill at times.
Pool area had a sand/playground enclosed which would be good for people with younger families.
Downside the first week we got 4 sunbeds a day no prob the 2nd week it was busier and 1day we got none so the following day I was up early and resorted to having a peek to find at 8 30 loads towels(i hate that) on beds but no bodies. So what can I say if you can,t beat them.... unhappy about -Lots ants round pool area
Location next to Iberostar resort - really central for all ect
Fav restaurant Djannys/Condor (cocktails nxt door fab)and one nxt to hotel as handy
Cocktails think Bar Hollywood excellent and a laugh accross from Andersons I found this to be expensive
There was another one on same side of street as Laguna with a white canopy 2:4:1 don't remem name but had internet access in the hotel-great to get teenagers active haha peace for a while.
Anyway I loved Sunny Beach we were a party of 8 .
Nessebar is a must. Forgot to mention the reception staff are a hoot some of guys must be getting a bonus not to smile- I flashed my pearlies a few times to no avail- but what can I say they did the job.

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of July 2008

No complaints regarding this hotel


"This hotel was very well run and the staff were very helpful. My wife and I stayed 23rd June until 7th July B&B. Food was ok and there was plenty of it. The rooms were very clean and the maid was in every day. There was Sat TV and a minibar which had 2Xcoke, 2xbottle water, 2xcans lager and 2xcartons of orange juice. The maid left a bill for items used. The mini fridge was ok for leaving your own drink in and having your own drink in the hotel room was not a problem. The pool had plenty sunbeds and the hotel restaurant was very cheap for food but a bit over the odds for drink. Outside you got a beer for 2 levs and 3 levs at the hotel. There is no entertainment at the hotel. The location of the hotel is very central. The hotel will give you no cause for concern."

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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of July 2008

A good review of Laguna Park!!


"Having read the reviews on Tripadvisor for the Laguna Park I felt it was necessary to write an honest review which myself and my 4 travel buddies agree with.

We arrived at the hotel around 6am. There was about 4 groups waiting to be checked in. This was done promptly and efficiently. The lady who checked us in spoke very good English and told us all we needed to know with regards to breakfast times. One of our party didn’t join us on the outbound flight, but when I explained to the lady she would be joining us a few days later she was most accommodating and said it wasn’t a problem and that they would keep the room on for her (the rep said they usually re-sell the rooms if a no show of more than 3 days).
When we got to our rooms (419 + 421) we were happy to see they were not only next to each other but also with a fantastic pool view.
The rooms were on the 4th floor which is easy to get to by using the stairs or the lift.

The rooms were very spacious and had 2 twin beds and a little sofa which turned into a sofa bed (this was used by my friend who arrived a few days later as she didn’t want to sleep in a room on her own and she said it was very comfortable). There was more than enough space in the wardrobe which had plenty of coat hangers and shelf space. There was the dressing table which had a TV and mirror and stool. The TV was mainly German channels, I think there were about 2 English channels, but this shouldn’t be an issue to most folk as who goes on hol to watch TV?!!! There was a small fridge which had soft drinks, water and beer in, there was a small charge for the drinks 1.50 lev (64p) for a can of pop, this was similar to the prices in the shops so it was handy, I think the beers were 3 lev (£1.29) which is also a good price and similar to the supermarkets. It did state not to put your own goods in the fridge, but we had a few things in there to keep cool and the maid didn’t have a problem with it. The only thing the room didn’t have and would have been great if it had was a kettle. We did ask reception and the restaurant but they didn’t have them to rent out, however you can get a free cup of hot water from the bar if you want (caution though, its free from the pool bar but the bar man at the bar inside charged 1 lev for some reason!). The bathroom was spacious too and had a double length shower which was lovely and powerful. The sink area had a huge mirror and hairdryer (take your own though if you want power, this one isn’t very powerful). The bathroom did smell a little, but more of stale air than anything more gross! There was also a phone in the bathroom which made us girls giggle, you can phone your pal in the next room if you want to chat whilst on the throne – ok maybe not! The balcony view was perfect, especially on a morning when eyeing up the sun beds, the Germans get out early so if you have a pool view take advantage of it, if you don’t just get there about 8am for a decent sun spot sun bed!

We were on bed and breakfast basis and what a nice surprise it was. When we arrived at 6am we waited up till 7am when they first start serving brekky (served between 0700 – 1000). We were greeted by a very friendly restaurant manager; I think he was called Stoyan or something like that. He was an elderly gent but he was so nice to us and every morning of our stay when we went for brekky he would say hello and ask how we were and he would also give us the weather forecast for the day (it rained most of the week we were there ). If there was anything we wanted he would get it for us, what better service could you ask for. There was plenty of choice, which came as good news to us as we had heard bad reports about the food. There are toasters throughout the restaurant for you to toast your bread (you will need to put it through twice though as they don’t toast too quickly). The food available ranged from sausages (not English sadly), eggs, beans, tomatoes, cereal, jams, Bulgarian dish of cucumber, tomato and feta cheese – this is just lush and I had for brekky every day! There was also a selection of fruits and cakes, the coconut with jam in the middle were just lovely washed down with a pot of tea!! There was juice, tea and coffee available, however if you like English tea take some tea bags as the ones on offer aren’t very strong!! Overall I can’t fault the brekky one bit, it does get busy towards the end of serving time 0900 – 1000, but that’s just the Germans!!!

The hotel is very big and sadly lacks any form of entertainment so if you are going with a family and want hotel entertainment I would stay somewhere else as there is nothing going on here, I’m not sure if this changes in high season but from 09 – 17 June there was nothing on.
The hotel has a doctor, massage area, internet, hairdressers, sauna, bar, pool side bar, playground. I can’t think what else! I had a back massage for 12 lev (£10.82) and it was lovely and a bargain too! The lady had relaxing music in the background!
The reception area is very large with lots of couches and chairs to lounge on.
Overall I can’t really fault the hotel as it catered for exactly what myself and my 4 girlfriends wanted from the hotel.

Perfect! You are only about 5/7 mins from the beach and about 10 mins from the centre, however you pass plenty of shops, restaurants and bars on the way so the time flies when you are wandering into the town!

The resort, as with the hotel is full of Germans and men is scary lycra trunks (not a pleasant site). We hardly saw any English whilst we were there. There are plenty of eating places and bars to adventure with during your stay. There are many bargains to be had, but be warned the Bulgarians don’t want to barter so most of the time you end up paying what the price showing says!! Worth a try though!! I can recommend the Castle looking restaurant for a meal, it was lush, however The Ship opposite looks amazing but the food wasn’t good!! Go to the waterpark, although make sure it’s the Action one you go to in Sunny Beach, the other one that you pass on way to/from airport is the smallest park I have ever seen!! The Action park has free bus stops throughout the resort and costs 30 lev (£12.98) to get in, it was a wicked day out!

The hotel was perfect for what we wanted and I would stay here again, if you want to be more central go to Chaika Beach and its funky bar Club Mystic, think you can get from as little as £14 pp Half Board!!! The location was perfect! However the location of Laguna was good too!!

One extra point, we were advised by our travel agent Sunset (Thomas Cook) that there was building work. I have attached a pic of the building work, it was a big hotel being built but we didn’t actually witness any work taking place whilst we were there so no noise or dirt or anything affected our stay. So if you have been advised by your agent I wouldn’t worry too much as it looks like the core work is completed and you will find that no matter where you go in Sunny Beach there is building work all over the place!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 21st of June 2008

the holiday


"well what can i say over all the hotel was more like a 2* than a 4 the pool was ok and the rooms was cleaned on a dailey basis there wasnt that much to do at night espically if u have young children and the park for the littles ones wasnt that much special the bulgarians donot like the english at all and they pretend they cant understand you so then they dont have to serve u in a hurry overall the place wasnt that bad but i certainly wouldnt go back to the laguna when there is a lot more nicer hotels around to stay in the shopping is very cheap and the food the only problem is u have to pay to go to the toilet"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 15th of June 2008

Really average


"Staff were not very friendly and neither were the locals working in the resort.

My balcony door didn't close and they didn't seem that bothered, they actually looked at me as though I had 2 heads when I asked to move to another room. On the third day they had another room for me.

Desk had sticky jam on it and asked reception 3 times to get it cleaned. This didn't happen until I showed a maid myself, on the second day.

The bed sheets did not fit the beds so by the time you woke you would be sleeping on a bare mattress. Towels were small, thin and worn. Really frustrating.

Bar staff closed the bar when they felt like it, even though plenty of people wanted to carry on drinking. (It may have been 2am though, we thought it was open til 4am)

Pool area had broken slabs and chips in the tiling in the pool.
There was a great waterslide though which was good fun.

Breakfast food was basic and chaotic.

Had a late check out on day of departure and maid wouldn't let me have a spare towel to have a shower.

The restaurants throughout the resort did not have fresh food - ALL ofthe menus were identical and about 30 pages long offering every type of cuisine. One page of fresh food would have been fine thanks. Very difficult to get a piece of fresh fish by the sea.

So no, not great and would never go back to this hotel. Thank goodness I went with a great group and we had fun anyway."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of May 2008

I love Bulgaria but not this hotel


"I have a been to Sunny Beach / St Vlas Bulgaria 3 times over the last 6 years. Always had a great time found the people friendly and really helpful. Unfortunately I found most of the reception staff at the Laguna Park to be unhelpful and rude. This made the stay here unpleasant and was a big disappointment given the previous experience of Bulgaria.

My room smelt of damp, I had no view as obscured by another part of hotel and room overlooked.

The room was a decent size, but the beds were uncomfortable and the bedding was old and washed out which I thought was not acceptable for a 4 star hotel. Some of the rooms in other sections of the hotel were much nicer. No tea / coffee making facilities.

I will go to Bulgaria again but would not stay here again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of January 2008

holiday for oldies


"arrived home last night after staying in the Laguna Park Hotel for a week. On arrival i was a tad concerned as it looked very commercialised with loads of restuarants and clubs. We had a fabulous week and enjoyed every minute of it although earplugs are required if you want to sleep before 4 a.m.!!!! The food at Laguna was great (we were B&B) with plenty of cheap places to eat- the best one being on the front beside Victoria called Villagers Yard. It was a courtyard with real Bulgarian food at the best prices. We travelled with Balkan Holidays and were pleased with the reps in resort who were local and very friendly and helpful. On our last night we did the organised night out to Khan's Tent which for £23 each was a fabulous night and nothing like i had imagined. - NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! We are in our mid 50's and would definately go to Bulgaria again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of June 2007

going back


"My husband and myself stayed at this hotel from the 8th to 15th September this year, we had a lovely holiday, food was good, you can always find something you like, the staff were very friendly and helpful, rooms were spotless and towels changed every day, We have booked to go back next year with our family so hopefully it will be as good as this time "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 8th of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

food not good, oh and rise very early for a sunbed


"We arrived at hotel at 6am after checking in we were taken to our room which was really spacious with a brilliant bathroom.When we had slept for a while we went down to lunch, 1st thoughts were this is ok but as the week went on the choice of food was well not good, the 2nd week we had fish that wasnt cooked, chicken that was still frozen to which my hubby was ill. Sunbeds well set your alarms for half 6 to get a bed! oh and loud music in the evenings which included swearing!! we was not being picked upm till 1.45 in the ealy hours to go home so with 2 young children is bad enough, but not being aloud to nod off while you were waiting was a bit much, oh and if you did it was a 50lev fine!!!!! our advice go elsewhere and go s.c. as food is cheap to eat out. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 25th of September 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 2 Food
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  • sam18t7 by sam18t7

    "Kharn's tent is a must see. Nessebar old town was beautiful too. "

  • Splythy by Splythy

    "Meastroz, The Red Lion, Chilli Peppers Bar, Brothers "


    "off road adventure, aquapark, nessiebar "

  • chunkybum by chunkybum

    "just watch out for the wee kids carrying pups BIG con n change ur money at the crown nowhere else "

  • chunkybum by chunkybum

    "khans tent, tonys karaoke bar, shooters on the beach "

  • nicks09 by nicks09

    "kahns tent show was great and lovely view "

  • lindak by lindak

    "All the food was good when eating out, try Daks irish bar for the entertainment "

  • clarenandy by clarenandy

    "the beach is lovely though a bit pricy for sunbeds "

  • clarenandy by clarenandy

    "cans tent was a good night out "

  • phill by phill

    "stay away too much crime "

  • The Richardsons by The Richardsons

    "Laguna Park Hotel baklava!, Nessebur, Khan's tent and the wonderful sandy beach "

  • Becky Brown York by Becky Brown York

    "loved every minute would go back any time. "

  • blackpool by blackpool

    "love sunny beach loads to do and very cheap "

  • chrissy by chrissy

    "Dont expect to eat there "

  • little miss naughty by little miss naughty

    "what a lovely place we are planning to return next year "

  • abimay by abimay

    "beautiful place to visit,and we are contemplating going back next year "

  • camw by camw

    "dont go hear coz it only got good entertainment so go to varna instead of sunny beach "

  • kim by kim

    "go to the shows at nine they may sound boring but they were good fun also go to the beach its beautiful. "

  • lindy_lou by lindy_lou

    "go further afield than the main strip "

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