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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • wifi
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • free wireless internet in room
  • air conditioning
  • room service
  • meeting room
  • refrigerator
  • non smoking rooms
  • non smoking hotel
  • laundry service
  • concierge desk
  • flatscreen tv
  • banquet room
  • microwave
  • multilingual staff
  • outdoor pool
  • housekeeping
  • free breakfast
  • private balcony
  • babysitting

Reviews summary

240 reviews

3 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Fourways was Perfect for Us

Reviewed 18th November 2012

"After a twenty year absence from Bermuda we finally made it back for a ten-day wedding anniversary stay and we could not have chosen better than the Fourways Inn. It was perfect for us for several reasons. We do not need to be on the beach (though it is a mere twenty minute walk up Cobbs Hill Road to the South Shore...a great way to work off the superlative food). You can get everywhere from Fourways via the bus and the ferry at Darrell's Wharf. We bought a week-long transportation pass for $45, available at the main ferry booth in Hamilton. It's worth the money and you can see everything in Bermuda, end to end. By the way, the bus drivers are great goodwill ambassadors. Of course there are always taxis and scooter rentals, if you prefer. We found Fourways to be the epitome of quiet elegance. The service is spot-on. After dining at this inn (and you can do so for a $50 a day per person, dine-around plan), you may not choose to eat anywhere else. The Sunday brunch is an absolute knockout as evidenced by a full house of both Bermudians and visitors. The suite we booked overlooked a lovely pool and a super view of the Great Sound in the distance. The breakfast, which is included in the room rate, comes promptly each morning on a tray with silverware, linen napkins, fresh pastry, fruit and hot coffee...plus the newspaper. You can't start the day better than that! Some reviews have stated that the decorating looks a tad dated..but we loved the antique pieces. We had plenty of closet space and even a small refridgerator, hotplate and microwave..perfect if you'd like to whip up some 'happy hour' snacks as you sip a glass of wine on the balcony. I should mention that though we arrived a day late because of an airline delay we were not charged for the missed night. This gracious gesture spoke volumes about the management of Fourways. The staff at Fourways, from housekeeping to the dining room to the front desk was unfailingly courteous and hospitable. Alex Rech, the Cottage Manager deserves a special mention. His professionalism from initial booking through to checkout was greatly appreciated. Andy's dining room was among the best we have experienced. We wanted our first trip back to Bermuda after so many years to be special..and it was...certainly the Fourways Inn can be credited with much of that."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 5th May 2007

Good off-season value

Reviewed 18th November 2012

"We recently returned from a long weekend at the Fourways Inn. Since our last stay there, the room decor has become quite dated. Our room (Cedrene) was clean but we had mismatched bed linens, rugs and curtains, a dripping faucet in the kitchenette and mold on the bathroom tiles and shower curtain. The shower lacked a shower head as well. Room-service breakfast was prompt and of high quality; our one room-service lunch was 45 minutes late, even after ordering in person at the front desk and calling after 20 minutes to be told "it's on the way." Dinner was superb. The meal plan, approximately $50 per person per night, is a terrific value since you order from the regular Fourways a la carte menu. Alex at the front desk was very helpful; other staff was pleasant but not always knowledgeable (I got a very puzzled "don't you have a phone book in your room?" when I called the front desk to get an airline number). We were overcharged by one night's stay on our final bill and the harried front-desk staffer, who was also acting as the maitre d' for the Sunday brunch, erred in correcting the bill and we overpaid by $30. We also had a few minor glitches in the dining room; one night I did not receive a dessert menu before my husband's pre-ordered dessert souffle arrived at the table; another night we received the entrees ordered by the table next to ours. I suspect that the Fourways 'breaks in' its new staff during the off-season so they'll be fully up to snuff when the summer visitors arrive. All in all, a pleasant stay at a better-than-adequate inn with a superior restaurant."

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  • Travel date: 27th November 2005

Breakfast (silver service) In Bed Each Morning - Wow!!!

Reviewed 27th October 2012

"Each day you fill out your order form for breakfast and slip it under the pineappple door knocker. Then each morning your homemade crispy croissants, poppy lemon cupcakes, blueberry centered, glazed doughnut and a separate dish of fresh cut fruit assortment arrives with delicious coffee and tea. All this brought into your room and placed on the cherrywood table by a friendly staff member. Then, like us, bring the goodies to your end tables and there you have it - breakfast in bed. Did I mention the newspaper that also gets delivered with your breakfast tray? Okay, enough about that. Now, let's discuss dinner. Where do I begin? It is a two hour extravadanza. An epicurean feast, both for the eyes and the palate. This is the finest restaurant on the island. It boasts a wonderful international, highly polished staff who are both friendly and unobtrusive. The food is exceptional. Surely, the best veal special I have ever had (I had it twice). Everything is delicious, including the lobster and crab cocktail and souffle with Gran Marinier. The Sunday brunch was great. The chocolate fountain where you shower your fresh strawberries was a real treat. The reataurant itself is so beautiful the only way to describe it is to say it looks like a castle. Stone walls, wooden beams, crystal chandeliers, candlelight and fine bone china - need I say more. The piano player keeps to himself and plays soft background music. Even if you do not stay at this hotel, a meal here is a must. As for the room, it was very large, had marble floors, a king bed, all the amenities you would expect. The separate room with a kitchenette, double vanity marble countertop, robe, microwave and window with a view of the harbor was bright and well lit. The bathroom itself, with full bath could use new sealant around the edges, but was fine. The balcony was nice with a table and two chairs and overlooked the saltwater pool, which we had to ourselves every day. The only drawback is the location - you are in the middle of nowhere. You can walk to the ferry and bus stops, which we did. But, otherwise, you will need to call a car. There is a great Fresh Market supermarket across the street and to your right as you leave the property. Go there as soon as you arrive and stock up because during the day nothing goes on. The restaurant and bar are unmanned, although I believe you can order room service - even for cocktails. Keep in mind, this is a very expensive restaurant/hotel. Go on line, write down the best price and website you can find, then and only then, call Alex at the hotel and he can usually do better. Also, get a cottage room if you can - they are like little apartments. Also, please note, the walk down to the ferry is long, steep and hot - a few blocks worth of walking. Not for the weak, old or infirmed. This place is very special, it's quiet and reserved. If peace is what you're looking for - this is it."

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  • Travel date: 6th July 2005

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