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Reviews summary

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10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Very disappointed

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"Wow, was I disappointed-I was so looking forward to going to RoundHill-we rented a 3 bedroom villa w/out a pool. First off, let me say the positives: The grounds were beautiful-very tropical. And the scenery and water was lovely.
Now, about our villa. I guess the villas are privately owned, so the owner decorates each villa themselves. Well, we got the worst one at the whole resort!!! It was so outdated-horrible decor-old lamps, very dark-all the furniture was wicker-very uncomfortable! My husband travelled there with our 17 mo. old and brought my parents. My poor parents bathroom was like an outhouse! THe shower rod kept falling down-there were bugs everywhere! Little ants in the bathroom and kitchen. I even saw a roach one time! I know these villas are all open, but please!!!

We asked to see other villas to see if they were all the same-b/c our villa looked nothing like the villas they picture on their website!
Alot of the other villas (and we looked at quite a few) were really nice-upscale! I was so annoyed to think we were spending the same price and we were getting jipped b/c we happen to get this villa! Villa #7 was our villa.

Plus, the service was horrible. We requested a new lamp, and they never brought it. The food wasn't that good and just to order lunch by the pool or get a drink took forever! Plus, my brother had left two messages w/ the front desk to tell us our grandma was in the hospital and they never gave us the message!!

If you are going-I would ask to stay in a very nice, updated villa and definitely get one with a pool. That was our mistake b/c we didn't think we'd ever use it-we thought we'd be hanging at the beach all the time. But, it is so hot there-you could take a dip at midnight or 6a.m.-so it would have been better if we had gotten a villa w/ a pool.

We stayed for 7 nights and again, the resort itself is beautiful-but for what we paid i feel so cheated-we spent thousands and thousands of dollars for this 3 bedroom villa and it was nothing like what they show on their website!
Be warned!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of July 2005

a piece of heaven

Reviewed Tue 13th of November 2012

"My wife and I just returned from one of the most beautiful places i have ever traveled too. We decided to escape for a dew days from our hectic schedules here in New York City to relax. We stayed in a small villa suite that provided everything we needed, from a personal chef to a driver. We would highly recomenned taking advatnage of the at home massgae service. In the late afternoon we had massages by the pool and then cocktails on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The service and hospitality that this hotel provides is unbelievable... they are so accomadating. I would highly recommend this hotel for an exclusive relaxing vacation."

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of June 2005

A Class Above

Reviewed Mon 17th of December 2012

"My wife and I just returned from paradise at Round Hill. The stay June (18-22, 2005) was among our most relaxed ever, from the greeting by Kingsley the head bellman to the cook and housekeeper who prepared our breakfasts daily in our villa (we were upgraded to a villa suite) the service was impecable. Don't come here if you want a bar scene or noisy action. It is quiet, sedate, and refined. It is also beautiful with a small beach, clear shallow water, and a quiet pool. A small reef is just off shore. Food is fairly expensive but excellent. Four offsite resteraunts pick you up for free; we went to O'Day Plantation and to the Town House, both very good. Call ahead to arrange transportation from the airport, making a hectic ride much easier. It is hot in June, but quiet and calm. Get ready to be pampered and relax at Round Hill"

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  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of June 2005

Peace and Quiet in Jamaica

Reviewed Tue 13th of November 2012

"Just returned from 4 nights at Round Hill. Overall the trip was great.

+Transportation service was prompt in picking us up from the airport.
+Our room was ready when we arrived, however, it was not a King size bed as we had reserved. We had to switch rooms the following day only to find out that night that the A/C in the 2nd room didn't work. We switched rooms again the next day and this time they upgraded us to a villa. No A/C problems there. The rooms were comfortable and clean but do show their age.
+Beware that the bottom floor rooms in the Pineapple House have old A/C units that don't work well. Don't ever expect your room to be very cool. The other rooms as well as air conditioned common areas used the new Panasonic units that worked great.
+The service is excellent and you are treated very well.
+The beach and pool are small and are not serviced like other 5 star resorts. Often had to go searching for towels or get drinks.
+Food was great but gets old after having the same menu for a few days.
+Massage was terrific.

I would recommend this resort for someone looking for quiet, privacy, and ultimate relaxation. However, price seemed high compared to other 5 star resorts. Also - be aware that there are very few places to cool off that are air conditioned. We had to go to our room during the high heat in the late afternoons to stay cool."

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  • Travel date: Wed 1st of June 2005

Lovely visit to Round Hill

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"I just returned from a "girls" trip to Round Hill for my sisters's college graduation with my sister, mother, aunt, and cousins! It was fabulous. Definitely not glitzy or overdone, but beautiful and charming. We stayed in cottage 18 which is owned by friends of ours-- renting a cottage with its' own private pool is definitely the way to go. The beach at the resort is small and the community pool is nothing exciting, but the views from all of the cottages of Montego Bay and the surrounding mountains are breath taking. Also, you can't beat the french toast that the cottage ladies make you for breakfast! YUM!

This is a low-key kind of place (they don't even have TVs), so if you are looking for action and activites go to Sandals!!! We spent our days eating, laying out, and eating some more and that's about it. A prefect place to relax and get away from it all.

Had my husband been with me, he would have died of boredom, however, I loved it and highly reccommed Round Hill for anyone looking for a low key, super relaxing vacation in an extremely beautiful setting with extremely gracious and kindly staff.

PS- My favorite vacation place is Kiawah Island, SC. Round Hill reminded me of the tropical version that! Beautiful, Quiet, Understated and Classy"

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  • Travel date: Thu 26th of May 2005

Understated elegance

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"My wife and I are fairly well heeled travelers who normally stay at the standard five star properties but sought something different this time. After reading comments on trip advisor and the Jamaican review in T&L we decided on Round Hill.

Our expectation was set. Upon arrival we were disappointed that the initial impression wasn’t that great. This was purely based on the drive to the property and an unfair comparison to large chain hotels. However, the level of comfort, privacy, space, peace and quiet was far better than anything we have ever enjoyed in more traditional large hotels.

The people clearly make the difference. Omar was a delight. Informative, helpful and engaging. Mark on the main desk was also fantastic and quite helpful. You get the feeling they want you to be there and more importantly they want you to enjoy your stay and be comfortable.

If you’re use to big cabin cruiser boats playing music or kids running around the pool and half buzzed singles at the bar posing this probably isn’t your kind of place. Round Hill is more reserved, small and understated.

Sure the place could use some updates in a few areas but if you are looking for a restful, elegant guest focused experience in a clean intimate setting minus the hundreds competing for sand and sun Round Hill may be just right for you.

My final advice is spend the tiny bit extra, get a villa and enjoy seven days in heaven.

The McKinneys / Atlanta, Georgia
April 27, 2005"

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of April 2005

Its Crisp Mon!!!

Reviewed Sat 15th of December 2012

"Excellent, Top Draw, Superb, as they would say in Jamaica Its Crisp!!!!
As a family location in jamiica, and i have been to 4 others, sit/lay back and enjoy."

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  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of April 2005

Pleasant but expensive

Reviewed Sat 15th of December 2012

"My wife, six year old daughter, and I recently returned from our six-night stay in the Pineapple House of the Round Hill Resort. The property is small, intimate, and very family-friendly. We would have liked to have stayed in a villa, but they were prohibitively expensive. Instead, we booked a deluxe (second-floor) room in the lodge and were quite pleased with the accommodations. The room, designed by Ralph Lauren (who owns property on the resort), was splendid in its tropical simplicity. The rooms were very, very clean, had excellent soft goods, and the beds were quite comfortable. Although we did not drink it, I was impressed with the bottle of rum waiting for us upon our arrival. The view from our room could not be beat.

The pool is okay; certainly not up to five-star standards and needs some minor maintenance around its edges. The beach is small, quite rocky, has plenty of shade, and overrun with small children (which was fine with us, but might be troublesome to childless travelers).

The employees at the resort could not have been nicer. Omar, the Operations Manager, is delightful. He learns every guest by name and goes out of his way to ensure that all are having a good time. The child-care providers -- whether in the kid's club or hired babysitters in the evening -- were loving and attentive. The watersports directors were helpful and fun-loving, and the scuba instructor, Eugene, could not be better.

This is a very small resort, however, and I grew restless towards the end of my stay. There is not much to do off the resort, and when whenever we went off-property (with a hired driver), we became depressed by the abject poverty surrounding the area.

Additionally, there is room for improvement for this resort to achieve a five-star standard: (1) the turn-down service often did not arrive to our rooms until after 9:00 p.m. . . . much too late for travelers with small children; (2) the tipping policy is unclear and confusing, resulting in us constantly feeling guilty or uncertain about whether we tipped enough at meals and for service; (3) the food is extraordinarily expensive and served much too slowly; and (4) the beach/pool bar attendants don't circulate among the guests to bring ice water or offer to bring cocktails (a touch I usually expect at five-star properties). Additionally, for the high price of the rooms (over $300/night) there should be: (1) a daily newspaper (or at least several daily newspapers available for guests to read and share in the lobby or commons areas); and (2) more than one television on the property (there was an ongoing conflict between one guest who wanted to watch a minor women's tennis tournament when most the guests wanted to watch the NCAA men's basketball tournament . . . there is only one TV on the entire property).

As a whole, I enjoyed my vacation at Round Hill. Given how long it took to get to Jamaica, however, combined with high price, I think next time we want a tropical escape we'll bear the extra time on a plane and go back to Hawaii rather than return to Jamaica."

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of March 2005

Great for families

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"I recently returned with my wife and two children from a six day stay at the Round Hill. We stayed in a two room villa (#17) with a private pool. I would rate the accomdations and stay as follows:

Room--Our villa is actually scheduled to be completely renovated in a few months. Nonetheless, it was clean and very pleasant, if a little dated. On the other hand, we did not have a visitor above us (it is actually a 3 room villa with a shared pool) so I would have no complaints--5/5

Food--I agree with the term "restaurant quality" that the last reviewer used. The "catch of the day" is always a good bet and was uniformly excellent. The buffets offer great variety but as usual a drop in quality in my opinion--I am not a fan of buffets and this stay did not change my mind-I would rate the food about 4/5

Service--Absolutely the best service and friendliest people I have ever dealt with. This is the strength of the hotel and their greatest asset. They have a "can do" (or maybe "no problem") attitude regarding any and every request. They are warm, friendly, and treated us like family. I have stayed at several top resorts and hotels around the world and never had an experience with staff as pleasurable as at Round Hill 5++/5

Beach--A little small and I am told has more pebbles after the recent poor weather last year. More than adequate lounge chairs, great watersports at reasonable prices help make up for the smallish beach. 4.5/5

The kids also had a great time with plenty to do. They enjoyed the off-site horseback riding which was arranged by the RoundHill staff as well as the tubing. The spa is also a great experience and a chance to get some "adult time" if traveling with children.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the previous posters, since their reviews helped us decide on a resort. This site is a great resource and I appreciate the community of travelers and participants ."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of March 2005

Loved It, Loved It, Loved It!!! . . . . It's a great resort!

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"My husband and I went to Round Hill Hotel and Villas to get married and enjoy our honeymoon. I can't say enough about the incredible service and the wonderful staff.
My wedding was intimate and wonderful, not the least bit fussy. Georgianna was my coordinator and she helped me find a baker who would customize my wedding cake. I was slightly concerned the cake would be too small, but the staff being one step ahead of me, made sure it was placed on a beautiful antique pedestal for a wonderful presentation.
The onsite director Omar, was equally gracious and made my family feel so welcome as he came around and introduced himself and knew each of our names.
The accomodations were elegant and unpretentious. I stayed with my mother-in-law on my first night at the Pinneapple House and was amazed at the comfortable setting. She arrived one day ahead of us and told me it was 'so wonderful to fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing lightly' outside her window. I don't think there is a room in the Pinneapple House with a bad view since it's sits closely to the shore.
My husband and I stayed in a villa with it's own infinity pool. We were surprised to find a staff of four to take care of us throughout our stay. Each morning we arose to the wonderful scent of banana pancakes, french toast, jamaican ham, eggs, fresh fruit, warm bread basket, fresh squeezed orange juice and local milk. (The milk tastes slightly different, but in a good way). The villa we stayed in I believe, was villa No. 4. It's sits closet to the gift shops but is elevated so you don't hear any noise from the service entries. The view outside was incredible!! The sunsets were absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend this villa to anyone vacationing with close family or friends. It has 3 rooms, a formal dinning room, family room, beautiful patio area where we enjoyed our monring breakfast, and the lovely pool.
All meals were incredible. My regards to the executive chef who put together a great menu with excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. I was impressed by the east asian infusions with some of the local fare. Beach night was fabulous and I also enjoyed afternoon tea which was complementary to all guests. I highly recommended purchasing the full-meal plan; it's worth its weight and then some. Dinner on the terrace was beautiful. My husband and I did not make special plans for our wedding dinner as it was beach night and the hotel set-up all dinner tables on the beach that evening. I couldn't have planned a better reception and was happy to be out of my wedding dress and into my shorts enjoying my first meal with my husband on the beach with an incredible variety of entrees. This is not your typical buffet and all meals are served with lovely antique silverware.
My suggestions to anyone considering Round Hill for a wedding. The location is stunning and we were given several options for a ceremony location. I wanted to get married by the water at sunset. The patio of my villa was an equally beautiful choice, but I had my heart on being married by the sea. The only folly I made was not picking out an appropriate dress made of linen (I choose silk). I highly recommend you dress for the weather. It rained the morning of my wedding day, but by 9 am, the sun was out and the water never looked bluer. As the day progressed the clouds were rolling over the island and the humidity increased. I never took it into consideration when I picked out my dress. Don't over dress with a fussy gown, pick something light. You may perspire as I did and it was apparent in my pictures. The hotel photographer was incredibly sweet, but there is a professional photographer available who has a more photojournalistic approach to weddings (black and white photos), just ask the coordinator (it may costs you more, but it won't be as expensive as it is stateside).
Our waiters who worked the week of our visit, were wonderful. As were the house staff who took care of us during our stay at the villa.
My husband and I wanted to stay at a luxurious hotel, without feeling like we were looking for the "US experience." We wanted to find a place that was intimate, luxurious, non-touristy, beautiful with a staff that was kind and friendly. If you're looking for a hotel with attractions, such as the Atlantis or with a reputation like Sandals or Hedonism, forget it, this is not the place for you. The hotel offers wonderful R&R and water-sports for those looking for a little adventure. I don't recommend leaving the hotel grounds for outside excursions, as the two-lane highway is scary. We went to Ocho Rios for the day (swim with the dolphins and Dunns River) and despite the fun, I never want to travel that road again. Sorry, but some Jamaicans are crazy drivers so I don't recommend leaving the hotel, not even to visit downtown Montego Bay.
Round Hill offers something for everyone no matter what age. But if you're looking for wild and crazy nights, perhaps another hotel on the other side of Montego Bay is for you. Word to the wary, most of the other large hotels, were at the end of the airport runway or close to it.
My husband and I can't wait to visit Round Hill again. This will be a great place to visit when we celebrate our anniversaries."

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of March 2005

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