Fun Tropicale Beach Resort

Playa Dorada , Puerto Plata , Dominican Republic , Caribbean
3 star hotel


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  • 2 room
  • 3 pool
  • 1 beach
  • 1 service
  • 1 dining
  • 1 amenities
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"I stayed here with my boyfriend from 1st - 8th May 2005 and we both wished we could move in!!!

I couldn't fault the place at all.

The room was basic but spacious, with 2 queen size beds, air con, TV, large wardrobe and good size bathroom. The maid came daily with clean towels and to make the bed.

We found the hotel very clean and tidy. Wherever you looked there was someone cleaning, gardening and collecting glasses.
The restaurant could have done with a few more waitresses to clear the tables but there was always somewhere to sit.

The food was good. The buffet was one of the best I have come across in the Caribbean, everything was lovely and there was so much choice.
The Italian restauant was our favourite. The food and service were more than 1st class.
Popey's Pizza was delicious and I was also very impressed with the food served at the beach bar.
And the drink... what can I say! - Can't remember!!!

There is so much to do during the day, we didn't have enough time to cram everything in. The day trips were incredible - I would highly recommend snorkelling at Paradise Island - fantastic!
But there is no need to spend a penny really, the hotel entertainments staff offer so much to do at the hotel and they also offer free snorkelling, horse riding, cycling, mini golf... it's more then enough!

The evening entertainment was very well done. The staff work really hard to put on great show and they do a great job at it. Very professional.

We found all the staff were brilliant and polite. It gets a bit busy on check in so bring swimsuits in your hand luggage.

I think there is plently for everyone at this resort. We loved playing games in the main pool just as much as chilling in the adults pool. Neither of us got bitten at all, weather was perfect (scorching!) what else can I say?
We are both in our early twenties but I wouldn't put an ideal age on this holiday. There were people of every age there and everyone seemed very happy.

The beach was nice too, not too crowded. It's better to walk left along the beach to find a better spot.

If your thinking about the RD for a holiday this hotel is brilliant - Loved it!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of June 2005

Definately going back!


"I just returned from Puerto Plata at the end of March. Fun tropicale resort is awesome! it was my first time there and i cant wait to go back next year. the animation team were fantastic, they were always a laugh and very entertaining. hugs n' kisses to johnny, andre and renny =)! i would definately reccomend this resort to everyone"

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of June 2005

Fantastic !!!!!!!!!


"Me and my mate went to Fun Tropicale on 17th May for 2 weeks, we was dreading it at first as we are two single girls, but WOW it was fantastic, we had the best time ever and already planning our next trip this year.
Rooms wasnt spectacular but who cares when all you do is sleep there for a few hours, Food was mostly good but sometimes a bit repetitive.
ANIMATION TEAM they made our holiday the best, they was all a good laugh and entertaining, our favourites was SAFY, ALEX, JOHNNY and DOMINGO. they was great entertainment and provided everyone with great shows....
Bar staff was excellant, always polite and friendly expecially with the ladies.. overall i miss them all and cant wait to go back
definate 10 out of 10."

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of June 2005

Mixed views of Fun Tropicale/Fun Royale


"Me and my boyfriend (19 & 21) stayed in the Fun Tropicale part of the hotel from the 15th until the 29th of May this year. The rooms are basic. 2 double beds, fridge, sink, few cupboards, tv and a bathroom with shower and bath. The maid came every day but did not chanage the bedding very oftern at all, nor was she that good at cleaning either to be honest I felt I had to go round the bathroom with anitbacterial wipes a few times during our stay.
The staff are mainly very nice and friendly, particuallary the activities staff and bell boys (I think they are called that, sorry if I'm wrong!) The bar and reception staff seemed a little rude.
The little supermarket are cheaper for chocolate bars and ice creams, the discount store in the plaza is cheaper for biscuits, water and everything else.
There is 3 pools 1 adult only one (very nice and calming), a kids one and an activity one which gets quiet noisey but is good as there is a pool bar in it. You also get a towel card where you get 1 towel per person per day for a beach/pool towel so there is no need to take your own.
The buffet restuarant was quite nice, a little repetitive after 2 weeks though! Breakfast was usually fruit, omlettes, fried eggs, pancakes, scrambelled egg, sauasages, toast, variety of bread and pastrys and mini packets of cereals and is servered from 7.00 til 10.30 i think. There is a continental breakfast on from 10.30 til 11.30. Lunch at the hotel was usually burgers, hot dogs, chips, salad, pasta ect and same as the beach hut. Dinner consisted of pasta, potatoes, grilled meat, fish dishes and a seperate kids menu with chips, sauages, burgers and grilled fillet of fish. Then there was you typical desserts of ice cream or cakes.
The beach is nothing specail nor is the sea. Gets a little better if you walk to your left. Walking to the right is a bug mistake really, the sea is very dirty and the beach is in a terrible state plus there is no one around at all. The blokes selling things on the beach and the women trying to braid your hair got very annoying but in all fairness when you said no they went away.
The plaza is okay, nothing to shout about. Our favourite place was pizza hut, though quite expensive unless you go Monday to Friday between 11am and 3pm where they do a pizza meal for 90 pesos. Other than Pizza Hut and the discount store its a bit crappy.
During our stay we went to Ocean World, a good day out, I'd highly recommend it to any one. When you arrive you think what the hell am I gonna do all day here? but actually the day goes very fast. We did the dolphin encounter, it was $100 each and money well spent. theres loads of photo opportunitys and chances to do other encounters, at as cost though! There is also a beach but your not allowed to go in the water as is has dolphins in it!
On your departure from your hol I would recommend you pre book the VIP departure lounge. Its air conditioned, loadsa newspapers and magazines to read, lots of drinks, named branded too and lots of snacks for you to help you self to. Its $20 per person and worth evry penny. The normal departure lounge is very hot and stuffy and very very noisey and crowded.
Local shops prefer you to pay in pesos, the prices are all marked up in pesos too. For trips you can pay in dollors and ocean world takes them in the shops too. You roughly get 30 pesos to $1 and 60 pesos to £1.
The weather when we was there was lovely, VERY HOT, had quite a lot of thunderstorms in the evening. Also had some rain, but it was very welcomed due to it being so hot and it didnt stop you sunbathing or getting out the pool or anything.

All in all we had a good time, when we arrived we thought it was paradise but as the days went by we opened our eyes to see what it was really like. Still okay but I wont be returning to either playa dorada or this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Tue 31st of May 2005

dirty rooms


"When we arrived at this hotel it seemed very clean until we got the room. The pull out bed in the lounge was discusting, the draws were falling apart and the wires from the lamp shade were hanging out. I reported it to the first choice rep but he didnt seem that bothered. The shower didnt work very well and the sink had a crack in it. Entertainement was ok, food was good too. I think this hotel is a 2 star at the most. I have spent many years travelling and this is one place i wouldnt come back to."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of May 2005

A decent resort but one could do better....


"It was our second time at Fun Royale...I'm pretty sure that next time we will choose another resort.
The beach is not very nice by carribean standards.Very rocky and the water is dark.
The staff here are quite friendly and the pizza is superb-no doubt about it.
The rooms are standard-didn't have any problems with our room as many had plumming problems and infestation of rodents.
The main pool is very noisy--bordering on annoying with the loud crappy music they play and the constant announcements made by staff.
The nightime entertainment was exactly the same as the year before--Micheal Jackson and all--O my!!
We usually skipped that....
The Italian and Brazilian alternative restaurants are a nice change from the buffets at the main dining room..but one needs to be up very early to gaurantee accomodations at these places.
I think the biggest turnoff was every morning after breakfast when you are heading out of the restaurant--the walkway was blocked by timeshare sellers who didn't seem to understand the words-"not interested"..
This was every morning for 14 days.
The grounds are well kept but we could certainly see a change from the year before.
Stay away from the lobby gift shops--you will pay top dollar here for anything you buy from postcards to keychains--you will do much better at the plaza.
Alot of excursions to choose from--recommend the safari-well worth the money.
I think next trip to DR we will stay at another resort directly on the beach."

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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of April 2005

What are those crazies talking about!!??


"I took my 10 yr old son on our first trip ever (Mar18-26/05) and as a single mom i made sure i did my homework about all the resorts.i even checked out trip advisor before we, i realise that we did not expect much in the way of comforts but goodness!! it was incredable we never had so much fun, such awesome foods and the entertainment was great. if there is any single moms who want info you are welcome to email me back. FUN TROPICALE is a great resort!!i am recommending it to all friends and family"

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  • Travel date: Mon 4th of April 2005

haworths from England had a great holliday


"just came back from the fun tropicale on the 30th of march with my wife and two kids we all had a great time, the staff are fantastic, jonny is a bit of a loon but is great fun and good with the kids,we found that the rooms were good for us and they had everything we needed, the food was great and had a very good choice, the beach bar and grill was fab. We went to ocean world wich is brill, you can swim with dolphins and sharks yes sharks its a bit dear but worth every penny. there is one thing its called a beach resort and its not on the beach,but the tractor to the beach is fun or if wanted to walk it only takes 10 mins. over all we had a great holliday"

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of March 2005

Probably wouldn't recommend


"We stayed at the Fun Tropicale Beach Resort from March 20-26 after staying at the Sosua Bay Hotel for 3 days for a wedding. We stayed in the Perennial Vacation Club part of the complex, so I can't be sure that my comments about the rooms also apply to the main part of the hotel.
We found the rooms to be pretty bad. While they were clean, that is about all you can say for them. Neither the air conditioner nor the mini-fridge worked in our room. The furnishings are very old and outdated, as is the general decor. We were told that the condos had full kitchens, but the kitchen consisted of a mini-fridge, microwave, and 2 burner hotplate (not all of which worked). Basically, the rooms were probably nice at one point, but have not been maintained.
The grounds were OK, though they also looked as though they have not been maintained that well. Not a big deal, but not the manicured look you see at most hotels. There are 3 pools at the resort. The children's pool looked dirty, and was so out of the way that you kind of felt like you had been banished with the kids when you went there! The adults only pool was likewise tucked out of the way (which some people may like!), and just a bit too quiet for us. Also, since we had children in our group, it was not somewhere where we could all hang out together. So, we spent our time at the main pool. There was always a lot of activity going on (as the name activities pool implies!). While I like some noise and excitement around the pool, sometimes the DJ was just a bit too much (not the music, but the DJ himself making constant announcements!). Chairs were hard to come by if you wanted to sit together in a group, but we were usually able to manage by pulling chairs together from around the pool. We met some very nice people by the pool, and all the guests and staff seemed very friendly.
One if my biggest complaints was not being on the beach. I think this is the biggest drawback to this hotel. While its not that far (about a 5-10 minute walk, or 2 minute ride on the tractor), it was a bit annoying not being able to see the ocean from the complex, or go for a walk on the beach in the evening, things like that. The tractor sometimes took as long as 15 minutes between trips (not often, but occasionally), and it stopped running at I think 5:00. As noted, it is only a 5 minute walk, but some of our group had small children, so the 5 minutes became more like 15! The beach itself was beautiful, though, and the Fun Tropicale section is at the end of the resorts so if you walk away from the other resorts it is not at all crowded and very relaxing. It was also fun to walk up towards the other resorts and check out all the activities going on.
We didn't participate in the all-inclusive plan (shocking, I know) so I can't comment on the food.
If I were going back to the DR, I probably would not stay in the Playa Dorada complex again. Even though there were a lot of excursions that took you outside the complex, I still felt like we were trapped at the resorts and not able to really experience any of the Dominican culture outside of the resorts. Unless you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation where you just stay at the resort and swim in the pool and hang out at the beach, I would not recommend Playa Dorada. If you do want to stay in the complex, I would stay at one of the resorts other than Fun Tropicale that is more up to date and closer to the beach."

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of March 2005

Hated to leave


"I went with 5 friends to Fun Royale/Tropicale from Feb. 24- Mar. 3 2005 and I have only been home 1 day and want to go back so bad! The staff was awesome and treated us so well. I miss Leondro's Tom Collin's at the pool bar and another bar tender who i lovingly called "My handsome bartender!" "Larry" was also a lot of fun, and Alex was a favourite of all the ladies in our group, we enjoyed watching his water aerobics class!

The property and rooms were all very well taken care of and the food was decent. The pizza is by far the best though. A few people in our group had some sickness, but mostly because they weren't used to the food and side effects from alcohol! The mosquitos were pretty bad, so make sure you take bug spray, but even that didn't seem to help!

The evening entertainment was very well done, but a lot of dancing. The Michael Jackson show was our favourite though. If you sit at the activity pool you will have people harassing you all day to participate in activities but they're not too annoying! We only went to the beach one day, the water was very dirty looking, you couldn't see the bottom and there were rocks everywhere, the banana boat was fun though! There are also a lot of vendors down at the beach who will be continually annoying you to buy things, but they usually leave once you say no and if you want to buy something they are reasonably easy to bargain with.

If anyone goes to Puerta Plata I highly recommend the Outback Safari trip. We got to see a lot of the country, go boogie boarding, learn about the history, and experience how the natives live by visiting a home and a school (bring stuff for the children if you go!). This day trip was definitely worth the $74 we paid to go and was such a valuable learning experience for me. Glad I didn't miss out!

I wouldn't normally want to go back to the same place twice, but I had so much fun I would go back in a heartbeat."

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  • Travel date: Fri 4th of March 2005

the holiday hell !!!! not the fun....


"it was HELL music all night, bad food, staff bad, had problems with my room, nobody was ever there to help ect ect..............

Never even look at the place !!!!!


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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 1 Food

Best hoilday ever


"This was my first time to the Domincan Republic and what a surprise!!! The Fun Tropicale was excellent. All the staff were so friendly the food was great and the animation team were the best I have ever seen, they put so much work into what they do and you could see they were proud of the service that they were giving. I have seen some of the other reports about this hotel and cannot understand why they found it so bad. Even the cleaners that came to do the rooms tried there hardest to talk to you even though they didn't speak very good english. I have been to other places and the staff always seem to preocupied to bother with their guests. i can not wait to go back and as soon as it on sale will be booking straight away."

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  • Travel date: Fri 10th of July 2009
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  • mrnfoe73 by mrnfoe73

    "I thoroughly enjoyed the Catamaran trip to Sosua and the dune buggies, a must if you go here!!! "

  • Impy by Impy

    "The resyaurants in the hotel were great and the top view trip on the cable car is a must. "

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