Jasmine Spa and Wellness

Km 22 Carraterra Turistica Luperon Tubagua, Puerto Plata 57000 Dominican Republic


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Best part of my trip!


"Delicious, local, bio, fresh food. (4 or 5 services!!)
Good massages and facials (homemade natural products)
Breathtaking view
Healthy and relaxing environment
Horseback riding
Plantation and mini-museum visits for the cultural aspect
A owner with a heart THIS big, helping the community and who makes you feel at home
An extraordinairy dip in a natural waterfall (I went skinny dipping!)
Fresh juices
Superbe house with rooms to take a nap and a sunroof
Pick up service at the hotel
Plus,... I got to see a baby donkey...
I mean, what more can you ask for?!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 17th of January 2009

A day to remember


"The Jasmine Spa offers a spa-experience unlike any other. I went for the day package with some family members and was treated like royalty. The service was unobtrusive and professional - Anis herself is a truly beautiful person. The food was absolutely, hands-down amazing! It would be worth the trip just to go for lunch. The spa services were nice - be prepared for the deep tissue massage that will make you feel like jello after! The facial was basic but relaxing. Overall the serenity of Jasmine spa, the breathtaking scenery of the grounds and the great service make this a must-do activity when visiting in the Dominican. I will definitely go back."

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of January 2009

A Great Spiritual Experience


"After my stay at the Jasmine Spa, all I do is recommend it to friends and family. My friend Diana and I spent two days at this wonderful refuge in the mountains between Puerto Plata and Santiago. Anis and her staff were absolutely wonderful and we experienced some of the best service we have ever come across in the Dominican Republic. Her small kitchen churned out spectacular dishes that included: Thai, Chinese and Indian. We were amazed at the variety and quality of the food.

Our weekend was complete relaxation of the body and mind. During our stay we were given massages, facials, took a dip in the Jasmine Spa's incredible natural water pool and were given a personal class on meditation with Anis.

I would recommend the Jasmine Spa to anyone looking for a complete escape from reality. I tip my cap to Anis and her staff and thank her for not only making our stay a memorable one, but for opening this jewel in the Caribbean.

Your Truly,


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  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of January 2009

A lovely day


"I spent a wonderful day at Jasmine Spa and Wellness with my boyfriend this last Monday (10 November). Full disclosure: I heard about the place from a friend, who is a family member of the owner, and who knew I am staying in Dominican Republic at the moment.

From the moment we arrived, Anis and her staff did their best to make us feel spoiled and as if they were all there just for us. We started the day with some fresh juice and a little tour of the property, before we got an hour-long massage (I was so relaxed!). Then we walked around the gardens and admired all the amazing fruits and veg that they grow (most of the food is sourced at the property and they grow everything from lemongrass to papaya). We got to try to ride horses as well.

At 12.30 we were served a super tasty five-course lunch, with soup, salad, a sweet potato appetizer, a lovely chicken dish and a fruit platter. Our table had the most amazing view over the valley and the mountain on the other side.

After lunch we got facials and a mani pedi. My nails have never looked so fancy, with patterns and French tips. I was quite impressed!

We ended the day with a refreshing dip in a small pool which they have built at in a stream on the property. Very cold water, but really quite invigorating.

Anis really does her best to make each guest feel valued, and we particularly appreciated how she sat down with us and planned what we would eat. We both have various allergies and dietary restrictions, and it was just lovely to have someone take that seriously and really work with our tastes and limitations.

Over all we spent a lovely day, and it's been a long time since I have felt that relaxed! It's a lovely place. I imagine it would be a wonderful retreat for someone who is stressed out with work and all. I hear they have yoga as well, which we didn't get to try.

Highly recommended."

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of November 2008

Loved It!


"I read all the reviews before going to puerto plata and planned a trip to the spa and was not disapointed. This place was awesome. Anis picked us up at our resort and she took us to the spa, very lush, green and beautiful. Our day started with fresh mango juice and a couples massage. We then had a tour of her gardens and a horse back ride, a first for my husband. Lunch was delicious and then we were treated with another treatment afterwards. If you are looking for a place to be pampered and get away this is the place. We were treated like royalty. Well worth the nominal price and would definently go again."

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  • Travel date: Sun 16th of November 2008

The best of the best - class all the way


"We were extremely stressed and needed to be in a place where we could be out of touch from the rest of the world and focus on our lives, at the same time, to discover nature and experience peace and tranquility. We had never been anywhere for more than a week, and previously vacationed commercialized resorts. Jasmine Spa is about 20-30 mins from the airport, towards the mountains.

We read about Jasmine Spa & Wellness Centre, researched it and decided to book 2 (two) whole weeks!

Upon arrival in Puerto Plata airport (we booked flights ourselves), the owner, Anis Kara, personally came to pick us up.
From that time on, and for 2 weeks, we had to do nothing. Everything was taken care of, from the meals, to spa activities, Yoga, hiking, walking,, etc.

The meals! Every meal was freshly made just being served with natural, organic ingredients. It was made to our liking and all we can say is that the meals were awesome, the choices impeccable and a variety of the different cuisines (Dominican, Indian, Italian, British, etc). The fresh juices, guava, papya, carror, lime, mango, passion fruit, etc. were pure and made just before serving. The soups were excellent, so were the desserts of fresh fruits. The meals were well balanced. The meals are something everyone should experience, to appreciate the taste of real natural ingredients. And those beautiful candlelight dinners for the couples and love birds!

The accomodations were excellent with marvellous, breathtaking views of the surrounding nature, forests and the mountains. Everything was provided for, towels, robes, etc. The beds were very comfortable and neat. The room was tidy. The room was cleaned and made up as soon as we woke up and having breakfast. There are hammocks, where we just would laze and read, with views to the mountains.

We were treated daily with various different spa teatments, each of them great in its own ways. We had pedicures, manicures, and fresh cocunut oil head rubs. The coconut oils for the scrub and the massages were freshly made from coconuts. We were treated with fresh coconuts every afternoon, fresh from their property. (Most of the fruits were from the Jasmine propoerty).

The people working at Jamine... what can we say! They were in the background as well as provided exemplary service! They "learned" us and our habits and anticipated our needs! We were pampered all the way. Bravo!

Initially, we thought 2 weeks was too much time at the time of booking; however, while there, time passed reading and with other activities, completely stress free and very different than the time spent at our own home. Anis drove us to visit Santiago, Puerto Plata and to the beaches a couple of times, where we had sand scrubs. We passed many local villages and every one of the people we came across in the cities and villages were very gracious. In fact, Anis knew quite a few of them (she has been there a year) and we could see that the people who knew her really treated her with respect. Anis also reciprocated by often helping the poor with some food items.

This is how we experienced "the best of the best!". Completely ecxceeded our expectations. For those connected to the world, all we can say is you will not miss the world with such pampering!. There is no TV, radio, newspapers, blackberries, cell phones, telephones. It is a completely different experience; it brought in a whole lot of different perspective to our lives.

During our stay, a number of people came in for the day spa from the beah resorts. Every single person mentioned to us that they wished they had booked at Jasmine rather than staying at the beach resorts.

We are definitely coming back! We urge all people, whether caught up in stressful lives or rertired or wanting to get away from the urban areas, this is the place! It is a way of life to be experienced and puts life into perspective.

Thank you Anis and the staff, for helping us look at life from a different perspective.

Shahnaaz and Abdul
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Visited: September 2008"

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of November 2008

Loved the place


"We stayed at Breezes in July but before leaving the U.K. had seen about the Jasmine spa and decided to give it a go for the day. Anis made regular contact before we left and picked us up from the hotel on the day. A great guided tour on the way we learnt a lot about the island. The spa was beautiful, the views stunning and the staff ever so friendly. I decided on a full body massage and reflexology while my partner went for hot rocks massage and a facial. All of the treatments were so relaxing and I dont think I snored when I fell asleep but I'm told I did. The food was out of this world (see photos) and the plunge pool certainly took your breath away with the cold water from the hills. Thank you Anis and staff for a wonderful day. If we come back to the Dominican Republic we will certainly see you again."

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  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of August 2008

"Relaxing and Rejuvenating!!!"


"Jasmine Spa and Wellness Center-Puerto Plata (Tubagua)
June 7th to 14th
Reviewer: Trip Advisor Member -Toronto, Canada

I arrived on June 7th and was picked up by Anis the owner of Jasmine Spa. Didn’t know what to expect. I’ll be categorizing my comments for easy read.

Drive from the airport
It took about 25mins to the resort up a mountainous road. It was night time but as we were driving I immediately began to decompress.

There are 4 rooms, accommodating 8 people. The rooms are beautiful, bright, and immaculately clean with beautiful swan decorations (made out of towels). The decor was warm and casual, it has a homey feel. Next day I walked around the resort. The building itself is light blue with wicker furniture in the living room. The dining room has a homey charm with warm woods. Decorations are ceramic clay pots and tapestries. Again immaculately clean. The resort has large windows all round and the view is breath taking. There is always a cross breeze through the resort.

The grounds are from a fairy tale. All around it is green and lush with palm trees, beautiful flowers, arches, horses, cows grazing, donkeys (Marisa and Monkuse (born a year ago)) and the day I arrived Marisa gave birth to a foe (Nakul). The grounds are very well kept with paths and cobble stones. There are 3 small fresh water falls, which can be used on hot days to cool off. In the mornings the sun shines into the rooms, the curtains and sliding doors are open to feel the breeze. You have to experience the mountain air!!!. In the morning you wake up to Elliot the rooster (I loved it). I love the sounds of nature.

Immaculately clean with fresh towels, soap and the fresh mountain water made my skin so soft.

Spa treatments
Where to begin!! The staff are well trained and professional. The owner Anis is a Registered Massage Therapist. The staff provide 1-1.5 hours of spa treatments daily (Facials, lymphatic drainage, scalp message, relaxation massage, manicure and pedicure, mud packs, reflexology, steam therapy (all included!!!!!). I have never felt better as I lost weight as well. My skin felt soft and I felt rejuvenated.

Every day the cook prepared fresh food (excellent). The food and the presentations were amazing. Beats the resort buffets that are heavy and weigh you down. The grounds have numerous fruit trees (mangos, Dominican pears), fresh herbs and non alcoholic Moitos with fresh lime and mint. They use filtered drinking water and it’s free. There is no pop or alcohol on the premises as the idea is to detoxify and feel rejuvenated. You can have tea and coffee.

They were the best. There are 8 staff members, friendly, kind, well trained and respectful. They speak little English but that is part of the adventure. They are all crossed trained. The tips are included in the price of the retreat but feel free to tip your favorite staff member I did.

The resort has 2 night watch men and dogs. I felt very safe. The rooms walk out to a balcony that goes around part of the building and it’s very safe.

The terrace is at the top of the resort. The view is breath taking 360 degrees. As far as the eye can see it is green lush mountains. At night the breeze is amazing as I sat and star gazed.

For a nominal cost the owner can take you around. I went to Santiago, Puerto Plata, Confresi Beach and Ocean World, Sasuoa and Playa Dorada. It’s endless.

I went horseback riding, read, had a lot of alone time if that is what I wanted, there is Yoga as well, went on excursions, walked around the grounds, enjoyed the animals and Simba (the dog) he is a gem!!

I really got a chance to see how the locals live and you don’t get that at a resort. Morrena one of the staff invited me to her place to see her family (what an honor). You may be asking what the negatives are. Well I don’t have any. I'll definitely be back. I highly recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Fri 20th of June 2008

Breathtaking! . . .. and Relaxing


"I randomly stopped by with a few friends on my final day of my trip to the Dominican. I would never stay in a hotel in the DR again after visiting Jasmine Spa. The picture you see does not do the place justice. What is amazing is the view from the top of the roof, into the valley with the waterfalls, and the mountains, it's majestic. Her staff was wonderful too. We were actually eating fruits that were just pulled from the trees (I could've picked them myself). The next time I go to the Dominican I will most definitely be staying at Jasmine Spa. Thanks for everything Anis!--joey"

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  • Travel date: Fri 6th of June 2008

Wonderfull time!!!


"We had a wonderfull time at Jasmine's Spa!! We were on an all- inclusive resort, wich didn't have a spa facillity. So the gentleman at the guest services desk informed our group (4 females!) about a spa in the Mountains! We were not quite sure what to expect, but we went ahead and booked a day trip to the Spa. Wow! What a wonderful suprize!! It is very quiet, and peaceful! This is a very beatiful spot for people to stop and relax!! The spa treatements were wonderfull! The food was excellent! We didn't return to our hotel hungry!!! The staff was very friendly and welcoming! And Anis, the owner, is a true gem!!! She's a wonderfull woman, I truley enjoyed the company of everyone there!! I actually returned for a second day trip at the end of the week , before we came home!!! (I went alone,the second time! The rest of the group did another day trip!) One day was not enough for me!!! And I am planning on returning there next winter to celebrate my birthday in complete relaxation!!! I would recommend this place for anyone looking for a beautiful, natural, quiet place to rest and relax. And hopefully next time I return I will get a chance to try out everything on the list of treatments and activities!! That was the biggest problem with a short day trip: Not enough time for experiencing everything!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 24th of May 2008
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