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Disappointing stay

Reviewed Tue 9th of July 2013

"My boyfriend and I stayed at the hotel may 26th to the 31st and was unhappy the entire stay. Overall the hotel needs a major renovation. The room was clean but the TV didn’t work and neither did the lamps. On the 2nd day of our stay it started raining and the water came into the room from the balcony doors which is not really a balcony because there wasn’t even room to stand just a rail. The manager did upgrade us to an oceanfront room and gave us complimentary massages, which we couldn’t use because they were done outside and the weather did not permit. The upgraded room also in need of updating did overlook the beautiful beach but the trapeze was an eye sore. TV issues continued throughout our stay. The bed linen was damp and smelled musty. The bathroom seemed recently updated but water leaked through the doors when showering. The thing I felt was most unacceptable was that it rained outside and indoors. The hotel was leaking throughout there were buckets and piles of towels EVERYWHERE including the hallways and the dining area. UNACCEPTABLE. There is a need for more trashcans on the grounds and the pools were always cloudy and disgusting didn’t even get in. The nightly
entertainment needs a boost and for someone in their early thirties a snooze fest.
The beach was beautiful and the food was good especially the buffet the food choices were great. Martino’s was nothing to talk about. The drinks were excellent and always available and the staff was friendly. We travel a few times a year and this has been the worst experience by far the entire stay was very disappointing to say the least and for the cost we expected much more. A few of my friends interested in traveling to the Bahamas inquired about the trip and I could not honestly recommend this hotel for their stay.

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of July 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

Friendly people-great location

Reviewed Mon 31st of August 2009

"The hotel was very nice if a little cramped with the swimming pool squashed in between the blocks of rooms, although off to the right behind the main buildings was a beautiful beach area where weddings were held. Great fun catching a local bus into Nassau about 20 mins away-we dropped in the town centre which was busy with local shops and very friendly local residents. Every person we met said "Good Morning" which is very relaxing and makes you feel "at home". We took a horse & carriage ride round the town-great fun, and also visited Paradise Island reaching it by ferry from the harbour. What a fantastic place-the underground aquarium with sharks flying around was great. As for Paradise Hotel with its casino, rooms and vast pools-you have got to visit there. They were filming "Out of the Blue" and the first "Pirates of ..............." so spotting film stars and crew was great fun. We are definitely going back to the Bahamas but on a cruise as there are over 1000 islands to see and being close to Florida-the Americans love going there and so do the Brits."

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of August 2009


Reviewed Wed 10th of June 2009

"recently visited this hotel, very clean however does need to a refit.. staff are great & food great location on nassau beach front. "

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  • Travel date: Tue 9th of June 2009

Flight superb, so much leg room, persona...

Reviewed Thu 2nd of August 2007

"Flight superb, so much leg room, personal screen in back of seats for music films and games.

Brilliant hotel which was clean and tidy food was amazing and you could eat and drink 24hrs,.

Facilites included tennis trampolining basketball pool all which were free.

Best part was walking straight out of the hotel on to the lovely white sandy beach and the gorgeous warm sea.

Overall totally satisfied with this holiday and would have no hesitation on returning."

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  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of August 2007

The beautiful open air lobby is very pre...

Reviewed Wed 2nd of May 2007

"The beautiful open air lobby is very pretty and very deceiving.

When you get to the hotel your room’s oceanfront bottom level, if you booked them, will not be the ones you get! We finally got our rooms days later when people moved out of them.

Hotel is so disgusting. Housekeeper has filthy mops to wash tiled floors with. I took pictures of all that was broken. And our sliding door didn't lock.

Drapes in room so dirty. They were grey! Our safe which was supposed to be bolted to the floor in the closet was not. Have a picture of one of our friends holding it in his hands!

Went to take a shower and the handle came right out of the wall! Lampshade on bureau was disgusting. TV did not work.

Plug outlets hanging off walls. Filthy refrigerator! Our friends stayed in the room directly above us and when they got in their shower they could feel something squishy under their feet, no wonder our shower looked like it was caving in! Mould, mould, mould everywhere!

On to the buffet, gross, very dirty. My husband is a chef a real nut about cleanliness in a kitchen. What he saw was beyond belief. Old food all the time, we could tell. If they didn't get rid of it that day it would be the same the next!

Serving stations, filthy. He did not want anyone to eat in fear that they would get sick. The warming trays had filthy water and many other things were just not up to code - they don't have inspections like we do in the States!!

Tons of drunken teenagers.

The beach and the water beautiful.

Ate at Carmines on Paradise Island which was delicious Italian, also at the Poop Deck -very good and senior frog was fun! The wharf at the Atlantis is beautiful. And you can go to dig at night for free after 8.

Spend the extra and stay on Paradise Island Riu, better place, better food. Much cleaner. Visit Nassau only 10 minutes away. Also feed the friendly lory parrots at Adestra gardens in Nassau. This place also needs some renovations - beautiful swans swimming in just the filthiest water you have ever seen...what a shame!

They are going to be building new hotels on the road there and they will have to rebuild Breezes to make any money, it will just not match up to the new ones."

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  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of May 2007

This is no 4 star hotel. Although the se...

Reviewed Mon 12th of February 2007

"This is no 4 star hotel. Although the setting is pleasant enough and the beach and sea just a few yards away, nothing short of delightful.

The hotel itself is a ghastly throwback to the early days of package holidays to Spain.

The fabric of the hotel is decaying and the whole place in need of major refurbishment or better still, knocking down and rebuilding.

On arrival we walked to our room down a long corridor with wall paper peeling off the walls. On entering the room it was plain to see that it had not had a proper clean for a good while.

There was just one word for it, "grotty" There were electrical sockets hanging loosely from the wall, large stains of I don't know what on the carpets, and the bathroom and fittings were dirty.

The food was just about passable and there was a good deal of choice although it was not always hot, I felt I had to be careful of what I ate at times.

We stayed for 4 nights before being moved out at our own request to more agreeable accommodation.

One final word of warning, if you should book this place and when you arrive witness a rather large queue on the right hand side of reception please do not panic, this is not check in, it is people in a mad scramble to check out and find somewhere nicer to stay."

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of February 2007

Flew with First Choice all flights were...

Reviewed Sun 31st of December 2006

"Flew with First Choice all flights were on time and very comfortable. I would recommend First Choice flights to anyone going long haul, as the extra leg room and entertainment available make the long journey more bearable.

Sadly the travel was the highlight of the holiday.

Behind the pleasant, modern facade and reception at Breezes lies the stark reality. Although as stated in other reports the beach is indeed very beautiful and the sea exceptionally clean and welcoming the hotel itself can be described in one word,"grotty".

It is a throwback to the mid 1970's nightmare holiday to Spain days and in desperate need of a revamp.

The room we were allocated was grubby, there were electric sockets hanging loosely from the walls, stains on the carpet and some areas had clearly not seen a duster or hoover for some considerable time.

The sliding door to the outside only slid when great force was exerted though why you would wish to open it in the first place would be a mystery as it opens on to a six inch space which even Twiggy in her pomp would have difficulty squeezing on to.

The "protective" rail to stop you falling was loose and hardly fit for the purpose, if you have children be warned, ours was dangerous.

The bathroom was of similar ilk. I had the misfortune to have some shower gel burst on to a pair of my trousers in my luggage. After dousing them with water in order to remove it, I hung them over the shower curtain to allow them to dry. The excess moisture dribbled down the curtain and formed a mucky pool in the bath; it was not from my trousers I can assure you.

Many of the fixtures and fittings were loose and a lot of the plumbing visible to the naked eye. There is obviously a shortage of carpenters in the island as nothing was boxed in or tidied up in this respect, call me fussy if you like but it would only take a piece of white plywood and a few screws for heavens sake.

The food at the hotel was passable though the large communal dining room was often crowded and the tables and chairs that you ate at did have a "Ma Kellys Greasy Spoon" feel about them.

There was a wide choice of food available at all meal times although due to the buffet method of service not all of it was piping hot and we were careful of what we ate as should the same standard of cleanliness that was applied to our room spill over into the catering.

The main bar was loud and noisy and had the same entertainment on a rolling weekly rota, the furnishings have to be seen to be believed, another throwback to the 70's, it was like Butlins.

At one point one evening I turned to my wife and said “This is just like the Phoenix Club." The downstairs Piano bar was better however.

We did not us the pool, it looked grubby like the rest of the hotel, plastic drinks glasses were frequently seen bobbing in the surface along with cigarette ends.

The staff were quite friendly and helpful though as with anywhere in the Caribbean, you sometimes have to ask more that once to get what you want. The no tipping policy of the hotel may actually work against you in this respect.

All in all a very poor experience, I have stayed in worse places but I did not pay nearly as much for the privilege and basically got what I paid for.

This report may sound a little vitriolic however, I can tell you that we were not the only ones who felt this way about the hotel.

Reception seemed to be frequently checking out guests who had arrived only the previous day, why didn't we join them? Well, we did and went to stay at the Riu on Paradise Island.

Enough said."

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  • Travel date: Sun 31st of December 2006

This is a first class resort and hotel....

Reviewed Thu 19th of October 2006

"This is a first class resort and hotel.

You couldn’t ask for more friendly staff with a real helpful nature. The resort its self is a good standard very clean with the most beautiful beach to walk straight out on steps.

The rooms are kept very clean with fresh bedding and towels every day. Food is a very good standard with something for everyone.

The garden of Eden restaurant and the pastafari is the most wonderful dinning experience with fine branded wines and champagnes.

We got married at the hotel on the second week on the beach it was fantastic. If your thinking of having a wedding there its a must the wedding department take care of everything there’s no need to worry about a thing.

It was the best day of ours lives due to the location and the hotel. Everyone we spoke to on our holiday was having a great time. A lot of people were there for the second time.

And guess what once there is never enough are already planning going back. But this time for 3 weeks as 2 is not enough."

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  • Travel date: Thu 19th of October 2006

If you’re thinking of travelling to th...

Reviewed Sat 7th of October 2006

"If you’re thinking of travelling to the Bahamas do not consider super clubs breezes as your accommodation.

Marketed to us as a 4* hotel we were extremely excited about a relaxing holiday with quality accommodation. Unfortunately upon arrival it became apparent that this was not what we would be getting.

After a ten hour flight we were extremely tired and so keen to check into the hotel, get settled in and relax. This was however not possible as we had to wait in a queue for approximately 2 hours to be checked in.

At about 4.30am on the first night in our room a trip to the bathroom revealed a leak in the ceiling dripping directly onto the bathroom light and all toiletries. We immediately made a telephone call to reception to notify them of the problem. They advised that someone would be straight up to look at it. By 6am in the morning the leak had become progressively worse with a large hole in the ceiling and a metal pole had fallen down into the bathroom. Water was by this time all over the bathroom floor. We had still not had anyone up to look at the bathroom and so we made a further call to reception who advised again that somebody would be straight up. We continued to wait in the room until approximately midday when we were quite frustrated having spent half of our first day in the room. Still there had been nobody up to look at the bathroom and so we decided to go down to reception to see what was happening. They suggested we pack our things and would offer us another room although advised that one would not be ready for a couple of hours.

After wasting most of the day sitting in reception waiting for a further room we were provided with keys for a second room We seemed to have no problems during the first 2 nights however on the third day the whole bathroom ceiling collapsed with no warning damaging all toiletries and narrowly missing me following a shower.

After packing and returning to reception once again we had another wait for a further room. We were then offer our third room. Housekeeping confirmed that they had done a check in the room and it seemed to be Ok. They agreed to check it with us and we pointed out a few further cracks in the bathroom ceiling. We were however assured that these were minor and the room would be safe. Whilst we agreed to stay in the room after assurance that it was safe we were annoyed at several superficial problems such as the toilet not flushing and hairdryer and television not working, this not giving us the use of the facilities offered in the travel brochure. Having already moved rooms and packed and unpacked on 2 occasions losing most of our holiday time we decided not to let such problems be the cause of moving rooms once again.

We slept in this room for a further few nights however on returning to the room at about 11.30pm, we were faced with yet another ceiling collapse. At this point we decided to revert to the manager as we felt the situation was becoming very tedious and to say the least a joke for a 4 star hotel. A man came out addressing himself as the person in charge at the time but confirmed he was not a manager. He advised that we would have to stay in the room until morning when they would attempt to change us once again. We were obviously not happy with this as there was water all over the bathroom floor and continuing to drip from the ceiling. The room was not at all safe. As the situation could not be resolved Reception called the First choice holiday representative who came down to the hotel. She agreed with the hotel to change us rooms immediately and checked that the new room was suitable. She then advised that she hoped we could at least enjoy the second week of the holiday with no problems, acknowledging that the first week had been a shambles. We were then provided with the keys to our fourth room. Imagine our annoyance at having to change rooms once again at approximately midnight.

The hotel then advised that Security would need to take a statement regarding what had happened. Security telephoned us in the room and advised that as we were in they would be straight up to take a statement regarding what had happened. We waited for most of the evening for their arrival which never came resulting in yet more wasted time.
We did advise reception on several occasions that we had still not given a report of the incident to security yet on leaving still no statement had been taken.

Having felt then first week of our holiday had been ruined by the state of the hotel we still wanted to address the matter with a manager. We therefore returned to reception the following morning asking the manager. We were then advised that the manager was not in and on asking when he would be available were advised that he simply comes to the hotel as and when he feels necessary.

We were offered to speak with a further manager known to us only as a House keeping executive. On advising on the difficulties we had suffered the manager advised that he could offer us a 2 night re-fund through First Choice. He explained that he would write to First Choice advising them to reimburse us with these 2 nights and deduct the same from First Choice’s next bill to the hotel. We advised that we felt the offer was totally unacceptable given the fact the whole first week of our holiday had been ruined and the holiday rep even acknowledged this. We advised that if First Choice would have to refund the money we would have to take up our concerns with them on our return home, hence this letter to you.

This is not what we would consider to be a safe 4* hotel. The whole of the first floor had its ceiling ripped out and water dripping everywhere with rusty pipe work exposed and cockroaches crawling around. This was not blocked off and anybody was able to walk through. The whole building appeared to smell mouldy and damp.

On a further note on booking the accommodation we specifically asked about the food in the restaurant as one of us is a Vegan and so does not eat Meat, Dairy Products or Fish. We were assured that the hotel does a wide variety of foods and catered for this dietary need. Imagine our surprise when we go into the restaurant on several occasions to find meat options along with some Fish, the only vegetarian meal being Macaroni Cheese which a Vegan cannot eat. This was made a whole lot worse by the hotels daily menu. On reviewing the menus there were several options such as Pasta with a variety of sauces which would have been a suitable meal. Unfortunately on entering the restaurant these meals were not available which meant going hungry. On asking the hotel about why this was the case nobody seemed to be able to provide a reason. This resulted in us having to eat out on a majority of evenings costing further money we had not expected to spend given that we were on an All Inclusive holiday.

Furthermore the brochure boasts a 24 hour all inclusive resort with a nightclub having opening hours of 11pm until 5am. Imagine our surprise when we venture to the club at approximately 1.00am to find the DJ asleep outside with a CD repeating itself. On asking the DJ what he was doing he advised that he was playing a boring CD so that everyone would leave giving him the opportunity to go home early. In our eyes this is not acceptable.

There were also several nights when we were refused entry to the night club. The hotel runs themed nights such as a Toga night and a Pyjama night when they encourage people to dress up. We have nothing against this and if people wish to take part and enjoy themselves then all the more better however to not allow people to the club because they will not dress up is denying them of their 24 hour all inclusive entitlement and victimising them at the same time.

Whilst we experienced a lot of problems with the hotel itself....the Bahamas are a beautiful set of Islands and well worth a visit. Just remember when booking, avoid Super Clubs Breezes as the hotel to stay in!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 7th of October 2006

What a fantastic place to go. We went on...

Reviewed Wed 4th of October 2006

"What a fantastic place to go. We went on the 17/09/06 for 2 weeks. Hotel staff very friendly can’t do enough to help you.

Food was great and the 2 restaurants were amazing the staff really made you welcome.
We had clean bedding and towels every day.

Day time activities very good lots to do or if your a beach lover what a great beach.
Its a private beach so people cant just wonder on if they try they are moved on quick as a flash.

Everything you want isn’t a problem. The great bonus was no children allowed unless over the age over 14 yrs. The only thing that was wrong was the hotel deco needed up dating but they are currently on with that.

You must go its a mega place and if your getting married there you will have a fantastic day, we got married and the wedding co sort everything out you don’t have to worry about a thing. Its a Bahamas must."

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  • Travel date: Wed 4th of October 2006

Although there were loads of activities...

Reviewed Thu 27th of July 2006

"Although there were loads of activities during the day and night, and the staff were very friendly and helpful the hotel was no was a 4**** due to the following:

It was dirty - rooms were dusty, decor outdated in the rooms and the main entertainment area. Bed linen was not changed at all during the week, and we spoke to people there for 2 weeks, who had no change of bed linen. Dining room was filthy, sparrows living in it, and tablecloths not changed all week, and they were dirty when we arrived.

The A la carte restaurants were clean, but the food disappointing.

Food was poor. I've stayed at a few 4/5 star hotels, and this is by far the worst food I've ever eaten, evening buffet had little choice, desserts that should have been refrigerated were warm, and breakfast was very 'Americanized'.

I was ill during my stay, as were several other guests, all with a similar stomach upset.

Hotel was also about 75% full of obnoxious American teens, too young to drink in their own states, so getting totally sloshed on holiday.

This is definitely not a honeymoon destination!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of July 2006

A nice hotel with good facilities and pl...

Reviewed Tue 4th of July 2006

"A nice hotel with good facilities and plenty to do. The staff are really friendly. The buffet meals had a great choice but as with most all inclusives they have a problem keeping food piping hot. The 2 A'la carte restaurants where fantastic. All inclusive is great value for money with a great choice of international beer and spirits. The bar staff mix great cocktails.

Nassau itself is a beautiful place with good restaurants and shops. You must experience the beautiful coral reefs by either taking a glass bottom boat trip or snorkeling, it is an experience not to be missed.

My only criticism is not to do with the hotel but with the other guests there during our stay. If you are a polite person who likes good manners then try to avoid coming here from February to July as it is full of American school children on their end of term trips. They are rather loud and ever so slightly obnoxious."

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  • Travel date: Tue 4th of July 2006

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