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View of Saint George's harbor, capital of Grenada island, Caribbean region of Lesser Antilles.
The Caribbean island of Grenada is located at the most southerly point of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

The island is divided into six parishes with the capital being St. George’s. Each year, in August, the city holds the Grenada Carnival which last for 3 days and brings the capital alive with the sound of music and colourful street parades. The white sandy beach at Grand Anse is one of the most popular tourist spots offering a variety of watersports and perfect scuba diving conditions along the island's coral reef. The centre of the island provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the Grand Etang National Park which is home to a volcanic crater lake.

As a tropical island the daytime temperature stays around a moderately constant 30°C. The wet season, which runs between June and December, brings stormy weather and the slight risk of hurricanes which should be a consideration when choosing which time of the year to visit. The dry season, lasting from January to May, mean a sharp reduction in rainfall as well as humidity.

The Maurice Bishop International Airport is located in St. George’s parish and lies around 5 miles outside of the capital.

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