Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort

4 star hotel

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just got back from 2weeks hols in this h...

Reviewed Tue 17th of June 2008

"just got back from 2weeks hols in this hotel.on 1st appearances brilliant until you get in.reception was ok on book in,friendly enough get a safety deposit box at reception on booking in cost 50lev for 2wks(bout £22) once at room wow we thought 7th floor what a view (sea view)which we did not pay extra for.room lovely big and clean great we thought but at this point we had not been out of the room! once you go for food well thats a different story this hotel is not cheap and you expect something decent well the food is terrible there is always plenty t hats right as in the previous reviews but its plenty of crap!the food is lukewarm and half raw my husband suffered food poisoning the first week as the pork was still blood red in the centre.i got chicken one day that was still raw in the middle.yes there is soup everyday but what flavours !!!!how about cream of cauliflower? i kid you not and that was one of the more appetising. the childrens meals were even worse we had our 6yr old daughter with us and the choice was chips and either chicken nuggets or pizza she lived on the fresh fruit and ice cream that was everydays pudding.security is apparent around the building but all they do is smoke and drink coffee approach them and they just shrug their shoulders at you.the pools are so full of chlorine you can smell it on your costumes like strong bleach and you need to book a sunbed as all the germans have their towels on by 7am.
in resort beware of dippers on the bus to nesebar a girl tried to steal my purse but a local scared her off.the locals love children and are really friendly go over the wood bridge to the beach(take care not very safe)and visit bar morris on the beach drinks good staff lovely say hello to michael the tout and bar forest hut close to the hotel where george,chris and emu will make you very welcome their beer 1lev(42p) a pint and their garlic bread is to die for!!!!!but remember it costs you 1lev as well for a pee!!!( thats wherever you go even the bars)the 2 i have mentioned do not charge.the resort centre and beach is close to the hotel which is its plus point.if you are booked have a good holiday away from the hotel if you are thinking about booking take my advice find another hotel"

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  • Travel date: Tue 17th of June 2008

Just returned from two weeks, absolutley...

Reviewed Wed 11th of June 2008

"Just returned from two weeks, absolutley brilliant, Hotel was always clean, Room was very impressive, get plenty of towels, and lots of little Toiletries ie. ear buds, soap, body lotion, shower gel, sewing kit, Hair Dryer in bathroom. Food does get samey, but plenty of choice, and worth a try even if you think you wont like it. kids club was good, although only seem to have one sometimes two adults to lots of children, ok if staying at hotel, but quite often they would go to beach in mornings, didnt fancy putting my child in then. beach just across the road over the riggaty bridge (which they had started to repair), plenty of shop, bars and resurants a few minutes walk away. the only one bad thing i would say is the older generation of Germans, they are very rude, and push in for food, lifts & buses, But still Definitely going back next year."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of June 2008

The animationgroup of that hotel is real...

Reviewed Tue 10th of June 2008

"The animationgroup of that hotel is really wonderful! I was on a holiday with my 3 children and it really was an holiday because there was so much to do all of my children. All members of this animationgroup was really nice, friendly, happy and helpuful people. They had good programs for adults too, many musicals: Hair, Grease, Saturday night fever! Thanks and greetings all of you! "

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  • Travel date: Tue 10th of June 2008

First time in Bulgaria and we were pleas...

Reviewed Tue 27th of May 2008

"First time in Bulgaria and we were pleasently suprised by both the country and the hotel. My wife chose the Iberostar because it had good food reviews, and I have got to say it was great. Evening meals gave so much choice, buffet style, with chefs preparing pasta dishes to order as well as a carvary/grill chef doing various dishes throughout the week. If all you eat is English style food then some nights you may be disappointed, but we had no problems with feeding our 16 year old daughter and 2 year old son. There was enough choice to satisfy us all.
Staff were all very friendly, and learning a few bulgarian greetings went a long way. The Hotel was clean and tidy, the animation team were good fun with activities throughout the day, a childrens disco - where the staff were very good with the young ones - and a dodgy evening show, which was at some times cringeworthy!
The resort has everything for everyone, quiet bars and resturants right through to banging clubs and strip joints.
Trips with the rep are very overpriced, a short walk from the hotel is a few excursion agents which are much cheaper - however you are on the trip with many different nations so if you don't like being in the minority then stick with the rep.
Cheapest bars are around the market area which is away from the beach and starts at the bus garage and heads North. Some extremely reasonable resturants in this area too - with queues each night so they must be good!
The promanade gets very busy and is a mix of pedestrians, cyclists and nutters on electric scooters, with many bars and resturants all seem to be spit roasting suckling pig which creates some lovely smells.

We enjoyed the hotel so much we booked up again for this year, this time taking a larger group. I hope it is still as good and doesn't let us down. "

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  • Travel date: Tue 27th of May 2008

Iberostar hotel. Stayed two weeks in jul...

Reviewed Sat 3rd of May 2008

"Iberostar hotel. Stayed two weeks in july 07, had a fantastic time. Food was good, entertainment was good but could be on for longer. Room was spacious, clean and modern. Overall Iberostar has everything you need for a great holiday. Just beware of your luggage at bourgas airport, we had our cases bust open and a few other people did too."

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  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of May 2008

WOW what a holiday and what a place to s...

Reviewed Sun 30th of December 2007

"WOW what a holiday and what a place to stay. It was really lovely and staff were really friendly. When we got there we got greeted by our rep. If you book with MyTravel be prepared for the hottest drive of your life and that is just to the hotel. But when we got there we didn't know what to say. It was massive.

We had a great 2 weeks there and the kids loved the kids club where they went on loads of trips with the entertainment team. Entertainment was good at night but repeated every week. The best place to visit is Nessebar. What a view and what a nice atmasfere. Would recommend it to anyone. It was brill!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of December 2007

My wife and I stayed here for two weeks...

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2007

"My wife and I stayed here for two weeks in June and thought the hotel was excellent and the food outstanding. The entertainment team did try very hard but to say it was a bit cheesy is an understatement, they mimed to everything but did put there heart and soul into it.

The resort is very commercial and there seemed to be hundreds of minigolf courses but quantity does not mean quality and the same could be said about where to eat or drink. Ok food but all the same, no decent bars just seem to cater for people to eat.

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  • Travel date: Thu 29th of November 2007

Very clean and well run hotel. Food w...

Reviewed Thu 4th of October 2007

"Very clean and well run hotel.

Food was plentiful and staff very helpful. It was the best hotel in Sunny Beach. Friends stayed at another hotel in Sunny Beach which was a 5 Star; they now have compensation awaiting due to the bad service and food at their hotel.

Sunny Beach stay was 24th September to 1st October, the resort had about 1 week left of the season on the 29th September things were being closed down and shut for the season but still plenty to do and see.

Went on quite a few tours’ the best being the Off road experience. Hotel had entertainment at night and if you wanted a busy nightlife there was plenty around the complex.

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  • Travel date: Thu 4th of October 2007

I and my fiancé went for a week on the...

Reviewed Fri 21st of September 2007

"I and my fiancé went for a week on the 10th -17th. I was quite nervous as I’d never been there before, and because of some of the comments in the reviews, like they are unfriendly and prefer the Germans. I didn't have to be, the place was lovely.

To start, the hotel was gorgeous, by far one of the best in the area, had everything you would want. Our room was lovely too, cleaned everyday and clean towels every day. Staff were very friendly mostly. Only one guy at reception was a bit strange. Everyone spoke pretty good English, apart from the cleaning staff, but they still smiled and said hello every time we saw them. I didn't find any staff in any way to favour Germans or any other nationality over Irish or English. As far as I could see, we were all treated the same.

We tipped the porter who brought our bags up, 10Lev or €5, we didn't have anything smaller. He pretended very well that he wasn't expecting it. He never made us feel we had to though, so I guess you wouldn't have to. I was just worried that they wouldn't be nice to us after if we didn't.

You need 35Lev to pay for your safe, non refundable. A porter comes up to show you how to use it. You don’t need to tip him. I wasn't sure if I needed to, I tried anyway, and he refused it.

The gym was decent enough, no extra charge. It’s above the indoor pool.

The entertainment at night was mmm.... funny I guess. It wasn’t brilliant, but they tried. We only sat and watched once, it was enough. We saw other nights as we walked by, all seemed the same kind of thing; they mimed and danced around to different musical songs. The kids seemed to enjoy it. Not that there were many kids. Seems more of an older persons, or couples hotel.

Food was gorgeous; both of us don't know how anyone could complain about the food. And my fiancé would be a fussy eater. We met a few different people throughout our holiday, and they all complained about the food where they were staying, so I think we were lucky with our hotel. There was so much choice. You could have had something different for the whole week, just from one night’s options. They love salads, so always lots of salad choice, and plenty of meat and fish, and soup. Lots of bread and a whole selection of cheeses every night. Not to mention the deserts. Certainly not a place for dieting. But bring money down with you for drinks at dinner time, as these are not included.

Breakfast again was fabulous, lots of different fruit, bread, cold meats, cheese, loads of cooked options, pancakes and they'll cook you an omelette with whatever you want in it. They kept everything topped up all the time. We came down towards the end of breakfast usually, and there was still all the choice for us. Breakfast is from 7.30 to 10. Dinner 6.30 to 9 I think it was.

The hotel is in a great location. It’s very close to the beach, just out the back of the hotel and over a little bridge. Lots of pubs and places to eat nearby, and just a short walk down the prom to a more lively area. We ate out in different places for lunch. They were ok, nothing special. Best was the steak house, turn right off the bridge, it’s the only one up that way, all others are to the left. We always had nice food there. Try the traditional Shopska salad; I had it nearly every day.

You can rent beach towels for the week. You get them from the entertainment team out by the pool. 30lev for the week I think it was, and you get that back on return of the towels. I had my own so didn't use that service. But handy thing to do, to save weight in your bags. Also you could just buy a towel out there, for 8 lev, only 4 euro.

The pools were freezing though, I have to warn you. I swam once. But there were always lots of people swimming so maybe I’m just a chicken. The sea was warmer. Temperature wise, it was mostly 24- 26 degrees C, one day reaching 27. But it is quite windy, so it certainly didn't feel that warm.

Bring a warm jumper, I was told to, but didn't believe I’d need it so just brought a thin one. This was no way enough. Evenings you need a warm jumper or jacket, little cardigans are not enough. It only rained once, early in the morning before we got up. Rest of the week it was sunny or cloudy, about half and half.

Mini golf courses are all down the prom, they obviously like the game. 10lev a go though, each. So if you intend playing a few games you'll need 30 - 40€ for 2 of you.

I was told it would be hard to spend money. I didn't find this at all. There is loads of fake designer clothes, bags, sun glasses, and they were nice, plus jewellery and other things. We came home with a pile of tee shirts and tops and quicksilver shorts etc. Quality seems good so far. Roughly €4- €8 for t shirts. Most stalls are the same price, or just 1-2 lev in the difference, so it’s not essential to shop around them all. After 2 days of walking around them, you've seen it all, and it gets a bit boring.

We brought €400 worth of lev between us, and spent that and took out another €150 worth from a cash machine, spent that too. I would only bring a small amount to start, because you can't change the lev back home. Either bring a Cirrus or credit card to take out more if you need to, or bring your own currency and just change it over there as you need it. Only use the hotel or Crown booths to change your money. The others seem to offer better rates, but they rip you off.

We never got the bus to Nessebar in the end. The buses were always packed. But I think it would have been worth it. Everyone who went there liked it.

You can do a jeep adventure trip, which was €120 for two. Plus other trips, just to be prepared money wise, in case you'd like to do one. They take credit cards too.

We went on the Karns Tent evening trip. The view was the only good thing we felt. It’s up in the hills overlooking the bay. You get a set 4 course dinner, nice but small portions, a bottle of Fanta and bottle of wine each, and entertainment, and the coach up and down, included in the price. You sit at tables of 6 to 10 people, so you share with others.

The entertainment was cheesy music and singing to start during dinner and a bit after. Then dancing girls Los Vegas style, who danced in between acts, and all that changed was their outfits, so got a bit boring. The acts in between were a gymnast, jugglers, a bendy woman who could put her head on her bum, and twist herself up, and a clown balancing plates on sticks. Then the music again, and all the older people get up for a dance. You’re collected at 7, and brought home at 12 ish. We didn't like it. It was suited to older people, say 40's +. We were a bit unhappy that our rep didn't tell us this. He just said it was a great night, and it was, for a certain age group.

We would have rather eaten at the hotel again, I was sorry I’d missed dinner there actually. Oh and your guide asks you to tip the driver, you don’t have to. On the bus to the airport we were asked to tip the driver too.

There’s nothing much in the airport, but there is a small place to get a sandwich and a drink, it’s expensive though. They accept Euro or Lev. Small duty free shop, with chocolate, drink, ciggys and perfume. Lots of people got charged for heavy luggage because they were over the 20kg limit, so be careful. Pack lots into your hand luggage.

We gave it 9 out of 10 because the Hotel was to a very high standard, food was fab, close to a lovely long beach, and the staff were always friendly. It lost one point not from the hotel, but just the area, it’s a little boring towards the end of the week, not a whole lot to do. Once you've seen all the shops, and played mini golf, that’s about it. I can understand now why some people said ' if only you could pick the hotel up and put it in a better place'.

I'm glad I went, I enjoyed it, but I don't think I’d go back. If I did, it would definitely be to this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Fri 21st of September 2007

Myself, partner and two teenage girls sp...

Reviewed Mon 3rd of September 2007

"Myself, partner and two teenage girls spent two weeks in the Iberostar and had a great time. Staff always friendly, rooms big and cleaned daily.

Restaurants - breakfast was superb and evening meal not so good - but still found something to eat each evening we spent there. We hardly ever saw our two teenagers for the whole two weeks so they must have been doing something correct - the animation team round pool worked incredible hard to entertain - up to you whether you join in or not.

There isn't much entertainment in evening, but you've got the whole beach front strip a short 5 minute walk away, which is where the majority of people used to end up going. All in all a great holiday and would definitely go back.

You’re in a foreign country for god's sake, so no not everything is going to be the same as home!!!

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of September 2007

After all the hype about this hotel, it...

Reviewed Tue 28th of August 2007

"After all the hype about this hotel, it wasn’t up to its standards as a 4* hotel. In my opinion, I feel that the English or Irish were in no way considered regarding food especially for kids as I had 2 kids with me, the choice was really chips, or chips, or on a 3rd day, you guessed it, chips again! Meat wise, very limited.

The entrance to the hotel has raised kerbs around it which we stumbled upon a few times which no signs were visible to make aware of these.
Even though I have heard about the maids cleaning 24hrs per day, this was untrue in my case, as my room was half cleaned. Bins were left un-emptied on more than one occasion, and towels not changed.

The entertainment was to be desired, with a half hour for the kids, with a disco. 40mins entertainment for the adults, bed time was 11pm most nights.

Also our holiday rep, was no way accommodating, we had our suitcases broken into, along the journey and items were stolen. I approached her about this, and she was not very helpful, nor was the rep at the airport. He was very rude.

It hasn’t turned me off going back to Bulgaria, but I'd probably look for another hotel, more geared up to the English people.

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  • Travel date: Tue 28th of August 2007

Don't know how anyone could not like the...

Reviewed Sun 26th of August 2007

"Don't know how anyone could not like the Iberostar as am just back from a week with friends and family in the Ibersotar and thought it was fantastic. We booked our own minibus taxi from the airport through our travel agent and the trip from Bourgas airport was only about 20 minutes.

There are 2 parts to the Hotel - each has its own reception and eating area and pools and there are also communal pool tables, air hockey, table tennis tables in an undercover area which is great for kids and adults to cool off. They have a fitness suite - can't say I used it much!! But it is there as well as massage, doctor, indoor pool etc.

The Hotel is absolutely spotless with cleaners cleaning it 24/7, the pools are great and have little or no chlorine feel to them. There are ample sun beds and although inevitably, and despite requests from the hotel, people do still claim them quite early in the morning there are always some available at a sensible time around breakfast time.

The pool entertainment / kids (and adult) clubs from the girls and lads working for Ibersotar were great and the staff were always friendly and very helpful (genuinely so too). My little boy and his cousin had great fun with games such as water polo, darts, quizzes and dodge ball. The staff doing the games deserve special thanks as they were great fun and very easy going.

The meals are absolutely outstanding with so much choice at both breakfast time and in the evening - there was always room at meals times and the service in relation to drinks and waiters taking empty plates away was fast and non-intrusive.

The Hotel is only a short walk (150 yards or so from the beach over a slightly rickety wooden bridge!! past a mini golf course) -There are ample supermarkets and bars and eating places and lots of entertainment.

There were various people attempting to entice you into pubs and restaurants but they were always polite and humorous and didn’t make you feel pressurised. Shops open from roughly 10am (supermarkets open earlier) till 11pm selling various things from souvenirs to jewellery, t-shirts, etc.

The bar prices are really reasonable - cocktails are nearly always 2 for 1 (working out at about £1.50 each) and the local beer (Kamanitza) is about £1.20 a pint or even two for one in some places. Cigarettes are about £1 a packet.

The sea is lovely and you can hire sunshades and sun beds for 6 lev (£2.50) a day. There are many cafes and bars right by the sea on the beach too for cooling off or eating/ drinking.

I would definitely recommend the Iberostar Hotel and Sunny Beach resort.

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of August 2007

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