About Hotel Playa Coco

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • fitness center
  • free parking
  • spa
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator
  • meeting room
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • concierge desk
  • family rooms
  • banquet room
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • conference facilities
  • parking
  • free breakfast
  • private balcony
  • beach
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • paid internet
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • swimup bar
  • poolside bar
  • kids club

Reviews summary

( 2511 reviews)
  • 3 room
  • 4 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 4 food

43 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Best Holiday of my life

Reviewed Mon 5th of July 2010

"This place was the best experience of my life, we got welcomed to cold drinks. The staff were excellent and so friendly, get to know them and talk to them, the mroe you get paly with them the better holiday you will get. Rooms were basic but remember this is a very poor country but the maids work very hard and clean well. Foods pretty good lots to choose from but very samey throughout your stay. The beach is out of this world talk a long walk right too the seafront and go to a small local bar, and interact with the locals they are interesting people who are very friendly. The sea is warm and use the sea sports. Best time of my life."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 25th of June 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 4 Food

worst hotel

Reviewed Thu 29th of October 2009

"When we arrived we got given a cold soft drink. the check in was fast and the bell-boys took our suitcases right to the room. we had two rooms and one smelt damp like no one had been in there for a long time. we moved the next morning to another block.
English People were gtting money nicked out of their safe. The police came and told that all the people were liars. most poeple that got the money nicked moved to Bluebay.
We had 3 weeks in that hotel but we walked out after a week because the food was bad. we moved to BlueBay and it was the best hotel we had been to.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 28th of October 2009

fantastic. rooms basic, but clean. staff...

Reviewed Tue 5th of August 2008

"fantastic. rooms basic, but clean. staff brilliant. had fantastic weather, my 3 children ranged from 2 to 9 had a fantasctic time!!
met lots of friends and didn't see them the whole holiday, except to eat and sleep!!!
beach beastiful, water crysdtal clean!
hotel reception staff miserable, but the rest of tjhe staff are brilliant.
you can feed the fish, if you go to the beach bar, they give you moldy bread to feed the fish and they take it right out of your hands!!
if you are taking children, don't worry. the beach is private and very, very safe.
like i say my older 2 i didn,t see!
the bar staff and other residents kept me up to date where they were!
it sounds awful and i would be arrested over here!
but the cubans love children and i would go so far as to say it is probably th safest place for kids!!!
we are planning on going back.
read the reviews before we went and panicked.
don't listen to them!!
i can't rave about it enough!!!
definitely going back. there was alot of people who go there every year.
if you can take baby wipes or spare nappies or old clothes you don't want.
they are such a poor copuntry they would appreciate everything you could give them. also baby nurofen if you can as their hospitals don't have any facilities for ill kids. i am taking a few bottles to give to people nxt time. they are fantastic people. pools fantastic.
def going back. well worth the money."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 5th of August 2008

Well where shall i start on arrival i wa...

Reviewed Sun 22nd of June 2008

"Well where shall i start on arrival i was greeted by a cool drink that was well needed. The rooms were really nice seen a few frogs and ants nothing major. However when it rained it did come underneath the door. The facilites werent all that good however you make the most of it. The mozzies were a nightmare but after a anti histamine i was fine. My body did swell up and my friend was bed ridden. The food was good but was repetative.It did seem like we were restricted to leave the complex it was like in the middle of nowhere but lovely if you wanted to relax the beaches were stunning and the sands as clean as you could imagine."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of June 2008

I stayed at playa coco with my boyfrien...

Reviewed Tue 18th of March 2008

"I stayed at playa coco with my boyfriend arriving 15th of may. I loved it when we arrived on our coach we got greeted with a cool drink and dancers and music, a porter was straight on hand once we had checked in.
cayo coco was nice but very secluded.
tip when you can it does help but doesnt effect your service if not.

Room: was nice and big cleaned everyday. aircon, and a mozzies guard for balcony door.

pool: pool was nice. downside there was not alot of arranged activities around the pool area. there were dance lessons advertised but the ents staff just danced themselves. was not for people to really join in.
we did like going to the second pool it was more private and more quiet plus thats where the ice-cream parlor is.

bars: pool bar good, beach bar good, piano bar good.

food: in main dining area food was ok but repeated. on the back grill the chefs changed on our second week and must of thought bloody meat was cooked because thats how you got it... even chicken. they couldnt cook omlettes either.
the snack bar was horrible. beach bar food was lovely.
al a cart restuarants were nice but may not fill you up.

beach was amazing,clear water, white sand.
free use of kyaks, hobby cats etc was good. elvis one of the men who does it was great took us snorkelling and stuff for a small tip.

BAD POINTS: ROACHES in lobby and reception area if you needed to go toilet you had to try not walk on them was horrible.
disco closed the whole two weeks we were there.
evening entertainment was rubbish you could blink and miss it.
games room had hole in the roof and found glass smashed on the floor from the night before which i picked up myself as when told staff no one cleared it but still let kids play in it and i had to warn some parents.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 18th of March 2008

It was enjoyable and staff were friendly...

Reviewed Tue 22nd of January 2008

"It was enjoyable and staff were friendly, I wouldn't go back but the beach was nice. Something that turned me off is that they didn't clean the seaweed off the beach but other than that it was fun. The 24 hour bar is a sight to see!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of January 2008

I quite often read reviews about holiday...

Reviewed Mon 7th of January 2008

"I quite often read reviews about holidays before I book them and this occasion was no different. I heeded everyone’s advice about mosquitoes, ants, lizards etc and to be honest, there are some people in this world that should seal themselves inside a plastic bubble for a week, then tell people they have had the best holiday in the world.

Trust me when I say that this hotel is absolutely brilliant. Everything from the check in through to the check out went well.

Don’t get me wrong, I get bitten wherever I go and I have just come to expect this now. I think I actually got around 45 bites on my legs in 1 night. Was this a problem? Not at all. It was my own fault for not leaving the pool bar at sunset which is the advice given as this is when the mosquitoes are worst. Drip ammonia solution on to bites and they go down straight away anyway. Did it ruin my day of drinking with the staff and other holiday makers? Never.

It is true that this hotel is quite far away from anywhere but so are all of the hotels on Playa Coco so if people are daft enough not to pay attention to the websites, brochures, reviews etc that tell you this then it is their own problem.

My fiancée and I where only there for a week and we went on a jeep tour, visited Havana for the day and even used the free bikes to ride across to the mainland. Other days we sat on the beach or at a bar or round the pool. Never bored at all. I guess some people who slate this place should really take a look at who they are travelling with as I think this may be a slight cause of their frustrations.

I am constantly told that I am a really fussy eater but not once did I go hungry. There is food and drink available 24/7 and it was always of a high standard (even for my vegetarian Fiancée)

The rooms were excellent and the staff were brilliant.

If Leigh and Lou or Rory and Heather are reading this, I’ll see you guys soon."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 7th of January 2008

This hotel was the best hotel I have eve...

Reviewed Wed 3rd of October 2007

"This hotel was the best hotel I have ever been to in my life. To drink achoal over there the age is only 16 years old.

When we got there (at the hotel) we got greeted by a cool drink, the check in was very fast and all the staff were very friendly. We left our suitcases in the lobby becasue the porters brang the suitcases when you are in your rooms (10-20 minutes). We tip them $1 each becasue there was 2 porters. (Always tip becasue it is so hot and they bring your suitcases upstairs).

The rooms are very big and the bathrooms are huge, the sea views are very beautiful and never seen any think like it. The coffee maker is not that good but it didn’t bother me becasue I don’t like coffee. If you have a family room there is a door inside the room which connects to the other room where the parents are.

The food is the best ever, lots to choose from and the ice cream is best, lots to choose from as well so if you love ice cream this is the place for you and this hotel has an ice cream parlour. Lots of restaurants as well.

The swimming pool is lovely and there other one is for children becasue it is not deep but the biggest swimming pool is sometimes hot but can be really cold. There is lots of sunbeds I got one all the time. There is a swim up bar where you can get served for every thing.

The enterinatment was billrant but some shows were very boring but there was lots to do other than that. The enteraninment staff are very friendly and I even got a home address from the kids enteranter called Alina, she is very kind and helpful and looks after all children at mini disco and during the day.

Just have a good time DON'T COMPLAIN becasue this hotel is the best hotel for you and every one so book now.

Me and my family are booking this hotel again in 2 years and I cant wait.


Amy xxx"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of October 2007

We arrived back from Cayo Coco on Friday...

Reviewed Tue 26th of June 2007

"We arrived back from Cayo Coco on Friday 22nd June, having been there for 2 weeks we were so glad to be home.

The best thing about our holiday was the weather and our daughter’s wedding, the staff were excellent and couldn't do enough for you.

The rooms are spacious but smell very musty, we had a coffee machine in our room that took over an hour to boil enough water for two cups, and ants were everywhere, the complex was overrun with mozzy [I have over 50 bites to prove it].

The staff sprayed the complex twice a day but it didn’t solve the problem, nothing deters them. Expect frogs, crabs and lizards in your room.

The food was ok for the first few days but nothing special. The flies in the restaurant put us off our meals. Four of our party suffered badly with very upset stomachs.

The beach bar cafe was ok but the coffee + tea machine was not working for 5 days.

The entertainment on site was rubbish and the bars were forever running out of drinks.

The beach is beautiful and there were always sunbeds available, there were loads of fish swimming around you in the sea.

We travelled over for our daughter’s wedding and I cannot thank the staff enough for the service they provided, you could not have wished for a more beautiful ceremony.

I would recommend this holiday to people who just want a beach holiday as there’s not much else to do.

It’s not a place I intend visiting again a bit to quiet for my liking."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 26th of June 2007

I and my boyfriend travelled to the Play...

Reviewed Fri 25th of May 2007

"I and my boyfriend travelled to the Playa Coco on the 3rd May for 2 weeks. I will get straight to the point,

The rooms: are a good size will a CD player, iron and board, mini fridge, safe, satellite TV with a few good English channels and a very good sized queen bed.

The room did have a musty smell which did bother me for the first few days but I didn’t complain out of fear of being moved from the lovely sea view room we had got (and not played extra for) so I learnt to live with it.

We were in block 5 and our view was fab, just overlooking the beach and sea.

The grounds: a read a few reviews that said the grounds were to bare.

Well I thought they were just right and not too crowded with trees that block the sun.

We visited a few other hotels and we felt like we were in a forest. As for the farm animal’s people mentioned, what farm animals? All we seen were 2 horses that would roam in for a quick nibble of the grass, but as soon as security seen them they would chase them away (which I was not impressed with).

The horses are so friendly and don’t bother you they just wanted the grass, they even let you stroke them, watch out though the little one gets a bit over friendly if you feed him and might try and nibble you.

The beach: Is lovely the water is so clear and the fish swim around you feet waiting for you to feed them, as for the sand fleas I heard about in previous reviews, what sand fleas? I didn’t see any/ feel any.

But the mosquitoes are a different story my partner always gets bit; he has that kind of blood. While me on the other hand, I have never been bit, well... up to now, he got bit from the beginning while I only got bit (6 times) on the last day, after it has been raining is the worse they are every were. The spray doesn’t stop them either.

The best thing I would recommend you do is take some antihistamine will you, like hay fever tablets or something, this is what we did and it takes the bite right down and stops the itching.

The food: Is ok but it’s the same old same old every day....My boyfriend enjoyed all the fresh meat and omelettes in the moorings but I struggled because I am a veggie, there was nothing for me to eat, everything had meat in it, and even the rice had bits of sausage in it.

I spoke to the hotel manger and they arrange to make me vegetable soup and some other stuff during my stay. This was ok once the waiters got to know me and I could so explain myself.

SICK: A few people got sick during our stay including myself, I was ill from day 9 for about 3 to 4 days. It started after I had visited the Italian but I couldn’t put it down to one thing as we visited that on day 4 and I was fine.

I think I came off worst as most of the other people only had bad diarrhoea but I was vomiting as well. I had my own medication but I decided to see the doctor as well, he gave me some diarrhoea tablets and I took 2 as he had said, then I couldn't go the loo for 3 days, it was worse than before. I think I took 2 many tablets as I’m very petit, on the 13th day I just took 1 tablet and I was fine by the time we fly home.

The Entertainment: Is something I would expect to see in Amsterdam! It should have an R18 warning, (if fact I think I seen that same show in Amsterdam last year).

I found it disgraceful and it was embarrassing to watch, if I would have been travelling with children I would have been mortified, on one performance the girls came on stage wearing a see through leotard, I mean you could see everything.

And I must say I am glad my boyfriend say "let’s go" before my mouth hit the floor. After that we didn’t bother will the shows, except one night, when it was raining and they had it inside the disco, it was a magician, and he was quite good.

24 HOUR ALL INCLUSIVE: there is a piano bar in the lobby which is 24 hour, it’s ok during the day but gets a bit loud a night, they make all sorts of cocktails and the beer is ok. If you like us and like an early night to make the most of the day you best take ear plugs, the music from the stage at night is very very loud and goes on till late.

The pools: are lovely and big, the main pool is where they play the music, sometimes it’s loud, but sometimes it is ok. There is also a small pool round the back of the stage that not many people knew about this is where the ice cream place is (all inclusive) and there is hairdressers and also a massage place here to.

The pool is small but nice and quiet and there is a bar there. There is also a small but very powerful Jacuzzi there.

Cayo coco is on an island away from the rest of Cuba so it’s a bit out the way and these not much to do. If you like to explore I would suggest another part of Cuba, this is basically a beach! That’s all. You cannot come here and say you been to Cuba. Also no one lives on the island there is just 9 hotels and no houses, shops ect...

We took our own pint glass like previous reviews suggested which was great as the glasses are less than half a pint! Also we took red sauce that we only used about twice because we forgot to take it the restaurant and weren’t that bothered about going back for it.

I would also recommend you take a few empty water bottles, if you’re a water lover like me. You do get water but the bottle is quite big and not convenient for drinking at the beach ect...

We rented a moto bike and went round the islands and some other hotels and to be honest they are all pretty much the same.

I wouldn’t come back to this hotel again, and I wouldn’t come back to

Cayo coco, next time would go to Havana.

All in all it was an ok trip, I am not one of these people who get sick and let it ruin my holiday but I do wish I had gone some were else for the money we paid, oh well at least I’ve got a nice tan.

If you get a rely good price (I would say under £600 for the 2 weeks) and you don’t mind the flight and just want to stay on a beach and get a tan, I would say go for it.

Good luck, if you want to no more don’t hesitate to ask, hope you have a good holiday. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 25th of May 2007

Just returned back from Playa Coco. The...

Reviewed Thu 26th of April 2007

"Just returned back from Playa Coco. The hotel is isolated on a beach with nothing around for miles.

Had room on second floor overlooking the beach, superb position (room 5206).

Hotel very good although had to request room to be fumigated a few times during two week stay as ants crawling everywhere, including beds but accepted this as the whole complex had ants despite their fumigation twice daily.

Rooms very clean although our maid had trouble cleaning the tops of drawers and dressing table.

Staff are very friendly and ensure any problems are sorted immediately. There is a buffet service and three al a carte restaurants.

The buffet, although very limited choices throughout stay was very good and well presented, including grills of meat and fish twice daily.

No problem getting a sunlounger around the poolside but for the beach you need to be up quite early if you want a sunlounger with a parasol.

Still not a problem as there was always a sunlounger to be found and the beach guys greet you every day and carry your sunloungers to your chosen spot.

The main pool is quite noisy throughout the day but there is a quiet pool if you want peace and relaxation.

Walk a few yards away from the outside of the hotel beach access and the rest is secluded and you can walk for miles without seeing anyone. The sea is crystal clear water and quite shallow.

Evening entertainment is OK but don't expect anything professional.

Overall the hotel is value for money if you want peace and relaxation but there is nowhere else to go unless you pay for expensive trips out.

Suggest taking books to read (there are shelves of books in the internet room in the lobby). Also, mosquitoes were a major problem so take plenty of insect repellent and anti histamines."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 26th of April 2007

Having read all reports on this hotel ou...

Reviewed Mon 26th of March 2007

"Having read all reports on this hotel our party 4 adults 1 child 8 years old must have gone to a different hotel. The rooms very good the food good and plentiful, the staff excellent.

The beach was good, pity the public could not be bothered to put cig ends cups and other litter in the many bins provided. Only one grumble the loud music round the pool

We had room 5203. Advice is go and enjoy

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 26th of March 2007

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