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Reviews summary

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10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Simply Fabulous!!!!!!

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"There is one word to describe our travel experience at Moon Dance villas – Fabulous! The staff, the facilities, the food, the drinks, the beach – fabulous! We were blown away by this resort – I am somewhat skeptical to share this information about how wonderful this place is because I want to it be the best kept secret in Negril.

I celebrated my 50th birthday with a huge party in Maryland and wanted to have part two of my birthday party in Jamaica. My travel agent, Art Cobb recommended this place and I have to say this is the best resort in Negril. The second part of my party consisted of a group of 16 and we all stayed at the Moon Dance resort. My husband and I stayed in Ginger Breeze with four other couples, another party of two couples stayed in Satin Sunrise and my uncle and his wife stayed in the one bedroom, Lilac Mist. Everyone had a great experience and we are already planning another trip in 2008.

The staff at Ginger Breeze, including Mark the chef, Kerie the server/bartender, the housekeeper, the guard on the beach, the pool guy were all great! I would highly recommend this resort to anyone wanting to experience the ultimate vacation in Negril, Jamaica. But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone else!

Carole and Archie Watson"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 4th of August 2007

Wedding in paradise

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"I decided to have a destination wedding to save money and stress, and I chose Jamaica because of a shorter and better priced flight. That way, we'd be able to have more guests join us. Through many searches, and relying heavily on this website, I found and chose Moon Dance Villas, and it exceeded my expectations! We booked the 5 bedroom Bay Whisper from May 7 to11, and the 1 bedroom Lilac Mist from May 7 to 14.
Bay Whisper:
It definitely looks just like the pictures! Each bedroom has it's own separate color scheme and art, and each has it's own bathroom with separate shower and bathtub. I can't speak for the comfort of the beds, as I was in Lilac Mist. But, the living area is very comfortable. There were 14 of us there for the wedding, and we all ate every meal at the dining area in front of Bay Whisper. I never felt too hot eating outside, it was nice and relaxing! The air conditioning is only in the bedrooms, however, I never felt terribly uncomfortable in the living area, as the front and back doors were always open. It was a huge plus to have the private pool and spa. They were bother used many times every day, with the spa being especially nice at night! Bay Whisper is set back from the beach a little more than Azure Sky or Ginger Breeze, but because of this, the pool and whole patio area is totally private. The foliage keeps it out of view of any passersby.
Lilac Mist:
Again, it looks just like the pictures! I had looked at pictures from their website and tripadvisor so much that it felt totally familiar when I was in there, almost as if I had been there before! Lilac Mist is air conditioned throughout, but it can get very chilly at night, especially for taking a shower! I tried to raise the thermostat, but it didn't seem to make a difference. The bed is incredibly comfortable and the mosquito netting is a great romantic touch. Fortunately, I didn't notice many mosquitos inside the villas. The private courtyard and private hot tub are perfect first thing in the morning and late at night! We ate at Lilac Mist's dining area in the courtyard after everyone else left. It can get buggy for dinner there-one night we had to turn off the lights because the bugs were so bad, but we ate by candlelight, and the bugs left us alone! I loved the fresh flowers they laid by the tub and on the bed every day. I would love to be able to come back every year-this villa instantly becomes a special place for anyone that stays there.
The sand is soft and the water is beautiful! The best thing about the beach are the trees! They provide such wonderful shade, so there's no need for umbrellas. It keeps the beach looking very natural and unique compared to the other resorts. The water was always warm. They had cinderblocks underwater so they could tie up the large floats, and you could relax on them all day! They'll hook you up with anything you need for the water-very helpful! We had sting ray and eagle ray visitors several times. There are mosquitos around the beach and villas at night. I used OFF every day and still had several bites, but others only had maybe one or two, if any. It just depends on the person. If you're someone who gets attacked by mosquitos regularly anytime you're outside for a while, you will probably end up with bites!
Johnny cakes!! For breakfast, there must always be johnny cakes! They're knots of fried dough, which have a slight sweetness, and are divine with a little bit of guava jelly! If you want to try new and different things, give the chef freedom to make what he wants. For example, we said we just wanted to sample different seafoods, to experience something new. I ended up with conch, which I never would have picked on my own, and it was great! We had a lot of lobster. The lobster thermidor and newburg were particularly unbelievable! The portions were good, but when it was just the 2 of us, the portions were huge!! Make sure to raid your fridge at night or early in the morning. They'll save your leftovers. Our fridge had an entire cheesecake in it from a night when we each ordered a slice! They made the whole thing! Of course, they kept us so well-fed that I never felt the need to eat at night! My husband has a very discriminating palate when it comes to 'fine food', and he was blown away by all of our meals! Breakfast is usually a little later than the time you specify, so plan accordingly. One day when a few of us were leaving early for the zip-line excursion, they didn't get breakfast to us on time, but they packed some pancakes and french toast for us on the go, along with an entire lunch of sandwiches and chips, plus a cooler full of drinks! The bartenders are amazing! They get to know what drinks you prefer and will bring them to you on the beach. Other people have recommended the Hummingbird and so will I. It's a frozen drink, and it's delicious! Tell the bartenders anything you need, whether it be food, drink, or if you want to do an excursion the next day. They will take care of it!
I had very little expectations for my wedding, since I did very little planning! I had emailed a couple bouquet pictures showing the general color scheme I wanted, and not much more. I met with Linus, the manager and wedding coordinator, the day after we arrived, and decided on arch placement, shape, table setup, dinner menu, etc. I brought a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like, and had a consultation 2 days before. She gave me exactly what I wanted! The hair salon was next door at Beachcomber. We had a rehearsal the night before, and had our rehearsal dinner on the beach. The day of, my sister and I went to start our hair at 2:30pm, and finished at 5:30pm. I went back to Lilac Mist to get dressed, at which point I didn't know what the ceremony setup looked like, or my bouquet! The photographer was Damian from Sun Gold, and he was fantastic! It was so exciting to receive my bouquet minutes beforehand, and finally see the arch as I was walking to the aisle! The sun had just come out after being behind clouds all day, and I had the time of my life standing there, soaking in the moment. Afterwards, we took pictures, and they passed out hors d'oeuvres while our little wedding band played. It was just two guys, but they were fantastic! We had a lobster and steak dinner on the beach, and danced a little to the band. I could not have asked for anything better, especially considering how little planning I actually did! Stress free, all the way! It was a dream come true!

To make a long story short.....too late.....we all ADORED Moon Dance Villas! Yes, there were some bugs, and yes, there were vendors, but neither of these detracted from the wonderful experience we all had! I had 53 pictures picked out to post on here, but who knew I could only have 10? Needless to say, if anyone wants to see wedding pictures, or pictures of Bay Whisper, or Lilac Mist, or Rick's Cafe, cliffdiving, zip-line, or anything else, just let me know! My email is [email protected]
Thank you everyone at Moon Dance Villas!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of June 2007

A travel agents opinion

Reviewed Tue 27th of November 2012

"I am a Travel Agent and a Jamaica Specialist. I have been to Jamaica 29 times. This time I decided to have a family vacation and take the whole family ( 8 adults, 1 teen, 1-12 year old and 1 infant). First of all our arrival was 7AM in Montego Bay so we arrived at Moondance at 9:30AM, too early to check in. This is the flight we always take so we are very used to arriving too early, I have never had a resort accomodate me as GRACIOUSLY as Moondance did, We were given the One Bedroom for the day while we waited for the Azure Sky (ABOVE and BEYOND) . They served us a Beautiful lunch while we waited. Once we got into our Villa and met our Staff (WOW). I could go on about our staff for ever Barry and Carrie were unbelievable. Any time you thought about needing something you would turn around and it was already there, and they had delivered it with a genuine smile. I am sorry I do not remember the name of our maid who was wonderful. Having a vacation with a 14yrs, 12yrs and a Nine month old carries special challenges and they handled everything flawlessly, The babies bottles were kept clean at all times. The service was so incredible it is hard to get past it and talk about the resort but I will try. The Villa was Beautiful, The Beach was Beautiful, both much better than website or brochure.
I will recommend this resort to my Clients without any concern, I will know that they will be well cared for and have a Wonderful Time. I look forward to my next vacation at Moondance."

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  • Travel date: Wed 28th of March 2007

Much respect!!!

Reviewed Sun 21st of October 2012

"We got married at Moon Dance on 2/3/07. There are no words to describe how special Moon Dance made us feel. We felt like any second we would wake up and be back in DC in the cold and snow. Every time we even glanced at anything we had to take 5 minutes to take it all in. The place is spectacular! My husband seriously thought that the house that they took us too first was the lobby. I think it took him about an hour before it even sank in that he could unpack in the room.

We had 3 houses, the 2 bedroom, the 3 bedroom and the 4 bedroom. I could go on for hours about each one. If you have any questions, just email me and I would be happy to give you my run down on each one.

The beach is spectacular! It is the largest beach section compared to all the other places and has trees and sun so if you are a couple like us, he could sit in the shade and I could get some sun. It is perfect too because you aren't stuck down on the beach where everyone is walking. You can sit much further back and you feel like you are on a private island.

In the morning one of the staff would cut down coconuts from the tree and bring them to us to drink whereever we were. Whenever 10 minutes would go by, someone was asking us if we needed a drink or if we wanted to do an activity.

It is the perfect place to not get bothered on the beach. The security is great as they don't make a huge deal (like screaming at anyone) - they walk up to those who stroll into the property and talk to them. Even some of the locals looked out for us by telling the other "vendors" that we were ok. They even kept some away from my parents because they new it would make them uncomfortable.

If you go to the right on the beach, you get bothered a lot less of and of course there is Margaritaville next door which for my mother was HUGE because they are huge Jimmy Buffet fans. I think she watched every boat and fat balding white guy that came off a boat to make sure she didn't miss Jimmy just in case he came to visit. LOL If you sit outside at night, you can hear the locals playing in a band at Margartaville and you can just sit and listen and enjoy. Total solitary paradise.

The one thing that was the hardest for our family was the way that the staff takes care of you. They will do anything, I mean ANYTHING that you want need or desire. They will cook whatever you want, they will not allow you to move a finger. For us, we didn't know what to do with ourselves. In the morning I found myself trying to straighten up before the ladies came in because I just felt so bad that they have to do everything. We have never ever felt such sincerity and love from anyone at any resort/villa type set up. This place has to be the best place in the world. Put it this way, if they would hire me, I would work there for the rest of my life just so I could enjoy their beautiful estate.

I wish there was something that we could do to show how much we enjoyed our stay at Moon Dance and Negril.

If you choose to stay here, you will never want to leave and you definitely will not want to go anywhere else.

Much respect and love for the ENTIRE staff of Moon Dance. You are priceless, each and every one of you!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 6th of March 2007


Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"This vacation spot is a hidden treasure. You arrive at the airport and Antonio will take care of everything from there. He had our bus ready and fully stocked with beverages. He was a pleasure to talk to and told us all about Jamaica. The scenic hour and a half bus ride takes you along the coast line and through different towns. When you finally arrive at Moondance, there is a welcome crew waiting for you with Rum Punch and cool wet towels. As you are escorted to your villa, your mouth drops. The place is beautiful. I stayed at Azure Sky and it was amazing. It is a great place for everyone to meet up, have some drinks, and play pool. The bedrooms are all roomy. The bathrooms are spotless. The verandas give a great view, especially the master bedroom. Wendy was are bartender and she made some great drinks. I would highly recommend the hummingbird. She also makes some of the best bloody marys I have ever had. She was always there for whatever you needed with a smile. The beach is so clean and is protected by security(which helps to keep the vendors from approaching you while laying out).
If you are going there for a wedding, prepared to be blown away. It is the most beautiful set up and no detail is missed.
If you are interested in activities, the front desk will help you with whatever you want. Jet skiing was so much fun. I would highly recommend taking the Wild Thing sunset cruise over to Rick's cafe. It is a sight to be seen. You can watch the fearless cliff divers or try it yourself. I jumped off the tall one and it was the most amazing thing I have ever done. You have to try to jump. It is a natural high. The bar is also amazing there. It is a trip you have to make.
Moondance was by far the best vaction I have ever been on. It was non-stop fun and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! Thanks Moondance!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 20th of February 2007

Wedding in Paradise!..Like coconut water; Moondance went straight to the heart!

Reviewed Thu 20th of December 2012

"Where do I begin with this review since I have SO many AWESOME things to say about Moondance!!! I guess I will try to be quick and straight to the point as not to repeat what others have already said…..Ok, maybe I cannot be too quick with so many great things to say!

Background Info- After extensive research on resorts all throughout the Caribbean; my fiancé and I decided to plan our wedding (along with 24 other guests) at the Moondance Villas in Negril. The manager and wedding coordinator, Linus, was very nice and helpful throughout the entire process! All I can say is WOW!!!! Great decision!!

Arrival- The moment that we arrived at the airport in Montego Bay we were greeted by a really welcoming driver named Antonio (who looks like Dave Chapelle….haha…he said that he has been told that on more than occasion!). After getting all of us loaded up into the van; he said “Welcome to Negril” as he passed out several ice cold Red Stripes out of the stocked cooler in the front seat. On the way to Negril, Antoinio entertained us with historical and cultural stories about the neighboring towns as we passed through them. When we pulled up to the Moondance each guest was immediately greeted with Rum Punch and a warm smile! I must say that the front desk staff was very friendly and organized in getting us all together and to our rooms that were spread out all over the resort.

Accommodations- When we arrived at Moondance it was already dark, therefore our external view of the resort was limited. All around the resort you could hear laughing, giggling, and other signs of happiness as each of my wedding guests came out of their respective villas to see how nice all of the other villas were. Each room was uniquely decorated and distinct in its own way. Little details such as the freshly picked hibiscus placed on the bed made each room all the more inviting. Even though there are several rooms in the same villa; there is still a great deal of privacy in each room, which was a concern to my guest when I initially chose the resort. Every Villa was immaculately clean and well maintained by a group of “House staff.” The house staff were ABSOLUTELY the best part of Moondance! Of course they were always willing to do anything and everything for us; but we absolutely refused to be waited on at times and instead offered them to join in our fun!!!!

Beach- the beach is absolutely beautiful and my only complaint about it would be the beach vendors that walk up and down the beach attempting to sell you anything and everything. From what I hear, this is the norm on 7 mile beach so I was happy that Moondance had very adequate security 24/7 to keep this from being too bothersome. The water is very clear and there are a great deal of activities for the adventurers (parasailing, scuba, snorkeling, jet skiing, etc..) However, if you are like me; you will want to just lay around and relax on the beach….there are always plenty of beachfront chairs! The pools and outdoor showers are beachfront as well.

Food- OMG!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! The food here is AWESOME! Can I please get a recipe book???!!! Our cook in the Lilac Mist (and personal friend!! ), Robert, made sure that we ate like kings and queens the entire time that we were there!!! The lobster and fresh tuna salads, the papaya, the pumpkin soup, fresh grilled fish, jerk everything, and the lobster thermadore (my favorite)!!!! Robert, you are a genius and would definitely give Emmeril Lagasse or Paula Deen a run for their money!! At Moondance they have a menu to choose from, however, you can also make special requests. All of the guests raved about the cooks in their own villas as well; and at the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, the food prepared by all of the cooks, was first class! Definitely 5 star dining!!!!!!!

Service- I cannot say enough about how AMAZING the staff was at this magical place. It did not matter which villa that I was in; each person greeted me time and time again! There were times that we would go behind the bar and fix our bartenders and house staff some juice or wine just so that we could show our appreciation (they never accepted of course, and just laughed at our persistence). In addition to Robert; I would like to especially thank Everall, Kristine, and Glen; for they left a permanent imprint on my heart! I wish I remembered everyone’s’ names from each of the villas; everyone played such an important part (even those behind the scenes). Funny that I remember those three…..maybe because they made me the best drinks…..hahaha…..Kristine’s hummingbird, Glen’s Miami Vice, and Everall’s wedding special (made with fresh coconut water!)…..all of the wait staff and bartenders were phenomenal!!! I miss hearing Glen sing and waking up to Everall’s cheerful smile!!!! I wish I could personally thank everyone for leaving an imprint in my heart and on my life!!!! I cried when I left Moondance!!!!

Wedding- The weddings that they put together here are so classy, elegant, and fun! Linus takes care of everything so that all you have to do is show up!! The only thing that I handled once I was there was the food selection. The flowers, cake, and band were incredible!!! The ambiance on the beach with the tiki torches was so romantic! The only slight disappointment was the position of the sun and the humidity that day (it was so hot and the sun beat right on us during the ceremony), but in any case I was glad that it did not rain! Also, I provided my own ceremony (which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do) and the cute little minister had a very thick accent when he read the ceremony….he mispronounced just about every word and sounded like the minister from the Movie, “the princess bride”..”we are gavered hewe tewday”…haha….bless his heart though, because he was such a cute little man (just under 5 ft tall) that we just all had to laugh after the ceremony…..but if you are an anal bride; you may want to go with the ceremony they have scripted..haha… The band that played that night was PHENOMINAL!!!!!! We bought their CD (The Frontpage band) and would definitely recommend seeing them if you can as they were the best live wedding band I have heard ANYWHERE….. I am not a cake person either, but our cake was to die for!!! Robert even wrapped up the top for us to take home! The staff was very active during the reception also. They danced with us on the Dollar Wine song! So much fun!!!

Tips when you go- bring bug spray…..there are sand fleas that will bite you…I did not have a problem until I went further down the beach. Next, rent a motorcycle or a car if you leave the resort….public transportation is ridiculously priced in Negril! Oh, and on the drive up from Montego Bay to Negril do not drink too many Red Stripes...it’s an hour and a half drive! Also, be prepared to tip more than you thought you would….you will see why when you get there!!! Last, kick back, relax, and enjoy visiting with all of the staff….they are some of the greatest people you will ever meet!

All in all I cannot wait to go back for my anniversary!!! We will need to save up, since this is a pretty pricey resort….BUT WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! It is the only place in Negril that I will visit again!

Just like coconut water; Moondance will go straight to your heart!!! Thanks again Moondance for the amazing vacation, wedding, and experience!

With much expressed love and gratitude for the absolute best week of our lives,

Kristina & Chuck"

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  • Travel date: Tue 6th of February 2007

Simply The Best!

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"After staying at the Azure Sky Villa, I can say all my previous travel experiences were just trips....not vacations. A stay at Moon Dance changes your perception on what a true vacation really is. We just enjoyed a 5 day stay at this wonderful place, and we have declared it to be our #1 vacation destination. Our party of 7 were spoiled like never before. The wonderful staff never allowed us to want for anything. Our server/bartender, Carrie, kept the cool beverages flowing as we played in the ocean or relaxed on the beach or poolside, and the gourmet meals prepared by our chef Robert were delicious! The villa was always spotless thanks to Lorraine. The accomodations were top notch, and we never worried about any security issues. There were guards patroling the property 24/7. Our personal concierge greeted us every morning, and arranged any activities our hearts desired, with a smile, and a no problem. I highly recommend this villa to anyone who is seeking a relaxing, first class vacation. You will feel like a million bucks while you are there, and will never think twice about the cost. As someone else stated, it is worth every penny!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of August 2006

Great trip!

Reviewed Thu 20th of December 2012

"We stayed at Moon Dance in the Lilac Mist Villa for 7 days during the month of June. Let me get the very few negatives we encountered out of the way first so I can talk about all the positives. During our trip to Jamaica, our first plane was delayed due to weather, which caused us to miss our next plane. We had to be rerouted and landed about 5 hours later than planned. We proceeded to call the resort (this was a Saturday) to let them know we would be late and what time we would arrive so the driver picking us up would be aware of this. Well, we called the one and ONLY number on the website and every time we got their voice mail. We left about 8 voice mails, had my husband’s cousin e-mail them while my dad was trying to fax them when we realized no one was answering b/c this is the Chicago phone number and of course no one was going to be there on a Saturday. So we tried to get a hold of an international operator and were told by the US operator that we had to be on a land line to do that. So my dad (luckily who was home) had to call the international operator to get the resort’s phone number. He was given two numbers and called both…no answer. He called us and gave us the numbers so we could begin calling ourselves. Luckily, when we called someone happen to have come inside (they were working on a wedding outside) and answered. We let them know and they were able to contact the driver and let him know. It was just really very frustrating b/c we had no idea whether or not someone was going to be there to pick us up or not since we were 5 hours late and if no one was there, how we would get there. Moral of the story: if you go here, especially on the weekends, get the actual resort phone number in case this happens to you. Second, while we were there, it was our 2nd anniversary and my husband had e-mailed (Chicago of course) about doing something special to surprise me for our anniversary (and to also change a food/drink preference.) Long story short – they never forwarded it on to the resort b/c the day of our anniversary my husband asked our bartender about it and she had no idea what he was talking about. (They were able to throw something together though.) There was an air conditioning problem for about 24 hours that made it very uncomfortable during the night but it was fixed decently quickly. There were also a few broken things in the room that you would have thought would have been fixed for the overall look of the place and b/c it’s a more upscale resort. But really, our main issue was with their communication.
Now for the positives: The villa was clean, beautiful and spacious and we really loved it. The housekeeper did an excellent job. The room has a safe for your use and snacks and drinks in case you get hungry. The internet is very slow but usable if you need it (my husband only used it to do practice questions for his medical boards while I was still sleeping in the morning). The food was very, very good (it wasn’t the best we’ve ever had in Jamaica but we never had anything remotely close to a bad meal). They have a menu for you to choose from which is all very good and if there is something that you want that’s not on there, they have no problem fixing it for you – like the evening I had a craving for crab cakes for example. The two-bedroom villa is currently under construction/expansion (so that each bedroom is a suite) but we never heard the construction. I don’t know how they did it so quietly but we never heard it. The pool was very nice but we never used it b/c the water was warm and the view couldn’t match the beach. The beach was beautiful and large (or maybe it seemed large b/c we basically had it to ourselves) but either way it was beautiful. Wensley will take care of all of your beach needs – chairs, snorkeling equipment, sailing, kayaks, etc…. There are lots of people trying to sell you stuff but you just have to tell them no once and they leave you alone. There seems to be this imaginary line along the beach and if anyone (it only happened twice) comes too close to you trying to sell anything or is too annoying, Wensley gets all over them. There is also 24 hour security. They make sure no one besides Moon Dance guests are on the beach and they want to know if/when you leave the property to keep accountability for you. We went snorkeling one day (besides in front of the property) and did the horseback riding (both of which I highly recommend) and went shopping one afternoon (got a great set of Movado watches). Moon Dance set it all up for us. About every 30-45 minutes Wendy, our bartender, was there with an awesome cocktail to cool us down (try the mango and banana daiquiris and the rum punch). Her service was impeccable. Plus, she was the one who threw together our anniversary surprise last minute. We were going to have dinner on the beach but it began to rain. We were coming in from the beach and I opened our villa door and there was a flower petal trail from the door entry to the bathtub and to the bed. It was beautiful. We got ready for dinner (which was set up inside our villa instead of outside in the gazebo) and was brought an appetizer and champagne. We had dinner and for dessert they baked us a cake which said “happy anniversary” on it. It was so special. She made the evening and our entire trip what it was.
It was an incredible trip and we are considering going back soon. If you have any questions or want to see more pics than what is posted, please feel free to e-mail me. [email protected]"

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of July 2006


Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"Just returned from our 1 week WeddingMoon at Moon Dance Villas in Negril, JA. This place is like paradise.

We flew AA direct flight both ways and no major airline or customs/immigrations problems at all. Very smooth on both ends. The ground transportation provided by Moon Dance wasn't bad at all. We had a van with a/c and cool refreshing drinks. Our driver talked with us during the entire ride which made it go much faster. It's approx 71 miles from airport and took approx 1-1 1/2 hrs but didn't seem it at all. The scenery along the coast was beautiful and I'm glad I decided against taking timair.

We were greeted by our own personal staff along with the Manager Linus. As soon as we stepped out of the van our bartender handed us tropical drinks. We were then shown to our villa and then asked to come to the dining room for lunch that was waiting for us.

The staff was great, Christine our bartender stayed with us 12hrs per day the entire 7 days we were there, sometimes longer. Our chef was in and out, but basically around just as much as the bartender. Our housekeeper came by in the mornings after breakfast to clean our entire villa. I can't say enough about the staff. Extremely friendly, and eager to please. What ever you want or desire just ask and it's taken care of.

We stayed in the Star Song which is the 2bdrm villa. It was immaculate and the bathrooms are to die for. I also got to tour the Lilac Mist (1bdr honeymoon villa) and it is gorgeous. If we hadn't brought our sons along with us we would've stayed there. On our last nite we were upgraded to the Bay Whisper (5bdrm villa directly sits on the beach with 3 jacuzzi's and it's own pool). Wow! we were blown away by this one. We didn't want to go home the next day. It's out of this world.

The security at Moon Dance is very tight. They take their jobs very seriously and don't play around. Our favorite was David. Very friendly and personable.

Winsley the watersports/beach guy will take care of all your watersports needs. Recommending who you should use if you choose to do jetskiing, parasailing, glass bottom boating/snorkeling, and any other water sports activities.

As for my wedding day, 4/10/06, it rained twice, but managed to clear up in time for me to walk down the aisle and say our vows and take photos. Despite the rain, the entire staff did everything to ensure that the ceremony and evening turned out beautiful and I'm so grateful to them for that. After the ceremony and pics (pics were taken by Diana Campbell from dmcvideos and her website is ---) we had a steak and lobster dinner on the beach.

I highly recommend Diana and her crew. They are truly professionals and do an awesome job. My photos and dvd are truly amazing.

All in all it was a wonderful vacation/wedding/honeymoon and we can't wait to return next year for our anniversary.

We didn't have to spend any money once we got there with the exception of watersports and tipping. Even though tipping is not required and they say it's prohibited you can still tip discreetly which is what we choose to do. We tipped generously and still felt it wasn't enough for the all the service and pampering we received. We also choose to settle the grocery bill upon checkout rather than the all inclusive meal option. That worked out best for our family since we are non drinkers.

Even though Moon Dance is expensive, I highly recommend it. It's definitely worth the money and then some. I'm anxiously awaiting 2007 so that I can go back again.

If anyone has questions or would like to see some photos please email me.


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  • Travel date: Mon 17th of April 2006

Best in Negril by far!

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"My girlfriend and I stayed in the Lilac Mist recently and found it to easily exceed our expectations. It was very large and well furnished, and I paricularly liked having free high speed internet, satellite TV's
with movie channels, and air conditioning, amenities which a lot of unique Caribbean accommodations don't offer.

Of note, those who are light-sleepers and/or like to sleep late, it is close to the main highway and you will hear trucks, motorcycles, etc. and the sun will shine in the windows above the curtains very brightly.
Also, on the beach people will try to sell you things constantly, especially if you are close to the water, and bugs are definitely a problem.

We wanted to highly thank and recommend Leon, the van driver who met us on our arrival at the airport with Red Stripes after our 2 hour wait in customs/ immigrations lines without air conditioning. We used him our entire stay and he was always on time or early with a big smile, and a very safe and knowledgable driver"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 10th of December 2005

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  • Moon Dance Villas

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