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This has to be one of the best hotels I ...

Reviewed 18th November 2007

"This has to be one of the best hotels I ever stay in if not the best, I cannot praise this hotel enough, and I found it on late rooms and paid £80 for 3nights B/B for two. It’s set in the most wonderful square your right in the middle of Sofia so everything is on your door step. When you do go out sightseeing take lots of coins with you there is so many poor people in sofa it breaks your heart to see them. The little old ladies that sell the flower posers pick the flowers early that morning & make them up there self’s if they don’t sell them then they won’t eat, So just put some money in their old cold hands give them a little squeeze, I never took the flowers, you come across them in the most odd places freezing in door way or parks there so grateful. We also saw lots of young children walking around sniffing glue there dressed in rags & look so sad, they don’t bother you at all just sit sniffing. And if I had not seen it for myself I would not have believed it, I man playing a violin while putting chains attached to a dancing bear, made me sick to my stomach it was so old his eyes were crying out to be saved it did look well fed & we saw them later that day sleeping under a tree in the park soaking up some sun they laid close to each other & the man was stoking him. It was no place for a bear or for the old man they now needed each other to survive. Despite this & other sighting Sofia has a wealth of history some parts a of well maintain others are not watch you footing as nearly all the paths are in desperate need of repair the cars are so old they look like they have just come out the scrap yard. It’s a fascinating place to visit. And it’s so cheap & I main very cheap we went to MacDonald’s for lunch we had to big Mac meals with thick shakes and apple pie cost us £1.50 for the lot unbelievable. Everywhere is cheap I filled a suit case with clothes shoes toiletries wine makeup ( 10 pairs of handmade gloves from a lady selling them on the street for £1) . I could go on forever but back to the hotel. Its fantastic - the rooms are massive with a seating area computing desk & dressing table where you will found a mass of local information. Include money of voucher for the curry house just next door the hotel which we recommend, there is a casino next door as well you have to join but its free you will need your passport but make sure they give it you back before you go in the casino, ( we won about 100 dollars ) but it don’t have a good feel about it so we did not stay long . The room has plush decoration the bed is king size and then some has the best bedding you with ever have sleep in the curtains are so heavy I found it hard to close. Are view was just a flat roof but we did not mind as the room was so good. There is a fantastic complement tray with chocolate crisps tea coffee chocolate bars water crisp even cakes. There is a drink cabinet, shoe shine safe deposit box beautiful wardrobes wide screen sky TV in house movies & a bathroom to die for two double sinks one bath Jacuzzi bath with shower plus a walk in double power shower, all in marble with the biggest towels I have ever seen & two white robes. Breakfast it the best you will ever have anywhere it’s unbelievable I could have stayed in the breakfast room all day LOL. There is everything from cooked to continental ever cheese u can think off hams fishers salmon mackerel kippers around 10 types of bread jams honey yogurts olives dates raisins prunes fresh fruits eggs cooked every way you can think off & so much more & its beautifully displayed. And you have to try the sauna they have a super sun bed they also offer massage at a extra cost. At night they play the piano it so relaxing order tea & coffee you get a massive try with little cakes as well while sitting in the most beautiful sofa’s also attached to the hotel is a Irish bar, with entrance from hotel lobby. We had a fabulous meal hear. I recommend this hotel 100% it’s the best."

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  • Travel date: 18th November 2007

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