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Just ok

Reviewed Wed 22nd of January 2014

"Good points : on the beach, spacious room, all inclusive, food is ok, staff generally nice and polite, good value for money.

Bad points : lack of sunbeds, inefficiency (my friend kept asking for three days for laundry service and eventually gave up), leaking a/c (we changed our first room as the a/c was leaking, we spent last night in junior suite as our flight back home was cancelled and the bathroom was flooded in the morning due to a/c leaking), poor state of plumbing (bath blocked, WC broken), a lot of representatives trying to sell you various trips.

All in all, don't expect too much and just try to enjoy sun and sea. The management does not seem to be interested in your opinion. You usually get a questionnaire at the end of your stay, but not in this resort. It tells a lot about how much do they care about their guests' opinion.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 21st of January 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

nightmare before christmas

Reviewed Wed 16th of January 2013

"And so it begins, the Caribbean holiday of a life time, 9 days and 10 nights on the paradise Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana to be precise.

It all started on the 24 of December, we awake early really excited to be on our way at last, the day my wife had been waiting for, for over 4 months, we were finally going on our 5 year anniversary holidays.

To set the tone for this letter, it is not good; we encountered delays, unhelpful staff, rude staff, zombies, some good staff (not many) and some helpful managers, well one anyway, who at this point id guess is happy to see the back of us.

But anyway let me begin, we arrive at the airport in Madrid, at my standard 2 hours before our flight, just to be sure, check in and go for lunch, our flight call comes over the intercom and it seems we are on the way, when getting to the gate we are told there is a short delay, not to worry, it wont be long, 5 hours later we are still waiting.

So to be safe I make my poor wife, who was quite unwilling, call the hotel to inform them we would be late, very late and wanted to make sure they were aware of the delay and make sure our transfer to the hotel would be still waiting for us, which she was told, of coarse, this put my mind at ease, there is noting I hate more, than landing in a strange country, I have never been to, heading to a hotel I was never in, but the one good thing was at least we knew our transfer would be there to drop us from airport to hotel, so at least I was not going to get lost or done by the local taxis, who on seeing an unsuspecting tourist will, in my opinion take a slightly longer way to get from A to B, but that didn’t matter we had a transfer to take that stress form me and my good wife.

Now in hind sight I guess, on seeing the dismantled plane, nobody wanted to get on a plane where we could see engine parts all over the run way, now on making a call to an air plane mechanic I have known for years, he assured me there was no way we would be getting on that plane, because even if it was fixed there was no chance they would get a air line inspector, to pass the plane fit for flight, and he was right, so after 5 hours, the airline decided to get a new plane, which was meet with relief and screams of delight by our Spanish friends.

Now one of the good things about the Spanish and spanishesk people flying with us are all to ready to let their feeling s heard and after 5 hours of wandering around a near completely closed terminal, these people were not happy. Eventually from somewhere, someone managed to convince someone that we should be at least be given some water and bread for our inconvenience of being delayed 5 hours on Christmas Eve.

After being ushered to another gate, where we were supposed to get this amazing offer, everyone standing around, still waiting when we are told to get on the plane, still without getting our great offer of bread and water as an apology, which to be clear, we still have not received from the airline, even after filling out, what we were told was a very important complaint form.

The flight itself was OK; we were crammed in like little sardines in a tin, but at least it was a tin in the air, so now 6 hours later we were on our way to paradise, to start our once in a life time dream holiday to celebrate 5 years of marriage, life couldn’t be any better.

We finally arrive, after nearly 24 hours traveling, between the airport, airport waiting and flight. We get off to be meet by a welcome to Punta Cano tax desk, just to delay us more, then to immigration, then to find our cases.

We get through all that in about an hour, so it is now 2.30 am Christmas morning, we are still both half a sleep, but we must find our transfer to the hotel, we come out of arrivals look around and there are some reps there from different companies, a long line of taxi drivers all shouting at us to use their services, which for the time being we ignore, because we are looking for our rep or transfer, after 20 minutes looking and asking people, we give in, the people are not here, even after we rang, remember we rang the hotel 4 times, and the people are not here, “oh it, lets get a taxi,” my wife asks, as like me she wants to get to bed, and really what is going through my head, is what is the chance the taxi driver is a serial killer, who will take us to Haiti and chop us up and cook us for his Christmas dinner, now obviously I kept this bit of paranoia to my self, as I was pretty sure we would have slept in the airport, beside a security guard for safety.

We finally choose a driver, who spoke good English, gave him my bags and followed him to a taxi, which someone else was driving, now at this point I did not care, I just wanted to get to bed and the driver assured us he knew where the hotel was and it would take 25 minuets to get there, so in my semi-conscious state I was trying to work out how long it would take to get to Haiti which, I could be wrong, but I worked out to be at least 3 hours, so it seems that we would be safe enough.
After 25 minutes we arrived at a big gate, that is closed and the building we are looking at is completely dark, I mean completely black, I nearly had a stroke,
Thankfully a security guard came along and pointed the driver in a different direction to the new reception, which seemed to be a secret as no one we met knew there was one, which did cause confusion and as you will learn later, confusion plays a big part of life in this resort.

First Impressions:
After the taxi finally finding our set down point, we sluggishly plopped out of it with great relief, mainly on my part, as my iPhone was not working, so trying to use Google maps was a non starter, make sure we didn’t get to done over, or get brought for roasting which we were the main coarse.
The first impressions were good, in big writing over reception was the caption, Be Live Grand Punta Cano, this looked well, and over the two winding stairs was the Quote” tell it only to your best friends” this I thought was cool, did my wife make an amazing discovery, were we knee deep in a truly magical place reserved truly for the rich and famous for the holiday season, which we are neither, but it looked well, and that my friends is were the story goes from bad to worse, from one calamitous situation to another , from one disaster to another, every time my poor Eimear said “well it couldn’t get any worse” like some sort of joke, which we were the punch line, it would. For ease of understanding as I am not a writer, I am going to go through dept. to dept. as best I can and I am going to try and list the issues as best I can in order from 1 to. …………Well we will just have to see!

1. On trying to check in, our keys were not ready and the receptionist looked as though he was surprised to see us, even though we had called 4 times telling him we were going to late, now while trying to find our details the airplane crew that had flew us came in behind us, about 20 min or so after us, on seeing them the receptionist decided that he should check them in first and left us standing there, bare in mind this was now 3am Christmas morning, thankfully an older gent came along and kindly completed our check in and gave us our room keys.
2. Part of the package we got was this big Christmas eve gala dinner, which we missed because of our delayed flight, there was no acknowledgment from the hotel about this, this is not acceptable from a 5* resort
3. When we booked we were told there was 7 al a carte restaurants, there is not, and the only one that was close was the ”gourmet restaurant” which it was not, the food was not even close to a 3* standard, cold grilled goat cheese on dry limp lettuce, over cooked steak and a chocolate dessert that was meant to be warm was cold, so this was a massive let down again and even if all the restaurants were open there still would not be 7 al a carte, and just to point out, non of the staff could tell us where the Italian, Brazilian or Mexican restaurants were.
4. The next night we ate in the Japanese restaurant which again was not al a carte, you ate what they gave you and no options or choice, the meal went like this, warm sobo soup with 3-4 pieces of garnish and 2 bits of noodle, sushi that was cut so long before dinner it had a skin on the rice, the beef, chicken and prawns were cooked together on the griddle with egg fried rice and stir fried veg, which doesn’t sound to bad except for the fact I’m allergic to shell fish, and had I not seen what the chef was doing could have ended up dead, now all this food was served up on cracked and chipped plates, again not to 5* standard.
5. When we booked the holiday we specified we required Wi-Fi in the room 24 hours a day for the 10 days, we did not get this, instead we had to go to the downstairs reception every day ask for a code and log in, it took between 1-2 hours to get the code as they had to go get it when you asked for it, which is silly and we had to constantly log in and out of it again this is not acceptable of a 5*.
6. Every Breakfast lunch and dinner in the main Buffet restaurant was the same every day, again on booking we were told that it changed every day,
Which it didn’t?

7. We could not get the same drink made the same way in any of the bars, if your bar staff are not trained maybe they should use measures so it is consistent and what is going on when you feel it is acceptable to serve glasses of wine from a plastic 5lt drum, maybe you don’t understand but people will pay for wine, once it is what they want and is served correctly, and wine is one of the most important offerings a bar, restaurant or hotel can offer their guests and is a massive money maker for them and every 5* I have ever stayed in take great pride in their wine lists and all would have a cellar of 200 to 500 bottles on their lists.
8. We were 5 hours in the hotel, after getting up for some breakfast Christmas morning, when we pounced on by your timeshare staff trying to up sell the benefits of your gold band clients, this was stupid, we were told the suit we were in was available for 169 dollars if we had been a member of this thing, now telling your guests this 5 hours after they arrive in the hotel is very stupid, but telling it to someone who paid over $8,000for 10 days was completely moronic, and trying to make people feel stupid is not a good way to sell anything and the fact that these people hassle you every day of your stay is not acceptable.
9. Twice my wife got stuck in the shower washing her hair when the water would stop, and I mean stop completely not low pressure, stop. I called reception twice, twice I was told somebody would be straight up and guess what, no one ever showed up, either time, I’m pretty sure customer safety should be paramount in all hotel operations, but seemly not here.
10. When you call to reception all they will do is transfer you before you say anything or more often they just hang up on you, this is not customer care of any description, and I feel you need a lot of work done to bring your front of house staff up to standard, and that means any standard.
11. For some reason any incoming calls were only coming through to the phone in the toilet, on reporting this, we were told someone would be right up, guess what happened, that’s right, noting, 10days of all calls coming through to the phone in the toilet, why, I can only assume we were not important enough for our issues or problems to be sorted out, even though we flew half way around the world and paid $8,000 for the holiday.
12. I spent 45 minutes in a line at reception to change Dominican money to dollars, on getting to the counter the person behind there started laughing at the thought, seemingly you do not change your own currency into other currencies, on asking him what should I do, he told me to go to the airport and that it was not his problem, this person was lucky I was willing to laugh it off as part of the continuing joke me and my wife were suffering, otherwise I could have beaten this person within an inch of his life, if one of my staff spoke to a guest this way I would have sacked them on the spot.
13. On wanting some laundry done, we put everything into the laundry bag supplied, filled out the sheet and went down stairs to block 7 reception to ask what to do next with it, they told us to leave it on our bed and said someone would call up later for it, guess what, no one called up, 24 hours later we go to reception again and we get told the same thing, 4 hours later it dose get collected, so we had to wait 28 hours for the laundry to be collected, and seeing at is supposed to be laundered and back in 24 hours obviously this service, is to say the least, flawed, and that is all I will say about it as I’m trying to be nice.

14. I went to the shop to get some things to bring home, the 3 people in front of me left with out buying what they wanted, one couldn’t charge to the room, one could not put her purchases on her credit card and one did not have the exact money as the person behind the counter insisted she must have, now on hearing this I got a bit confused as I also did not have the exact money needed, but because I told her it “was” her problem and that I would stand there all day till she sorted it out, I would have left with out the things I wanted, now if this is hotel policy, it is completely stupid, It is a beach resort, why do you expect people to carry exact money, and not able to charge to your room or credit card, this needs to be looked at as it is costing your resort a lot of money.


What a joke, we were guaranteed that this would be special, just for us, because we had missed the Christmas eve dinner, not only was it not just for us, it was not special.
Again we were not given a choice; the majority of the menu was shellfish,
Which I am allergic to, on explaining this to the waiter I was told there was no starter for me as all the prawn salads were already made up for the night, I couldn’t even get a plain salad, so when I asked what main coarse they would recommend he said there wasn’t one, as you could imagine I got very annoyed told him to find me a steak or did I have to go to the food and beverage manager to order my dinner, this eventually got done, but in the mean time I had ordered 5 different wines from your very small list, to be told each time, after a 10 minute wait, that they were out of that wine at the moment, now that is 5 different times, totaling 50 minutes, waiting for a drink, in the end we got a beer with out dessert, and yes that is right, we had finished our dinner before we got any drink.
After finishing dinner we went to find the F&B manager, for an explanation, to be told, you were out of wine, a 5* resort out of wine, dose that make any sense to you, a 5* resort out of wine over the Christmas holiday period, needless to say, this was not a memorable or special dinner.

16. The second last day there was some sort of leak, now when I say leak it was a burst sewage pipe we think, it was absolutely disgusting, and again not a word from the management, no apology, no explanation, noting, and every person we spoke to in block 7 were not happy, and again the theme running through the reception staff was, “it isn’t my problem”, that was said to 3 different couples while we standing in front of them, wait to find out, what was going on, again I would have fired that staff on the spot, they are in the hospitality business, their job is to make sure people are happy, and if they are not happy, their job is to try and sort out the problems as best they can, not be unhelpful and tell people ”its not my problem”.

17. The last day and at this point we decided we were so happy to be going home, and were planning a holiday, because our Caribbean dream had become a nightmare, but there was another story, while having breakfast a waiter dropped 2 glasses from a try, right beside 2 costumers, in front of the back bar, along the wall were you come into windows, 5 other staff behind the bar burst out laughing at the waiter and did noting, I took it upon myself to go to the customers and tell them to be careful to make sure there was no glass in their sandals, while the 5 staff continued to laugh, 10 minutes later the waiter who had dropped it returned to clean it up, this was irresponsible, dangerous and could have cost the resort thousands in a lawsuit, I would suggest that if you are going to have staff like this, you really need to have a legal firm on speed dial, because it is just a matter of time before you have very serious problems.

In reminiscing about the whole experience, it is not something I would ever put myself or my good wife through again, I could only compare the resort to a hotel that there was a very funny comedy written about, it was called “Faulty Towers” and id have to say I think I would have preferred to stay there.

This resort is not a 5* in any manner shape or form, I don’t know where you got your accreditation, it is most certainty not one of any note or if it is, they have not inspected your resort in a long time.

We spoke to 6 different managers and told them this and everyone of them agreed with us, now these are your managers, and when they can say to customers that the resort they work for are advertising falsely this is a big problem and again leaves you open to all sorts of law suits also they were of the opinion that all resorts in the Dominican Republic were like this, saying they advertise as 5* but are not really 5*. I might send this letter to some of them to see what their view on our experience was.

Here are 2 lines I would make all staff learn,

1. “The customer is always right”.
No matter what and if they cannot adhere to that I would replace them or put them somewhere were they do not interact with your customers.

2. “I am sorry, I cannot help you with that, let me get a manager who will be able to help you”.
The amount of staff that tells customers “ this is not my problem” is unforgivable for a supposed 5* resort.

My professional advice would to invest in a lot of training, get rid of the dead wood, by this I mean people you are paying to make up numbers, If you hire someone as a bar person and he cannot do the job fire them, if they are supposed to be a member of the waiting team and they cannot do the job, fire them, sorry if that sounds heartless or blunt, but these people will cost you more money and complaints than they are worth, and you biggest problems seem to be with staff that may have been with the hotel for a while where they feel they can say or do what they want, but again training is something you MUST do.

On the whole, you do have some good staff, particularly you food and beverage manager, but they do not make up for the amount of untrained, unfriendly, unhelpful, staff that you currently have employed in your resort.

In summation we were not happy with our break, which cost us over $8,000, for 10 days, this was our 5 year wedding anniversary, the Caribbean was a dream my wife had for along time, and I can say now it is not a place we would ever consider going to again.

Eimear and Christopher king
[email protected]

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 16th of January 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Could be better

Reviewed Wed 13th of February 2013

"First off I have to say is the review that AnxiousLyne wrote is very accurate. I have been too many resorts and have to say that this one was the poorest to date. The resort and grounds are very impressive to look at but the attitude of anyone in management is very poor. I will try not to duplicate anything that has been posted by AnxousLyne.

Our group consisted of 5 couples and were there from Feb. 6th, 2009 to Feb. 13th, 2009. Two couples got upgraded for free while the rest were not. Not a good thing to do with a large group as some felt short changed, but nothing that anyone really got upset about. The staffs that really need to be commended for their hard work are the maids, grounds keepers and the bartenders. All seemed to work hard and were always pleasant.


Very modern and everything worked flawlessly. We were one of the ones that got upgraded so we had marble floors, a whirlpool tub, and a balcony overlooking the lazy river pool and ocean. It seemed to be newly built. I think that there was only one morning that we didn’t have hot water otherwise it was always available.


We normally book with the Riu chain and are always impressed with the variety and quality of the food. This resort doesn’t seem to compare. The variety, although large, falls short of what we have had at other resorts. Not sure if it’s the number of items or the way it was presented that made it seem like there was not much choice. The food we found to be generally over or under done. We found tough meats and raw hamburgers, but always seemed to find enough to fill up. The staff at the buffet seemed indifferent to whether you were there or not. There were exceptions that worked hard to make sure that you had a pleasant meal and we tried to seat in the areas were these individuals worked. The Aqua restaurant, which was only available to the “Cameleon Select” was a bit better in quality but still lacked staff that cared. The a la carte restaurants were not much better than the main buffet. Both the Italian and Tex-Mex had over done food and very slow service. It took over an hour after our orders were taken before we saw our food. We took the attitude that we are on vacation so no need to rush, but we were getting very The one exception was the Japanese. It did stand out.


I believe any of the discounts that they offer are just a way to get you in and will not be honoured when it comes time to pay. My wife and her friend both used the spa and were told that because we were part of the Cameleon Select upgrade they would be getting a 15% discount. The charges were applied to our room and were not given a choice to pay before checkout. At the end of our trip the bill did not include the discount and were given every excuse way it wasn’t. We would press to get the discount and new reason was given. One was that because they will convert the dollar price advertised to pesos and then back to dollars again when we pay. Why advertise in American dollars and collect in American dollars...there is no exchange necessary. Another was because we never paid right away and a service fee is charged. They also said that there is no discount...we showed them the Nolitours paperwork that showed otherwise. Needless to say they never backed down.

Mini bar:

I would recommend checking the mini bar with the porter once you get into the room. Ours has an empty Pringles container in there which we were charged for. At $8.00 and a 26% tax it can add up in a hurry. Not sure if this was the last guests before us or the staff or a way to get some more money out of you. Two other couples had the same thing happen with theirs.
Same issue of them never having any towels. We were told that one of the washing machines had broken down, but nothing changed as the week went on.
We played volleyball, bocce, water volleyball and ping pong. All were easy to get the equipment for.


Awesome. I guess that’s why you come to Punta Cana for. We walked for hours and were lucky enough to see a few jellyfish and sea anemone wash ashore. Staff was always busy cleaning the beach. Also we weren’t bothered by any vendors like we have been in Puerto Plata.

All in all we have a good time as we feel that you make your vacation yourself. This resort looks incredible but needs some work with the food and staff. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 16th of February 2009

If you did not book yet...Don't!

Reviewed Thu 14th of February 2013

"Vacation from February 4th to 11th, 2009.

After reading numerous reports on this hotel on Trip Advisor we estimated that it was a hit or miss experience. 50% good and 50% bad. We had booked this hotel because of the terrific deal but we should have checked this site prior to our booking. But we went with an open mind and we truly believe that some of the bad reports were a bit too much i.e. waiting to check in, flies come on get real you are on vacation, so what is the rush!

Well let me begin by telling you that we had 6 out of 7 days of rain! That is certainly no one’s fault but Mother Nature. But this is the time that you rely on the hotel's customer service and their facilities.


We booked through Nolitours/Air Transat which you get a premium location in the Cameleon club, a newer part of the Grand Oasis Punta Cana. We stayed in room 10308 which was in building 10 on the 3rd floor overlooking the pool and ocean. The room was nice and clean and cannot complain about the maid service which we tipped on a daily basis. Although, our sheets were never changed during our entire stay.

The Cameleon club give you access to the Aqua restaurant which was one of the best in the whole complex. We certainly, enjoyed the Champagne and Orange juice in the morning.

The Grand Oasis Bavaro is part of the Grand Oasis Punta Cana. The complex is not very large so you can walk everywhere in a very short time. The beach is very close and took us less than 2 minutes to reach the beach.

The grounds are simply beautiful and well maintained.

The casino is a lot of fun especially if you win. Don’t forget to ask for your two $5.00 vouchers (Buy $20.00 get $5.00 extra and the $10.00 table token that you get for every day of your stay when you stay at the Cameleon Club just go to the Grand Oasis Punta Cana Guest Relation Desk and request them. They do not tell you about this perk!

The beach had a lot of chairs and palapas. Although there is a rule that you cannot reserve beach chairs that was certainly not the case. On our first day, we saw all the palapas reserved by 7:15 a.m. but the lounge chairs were still plentiful.

The animation team was excellent a great group of people that tried the very best to entertain us. Cudos to them because they work a very long day sometime 10 to 12 hours a day.

The Shows at night were very entertaining, The Michael Jackson Impersonator and the dance shows were excellent.

The BAD:

The ocean was very cold and very rough during our stay and there was a lot of seaweed on the beach due to the strong winds. The beach is located next to the marina which could be a little annoying with the boats but since the seas were so rough we did not see that problem because no boats were being used.

Towels are only available at the beach even though there are 4 pools on the site. Towels cannot be replaced before noon and if you failed to return your towel the night before tough luck you had to wait till noon. Then consider yourself lucky if by 1:00 p.m. there were still some towels available. We had to keep the same towels for 3 days because there were never any towels available.

The food is at best mediocre. The Aqua is the best, Da Mario Restaurant is also very good (please remember, that if you want to eat there you must stand in line at 5:30 (they open at 6:00) in order to have the 6:00 or 8:00 seating. If you cannot be seated for the 6:00 they take your name for the 8:00 if they are people that do not show up you are still out of luck since they will not assign that table to anyone. The meat at any restaurant is e either overcooked (like shoe leather) or undercooked.

The bathrooms: You cannot flush any paper in them so be forewarned it could be pretty disgusting at time. The public bathrooms at the pools and beach area are totally disgusting, they hardly worked or did not work at all.

Customer service is really terrible. Pray that nothing goes wrong and you wont have a problem. We waited 4 days to get our bar fridge repaired, we had a non-functional clock (Okay you are on vacation, who needs a clock! but when you have an early non-refundable excursion, you don't want to miss it!) Bring an alarm clock or cell phone with you!

The Internet facility does not open on the posted time and the attendant is very rude. The computers are in Spanish and if you do not speak the language you must rely on his help.

The drinks are terrible unless you stick to Cerveza or straight drinks. Mixed drinks such as Pina Coladas are not fresh nor done in a blender but just poured from a jug. And to boot in a very small plastic cup so by the time you wait in line to get your drinks (no waiters come to the pool or beach or anywhere else) you finished your drink. Here is a tip bring your own mug from home big enough for a sensible drink. We brought a thermal cup which kept our drinks nice and cold or our coffee nice and hot).

A room safe is a must. We meet a couple that was totally clean out, passport, money, camera, credit cards and ATM card. So please it is worth the $21.00 fee to keep your belongings safe.

Please be aware of your surroundings, be careful when walking on the beach, we found rusted nails, glass and cigarette butts all over the place. Please people, be considerate if you have finished your drink throw your cups away, if you are a smoker us a glass filled with sand and put your butts out and when the day is done throw it out and please do not bring glass container on the beach. One day, while I was walking on the beach I saw something in the water, thinking it was a piece of coral I reached down to discover that it was a broken glass bottle which luckily was cm away from cutting me.


Toilets that do not flush!

Uncooked meat - Hamburger center totally raw!

Next door to the hotel and from some hallways windows of the hotel you can see the overwhelming poverty - housing- garbage and stray dogs which one day we saw a young dog trembling on the side of the hotel which was bleeding profusely from being mauled in the neck. We both began to cry but was scared to assist the dog for chance he would bite us. Needless to say, we never went to that location again fearing the worst.

The Flea market across the street, the vendors are very pushy and do not leave you alone. We were two women travelling together and at one point a vendor blocked the exit of his store before we bought something. But let us by after a minute or so.

AND THE BEST FOR LAST - A COCKROACH enjoying a platter of pastries at the Windows Restaurant

This hotel is rated a 4.5 star which I cannot believe at all. I have stayed in other 4.5 star and this does not even come close.

I would give this hotel a 4 star for their facilities
a 3.5 star for the beach
a 2 star for the food
a 1.5 star for the public bathroom
and a 1 star for customer service

So if you have already booked ....hope for the best and do not complain because it is pointless, they could not care less!

And if you are considering this hotel, take this advice go elsewhere."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 15th of February 2009

service awful (particularly reception -no english) food average,not enough restaurants.

Reviewed Fri 15th of February 2013

"After waiting for half-an hour in the bus ,we were transported to the hotel in half an hour and waited again to check in at the reception. The reception ,people were not friendly and did not speak english or showed indiffernce.The rooms were not ready ,so had to wait an hour.When we were checked in , the room had musty odor, the airconditioner unit was leaking and water dripped on to floor in the main pathway, almost slipped few times.Complained so many time regarding the odor and the leak from airconditioner.Told us they were overbooked , so cannot do anything.After 3 days form constant complaning ,we wer moved to another units in the 12 building.Behind the " village" and the was a constant noise from loud music till late at night and ofcourse lots of mosquitoes.At the reception when we wrere there, we heard lots of other people complaing about somethings.There are only 4 restaurants, japanese restaurant is good but they give you a ticket , but only allow you to go once.The italian restaurant don't make reservation so you have to line up 5.30 before it opens up at 6.00 just to go in or make reservation later on.For the beaches , the towels were in limited supply and so were the spots unless you go early. Also , for making long distance call from the room, get c calling card.- lot cheaper. I made 4 calls thru long distance company and got charged abouth $ 40 !!!!! each a rip-off and only for a couple minutes."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 13th of February 2009

Great time

Reviewed Sat 9th of February 2013

"We were at the Grand Oasis Bavaro on Feb 2, to Feb 9, 2009.

We had a great time. The resort is combined with a sister hotel which is Grand Punta Cana Combined they can hold up to 800 people or more. The brochure shows only 140 suites for the Grand Oasis Bavaro side but there is at least 250 or more rooms on the Grand Punta Cana side. The rooms have the looked of french balcony look. There are three types of rooms at the two resorts the one we stayed in had the canopy bed, with a jacuzzi, and the pool was five feet from our balcony shaped like a snake. Just beautiful it was like being on a honeymoon. Marble flooring, walk in showers, huge sitting area etc. That was our room there was others with two doubles beds in orange colour theme with the same balcony and by the pool but not with the same decor but clean. Supposably there was another room with the jacuzzi inside and out did not get a chance to see that one.

I read the reviews and the most I had heard was no service, the staff does not speak english, and on and on. First of all Dominican Republic are not as fast pace as we Canadians are so do your history on the country before you go. Yes most did not speak English because their language is Creole, French, Spanish and then English. We had no problems there was someone who could talk one of the languages. You had to be patent which most of us, from the US, Canada, and other countries tend to be a little impatient. Most tourists in the resort spoke French, from France, Montreal and Quebec and yes Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was amazed that the Quebecs thought there was no french schools in Winnipeg Manitoba., not including all the french towns that are in Southeast area. We had meet some great Americans, and Spanish tourists.
On the reviews people complained about the food we must be middle class because there was enough food to choose from thats for sure. Maybe after two weeks you get sick of it but for one week no way. There are so many restaurants, the American Grill was excellent, the Italian restaurant was very good, the Windows Buffet offered you all kinds of food during the day.

The animators which are the workers dressed in red shirts or staff t shirts worked almost 14 hour days. They start at 10.00 in the morning and worked till 11;30 or more. They are also there for the evening entertainment. The resort did a pretty good job on the entertainment, some people in the reviews said the music was loud, when you go for a concert is it not loud in the arena. Same thing. We stayed in the rooms next to the Theatre and we heard nothing in our rooms. Yes in the morning you may hear the maids starting their work flow buy ear plugs or its time to get up anyway. The maids work very hard and so do the waitresses. Ask them how m uch they make in a day. You will change your mind to leave them two American dollars or gifts. We buy gifts here in Canada what they can't get there and give to the staff. They truly appreciate it. Ask them if they have children and bring gifts for them. I bring boys and girls games, or clothes, or hair ties, etc for the kids.

You can't get bored there is something to do on this resort and if so go on a excursion they have 10 or more to choose from. Learn the history of the Dominicans how their land was taken away from them four times, the french tried, the English, the Spanish, and the Americans.

The reviews mentioned the seaweed on the beach. Yes in the morning there was seaweed but they have staff raking all day and cleaning up with wheel barrows.

There is one problem on the beach people put their towels on the loungers and they don't go back for 5 or more hours. So there was not enough of the loungers for everybody because people went out at 9:00 and reserved them but did not return till 6 hours later. Too bad we took the towels off and use them in the meantime. Most of the time we spent 3 hours and then went to eat. You take another one when you get back.

If you have children a great resort for them. They are in your view at all times. the animators were really good with the kids.

I would recommend this resort for big groups as well."

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  • Travel date: Thu 12th of February 2009

4.5 star think again

Reviewed Tue 12th of February 2013

"Check in was slow had been told we had seperate fast check in . Hotel ajoins Oasis punta cana same beach not enough lounge chairs on beach .Food was edible at most just greasy The bars were to have selected brands of liqour maybe 1 bottle a day stuck to beer. Staff at the beach were crude at best. never seemed to have fresh towels . A few waiters were helpful glad I got a selloff deal and did not pay full rate. Otherwise I would be really upset."

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  • Travel date: Sat 24th of January 2009

Service? What's that...

Reviewed Sun 10th of February 2013

"Arrived at the hotel in the early evening and checked in fairly fast. We had asked for a ground floor room, but got 3rd floor instead. When we got to our room, there was an incredibly bad odour in the room. Smelled like sewer backup. We decided to wait it out, but the next morning the smell was still awful. Went to the front desk and asked to move to another room. I got the run-around from the desk clerk who said he had to wait for the boss. I then attended the meeting with our tour rep (Tania from Nolitours - she was awesome!) and explained my concern to her. She said she would look into it and see if we could change rooms. She managed to do so and we were moved to a brand new building (#14). The rooms were in very good shape, the only thing missing was a bottle opener. There was still an odour, but quite a bit less than our room in building #11. Tania also arranged to have our safe activated, since we didn't have much luck with that request either.

The maid service was kind of hit and miss too. Somedays they did a great job and then the next day, your bed was barely made.

Overall, the resort is nice. They do a good job keeping the main lobby, the beach and grounds clean and well-tended. The pools are also looked after well. As for the service in the restaurants, it was sub-par. If you wanted a drink or a glass of wine, a surly looking waiter would wander over about 15 minutes after arriving and fill your glass. We learned to pick up drinks at the bar before going to the buffet. Service at the bars was much better.

Would we stay there again? Probably not. I think the Bavaro section of the hotel could be rated as 4.5 stars, but the rest of the hotel would rate at 3.5 stars.

All in all, we had a good time in 'Punta Canada'. It was a nice change from the winter madness here in Edmonton. Next time, though, it's back to Mexico (better service)!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 16th of January 2009


Reviewed Tue 19th of February 2013

"This resort is splendid. Just a treat. Although our air conditioning did not work, we had the best time we could have expected. The resort is large. It has excellent choices and selection. It is scenic. It is modern. It is new. The 'Bavaro' specific section of the resort is five star for sure. The lobby and pool areas are extremely new and well designed. There is no noise or wind in the 'Bavaro' section, and if you are looking for noise, late nite fun etc. it is all available in the other areas in the resort. The service was a little slow and sometimes not extremely friendly, but that is to be expected on a larger resort. The beach was well cleaned, as was everywhere. The weather we had was also excellent and it made the trip extraordinary enjoyable. I recommend this resort to anyone looking for a good deal, or anyone who enjoys a nice mixture of being lazy and having fun."

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  • Travel date: Tue 13th of January 2009

Really Enjoyed Our Stay

Reviewed Fri 8th of February 2013

"We stayed in the Cameleon Select area of the resort in building 10. Check in was a breeze with a drink ready and a bottle of rum as a welcome. Our beach towels were already in our room and we were on the beach in less than 1/2 an hour.
Our room was great. Big and clean. We found the maid service to be good if a little late in the day - they come and take the dirty towels and then come and clean the room restock the towels and the mini bar in three different trips.
The food was good. The only restaurant that we didn't get to was the seafood. The Japanese was VERY good (and didn't cost anything with our Cameleon Select room). The buffet had tons of choice and is all "American" there's no hint that you're in the Caribbean in the food. We thought that was too bad but the others we were with were very happy about it.
The grounds are gorgeous! There is sea weed on the beach but it's not bad enough to be a problem and they are always raking it up."

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  • Travel date: Sun 11th of January 2009

Wouldn't go back!

Reviewed Thu 7th of February 2013

"We booked our vacation through nolitours, and had a fairly smooth flight to Punta Cana. The checkin was alright, but the receptionist didn't speak english well, which delayed the process. The rooms were nice looking, but not as clean as we would have hoped. Upon arrival, we saw sand in the bathtub, a used bar of soap in the shower, and sand all over the bedroom floor. We understand that the we were vacationing over Christmas time, and there may have been more traffic at the hotel than what the staff are used to seeing, but for a hotel that claims to have 4.5 or 5 star accomodations, you wouldn't expect this. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, the service was outright horrible. We like to tip, but this doesn't appear to impact the quality of service received. We did notice that older couples tended to receive better service though, so some other reviews may find otherwise. We would not suggest using the room service. One evening, my girl friend was sick, so we decided to order room service. It took 4 hours for the food to arrive (following repeated calls to the room service supervisor and reception). There is a nice beach off the resort grounds (about a 10 minute walk east). The beach on the grounds was not very clear and had sea grass and debris. There are also quite a few boats anchored off shore, which limits your ability to explore tha waters. Checkout was terrible. The room where the luggage is stored is not secured; extended checkout was not available (the hotel had been overbooked); the two courtesy rooms that we were sent to were flooded with toilet water and did not have clean towels. After complaining to the staff at the checkout counter, however, we were lucky to have been overheard by the spa receptionist who then offered us a room in which to shower (she remembered us from our stay at the spa earlier in the week). Overall, we were disappointed with the stay. We've been to places in Cuba with lower star ratings that had far better service and were generally better kept."

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of January 2009

The Full Scoop on the Grand Oasis Bavaro (Cameleon Suites)

Reviewed Mon 11th of February 2013

"My fiancee and I returned from the Grand Oasis Bavaro on December 18th with Air Transat/Nolitours. The Cameleon suites are a new section of the Grand Oasis resort with chic rooms, complete with comfortable king size beds, flat screen TVs, marble floors and modern, but small bathrooms. They also have a jacuzzi tub that would be best suited for one person or two, if looking in the same direction toward the tapestry. An advantage of booking with nolitours is exclusive access to a 5 star restaurant with no reservations required (mouth-watering steaks will keep you coming back, and a delicious outdoor BBQ on Tuesdays). As well, a lazy river, an adult pool and "hot" tub (warm), and a fabulous pool bar. This bar, unlike other larger bars on the resort, will blend your cocktails with fresh bananas and fresh fruit and serve them to you by the pool (rather than the pre-prepared slushy machines other cocktails are dispersed from). Also - take comfort in that all water served at the restaurants are distilled and the icecubes are brought in from the Arctic. No need to fear illness, although you'll need to use a water bottle for brushing your teeth. (These are provided).

We found the resort on and had Sears price match and purchase the package for us so we could take advantage of their excellent deluxe insurance package. They arranged everything and requested a room high up with an ocean view, which we got. While the check-in was slow (35-40 mins) we were greeted with a mickey of rum and had our bags escorted to our rooms by staff waiting around on the grounds.

The food is excellent here - an incredible Italian restaurant, an American grill (don't recommend the chicken wings, but the fajitas are tasty!), a pool-side grill, Windows (a buffet offering themed nights such as Italian or International). I was very worried about the buffet after reading several reviews, but as long as you selective, knowing what your body can and can't handle, you will love it. They put on fabulous breakfasts in the morning with freshly squeezed pineapple, orange and other fruit juices. When you return home, you will go into fresh exotic fruit withdrawl.

The pool is fabulous, the beach is stunning and the grounds are kept very well. However - there are SHARKS onland. Staff members will be waiting around the exits of restaurants and will engage you in a conversation about your stay. It's really a ploy to get you to come and learn more about the timeshares. We got sucked in because the Dominican charm was turned up high. We were taken outdoors on a gorgeous patio overlooking the ocean and were brought several pina coladas. I was beginning not to feel well as I had barely touched breakfast and between the sun and the drinks needed to lie down. The manager then became very aggressive and rude towards me and tried to split my fiancee and I up, so that he could sign the papers. For the rest of the trip it became our joke "sharks!" and we steered clear of clearly marked staff in their beige and white attire. Had we not been so good-spirited about a very ugly sitution I could see why time-share reps and hagglers who continually harass you, would really bother and disturb one's trip. If you make a game of it - and steer clear - this is an excellent location with high quality food, cool wetbars, a fun disco, and a gorgeous beach at a decent price!

One more tip - rent a safe for your ID, cell phone and money, tip the maids and you'll feel better leaving your belongings, and if you're nice to the staff who fills your fridge bar daily, they'll hook you up with more water, beer and pop than the daily limit.

Finally, if you are going on an excursion or two - you simply must do the Marinarum with is next door to the resort. You will have an all-inclusive drinking and snack excursion in a natural pool/on the boat in the ocean following snorkeling amongst the coral reefs and swimming with sharks and stingrays (docile creatures, but truly an experience!). ALSO - try the zip lines in the mountains. The Nolitours rep will arrange this with the front desk person and have you picked up. There are 10 zip lines, flying over palm trees, in the mountains and the staff are both friendly and professional.

One last tip - go to the presentation informing you about everything that goes on at the resort, the day after your arrival. It's very informative and will be helpful. Enjoy!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 5th of January 2009

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