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Ignore the moaners its brilliant

Reviewed Tue 13th of July 2010

"Just reading some of the reviews made me write this. I wasnt going to bother however I think some people are blaming the hotel for things that are nothing to do with them.

The hotel is spotless, this includes both the rooms and the grounds. We went a party of 8 adults, not one was ill, that was with swimming in all of the pools and the sea.
The food was very good every night. The worst food we had (but still nice) was the Dominican night whereby the menu is what the locals eat. (we are so lucky)
Japanese restaraunt was brilliant, food good but was also very entertaining. I actually got married here but I dont think that affected the service. If you are friendly to staff, they are frindly back, simple really.

One couple with us did have a problem with their room in which water came through their ceiling, this was after a heavy downpour. The staff were very apologetic, moved them to a better room and gave them bottles of champagne. The mini bar was refreshed, and there are extra friendly staff who will sell you bottles of alcohol very cheaply. Me and the now wife spent the one full day of rain sat on the balcony (was still hot) chatting to neighbours whilst drinking champagne and brandy which we got off our "mate!"

All in all, we are planning to go back in a few years when our little one is old enough to be able to manage the flight distance. Holidays are what you make of them, but the accomodation / staff / facilities were definately up there

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of July 2010

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  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
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Beautiful Beach!

Reviewed Thu 22nd of January 2009

"December 2008

Arrival: December 2008
We travelled December 19-26. The tour was with Transat. We were part of a party of 8, age range 9 to 62 years. Everything prior to check-in at the hotel went well. We were there at around 12:30pm and check-in is not until 3pm. Check-in was a bit challenging. We were supposed to have private check-in/check-out with Transat. The hotel staff took us to the office where the Transat people are. One of the Transat staff angrily told the hotel staff that he was only there to handle complaints and problems. The young staff member then took us to an empty table up near one of the lobby bars. Due to the language barrier we were unsure what he was trying to tell us. We waited there a while then gave up and went to the front desk. We were checked in smoothly and and wrist bands were put on so we could begin to enjoy our stay while waiting for our room to be ready. This took about 2.5 hours. Make sure you come prepared to change your clothes to your bathing suit!! We did so all was good there.

We had 3 rooms, 5227, 5228 and 5229. We were on the 3rd floor of section 5 and the balcony overlooked the garden out back. It was very nice and quiet and the wind was never a problem. We had sun on our balcony all day which we quite enjoyed. The walking path below our balcony was beautifully lit at night with Christmas lights around the palm trees.

The room itself was a basic 2 double bed room. Nothing special about it. Opened to a palm treed courtyard which was quite lovely. These rooms are not in the renovated section of the hotel but were not disgusting just starting to look a little worn. They are renovating some rooms in section 4 and 5 but seems to be a VERY slow process. Daily they were bringing in new comforters, pillows, lamps to rooms in section 4 etc. and refinishing furniture pieces and occasionally there was a new mattress. It seems NONE of the balcony doors lock. This was not a problem on the 3rd floor but I would be concerned on the 1st or 2nd floor. Rooms were clean and the maids we had were awesome! One or 2 dollars a day sometimes with a note, goes a long way to making sure you have exactly what you want in your room!

The rooms can be very damp from all the humidity. Keep your air conditioner on and bring a travel bottle of fabreze. Do not leave your clothes on the floor overnight they will be damp. keep your suitcase closed and hang what you what you can to keep air circulating around it. This may only be a problem if it rains a lot. It rained a lot...

Restaurants and Bars:
We ate at the Marlin, Roma and Tokio. Tokio was by far the best service and food. Marlin was second. Didn't like the lobster bisque though. Waaaaaaaaay to fishy! We were there at Christmas so we had 2 additional nights for which we had to make reservations on Christmas eve and Christmas day. They were 2 special buffets. You could make a reservation at any place you wished however it was the same buffet for all restaurants in the resort each night. We reserved the Alcazar Buffet Restaurant for Christmas eve. As we had 4 kids with us we figured this was the best way to go so all could eat what they liked. The Christmas eve buffet was far better than the Christmas day buffet.

Look for Hector in the Alcazar! He is so great! He had 2 others he seems to team with and they provide great service. We ate at this buffet quite a bit and he was always there to make your day!

We ate the buffet at the Alcazar and the Marlin. The Alcazar is open earlier until 10:30am and has much more selection then the Marlin but Most of us preferred the Marlin as it is outside. The chef in the hut beside the Marlin will make your eggs and omlettes to order. The Marlin breakfast buffet is open until noon. There is also a grilled sandwhich maker and soups available here during breakfast for those who ate really early and want luch at 11:00 or so.

We used the Marlin bar most of the time. The male bar tenders (there were 3 in particular but I cannot remember the names) are great. When the these guys went on break between 1 and 2 everyday there were 2 or 3 girls that took over. They did not know any of the drinks (such as strawberry daquiri???!!! which is on the sign there!)except water (agua)and beer (cerveza) other than that you never knew what you were going to get!

The cappucino at the lobby bars was a nice treat morning or evening! There are a couple at each lobby bar who make a really good cap!

The pools and grounds were very well kept!! Plenty of lounges available at the pool and the beach! Towels are constantly coming in so if there aren't any there will be soon! Just look for the little white van! Save some weight in your carry-on or suitcase-leave you towels at home!

The beach was super clean and the sand very very soft! You can walk for miles and miles and miles!

There is no drink service on the beach or around the pool. You have to get your own. We didn't care though it would have been nice at the pool!

We preferred the main pool by the Marlin as it had all the activity. The other pool was more quiet. The kids pool area was great with a lot of water slides, climber and waterfall palm tree.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Not much going on a nite unless you like to blow a little money at the casino(which is small) or you are young enough to appreciate the disco. The nightly shows are not very spectacular but seems to be a different one each night. We weren't overly impressed.

The kids loved the trapeze. The weather was not that great while we were there (rained A LOT!!-apparently not normal for the area this time of year-lucky us) so the rock climbing was not open very often. Kids also loved the beach and all the gigantic waves and the boogie boards.

Some of us did the snorkelling trip from the beach at the resort. It is about 1.5 -2 hours in total and leaves 2 times per day from the beach. It was 35.00US per person. This was sufficient for the kids. The resort also has kayaking and a couple other water activities but as I said the weather was pretty bad while we were there and not all the activities were safe to do at the beach.

Aldo and the boys entertain you daily at the main pool by the Marlin restaurant. They keep you hopping with all sorts of activities from morning until early evening!

There are tennis courts and a basketball court. Our kids did not get there nor did we as our days had a lot of rain.

We would have done another excursion had the weather been better.

Other Comments:
Overall we found this resort to be comfortable, kid friendly and safe. Good for families not so much for singles and couples unless you like to enjoy your day and turn in early - like 10 or 11. The staff there was very good and tried to make sure your stay was enjoyable although language is a definite problem. Learn some spanish and your trip will be much more enjoyable. They seem to appreciate it when you try to talk to them in spanish.

Do not try to give a bar tender a big tip with a comment like "this is so you will remember me and what I like!" in an arrogant way as after you walk away they will laugh at you and then wash your money! Yes we saw this happen. That resort guest was unbelievable!

It is a very relaxed resort. If you like to be catered to do not come here. If you just want to get away and relax with the kids the Barcelo Punta Cana is perfect for that!

OH! I almost forgot! My friend ran out of US cash. The Transat rep at the resort told us we could get pesos from the ATM. She is canadian and has her check put in the bank (in canada) in canadian dollars and takes her pesos out at the ATM there. Make sure you have enough cash or travellers checks in US dollars! We were told by TD Bank our interac cards would work in the DR. They do not work at the resort ATM!! CIBC bank cards do not work either. The cashier at the resort said we would have to go to the bank in the town about a 1/2 hour from the resort to get pesos!! I am not sure if a credit card with a pin number would work in the machine BUT I wouldn't want to chance it! Nothing worse than not having enough cash to take part in some activities outside of the the Transat office where they will book activities with a credit card for you if you are on a Transat tour.

One final note. With Transat we were told when we went to our information meeting we did not have to pay the $20.00 U.S. departure tax to leave the country, it is now included in Transat's package price. Not sure if this is just Transat or all tour operators.

I am sure we will eventually go back to the Barcelo Punta Cana. The beach is beautiful!

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of January 2009

This was our first long haul flight - wh...

Reviewed Thu 24th of July 2008

"This was our first long haul flight - which was fine. We travelled in a party of 6 (50, 45, 42, 40, 20, 19) of which one couple were renewing their wedding vows for their Silver Anniversary. Arrived at hotel, reception was quite busy but were soon booked in. We were taken to our rooms, one couple were given a suite as part of their "wedding" package which was lovely. My husband paid for an upgrade as a part of my 40th birthday treat and the room we had was superb - we have never had such a comfy bed!
Weather was fantastic with only one storm - fascinating to watch. Food was good plenty of choice, drinks were free flowing no problems getting cocktails etc although some bar staff were hard to understand but after a Spanish lesson by the pool we found it easier. A la Carte restaurants were very good the tepanyaki restaurant food was delicious and cooked fresh in front of you - however, it can be a bit hot in front of the hot plates!! Only problem was at weekends when locals came to stay at the hotel First weekend was OK they were friendly and quite amusing by the pool but the second weekend was worse, very noisy and messy and they were like a plague of locusts in the buffet restaurants. Having said that it didn't spoil our holiday as we all felt that it was good idea to let them have the use of the hotel if it was not fully booked. It would just be advantageous if the hotel staff arranged sittings - this would alleviate this problem. I think even the buffet staff were getting stressed running around refilling the food. Great value for money. Staff were all friendly and Laura our Thomsons rep couldn't have been more helpful. The lady who arranges the weddings etc was great and the day went very well - very romantic! They have now built a wooden and wrought iron pergola for weddings. Our friends had visited this hotel 2 years before and said that the new pool area is a great asset and we enjoyed that area. Hotel could do with getting a few more umbrellas but as they are upgrading the hotel i am sure this will happen.We had a fantastic 2 weeks chilling in the sun, the beach is beautiful and would definitely re-visit this hotel maybe even next year!!


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  • Travel date: Thu 24th of July 2008

This was the worst holiday we have ever...

Reviewed Mon 14th of July 2008

"This was the worst holiday we have ever had and it was a death trap.
All the bad reviews are correct and I've got pictures to prove I am right.

First of all the holiday was nice and the beach was lovely. It is a lovely place and I would like to go again but certainly not to this hotel.

Thomson have a lot of explaining to do on this holiday, because whilst we was their we found that everyone in the hotel were complaining about the hotel. We got it hit worse by the way. Every day the Thomson Rep Queue were the biggest Queue and everyone was complaining in that Queue. The hotel got degraded from a 4 star + review to a 2 star review in the Thomson Magazine. Its funny when we came back from our holiday that the hotel name changed and it the review had been brought back up to a 4 star + review.

So lets get started with the holiday from hell.

(Please be aware this holiday was some time ago I have to remember the details, but the main horrible details are still in my mind)

First we had to wait in a weird walkway to get out keys to our rooms, which we was not bothered about but the wait was very long. Must have been about half an hour to an hour we was stood waiting to get our keys.

When we finally got our keys we went up to our room. The corridor seemed very nice and posh. It seemed like a lovely hotel. We then opened our door and it seemed alright. Then the maid then turned on the air conditioning for us and left. As soon as he did we all felt sick. The smell of mould and damp was horrible. We couldn't stand in there never mind sleep. We looked inside the air conditioning unit and it was green with mould from what we could see. The rest it was pitch black. We went up to our rep and she came in to the room. She said it was bad and gave us a different room. The other problems with the room was the light switches were rusty, the mirrors were black and tiles were cracked. The next room we got is where it all went even further down hill.

The next room still smelt of damp but manageable. However the bathroom floor was wet. We thought this was strange but ignored it. Then the next thing we realised was there was a leak in our bathroom roof. This was the reason why the bathroom floor was wet. I recorded the leak on my camera and by this time water was literally pouring out of the ceiling. We went down to tea but before showed it to our rep, by my camera. Since we had proof they couldn't say anything. The manager and the rep were having words and then the manager said they will send someone up to fix the leak. So we had tea and that was nice. The food quality was good. We didn't like the different cuisine restaurants as it was lets just say horrible. Anyway when we arrive back at the room to our shock the bathroom was a mess. (What caused the leak was the air conditioning unit, which was above our bathroom) the whole bathroom was filled with mouldy water from the air conditioning unit and all the bath towels were drenched in water. Since all the bath towels were drenched in water the person who came to clean the bathroom used toilet paper on the mirrors so toilet paper were stuck all over the mirror. Bath towels where thrown on the floor and in the toilet. We went down to reception and said someone better clean up our room now. Given them the due the person who came to clean our room did a really good job. Why couldn't this be done earlier.

As we were thinking things are finally over we then realised the leak was diverted and not sorted out. Now the leak was running down the wall of the bathroom. We then went down to reception again. This was going beyond the joke, and the staff decided to give us a premium room. Our rep said “You can't fault a premium room, they are really good”. We said okay, and signed the form to saying that if we chose this room we wouldn't put a court case against them. We found out our room number but they said they needed to get the key ready. So as we waited, we went up to see where this room was. After trying to find this new room which was like a maze, we finally found it and the maid was in doing it up. We asked her kindly if we could have a look in the room since we didn't have a key yet. She kindly agreed and we looked in. The balcony view was nothing. We paid for a sea view and all we saw was a row of balcony's with two balcony's looking in on us. The room was dark and dirty. It had in the master bedroom a small dirty window too. We was furious. It was if they were putting us in a corner and shoving us out of the way. The maid was doing up our room for us specially. That room is never been used, or will only be used in emergencies. We went down to reception and complained. We was not happy and this holiday was getting worse and worse by the second. After much debating, they said we can have a choice of 2 rooms and we will be showed by a man and also our rep will also be with us too. We went to the first room. Well finally we saw a room which was flawless. The door was massive however when you went in – it was beautiful, we had a lovely television area and lovely bedrooms. I think it was for staff only that room. Then the second room we got showed was a premium room again – just like the room we complained about however it had two balconies, the room was bright, there were no damp smell and also a Jacuzzi. The balcony view was a sea and stage view. We decided to go with the second room (premium) since it had enough bedrooms for us and the flawless room didn't. Even though the premium room was the better hotel room, it still wasn't great since the bathroom roof titles were broken and the jacuzzi gave my mum a bruise by sucking her leg into it.

That was the end of our hotel room hell. Apart from that the holiday went fantastically well. The staff was nice and friendly. There were more problems to arise however we were afraid.

The amount of people ill from the hotel was unbelievable. Nearly everyone was ill and feeling sick with diarrhoea and other illnesses. It didn't help with the birds flying in the open room restaurant and landing on the food and pecking at it.

I must admit though the doctor was very helpful. I had an ear infection from the pool (I always seem to get them on holiday) and I went to him. He said he will give me an injection of anti-biotics. Anyway after the injection I had a panic attack and he said do a couple of moves to stop the panic attack. It worked like a charm, he certainly knew what he was doing. As for payment he said put your money away as long as you got insurance they will claim it off Thomson! (even though we didn't have insurance with Thomson!)

Here comes the trips. This is the highlight of your holiday the trips. We wanted to swim with dolphins and see the tigers in a swimming pool. You can have a picture in a swimming pool with a tiger on your shoulders. (This was fake by the way, since the tigers were behind glass). However you need to get on a plane to get their. We all set off and when we got their, we were in the terminal and out again. The person (guide) in charge kept counting the tokens (tokens which we received from the guide on the trip) and also counting us all, and bringing us in the terminal and out. Finally group 1 got on the bus down to runway and got off. We went to the first plane and the captains were shaking their heads saying this is not the plane, looked at the second plane still the captains were shaking their heads saying this is not the plane. We looked at the final one and all looked at each other and said to each other, we are all not getting on that plane since there were not enough seats. The guide that was with us told us to get back on the bus. After about another half an hour the guide got on the bus and we went back to the terminal. We said hello to group two back at the terminal. Everyone was wondering now what is happening, and there were lots of questions being asked. Nobody knew what was happening. Then the guide was counting the tokens again and then finally said “We cannot fly because the weather where we was landing was unsuitable.” If he said that straight away we could of believe him, but because he kept counting us and counting the tokens we felt he messed up with the numbers and there were two many people to fly. We booked the trip again on a different day. We got a phone call later the day we booked it saying that the trip has been moved from 5:00am to 7:00am. We thought okay, and set off down at 6:30am. We went in the breakfast bar which was open at that time and then waited at the reception room door. There was another family that was going on the same trip. We didn't say anything to each other until it passed 7:30am and there were not coach or nothing. We said to them are you going on the dolphin trip and they said “yes, we are”. We talked with each other thinking that the coach is very late. All these other coaches came and trips went and we was watching all these people going on different trips. The bell boys were saying all these trips and it weren't ours. It soon reached 8:30am and we decided together that the trip weren't coming, so we all went to the Thomson Rep to get a refund for the trip. We must have had a season ticket with our rep we had been that many times, and she said that you had missed the coach, however this was the cherry on the cake. The family that was with us didn't get the phone call, so they were there at 5:00am. So our Thomson Rep couldn't argue back and gave us our money back. This however wasn't the hotels fault but it was still a bad experience since it all seemed to go wrong at this hotel.

Apart from these hiccups we had a nice holiday. We had a word with many other people around the hotel, and they said the same thing and other faults such as maggots in the kettle, broken mirrors, the casino is rigged and fraudulent, damp rooms. The staff were extremely unfriendly to kids. The kids club staff were shouting at the kids and treating them like dirt. This wedding couple we got chatting too, had guests dotted all other the hotel when they said they all wanted to be together and the wedding package was meant to be all included. They had to pay additional fees when they got there for everything that was meant to be included. They said they were horrified of the costs and they paid a thousand pound more than what we paid to come to the hotel. Also the amount of people sick was unbelievable.

The last thing, that didn't bother us but seem to bother everyone else was two things that seem to happen on the same day. We got a letter under our door saying that they are turning off the air conditioning for a couple of days due to maintenance and also the letter was saying about a insect infestation. The air conditioning however only was down for a couple of hours, but the amount of insects on our door and in the corridor. There were hundreds. The insects seem to come out of nowhere and flooded the hotel. With all the spiders and insects it made the hotel look and feel dirty.

There was at least one brilliant thing about the hotel. In the restaurant the man who served us coffee were very nice indeed and we gave him a very large tip at the end of our holiday.

The worst hotel we had ever been too and defiantly not recommended to anyone."

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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of July 2008

i stay in aug06 ; i am only entering my...

Reviewed Tue 6th of May 2008

"i stay in aug06 ; i am only entering my throughts now so no one else goes there. all member of my party where ill ,my son was told he could not fly home due to illness.the staff where no help at all the rep ,where to start she was hopeless.the hotel drity the staff drity. over all i would give this hotel --0."

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  • Travel date: Tue 6th of May 2008

Holiday was amazing it was a great holte...

Reviewed Thu 14th of February 2008

"Holiday was amazing it was a great holtel and this was my first time long haul flight , and only ever been to spain and i love the domican i think its great for value you really get your moneys worth the hotel was amazing and designed in great detail would really recomend and also the phone charges were really really bad!

But the restraunts were fabulous espcially the japenise and itailian ( and im a really fussy eater )
would recocomend!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 14th of February 2008

Although I was ill for some of this holi...

Reviewed Tue 26th of June 2007

"Although I was ill for some of this holiday (due to heat change and such factors) this holiday was amazing.

Entertainment staff were fantastic. Waiting Staff in restaurants were so polite and welcoming. I enjoyed this holiday so much!

A lot of pool games and activities were organised for free and there was never a dull moment. The beach was beautiful, with a conveniently placed beach bar. Kayaking on site, watersports, and excursions booked on site."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of June 2007

Our group of eleven were ill the entire...

Reviewed Sun 29th of April 2007

"Our group of eleven were ill the entire 2 weeks, it was a nightmare.

Sick smelly beds. Mess floating in the pool, maggots in the coffee pot.

We went to see the rep and she said it was a virus it was airborne, everyone we spoke to add been ill. It made us all having to stay on the complex near a loo and not able to go on any trips we had planned.

You save all year to have an enjoyable time on holiday. Not what we expected for a 4 star plus more like 2 star!! "

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  • Travel date: Sun 29th of April 2007

I had mixed feelings about this holiday,...

Reviewed Sun 15th of April 2007

"I had mixed feelings about this holiday, but one thing I will say, the staff there worked so hard.

I can tell you that as I can speak Spanish, they work for very low wages, however, although it is very low by our standards they are happy to have a job there and they love hearing about our lives in the UK or USA.

If you asked them to do anything they would go out of their way to get it done. My daughter got married there and they were happy to help out in every way they could...even sending some maintenance guys over to help with some extras that my daughter had asked for, no charge just happy to do it.

I got a tummy upset but I get that wherever I go to be honest, and I was ill but they are catering for so many people.

The rooms were kept very clean, the fridges were kept stocked. If you need more, just ask.

Not only did they make my daughter’s wedding fantastic...they also made my husband’s 50th birthday fantastic too. We found it easy to book the speciality restaurants, queues can get a little long though.

They made the cakes free of charge and even serenaded him with a song and with a dimming of the lights a flaming shot on top of my husband’s cake instead of 50 candles...It was a great night.

And for my criticism...the long arduous journey from the airport to the resort.

I was not prepared for the poverty along the way either... (would have been nice to have been warned as this upset me a bit) and the fact that there was not really anywhere to go other than the hotel and lastly, 2 weeks is a bit like groundhog day. 1 week or 10 days would have been perfect.

I would probably not go back to Punta Cana but only because of I have been there now and because of the criticisms listed above.

I would love to see the other side of the island Puerta Plata sounds a lot more lively with more to do outside of the Hotels.

The staff there were lovely considering what they had to put up with."

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  • Travel date: Sun 15th of April 2007

Where do I start, the holiday was a dis...

Reviewed Fri 9th of March 2007

"Where do I start, the holiday was a disaster.

When arriving at the Dominican Republic my first thoughts where brill, we were met by traditional ladies with baskets on their heads and asked to have photos taken.

It really felt like we were in the Caribbean when we first arrived at the hotel, first impressions were lovely but then this is where it all went wrong.

My parents were not recognised as being guests, the staff could not speak English which is no fault of theirs but the rep had done a runner, leaving us to cope.

My husband and children got our rooms no problem but it took my parents over an hour.

When we got our rooms we were in the basement, with a strong musty smell. The shower did not work and the decor was shabby.

The room felt very damp so we asked to move, only to be told that we could not move until the next day.

The next day came I was told we could move rooms, just to pack and a bell boy would bring our cases up to the room. That was at about 12.00 o’clock.

At three o’clock the cases had not arrived, so I sat in the room for three hours for nothing. I rang down and about two hours later they arrived. The room was better.

FOOD- all I can say is horrible! The dining room was a disaster not enough seating for the amount of guests. Nothing was edible, all of it looked like it had been heated up from the previous day.

All except the breakfast, which we always had an omelette as we watched this being done in front of us. Birds where dive bombing us from every angle and nobody did anything to stop this, they were also pecking at food that was on display.

Restaurants - These where a disgrace. The Japanese we had beetles crawling in front of us, my mother had a piece of porcelain in her mouth from one of the plates, she ended up walking out she had had enough.

The hotel was full of local people who took preference over paying guests, there was not enough seating at night to enjoy a drink and as my mother as a back problem we found ourselves back at our room early most nights.

There was ongoing building work being done near where children were staying, such as open lifts propped open by planks of wood open sewers, which where over spilling.

Most of our party where ill. Myself, my mother, husband and daughter were all ill. My mother and myself needing a doctor and medication this went on for nearly a week.

There are many more complaints to many to mention really.

The up side is the wonderful beach, this is where we spent most of our days till the dreaded nights came, where we knew we had to yet again, face the restaurants."

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of March 2007

I have been reading customer complaints...

Reviewed Tue 13th of February 2007

"I have been reading customer complaints for this hotel and I must say that I am absolutely stunned to say the least.

My 19 yr old daughter and I went to Super Breezes in March 2006; we booked 10 days before we went and had not read any reviews on the hotel.

If we had read them we would have had second thoughts about going. How glad we were! On our arrival we were greeted at the airport in true Caribbean style.

Transfer was smooth and on arrival at the hotel we were very impressed.

Being 2 women on our own, we were obviously a bit concerned about our safety. But we were amazed to find the staff and other guests were very friendly and we were spoilt rotten.

Our room overlooked the neighbouring French hotel, which we were initially not happy about, we were offered another room but decided to stay put, and after the first day we were glad we did.

The maid kept our room spotlessly clean and the fridge and tea and coffee were replenished every day. We had clean beach towels every day too.

The food was excellent and the a`la`carte restaurants were of very high standard.

We would like to say thank you to Jose, Leonardo, Franklin, and Chapel for helping to make our holiday really special. We will never forget you all.

We never return to the same hotel as we feel there are so many places to visit, but we would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone, young or old.

Happy Holidays. From Karen and Rachel."

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  • Travel date: Tue 13th of February 2007

After booking our once in a lifetime hol...

Reviewed Tue 30th of January 2007

"After booking our once in a lifetime holiday for my husband and two children age 4 and 15, we were very disappointed.

We had 4 rooms and all were smelly and in need of a good clean. Not at all what we expected for a 4* hotel.

The lifts were out of order, the fire alarm in the second week kept going off early hours of the morning, there were plug sockets near the buffet restaurant hanging off and the food was awful.

You get sick off eating rice and chicken, birds flying in to eat out of the bowls.

My husband was ill for 1 day and I was ill for 2, with sickness and diahorrea. God I thought I was dying - they said it was the pool but my eldest daughter was never out of the pool and she was ok. Thank god our 4yr old didn’t get it but she hardly ate, neither did I after that, lived on bread rolls and melon.

We would have paid to of come home early if we could. The nightclub was not that good either. The pool was lovely and the beach was fantastic.

The one trip we went on was good, the lad’s angel and munchy were very nice and funny, that was the Jurassic safari well worth the money but I would not rate this hotel at all very disappointing.

Complained to Airtours with photos and got some compensation. We were asked on our 4th room what we wanted; I replied the holiday I bought and thought we were gong to get a clean room something to go home and show off about and that I hadn’t paid nearly £4000 for this. It was very disapointing.

This hotel needs looking at it. Choose another hotel. I've stopped in B&B in Blackpool better than the superclubs. The best bits were meeting nice people and the flight home.

If you do go to Dominican take pencils and books and clothing for the Dominican children, they don’t have much at all - if anything - as you will see if you go on the trips, the guides will stop so you can hand them out."

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  • Travel date: Tue 30th of January 2007

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  • gypcqueen83 by gypcqueen83

    "Perfect for Families with young kids and/or teens, Older couples, older singles "

  • gypcqueen83 by gypcqueen83

    "The Marlin Buffet by the beach/main pool, piano lobby bar, Japanese Restaurant, Alcazar Buffet "

Occidental Caribe is also called

  • Barcelo Punta Cana
  • SuperClubs Breezes Punta Cana
  • Barcelo Punta Cana Hotel

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