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Trinidad & Tobago lie off the Venezuelan coast. Along the north of Trinidad runs the Northern Range of mountains, looming over the country's capital, Port of Spain. On the north and east coasts lie beautiful beaches. Port of Spain, surrounded by lush green hills, is the capital and business hub of oil-rich Trinidad. Bazaars throng beneath modern skyscrapers and mosques rub shoulders with cathedrals.
LowSan Fernando is the island's second town and the main commercial centre in the south. Close by is the fascinating natural phenomenon of the Pitch Lake, a 90-acre (36.4 hectares) lake of asphalt which constantly replenishes itself. Tobago is very different from her sister isle 32km (20 miles) away. It is a tranquil island with calm waters and a number of fine beaches, each with their own flavour. They include Pigeon Point on the southwest coast. Buccoo Reef, an extensive coral reef, lies offshore. Excursions can be made in glass-bottomed boats and it is an excellent place for snorkelling.
Local dishes include quenk (wild pig) and pastelles (meat folded into cornmeal and wrapped in a banana leaf). Trinidad has a wide and varied nightlife including nightclubs with calypso, limbo dancers and steel bands. In Tobago, the main Calypsonians from Trinidad travel over to perform at Shaw Park, Scarborough and Roxborough.

Source: Colombus Guides

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