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Have just returned from seven night stay...

Reviewed 28th February 2007

"Have just returned from seven night stay at this Centre Parc in northern Belgium. Our party comprised four families - each had a separate villa. A total of 9 adults and 14 children, aged from 9 to 17 years old. Previously we have stayed at two other Centre Parcs. One in Elveden Forest (Norfolk, UK) and another in Normandy (France). We found De Vossemeren Centre Parc to be generally better than the one in the UK and equally as good as the one in France. Clean, efficient and well run. All the staff appeared to be multi-lingual in Flemish, Dutch, French, English and German. Quite amazing really! The Parc was extremely busy because it was February half-term for UK and European schools. Some of the restaurants were fully-booked in advance on certain evenings. The pool and water areas were always very busy. Seating was often at a premium. Despite the number of people everything appeared to work properly and run like clockwork. We would certainly recommend this Centre Parc for an enjoyable family break in February. It is approx a 3 hour drive from Calais to the De Vossemeren Parc."

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  • Travel date: 28th February 2007

My husband and I and our three children ...

Reviewed 21st September 2006

"My husband and I and our three children aged 10, 8 and 5 stayed in a VIP villa, which cost less than half of the Center Parcs in GB. The plentiful activities were affordable and not over subscribed so the children were able to do everything they wanted. The villa was adequately equipped and the location superb. To our minds the standards weren't as high as in the UK but neither were the prices and the general atmosphere friendly and relaxed. There were no language barriers as the staff spoke a variety of languages. Yes, we'd be happy to return again. "

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  • Travel date: 21st September 2006

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  • center parcs de vossemeren lommel

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