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Wonderful Time at Le Sport !


"We just returned from one week at Le Sport ( November 27-December 4) and we had a wonderful time !
Food: There was always something to eat if you were hungry and the quality of the food was very good. Brekfast was the usual eggs, fresh fruit , bacon , sausages , yogurt etc... it was a nice mix. It accomodated both types of people: those who wanted to eat healthy and others taht wanted to indulge.
Lunch : We loved eating at the deli for lunch. Delicious salads and sandwiches hit the spot every time. We only ate at the Cariblue for lunch a couple of times but from what we saw there was always a good selection.
The clubhouse would also have an afternoon tea at 4:00pm with some finger sandwiches and sweets.
Dinner: We were quite pleased with the quality of the food at the Cariblue for dinner . Service was prompt and friendly and you never had to ask for your wine or water glass to be refilled. They also had a grill set up at the clubhouse for a more informal dinner setting.
The Tao was good, im not really into fusion food but what i did have was delicious. Again the service there was wonderful and the ambience of the restraunt was very well thought out.

The beach was on the small side but there was always plenty of room and lots of beach chairs. The service on the beach was fantastic ! Andre would always check if you needed a refil or needed another drink.
The water was clear and warm with a smooth bottom.
Lots to do in terms of watersports. Hubby tried out Waterskiing, Scuba Diving and Windsurfing. They have lessons everyday so you didnt need to worry about booking in advance.
We also did tubing which was hilarious , so much fun!
We didnt spend any time at the pool so i cant comment on it.
OASIS : It was a bit of a hike to get to but the Oasis is breathtaking. We had a bit of trouble with our spa treatment on the first day but things got quickly sorted out. I understand about previous comments about the spa not being organized but i witnessed some guests just getting so overworked and angry. Its supposed to be a vacation people need to relax ! Glitches are going to happen ( they happen in everyday life ) so this expectation that things will be perfect is ridiculous.
They also had a weight room with a personal trainer Felix. My husband worked out every day and i met with Felix who gave me a work out schedule for when i returned from vacation.
There was always tons of classes to take but i only took Yoga. They had a master instructor teaching and her classes were wonderful.
Rooms: This was the only thing that i wasnt impressed with . We had a luxury oceanfront room and while the room was nice it wasnt as nice as it could of been. More effort can be taken to make the rooms look more inviting. The only upside is that you really dont spend much time in your rooms other than to sleep.
Staff: The staff were very nice. I was suprised to see how rude some of the other guests are to the staff. One lady got angry in the dining room because she felt she wasnt being served as quickly as the other guests. She felt it was because she was a single woman. Puh-lease. She very quickly had tons of staff fawning all over her and i guess she felt better for the time being.
I was also suprised that nobody tipped. I know its an expensive resort but i guess its just in my canadian nature to tip when i appreciate the service I recieve. We didnt tip ALL the time but i would tip staff after being served by them after a couple of occasions.

Overall , my husband and i had a fantastic vacation. I wouldnt hesitate to go back as it truly was a vacation like no other."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 8th of December 2004

The Illusion of Le Sport


"The hotel promotes itself as a sophisticated "Body Holiday" where guests can indulge themselves in a range of spa and body treatments whilst relaxing in a calm Caribbean paradise. The reality is somewhat different. The spa treatments are carried out by, on the face of it, largely untrained staff and in an environment that lacks the sophistication promoted in the hotel's advertising. At best the spa treatments are average. Often you'll find that your treatment appointment has been double-booked and the spa operates on a typically Caribbean level of disorganisation and chaos at times.

The guest rooms are not up to scratch for a hotel of this published standard - plain and simple rooms lacking in facilities and a lift that breaks down often. The pool and beach are fine but neither challenges far nicer beaches that can be found all over the Caribbean. Restaurant food is bland (buffet, buffet and yet more buffet food every day until you can't wait to get home!) The Tao restaurant is, however, first class so long as you can get a table. Watersports are comprehensive and great fun.

All in all, the hotel falls way short of the price tag it charges and is definitely poor value for money. St. Lucia itself is beautiful and wet (very wet). It rains a lot here, even during high season, so don't expect to a achieve an uninterrupted sun-tan. The bus journey to and from the airport is an exercise in endurance over torturous roads - try to book a helicopter transfer (fabulous views). Alternatively complain to Le Sport's General Manager about the poor quality of the hotel and get him to pay for the transfer for you."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 1st of December 2004

Perfect Holiday


"We spent 9 nights at Le Sport with our closest friends and their 2 daughters of 16 & 19 from 23rd August 2004. We chose Le Sport on recommendation from friends who went their last summer and we were not in the least disappointed. For my husband and I, it was our 3rd visit to St Lucia and we had spent a week last year at their sister hotel, the Rendezvous, but Le Sport was definitely superior in every way. We had paid a small supplement to have Superior Oceanview rooms which were nicely furnished, very comfortable and had a fantastic view.

We found all the staff without exception to be so friendly and polite whether they were the 'body guards' or just general workers. The mix of guests too was very varied and, again, most were very friendly.

The choice of food was excellent and for those people who have criticised the choice of healthy options in the main Cariblue restaurant at lunchtime, they obviously didn't venture down to the beachside Deli during the day. We varied our evening meals between the barbeque in the Clubhouse, the Cariblue and the Tao - our favourite which was no problem to book when we wanted. Overall the amount of choice available meant that there was no need to pay any supplements if you didn't want to.

There is a big problem with mosquitos but they do spray the resort early evening on alternate days in the Clubhouse area which seemed to be worst affected. However, I was advised by my health centre before going to ensure we applied tropical formula repellent regularly both day and night time as there is a daytime mosquito in that area of the Caribbean, and also sand flies when on the beach. We all followed the advice and had no problems, just one or two bites between us but some people had been badly affected particularly on their legs.

We took advantage of a lot of the sporting activities and had a fabulous holiday - we would definitely return. I believe they are due to close some time next year for a refurbishment but we certainly had no cause to complain about anything."

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  • Travel date: Wed 17th of November 2004

Chill out and enjoy Le Sport


"We stayed at Le Sport for a week at the end of October. Having read the reviews before we went, we were a little nervous but having spent time there we could not understand why people were being so negative. If you have booked to go, don't worry for a second. It's a great place, where you can be active all day or laze around and eat and drink to your heart's content. We took the helicopter both ways and, from what we saw from the air, Le Sport is in one of the nicest spots on the island.The staff, with the exception of one or two - literally, one or two, out of a total of what seemed like a couple of hundred - were friendly, polite and helpful. The food was absolutely fine unless you are expecting top five-star hotel standards, which is unrealistic for what you are paying and the sort of holiday this is. We always found something good on the inclusive dinner menu and went to Tao twice, with no difficulty booking. The food there was really good and the service superb. Breakfasts were good, lots of fresh food, cooked items and eggs/omelettes cooked to order. If you want eggs benedict, smoked salmon, full English etc you will struggle but I am not sure that many people would want more than what was on offer. The watersports were plentiful and accessible, with reasonable snorkelling right off the beach. We were able to do everything we wanted to, sometimes without even booking earlier in the day. We didn't do any classes but everyone who did seemed to enjoy them. We had a luxury oceanfront room and it was clean, spacious and well equipped. No TV was a bonus! The pool area needs renovating, but the beach is so accessible it didn't bother us. I didn't mind the birds around the restaurant either, but as some people do mind they should perhaps think about netting or similar. The spa treatments were good and the setting is gorgeous. When we were there they were swapping to a new treatment range and it semed to cause a lot of problems with overbookings and cancellations, so it might be a good idea for the management to give the spa manager a bit of training on organisational skills! Overall, this place is excellent - and, contrary to some comments, really good value! If you wanted to, you could drink branded spirits all day and evening, eat 3/4 meals a day, take free watersports lessons and an inclusive treatment each day. Quite how people manage to whine about it is beyond us, but there is just no pleasing some people. We did witness one or two guests being very rude to the staff - maybe they are the ones who complain when they get back that the staff are surly. We met lots of single people there, none of whom had a bad word to say about anyone who had dealt with them. The staff are great - as is almost everything else about Le Sport. Go there and have a great time. We did!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 17th of November 2004

A good place to relax


"Just returned from a week at Le Sport with a friend. We had a great time. The food was excellent and there was plenty of variety without having to order anything that attracted a supplement. The service was very friendly and attentive. Nice touches like the waiter remembering my usual apertif order after my first visit to TAO. Also we booked TAO with no problems the day we planned to eat there by phoning at 11am.

Yes there was some disorganisation with the Spa treatments and some rescheduling but this wasn't too much of a problem. The flag system on the beach to attract the waiters was great. However you barely get a chance to use tham as the waiters are walking up and down frequently with a selection of drinks. The reef off the beach was brilliant for snorkelling with an amazing array of fish. We had great fun in the piano bar - Alfred the pianist is a legend which a fantastic louis armstrong impression.

All in all it was a very relaxing trip. However we did hear various people grumbling about things not happening on time. I think the problem is the resort attracts travellers who are 'Type A personality' energetic types who like things to happen on time. If you have come to the resort to take full advantage of all the sport/fitness/self improvement facilities and the schedules keep changing it is probably annoying. But if you are like me and are looking for a relaxing holiday, with a bit of pampering and the ability to watch other people exercising on your behalf then this place is ideal."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 11th of November 2004

Secluded and Tranquil Holiday


"We are just back from a 4 night stay at LeSport. Overall, we had a lovely visit. The location was very nice, on a quiet and secluded cove with a dark sand beach.

The rooms were much like that at a Holiday Inn and could definitely use some updating. The bedspreads were worn and shabby and the door to the frig would not stay closed. A/C was not very good. But the view from our balcony was wonderful.

Food was very good, especially at TAO, which was avaliable only with a reservation and difficult to get into. Service at TAO was also excellent. Food and serivce at Cariblue was generally quite good but service suffered when they were busy. What I did not like was that at both restaurants, so many items were at an extra charge. And it was a supplementary chare, but more like a full ala carte price. e.g., grilled salmon $19, steak $30 and this was only the entree.

The OASIS had just undergone a change and we had a hassle scheduling treatments. There were long lines at the understaffed front desk and everything took so long to resolve! They promised us a schedule when we arrived (I had chosen treatments and advance) and we did not get one til the second day and this only after going to the Spa and then the Concierge 5 times. It truly was disorganized and the only real disappointment of the trip. Most of the treatments started late (10-15 minutes - which meant that you got 40 minutes insted of an hour as promised. Also, the gym was small and cramped - this is a health resort after all - and three of the six cardio machines broken. Sauna and steam were also out of order with no date for repair. And the 2 hot tubs at the spa were kept closed.

Otherwise, the resort was very low key and laid back which we like. The pool off the beach needs repair badly. But we spent our days on the beach and at night simply enjoyed a lovely dinner and retired early.

For the steep prices, I believe they need to fix their organizational problems and alos get the property in a better state of repair in general."

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of November 2004

Response to " Ruined by the Staff " Comment


"I am sorry i just dont believe the comments from the trip advisor from Denmark.

We spent time at Le Sport recently and met many single people of varying age groups and backgrounds who were holidaying on their own and all commented how relaxed and comfortable they felt as singles.

I would recommend this holiday to anyone, male, female, couples, singles, those who like relaxing and those who like taking part in sporting activities of all kinds. no pressures but plenty of encouragement if you want it.

We will be returning and I would be happy to go alone if my husband was unable to go with me as I know he would."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 5th of November 2004

Ruined by the staff!


"The setting would probably be enjoyable, if it were not for the fact that the only place in which I felt I could totally relax was locked inside my room!
As a 30 year old woman travelling alone, I felt constantly targeted by the male members of staff who never stopped with their cheesey pick up lines and opportunities to make physical contact during classes. They seem to have the idea that they are God's gift to tourists, when they are in fact not at all attractive, professional or skilled in the instruction and knowledge of the resort's activities.
I will NOT return - this place should have a ZERO star rating."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 4th of November 2004

A great honeymoon at BodyHoliday


"Just got back last week from Bodyholiday (honeymoon) and wish we were still there. We arrived to a room upgrade and a bottle of champagne in our room (along with bananas). The room was in great shape, although we didn't spend too much time in there during the days or evenings. Big plus on the shower. Lots of power, but not stinging. The beds were turned down twice for us. Once in the afternoon and once when we came back from dinner. Fresh water was usually placed in the fridge.

Breakfasts were very good. A grill where you can get eggs, omelets, pancakes, and french toast. Croissants, danishes, cereals, various hot items (yes, I even thoroughly enjoyed the sardines and whatever else was in it dish) and lots of fresh fruit (I miss my morning helping of sour sop).

For lunch, we never made it to the Deli so we can't comment, but Cariblue was all we needed. Usually a different theme on each day (Tex-mex, Indian...etc) but if that wasn't your style there was always something to find.

Dinners we found to be excellent at Cariblue or Tao. Both offered excellent service (as did all meals), with the wine and water glasses never empty. We ate at Tao three times, and the inclusive menu wasn't as great as at Cariblue. But the food at Tao (aside from the presentation which I try to discount) was always expertly cooked. The chocolate fondant for dessert was well worth paying a little extra for! One note to Tao, upgrade the restrooms. Tiny facilities and the smallest sinks in the world. It was a chore to wash in them.

The open air restaurants didn't bother us at all. During our entire stay, I didn't get bit by mosquitoes or sand flies at all. My wife killed one mosquito on her. No repellent needed for us, but bring it. Some people got bit alot! (As an aside, we have mosquitoes here at home that linger all day, and I can't step outside without getting bit).

Activities were never ending. The watersports area did a fantastic job. The snorkeling is great, the kayaking easy (I saw turtles), the sailing was fun. Get there at 9:00 or before if you want to sign up for sailing or some other things that book quick. The cycling to Pigeon Island was ok, but a bit harrowing with cars zooming by you. We never got up early enough for the morning walks, but you get the idea. The aqua fitness classes are a great option for those who aren't super-fit, but want to start to get in shape- and they are outside!

We enjoyed the variety of the spa treatments. Liz was a little frustrated because several of her treatments were cancelled, and she needed to reschedule. Otherwise, they were very enjoyable. We ent with the schedule provided. The Swedish massage, facial, and hand/foot reflexology threatments were particuliarly relaxing.

The evening entertainment was usually a band during dinner, which tended to end too early, yet the staff production of the Lion King was superb :) Alfred at the piano bar put up with our bizarre requests, and I now wish that we weren't so tired that we could have stayed later to taunt him more.

Overall a terrific vacation, and the concierge desk was always helpful with us.

I guess the one advice I would offer to guests is to remember that it is an all-inclusive resort. The incentives (especially for the bar and restaurant staff) is simply to be nice to them. They don't get tipped, and just being cordial goes a long way. Tessa was particuliarly noteworthy for being a great leader of activities.

All in all, our honeymoon exceeded our expectations, and we hope to have a chance to return someday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 24th of October 2004

Enjoyed Le Sport


"My wife and I have just got back from a week in Le Sport. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The upsides: Our room (luxury partial ocean view) was clean and light, with a large bed and a decent shower. We particularly enjoyed the inclusive waterskiing and "tubing" each day - great fun. The beach was great, nice white sand and clear warm water. Its not a huge beach but given the size of the resort it was big enough and there were plenty of loungers to go around. In terms of the treatments, my wife was a little disappointed having been to a couple of very nice places in London, however personally as a novice with this sort of thing I thought they were great. My personal opinion on some: thalasso wrap - you get naked so dont pick this one if you are modest, the hair treatment - basically they wash your hair so no big deal, I loved the swedish massage and the hand and feet reflex treatment. The alcohol selection I thought was great with Heineken and the local (and decent) lager Piton on tap and plenty of branded spirits and liqueurs to choose from (eg Cointreau, Jack Daniels, Absolut Vodka).

The downsides: The food. Its not bad, but I think due the difficulty of getting quality fresh produce its not great. We tried Cariblue and TAO restaurants and thought that the inclusive options were very average. All the good stuff (prawns, lobster, steak, sushi) are "additionals" and priced well above what I would expect to pay in London. The waiting staff were generally surly and unfriendly which was disappointing. We dined a few times at the Clubhouse BBQ and thought this was - if you get there as they open at 7pm - the best option. You get first choice of all the freshly prepared buffet options and the table of your choice (not to mention being super close to the bar to keep those drinks coming!). The other thing that really bugged me was the continuous rules in place - when you can swim, play table tennis, get towel, must wear trainers for the cycling, only certain trainers for the tennis, eat, and you must wear trousers for men at the restaurants - give me a break! This isnt a Michellin starred restaurant - its a Caribbean "relaxing" holiday!! There is nothing more annoying that been told "No, you cant do that" two or three times a day over little things when common sense (you'd think) would prevail. Finally, the last downside were the mozzies - brutal! Dont forget that bug spray!

Apart from this, as I said at the beginning we had a great time and would recommend the place. Would we go back? Probably not, we will try somewhere else which is a bit more laid back, with less rules and better food."

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  • Travel date: Thu 14th of October 2004

bad holiday


"I had several accident when I was there due to bad health and safety issues. It spoiled my whole holiday. Water running over tiles making them slippy. No handrail by steps. Poor airconditioning in health studio. On getting home weapproached the hotel for a free holiday or deal of some sort,they where not interested. There attitude was 'take us to court' A broken toe, whiplash, and now a knee op was my result of my visit there. Sad but true. May i also mention that we have been to the hotel 5 times previously but it looks like never again unless they change their mind."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 10th of April 2012

Unfinished! Missed meals! Poor management!


"On arriving here I had to wait three hours for my room to become available. Even though they knew what time I was arriving. Every time I went to ask how much longer the answer was always " only another 30 minutes" three long hours later it was ready. During this time I asked to change from my aeroplane clothes into something more comfy. I was shown to a room that was not finished with open windows facing workmen. I declined the offer to change.

The next day I took a look around the resort. To my dismay it was not finished. There where workmen on one of the roofs banging away. Behind the second swimming pool was a huge hole filled with dirt with more workmen. The decking area was not completed it only had cardboard to walk on. Every time you went to relax by the pool you had the constant banging and drilling from the work men this was NOT RELAXING!
Not to mention every time I walked passed the workmen they made some sexist comments.
On the second day I came back to my room to find a letter from Mark saying that, all guests needed to leave the hotel on Wednesday so they could continue the works. This was Unacceptable. We where being forced to leave the resort and miss our classes and treatments. We had the option to stay but with no activities and lots of noise. It was at this point I had my first meeting with the hotel manager.
I explained my concerns to him. He told me my travel agent should have informed me that the resort was not complete. That's fair enough but the lady that showed us around on the first day made no mention of ongoing works even when I asked her if it was complete. She brushed me off with "oh it's just a few things now nothing to disturb your holiday" hmmm I think not. I told Him about leaving the hotel the next day he told me  i should be grateful I was going on a boat trip as the cost per guest was $205 each. Unbelievable I had paid more then that per day to stay here not to be shipped off on a boat that I did not want to be on! I also mentioned the fact that despite waiting for my room there was no towels, robes and no water in my room. He said it was just my room. But I pointed out to him it actually was all my parties rooms in total 4 rooms. He did not have an answer for me and instead blamed it on teething problems. I also pointed out to him that the skin care clinic was closed and the bride would not be able to have her nails done for her big day. He then went to check and confirmed what I already knew that the skin clinic was closed. Where is the manager communication here??
Anyway the bride did get her nails done by a receptionist the nails did not even last till the beginning of the ceremony.

I must say that some things at lesport are good. the spa is fantastic they really make you feel great. The food is excellent and plenty of choice. The water sports centre is also excellent.

However, more bad news was to come. In the first week we had to wait over an hour and a half for our main meal in the restaurant. Some of the table actually left and got food from the BBQ. I thought it was a one  off incident. Sadly it was not. In the second week the same thing happened. This time tho we had invited some outside guests to join us. We had to wait for two hours for a main this time! We sat down at 8 and our main meal arrived just after 10. By this time it was too late my parents had left and myself and brother did not eat our meals either. So we had paid for four meals that night that was not eaten.
Back to the manager again. He had lots of figures he showed me on a computer screen that said we had got our meal at 9:15. Despite the fact that I wax sitting there telling him as an actual person not a figure on his computer screen that we waited until 10 for our meal. We even had to call another manager away from the bar  on the night to help us find out where our meals where. Again lack of communication from management staff. He was still insisting we got served at 9:15. He told me he would investigate I'm still waiting to find out what happened to our meals that night. Then they tried to charge us for my parents meal on check out!
We also got charged for a snorkelling trip that we did not do. I asked three people to take it off my bill but guess what when I went to check out. It was still there. I did not have to pay in the end. There was also the incident with the key. I locked accidentally in the room. I had to wait two hours for somebody to let me back in!

Some of the staff where lovely but this was tarnished by a few staff that where not helpful and Actually very rude.
I have already explained in previous posts that I tried to speak to Mark before I left. I could not get hold of him. I also left my email address at reception and also on the comments form. No reply.
I feel completely let down by lesport what was meant to be a relaxing family wedding/holiday had turned into a nightmare.  I feel cheated by the incomplete refurbishment, lack of service and  not being listened to.   The manager even told me i had too higher expectation of the resort. Its being marketed as a luxury resort how can my exceptions be to high?  

There ethos is you give them your body for a week and they will give you back your mind. Well my body feels great but my mind is more stressed then when I arrived! "

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  • Travel date: Fri 4th of November 2011

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  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food
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