Sol De Plata Beach Resort

Carretera Sosua-Cabarete , Puerto Plata , Dominican Republic , Caribbean
3 star hotel


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  • 2 beach
  • 3 service
  • 2 dining
  • 1 amenities
  • 2 food

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Definitely not four star


"Holidayed in this resort in 2008. Very disappointing overall. When booking we were informed that this was a four/five star resort, this is NOT the case.
To sum it up
-Room was terible. Swapped rooms and second room was just as bad. No air con in either and both smelled bad.
-Food was okay for a buffet but wouldn't say it was nice.
-Locals took over the resort and outnumbered the guests.
-Beach is tiny, not suitable for swimming. Cabarette beach in the next town is the opposite then, great beach, stretches for miles and many water activities.

And to finish off, local kids standing on the edge of the pool urinating into the pool (with the mother looking on with such pride) is not my idea of a nice resort.

Book elsewhere!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of March 2010

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  • 2 Beach
  • 3 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 2 Food

Not a 4 star - up for sale


"We just returned from a week at Breezes Puerto Plata. We were disappointed. We have travelled to Mexico and Jamaica and from those experiences were expecting more from a 4 to 4.5 star as this resort was rated on various websites. It was not posh. I would say it was a 3 star. If you are expecting a 3 star it is fine. If you are expecting more, you will like us likely be disappointed. We heard that Breezes is selling as of May 1, 2009 - some say that they will still be a part owner, others said no. Either way, they seem to have stopped putting money into it.

We travelled with our 1.5 yr old son, my sister, her husband and their 12 year old.

The good: the staff were very friendly and helpful. The beach was nice but there were almost always red flags saying you couldn't go in the water. There were alot of amenities (but many not kept up - need repair). The ala carte restaurants were good to very good. The buffet was ok for a buffet - alot of variety each day. The trapeze and rock climbing were fun. The mini waterslides were fun. The beach towels were nice and big. We got a decent price - C$1400 per adult for a week for flight, hotel, food etc. But for the recession, wouldn't have expected a 4 star for that price.

The not so good or bad: the resort is in serious need of a facelift. None of our doors - bathroom or closets or main door closed properly. The tiles in the bathroom are old and chipped. The water is not drinkable - which we knew but you only get 2 bottles of water (and 2 of pop which we don't drink) in your minifridge. When you need it for brushing teeth etc., it does not go that far. There were three of us so two bottles was not much. There is no felt on the pool tables, the paddles on the ping pong are worn and torn. Rec stuff like that looks like it has been left out in the rain and sun and is very weathered. The grips on the golf clubs for the 9 hole course are torn and falling apart. The kiddie club/park is in need of repair and there are no kids using it.
Inconsistent supply of towels in room - some days you'd get one face cloth (for 2 adults and child), another day maybe one hand towel. Slow to replace soap. The staff although helpful, don't really get games and things organized, e.g., water polo or water vball or beach vball. They announce it but that's about it.
It's hard to get into the a la carte restaurants. You can only book 2 nights in advance so you have to keep going back to rebook and they aren't always available. Our air conditioning worked fine - some others complained theirs did not. Most of the regular rooms have two twin beds. We asked if there was anything else and got a king. The beds were fine - although they didn't use fitted sheets so the sheets kept pulling off. The pillows seemed like old pillows but I suspect that is the humidity creating little clumps. Our first room was unpleasant - quite banged up, saw ants crawling and minifridge was leaking water onto floor. New room bigger and better. No bugs or leaking fridge and not banged up (although there were door and bathroom issues as mentioned above).

Other info: The website said 24 hr food - which when we got there we were told meant you could go to the beach bar to get hamburgers at any time. The buffet is open for breakfast from 7:30 to 10:30 and for lunch from 12:30 to 2:30. Dinner reservations start at 6:30 and buffet opens then too and stays open until 9:30. However, the beach bar isn't open all the time so you do need to plan a bit for when you will eat. That's not horrible but worth noting. Some all inclusives only let you eat at specific seating times, others let you eat at any time. This one is sort of in between.

The resort is open to locals and you will see many of them on the weekends.
Almost everyone we met at the resort was from Canada or New Jersey.
Although the website etc. says no tips, the staff do appreciate tips and they do help.
The dune buggies you can rent are pretty old and decrepit - stall and brakes don't work well but the trip is still fun.
The outback safari trip was pretty good and the lunch included was good. The boat trip part of it was a bit lame. Might want to bring stuff for the school you will visit.

We all had fun and no one got sick.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of April 2009

I recommend this holiday to anyone: * 5...


"I recommend this holiday to anyone:
* 5 mins from airport
* child friendly
* excellent day trips
* safe outside resort
* lots of good entertainment
* friendly staff who dont tip
* fantastic Thomas Cook staff
* Good weather ( rained once in 2 weeks)
* Excellent facilities

There were 24 of us taking a family holiday to this resort. There were no delays on flights and everything went smoothly although we were all seperated from each other on the flight.

We met our rep Sonia who was very friendly and very helpful. She also had a great sense of humour which give the holiday a good kick start. We arrived at the hotel to find a heap of people desperatly trying to get checked in at the same time. We were informed immediatley that the locals use the hotel on a weekend basis. Sonia was very quick to notice this and was quick to set up another desk for us to check in.

The staff were very friendly and helpful and in no time we were all sitting around the pool enjoying the tropical experience.

Previously four years we stayed in a sister hotel in Jamaica, Starfish Trawleny. We all had the time of our lives and thats why we choose this hotel. Our sights were already set high!

After I spent 2 weeks in Jamaica I thought that was most enjoyable holiday I would ever experience...I was wrong. Dominican is the place to be for a fun set family holiday. The animation team were amazing. They all worked very hard all day and all night to provide us with the best entertainment. They all had us playing games day and night, dancing, joining in with shows including the trapeze. The Domincans all have a great sense of humour and you can guarentee good customer satisfaction from all the staff at the hotel. The best thing about it was that we never once got asked to leave a tip, although we did feel the need to leave the staff a tip for their good service. Thats the way it should be.

The day trips were good quality for money. We all have fantastic memories to take back with us. If you go on any of the mega trucks or monster truck trips take plenty of supplies for the local schools. Supplies such as stationary, toiletories and lots of sweeties. No money!

You can leave the hotel its perfectly safe. There is a free bus that takes you into the town Sosua where there are shops and a market place.

However we did initially have a problem with our air conditioning in some of our rooms. The immediatly moved us to another block where we settled.

There is so much to do in the resort although majority of the time the sea is unsuitable for bathing as current was strong and the red flag is nearly always up. Apparently due to the location of the island. I do not recommend the main pool/lazy river for small ones, as most parts are really deep. So take arm bands and other helpful floats for those weaker or smaller children. There is a smaller shallow pool for the young ones.

I read alot of bad comments on food in the Dominican before I came. If you have never been to an all inclusive holiday, you have to expect it to be buffet type basic food. I dont think its just Domincan I think its just standard all inclusive food that you can expect in any of these hotels worldwide! I have been to many and its no different for Jamaica, Cuba, Bulagaria, Canary Islands, and Greece. There are basic foods for the fussy eaters such as salads, burgers, hot dogs, chips, ham and cheeses. The bread is good too. The other al carte restaurants were really good. They even made a special effort for my cousins 18th birthday. They closed the restaurant especially for us and even provided a Birthday Cake. A big thanks to our other holiday rep Tom. Tom also provided us with the monster trucks trip to help celebrate during the day time.

Overall I was very upset to leave so I have decided to return November this year if I can get booked up! I do recommend this holiday for anyone especially families and couples. There were a variety of young mix groups there too, which surprised me. Thanks to all the staff at the hotel and to the Thomas Cook reps who helped make our holiday worth while and memorable.


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  • Travel date: Sat 9th of August 2008

HI All. I am currently in the internet c...


"HI All. I am currently in the internet cafe in the resort and am 6 days into my 2 week all inclusive holiday with my boyfriend. To start with we found the resort fantastic and it had everything anyone could wish for, however after only 3 days the air conditioning in the entire hotel shut down and has not worked since. Its been 90 degrees most days and only slighty cooler at night. The manager refuses to speak to any guests.

We are one of the lucky ones however as we are moving to another hotel tomorrow for the remainder of our holiday.

Also if you are planning on staying here, please please please be aware of the weekends. This hotel is used for the weekend by the locals, who come and stay. There would be no problem if they behaved in the same manner as all other guests, but they have pushed us out of the way at the buffet dinner, eaten so much of the food, that at times there was none remianing for others. They also come in groups of 12- 15 and are very intimidating.

I am very sorry to have to post such a negative message about the resort and loved the first few days here but given the lack of service and repect from management i feel tha others shoudl be warned.

T from Ireland"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 21st of June 2008

we have just returned from 2 weeks n it...


"we have just returned from 2 weeks n it was brill room clean and tidy maids in every day with fresh towels, water and soft drinks toped up. pool was cleaned every day but do not wear anything white as it will go green, no problems at any of the bars with any drinks but i recommend the coconut rum and pinapple. All the staff were very very helpfull but i suggest u take a lot of 1 dollar bills for tips to the staff who will then be extra helpfull, the only money we spent was on trips and tips. Dont buy anything from the shop on the site as it is less than half price in cabrete and there is a free bus 3 times a day u can get anything from gifts to chocolate, floaters for pool. All resturants will clean n tidy jimmys buffet had a different theme every night seafood, american,oriental,dominican,italian but you could still get pasta, toasted sandwiches, lots of fresh salads and fruit. The only thing that could be inproved was the entertainment on a night the kids had a dance hour till 9pm then the staff did a 1 hour show then it was upto yourself after that, the night club was ok 10.30pm-2am. Overall i would reccomend this hotel to anyone and see for yourself as i read the reviews before i went and got really nervous because they were all negative it all depends on what u want. We met 4 other English couples who had all been there the year before so it carnt be that bad."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 15th of June 2008

Firstly, I can't begin to imagine people...


"Firstly, I can't begin to imagine people having the bad holiday many say they had at this resort. I cannot recommend it enough.

We went there as a party of 9 (7 adults 2 children) for a wedding, and had nothing but great service by the staff at all times. They were extremely friendly, and their English is a darn sight better than most peoples Spanish (their native tongue). People should be glad that they take the time to speak to us in our language.

The room was basic, I admit, but bearing in mind the accommodation that the locals live in, the rooms would be considered a massive luxury. The bathroom was adequately sized, the shower worked fine, and the fridge was stocked every single day with fresh bottled water/coke/sprite.

It never took a long time to get served any drinks at all, no more than you would expect in any other bar. The pool area is clean and offers if I'm correct, the best swimming pool in that area. It was great swimming from one end of the 'lagoon' style pool to the other, then sitting down on the chairs in the pool with a cold beer in hand.

The guys in the party went quad biking one day, whilst the girls went swimming with dolphins. Both come highly recommended. We also went on a 'jeep safari', which took you into the poorer areas and allowed you to see what life is really like there. It was very interesting, and they always have cold refreshments with them for your benefit.

The food admittedly varied, but there was a lot of choice. You had plenty of choice for breakfast in Jimmy's bar, ranging from cereal, fruit, fruit juices, tea, coffee, omelettes etc. People saying that you cannot pre book the a-la-carte restaurants are wrong. At breakfast, there is a woman at the entrance to Jimmy's bar who you tell which restaurant; how many people and what time and she will book you in.

The food during the day consists of Jimmy's bar with lots to choose from, or the snack bar on the beach front which is basically like a big BBQ. I tried the Mexican and Italian restaurants and must say I found them both to be extremely enjoyable meals, far better than you would normally expect on an all inclusive. Never once was anyone ill over the holiday due to the food.

I don't understand why some people have given this resort such bad reviews, after all its not uncommon to hear of people spending this much on a holiday, only to find out only half the resort has been built and you end up with a holiday on a building site.

To sum up, all I can say is if you are thinking of going to this resort, book it and go. You will not be disappointed in the slightest"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 1st of August 2007

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this h...


"My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this holiday.

Weather was perfect, hotel lovely and staff were very friendly. We never found it a problem finding sunbeds by the pool or the beach.

Rooms were basic but have everything you need. We paid to have a room with a view, which was lovely, but didn't sit on balcony as it was far too hot! Bed was made every day, towels changed, and fridge restocked.

Pools were clean, gardens were tidy, and didn’t use the gym so can't comment. Did have a massage though and it was fab.

Entertainment at night was excellent compared to some! They really made and effort and included you in the acts...the circus act was the best. They did tend to repeat the shows each week, but worth a look anyway. Day entertainment was good as well, kept the kids entertained with dance routines, volleyball, rock climbing, etc.

I'm a really fussy eater and I found the food to be excellent...always something to choose from and waiters are really helpful and quick in clearing plates. The main restaurant changed it theme most nights, and the themed restaurants are brilliant.

At breakfast there were lots of fresh fruit, cereal and fruit juices to choose from. The beach snack bar is good for a snack when the restaurants are not open. As for the bars, you got served straight away, with whatever drink you want. Excellent!

The location is not bad; we got a taxi to the nearby town and spent the day at the local beach with watersports and snorkelling. Didn't cost that much and was a change from the pool or the private beach.

The trips I would recommend are Sea world are Paradise island.

The only thing I would say to anyone going to Breezes is the locals do come in for the weekends. I read some reports which said they were rude and waiters favoured them. That’s not the case. We saw a few big families and couples but they were never rude.

You might have to grab a sunbed and put two together or wait bit longer at the bar but this didn't spoil the holiday at all. We booked a few trips for the weekend so didn't notice!

Overall this was the best holiday I’ve had and would recommend to anyone who has never been to Dominican Republic or returning for the second time. It was very peaceful and relaxing, no worries, what more could you want?"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 19th of June 2007

The food is good and the beach and swimm...


"The food is good and the beach and swimming pools superb . For children it is ideal.

Our rooms were shades of Butlins 1955 . The air conditioning was feeble and the interior lighting so bad that one was unable to read a book .The entertainment for adults was awful consisting of 'redcoats' miming to pop records.

The local population are allowed in at weekends and were obviously hungry because the restaurant was temporarily closed at peak times over the weekend. In addition getting served at the bars at weekends was difficult as the locals get preferential treatment.

There was also some suggestion that going outside the camp was not a good idea .
Otherwise the Dominicans were very helpful and friendly.

Suggest you get in quick on arrival and book meals in the specialist restaurants at weekends."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 7th of November 2006

We booked our Holiday with !st chioce wh...


"We booked our Holiday with !st chioce which turned out to be one of the better companys to go with. Our rep Karl and his side kick Al were excellent, if we had any problems as such they were dealt with ASAP.

There was 5 of us in our party myself my partner 2 children 10 and 8 and also my mum, we had 2 of the villas (2014-2015) i wouldn't say they were lovely but i will say we didnt have any problems lets put it that way. Out maid was excerllent, we had to remind her a few times to fill up our fridge but apart from that we got clean sheets and towels every day.

The swimming pool is great theres lots of it and was never to busy at anytime. Theres 4 jaquzzi but dont expect them to work, but apart from that there great to just sit in and relax.

We didnt have any complaints really about Jimmy's but the flys did bug us a bit, i do think they could put up mosquito nets to sort of keep them out but there you go...
We did make 2 of the 4 other restuarants 1 was the Japanese which none of us enjoyed and the other was the Italian which we all liked.

The Mini club was excellent both my 2 and all their friends enjoyed it very much.
The entertainment of an evening at the Theatre was very child orientated, we would most definatly recommend you watch the circus night which was a wednesday wen we were there. EXCELLENT.

The staff all over the resort were by far the friendliest bunch you could come accross.
Nothing was ever to much for them be it first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Our only real complaint was the shops on the resort, there prices were a joke and i mean a joke, they tried to charge my 8 year old daughter $12 for 3 ice creams which in our money worked out at £9ish...

All in all we had a fantastic holiday, we had a few spots of rain but just as quick as things got wet it dried twice as fast!!

I would also just like to say we met a great family whilst we where there and would like to congratulate Stuart and Charlotte on there wedding which we sadly missed.
Hope to catch up with you all as soon as you return home.

Oh ok then just a quick hello to Barny and Glen, Stuart, Charlotte, Dan, Paul and little Declan, Debbie, Thomas and Megan (laters Potatoes)And last but not least the nutter of em all, yep you guessed it Tony! Who knows this might be your 15 minutes of fame ha ha ha."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of August 2006

Don’t listen to the negative reviews,...


"Don’t listen to the negative reviews, we were in a party of 7 and everyone enjoyed themselves, the rooms were very clean the pool area and bars were very clean.

The food was lovely they catered for everyone’s taste buds, the staff were very friendly, great with the kids, entertainment was fab.

I got married there and would recommend this holiday to anyone it is a very laid back atmosphere, I would go back in a minute."

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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of August 2006

Well when I read these reports before I...


"Well when I read these reports before I went with my family and friend to this resort I was horrified what had we done!!!! My dad kept saying this is a mistake!!! But we went!!!

It was my birthday while we were there and we visited ocean world on this day it was an amazing day and if you go to the Dominican Republic you must do it!!!! We swam with dolphins and sharks encountered the sharks and stingrays and encountered the sea lions!!!

We also did everything in the park and was worth every penny and if you go you have to save up to do everything!!! My best birthday yet and an unforgettable one at that!!!!

Well we arrived and were very nervous but it was a beautiful place everyone was so friendly and the staff were lovely!!! Well they were very helpful when booking in and they carried our bags to our rooms!!! We did give them a tip but they never waited for one they were just pleased we had made the effort!!!

We unpacked and went down to the beach!!! It was quite late in the day now so was nearly time for dinner!!! But these waves we were seeing were great and I couldn't wait until the next day to get in the sea!!! I put my feet in and I thought I was in a bath it was unbelievable.

On the first night at dinner we were all a bit unsure but one bite and it was lovely there was so much of a variety. My mum found that it was the first time she had never had a bad belly during a holiday!!! For all inclusive the food was out of this world and you could eat all day if you would of liked to!!!

Me and my friend did some of the activities the trapeze is the best I done the catch and was so proud my first time and I caught the bar, it was brilliant!!! We spent most of our time down the beach and brought lilos as the waves were brill!!! They had snorkel equipment you could borrow or body boards!!! We did go in the pool and it was lovely it did kill you swimming around the meander because you can't touch the bottom only in parts but I'm quite tall. But at least when you get round to the bar you do need a drink!!! And you can touch the bottom then or even sit on the seats!!!

We booked to go to the Italian and Mexican and they were both lovely!!! I don't actually have a bad word to say about my holiday!!! And when I was looking on here before I went on holiday I thought and kept saying to my dad people would come on this website to moan because if you have had a good time you wouldn't bother would you??????? But I wanted to come on this website to let people know that this was the best holiday I have been on and would so go again!!!!! So don't worry about what it says on here you just look forward and have a great time!!!!

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of August 2006

Recently had fabulous holiday at this re...


"Recently had fabulous holiday at this resort and would definitely return. Staff and local people very friendly and helpful. Food choice excellent and facilities very good, catering for all the various ages of our 14 people party. Accommodation a little disappointing as not as pictured in brochure but location on the beach front made up for this.

Would have liked a more varied evening entertainment programme to suit teenage members but we also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere we experienced. Local resorts of Cabarete and Sosua very nice to visit for a few hours but glad our accommodation was not situated there, we were very happy with the location we had chosen.

Would highly recommend going on the many excursions offered such as waterfall climbing, quad biking, and the catamaran trip but found to be too expensive through tour operator and cheaper to book independently at Cabarete and Sosua towns. Altogether a wonderful experience which proved great value for money and a holiday to remember!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 10th of August 2006
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